2014I hope everyone has resolutions for the New Year that will launch great aspirations and expectations for a better and happier life. My top resolution (again) is to wake people up to their inner self and mindset and to steer everyone around me away from politics. Politics to me are destructive and is just an awful way to separate you from others. It divides people, your thoughts and causes anger and wars.

We live in a world where the word democracy is always highlighted as the word of the day and is used to describe a better life in society as though without it we would not be free. In fact, the word democracy is so overused and absurd to describe freedom because the line between democracy and dictatorship is extremely thin. And it is getting thinner everyday as the police state grows and grows. This in part is due to the cause and effect of a bad economy created on purpose with too many incompetent people running and controlling everything.

It always boils down to politics. Unfortunately, most politicians are dysfunctional degenerates who are entirely disconnected from economic and social reality. Their world deals with a power structure that depends on laws, taxes and spending your money on what they want. They can’t spend like normal people because they aren’t normal people. If someone gave me plenty of other people’s money to spend then I think I would definitely have my imagination go into overdrive. Especially if no one was regulating me and especially more so, if I knew I had to spend it as quickly as I could so I could get more. That is how the government thinks with their greedy ever-growing budgets and their friends love them. But you are not one of their friends so too bad for you. You are the one who pays and they are the ones who spend. They even want you to spend what you don’t give them on what they see fit for you. Well maybe not them so much but more so their corporate friends.

When you have politicians and their teams who don’t care about the Constitution, have only promises to offer you, promote wars and back our monetary system with nothing, all hell breaks loose. That happens when you have an incompetent bureaucratic monstrosity running your country and doing back room deals with the powers that be. Scores of people have made it their duty to alert the American people to what’s going on behind the scenes but not enough people are listening. Most people simply have no idea what’s coming, nor do they care. Everybody needs to understand that this is the beginning of a deliberate collapse of the U.S. economy.

It’s time to break rank and rebel about the injustice. The precursor to justice is truth so the truth must be found. I realize it is my resilience in the face of INJUSTICE that makes the truth so clear to me. The truth is that government and corrupt society makes life difficult. Once we truly know that life is difficult – once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult. That is when you can start to keep it simple by separating yourself from those difficulties you are aware of. That is when you realize you must move on and change the way you think and live. Let the truth set you free.

The only free world is the one that lives within you. I keep saying that democracy is like 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Unless you are totally corrupt then you will never get the better end of what the so-called democracy is supposed to offer. All the political words especially the word democracy is there to herd and confuse you. Being independent is the only political word I truly understand and trust. My confidence in the word democracy has been shattered decades ago. When it comes to government, my only vote will always be the vote of no confidence by not voting at all. All good resolutions start with having a free mindset which inspires. Sharing that mindset and inner peace is what makes the world go round.  

In 2014, take the time to try developing your own way of being a better person without peer pressure, family, personal relationships, news and politics weighing you down. Personal ideas and concepts of a better life will always be a threat to power, as they try to control the overall perception society has of reality. Live in your reality instead.

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.