Getting The Elephant Out Of The Room


Over time, small changes can turn into big changes. We have certainly seen the negative side of this in our lifetime with our government, peace time and our liberties. Unfortunately, these political changes in government are only for the worst. Although I believe it is too late to change the government back to anything like what our Founders had in mind, it is never too late to change yourself for the better and live freer with as little government interference in your life as possible. If you waste your time engulfed in politics, voting and believing you can make a difference in political decisions then I think you have thin skin and are asleep at the wheel and you will forever be carrying around a never ending anger, resentment and frustration till your final days. There is not enough time and space to be living with the elephant in the same room. Side stepping all the elephant shit will be a balancing act but it must be done to enjoy your life and liberties.

Preparing for a better life with limited government and political intervention will take many small changes but it all needs to start with changing your outlook on things, more awareness and a new healthy and mental environment. I find that corrupted politics in America is too much for me to bear so I chose to eliminate politics as much as possible by not voting, and living somewhere else with a free thinking mindset. Those little changes that I already made many years ago have turned into big changes for the better. For me it all started with some soul searching and changing my mindset about politics after realizing I was banging my head against the wall for nothing thinking that ordinary people could make a difference protesting, voting and complaining all the time about America’s demise. My wake-up call has already been realized and this blog’s goal is to help you realize what your wake-up call might be.

Getting educated is a wonderful thing especially when the education helps enlightening you. Finding the wisdom to stay away from things you can’t change that are getting worse will lead you to the things you can change for the better and those changes will make for a more enjoyable freer life. In order to get the elephant out of the room, you must first realize and admit the elephant is there in the first place. From that point on you can carefully plan over time the small changes needed to make those small changes rewarding big changes in your life.