the peopleUnfortunately, we live in a country where paranoia has become standard operating procedure. The American people have become convinced that the only way that we can all be “safe” is for this country to be run like a “Militarized Police State.” The government is bent on having you think that the world is a very scary dangerous place that needs to be feared. Why is it like that?

Since the United States was declared a battlefield in the war on terror after the NDAA legislation was passed in 2012, we now have the possibility of indefinite detention, without charge or trial, of any person, including American citizens. Is this the America that you want to live in?

It takes a lot of courage to confront your problems with intelligence. I am against anything and anyone that does harm to society. That is especially true with government. People are so out of touch with their divided and numbed society that they aren’t able to find they are comfortable anymore with their lives. The main reason is that they live with so many fears and insecurities. Why? I believe the answer is because of the bad government that is now too big and corrupted.

Get rid of the mentality that you are a potential victim of the people who hate you because your government is at war for political reasons and tells you so. It is politics and religions that are really at war, not you.

Be suspicious of the underlying intentions of religions and/or organizations that are tied to government and/or corporate policies where indoctrination is part of their programs. You don’t need government to be free and you don’t need religion to be spiritual. Freedom is in your heart and Heaven is in your mind.

People choose to be political because they need to blame the opposing party for their misery and suffering as if their party will eliminate their despair. Politics exploit this dilemma. They fail to admit and realize that neither party will ever help them with their inner self and spiritual path and that politics have been re-designed to divide people.

For these people, choosing a political party is like joining a fraternity that indoctrinates you for life. They lose their flexibility and conform to that party’s values and become a cheerleader for their affiliations and conflicts and you don’t evolve enough naturally and lose whatever intuition they had before. They then start forcing their perceived corrupted values on others. Divide and conquer!

You’re personal self will never be free to develop being a part of that outdated political system. Brainwashed Americans have a deep seated need to believe anything they are told by their government and their peers. This is their way of showing they are patriotic. They totally lost their individuality. They want to believe in Superman and Captain America and live in a make believe cartoon world that makes them feel superior. Challenging and questioning authority is against their values. Their false reality is based on following their “Pied Piper.”

Their Disney and G.I. Joe mindset is just too engrained in their heads and must be defended no matter what they hear or are told by others outside the mainstream media. They love a good movie and a great story and will believe anything their peers tell them. Anything told to them other than what they are indoctrinated with from the government or their political party is simply unbelievable to them when coming from non-believers because they have a deep emotional investment in their country and their beliefs and the contrary is out of their comfort zone.

Myths, corruption and reality produce different kinds of mindsets. What mindset do you have? What new political party would you like to see created and why??? There will never be a major change in government policies until the majority of people want big political change. People need to question everything knowing the corruption is bigger than ever in government. But most don’t and are afraid or simply don’t care. We should have so many questions as there seems to be so few answers to choose from.

The two main political parties of today have evolved so much; there is no longer a traditional solid platform of either party that anyone can really say they completely agree with. The differences between the two parties are getting a lot fewer as time goes on as the political parties evolve and merge into one another. In fact, there are party members who have a different mindset from their peers but are part of the same political party anyway. Unfortunately, we have elections that are financed by private money from the rich and powerful which should be made illegal so other outside parties can be part of the government and represent some of the people. Instead of real Democracy we really have a corrupt plutocracy under this system of financing our political leaders by big corporations who in return for their contributions really dictate the laws and run the government.

There is no better time than now to establish a new political party because of that separation and the destruction of values and the economy. What is desperately needed is other political parties that can evolve from the existing parties with pacific values and policies to be formed, voted in and be part of a new government. That party can then evolve drawing in people who can be part of that new political mindset, a mindset based on peace, freedom and the elimination of corruption. An anti-imperial party sounds like a good party to start with to me.

That platform can be built on with many important aspirations. A party that adheres to their country’s Constitution and is against going to war unless our country is attacked. A party that believes the power of the government should be strongest in the individual States not the federal branch of government. A party that believes in a healthy society and totally respects Mother Nature. A party that supports government transparency without secret anythings. A party that leaves the school system in the people’s hands not the government. A party that believes the people should control the government instead of the government controlling the people. A party that supports small businesses and encourages sustainability. A party based on spreading peace and a no tolerance policy for violence. A party who advocates more liberty and human rights for everyone. A completely different party than what we have today with all the good elements of other already existing political parties. Something like what our original founders had in mind but without any slavery. You fill in the blanks.

Just like the old ways of the American middle class are almost gone, so are the big differences of the old political parties. So what choice do you have left besides forming a new powerful party platform? The one remaining choice is to go rogue. By that I mean to separate from the political system, stop seeking its party affiliation, and start to live the life of an outsider. Conformity with the mass culture reigns, and separating from it requires considerable strength of character. If you can build your own courage and walk away from the game, then you just might help to rebuild a revitalized society with a bright future, like our Founding Fathers did. Start building a better future, your kind of future, not the one that is sold to you by Washington and Hollywood today which is no longer a free, prosperous and healthy one. If you change the way you think about things then the things you think about can change. The people who dare to think they can change the world are the ones that do.