Thoughts on Celebrating the Holiday Season

povertyWhatever historical and/or religious holidays you may celebrate this time of year; it is really all about appreciating, sharing, caring, giving, receiving and remembering. It is also a good time to really reflect on life and where we are as a people today. Who is suffering and who is not? Who is giving and who is taking? Who wants peace and who wants war?

These days, it seems the holidays to most, have become just a big sad excuse to take off work, spend as much money as possible and have endless happy parties. But it’s also a very sad time for under privileged peoples of many sorts. Also for those privileged enough who see and know that so many millions of their poor fellow Americans can’t celebrate anything. Their life is always thinking about their next meal or where they will sleep. Not just the homeless but families too.

Nearly 40 million Americans or 13.2 percent of the population live in poverty. The poverty rate for children is even higher. And most experts expect poverty rates will go up due to the economic trauma of the Great Recession. You know, the one the government told you ended years ago.

Holidays help you see the haves and have-nots. Especially the have-nots. Is this what our American culture boils down too? Is this a society that we really want? Hopefully not but I believe that is what the government and their handlers want. The economy is even measured and based on how much you spend for the holidays. This is in large part because of greed and lack of real values of the powers that be. They force us to be a consumer based society and constantly remind us that the terrorists are lurking in the shadows.

And for those who can not afford to even consume enough food, our government throws those in the system a few bones with food stamp programs and the like to prove they really care. For me, this time of year is another wake-up call that the government in America is totally obsessed with spending and squandering money, poisoning the minds and bodies of Americans while highlighting endless laws of terrorism and fear tactics that are totally exaggerated. How much of this fanaticism, poverty, corruption and hostile culture can the American people and the world really take before they wake-up? Americans should be ashamed, not proud, that this has become the “American Way.”

What happened that our government no longer enforces the laws of our Constitution anymore? What and who does the government really represent nowadays? Is this delusional terrorism rampage of the government that has wasted countless billions of taxpayer’s dollars every year by invading and bombing sovereign countries more important than really helping the people who are struggling for jobs and food in America? Does our Constitution say we should be the world’s police? Why is it necessary that we (as a society) have a government that are destroying lives, rejecting the poor, shedding blood and causing relentless hardship at home? What are really the underlying hidden motives of the government today? It seems a large part of their policies are just to aid in the collusion of promoting wars to enhance the evil corporation’s pockets and agendas for profit and power? Those are the questions and facts I reflect upon most during the holidays. I want better values for my children and others, don’t you? We need a big change fast. We should have a holiday for upholding our Constitution! Now that would be a celebration!

In the end, no matter how determined this crazy government agenda is, it can’t continue without appalling and/or catastrophic results. Two-thirds of Americans say the current Congress is the worst ever. History shows that corrupted power agendas eventually get toppled because people always resist one way or another against corrupt empires who cause so much death and suffering. It loses for the same reasons that socialism/fascism and its central planners always failed too. Large-scale attempts to aggressively force people into predetermined molds are not natural and against the human will. People eventually unite and will always fight back one way or the other. I hope for America’s sake they do it fast.

Mankind’s nature has evolved and no longer is meant to be restricted or endure constant trouble from government after being born free. In America, the mindset of the Founders has proven through America’s short history that their original good thoughts of planning a free and peaceful society can be changed totally when government gets too big and corrupt. As our founders did from their corrupt government, we too will naturally break away one way or another when enough is enough. Some will just get out of Dodge like I did, others will seek a more remote life and others will try to activate changes in government by many means. Although it should already been known by now about most of the corruption and the destructive path America is on, the government’s propaganda and media machine has way too many people still in a trance. They vote and go back to sleep. So much for progress, let’s celebrate!

America is no longer the land of the free or the land of opportunity. As most of the rest of the world has advanced in technology and caught up with us, we have been going backwards instead, spiritually, physically, mentally, politically and financially.

And as far as making money is concerned, money is not the root of all evil, corrupt politics and power is. Look what the government has done with our money. Now we are bankrupt too. The only reason Americans should be poor is because they want to be. There is enough money from the taxes that are paid to have everyone living decent lives in America. Because so much money is squandered by the government, the concepts of capitalism and socialism have been distorted and have divided the country even more. But that is what corrupt politicians do. Divide and conquer.

Capitalism and socialism isn’t bad, they only become bad when they are corrupted and become politicized too. Now that large numbers of populations everywhere are waking up, you can bet that the corrupt governments and their evil corporation machine is worried. Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble. They will do everything in their power to reinforce their corrupt positions and agendas.

Although people are discovering the truth, many are denying its implications. In many cases, these people work for companies they know are part of the problem. Others work for government agencies. Others are in the military or the police. They’re all caught in the middle and going through denial. Not only are their livelihoods and personal securities at stake but so are their perceived values and indoctrination. They number in the many millions and are the toughest groups in our society to really wake up and join others in the know in eliminating the corruption.

So because the agenda of the corruption machine is on the fast track, these particular people are the most important to wake up and transcend the quickest. I don’t mean someday I mean today! There are 7 days in a week and someday isn’t one of them. Without many of them fighting against corruption in government, I say America will get stuck going around in circles and finally end badly, then game over.

The big message is this: IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S COUNTRY, IT IS YOUR COUNTRY! If the government won´t represent you, then start representing yourself. Stop voting and take a stand. Do things in a smart way and win over the people in the middle with kindness and education. Hostility breeds hostility. That is not the nature of a free people. But it is the aggressive ground the present corrupt government holds. Hostility is also the end result of corrupt politics. Kindness and peace are not compatible with hostility and war. What ground do you prefer standing on? Let’s keep our identities intact, live representing our Founding Fathers ideas and restore the true “American way” without aggression.

Americans, wherever you are in this world, however you choose to celebrate, and whoever you choose to celebrate with, everyone will have to deal to some degree with the ongoing corruption and despair after the holidays and celebrations are over. Demand that
your government become competent and keeps your tax money at home to eliminate the number of children in poverty, mass unemployment, declining wages, and family distress. Our government should be ruled by the people and not our government ruling the world. As a very rich country, our government has failed miserably in so many ways, especially with the war on poverty. Just because your government failed doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t trust the government and help the needy whenever you can. Showing compassion to strangers in need is not only making the world a better place for everyone, but for some, it can be so morally powerful it is like opening a door to a very rewarding spiritual experience. The point is when you start helping others in need then life becomes much more significant. But you can’t help others without first helping yourself. Understanding the need to avoid and eliminate as much of the corruption  around you will work well for anyone. Try it, you’ll like it! Happy Holidays.