illusionGovernment makes ridiculous political laws to reinforce their opinions and power structures in order to control the people with their centralized behavioral agenda while deliberately limiting your liberties, freedoms and perceptions in the process. These laws have you processed into a box that they now control. That is living within their control mindset and comfort zone, not mine and probably not yours either. Reminds me of  a couple wives I’ve had who taught me a lot about obeying laws and control but what I learned more than anything from them was it was time to move on. Move on without dealing with all these contraints and laws. It’s the same feeling I get when it comes to corrupt government laws and controls.

These laws herd our society into a production and consumption mentality. Everything outside of this mentality is stigmatized with laws of control and frowned upon by the powers that be. It is certain from my point of view that they are doing their very best to sever our connection with spirituality. I don’t mean religion but your inner and outer self instead. They want the material realm to be your only realm.

You must think outside the box to break away from this indoctrination and mind control processing. You better if you truly want to strengthen your personal well-being, mindset and personal liberties. Although our Founding Fathers worked hard to create a government that gave us many freedoms and liberties, our corrupted government, especially on the federal level, has since been working hard to take those freedoms and liberties away. There have been so many events and excuses for doing so through the years but one of the most recent and best effective one is the illusion of terrorism.

These events and excuses including unjust wars have been really deep and revealing for some and not in a good way. It’s tough for most to believe our government has its own agenda but the truth is sometimes in your face. This is especially true when a candidate proves that their election platform was just another farce. Once they get elected they don’t hold true to their promises. How can anyone ingnore this pattern after seeing this time and time again and still feel comfotable voting again?

When I grew up it was all about the illusion of communism. I personally believed whatever the government did was for my protection and freedom and then I woke up. So when you think about it, both are simple yet sophisticated government tools to instill fear to create new laws then force you to obey their laws. These illusions and beliefs create the impression that the laws were made for your own good or the “common good” to protect your freedom. And all these scenarios put forth are full of bad people lurking in the shadows to kill us. This illusion of fear is designed to create a negative state of consciousness. Which leads you to grant more power to government with few questions asked.

This is the skin they want you to wear. You must shed this skin and grow another one that is not corrupted. Otherwise you will never get closer to your true spirituality. I’m not talking about organized religions, I’m talking about the real consciousness within and around you that you should be seeking. Disagree with a world that is full of un-necessary hate, restraint, fear and war because your government and their handlers want it that way. If its only their way and not your way then it should be the highway for you.

Today this fear process is greater than ever and the government has grown much bigger and more powerful and the result is more restraints and controls, especially your state of consciousness. The biggest message our governments implants in your head is fear and freedom are one of the same. They want you to believe that all you need to do to be a model citizen is just vote, produce, consume and be good by obeying their laws and they will protect you from the bogeyman with their powerful police state and war machine.

Is this what our Founding Fathers wanted for us, to live in fear? You just have to go back to our Constitution to realize the answer is CERTAINLY NOT! Even if you don’t look to the Constitution, all you need to do to get the same answer is ask yourself, do you really feel you live in a free society? If your answer is yes then I have a cheap Brooklyn bridge to sell you. The biggest thing anyone should fear is a government with a corrupt power system, false patriotism and a war machine. No I’m not talking about Hitler’s Germany, I talking about America. Anyone who thinks soldiers dying for democracy these days needs to see a special doctor.

Voters should think about this. Does voting serve you personally? When you vote you believe you are taking sides with your political party or candidate. You are made to feel your vote counts and a positive outcome will be good for you and your country. That is actually the fake part when choosing a side in elections. In a corrupted political system, the reality is this: the only two sides are government vs. the people. And it a fact that the government side is free, not the side of the people.

The government side is controlled by the politician’s handlers who have almost all party candidates in their back pocket. So whatever political party you side with and vote for in Congress or other very high positions, you always lose and the handlers always win. They are going to have their way no matter what. However, I still believe that the lower levels of government still offer you some personal satisfaction. But for how long?

So the big voting scam boils down to making you think they are working for you since you elected them. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to electing the big boys and girls who make our laws. So you become angry when you realize you have been betrayed and wait to vote in the next election for someone else to make life better and so the scam continues…..

Stay tuned to the next elections and when the time comes you can do two things. Either play the game and vote or don’t vote and shed an old skin. Your vote is meaningless when the system is corrupt. The way the government is today, it seems pretty certain that if you want great adventures of freedom in your life to materialize then you should either become part of the corrupt political system or you must realize that the corruption of big government is only in your way. That is the reality. Consciousness of reality is primary in a free world and everything that happens in your life is a result of that consciousness. Your power is the knowledge of reality so use it wisely. Your full potential is always dependent on that power.