soulI’ve been asked repeatedly by people I am close to, how I deal with all the corruption of present day government and such awful circumstances in the economies of most places we live today and still be happy loving life most of the time. My answer is always the same but very often misunderstood. The answer is always that I just do my best to live in the now and keep it simple. Meaning that I try to live in the moment and I cross each bridge as I come to it. Although I do not know exactly where some of those bridges are, I hardly worry about that as I know that crossing them always has many ways. But crossing them you must, because life is full of never-ending bridges you need to cross in order to move on and get to the other side. If I worry about it more than I should then I am not able to live in the now which is what living life fully is really all about in my humble opinion.

To elaborate further, I would say that our mindset and how you look at everything is what can make and break you. When life gets too complicated then you are simply thinking too much and thinking too much is a very unhealthy thing. That is one of the major problems with societies today. The people and government make life complicated by thinking too much. They make bad decisions and laws doing so. They also develop bad ways and attachments in the process that are hard to shed. It doesn’t have to be that way and you can change everything by changing your mindset and environment. I keep saying to people that if you change the way you look at things then the things you look at can change.

You are also a product of your environment but you can change that. Life is not that complicated but unlike the natural world of animals and the plant kingdom, us humans unnecessarily and unnaturally make it that way. I think the K.I.S.S. system should be enjoyed by everyone just like it is by Mother Nature. The only way to ride out the storms in your life is to learn how to live in the now. They say that practice makes perfect. I say that practicing a positive mindset will never be perfect as everything around us is constantly changing. But practicing living in the now is always a hell of a lot of fun. I found that nature and music can always help you too. Watching children play and interacting will also help show what you should feel like in the now. Especially important is to eliminate the things that can change you for the better like corrupt politics, poisoned foods and the excessive consumer culture that is destroying society.

Having said that, I see American and European societies as a major source of dysfunction and chronic illness that is spreading around the world. I lived 40% of my life in Europe and 60% of my life in America and from what I’ve seen and learned, I believe that what most Westerners value in one another and themselves is what actually ills and kills most of them prematurely. Their ways, complications, inefficiencies, pasts, routines, sorrows, fears, regrets, thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors, drugs, images, politics, foods, tensions, conditioning, angers, experiences, indoctrination, guilt, achievements, core beliefs, desires, sufferings, delusions and addictions make them sickly and their ways and thoughts are even deadly for many. I am only referring to the negatives and the psychological wounds of the above as some may even be very good aspects of your life.

In America where every fourth person in the world that is in prison is a citizen of the land of the free, and America only has 5% of the world’s population, is a tell-tail sign about a society’s core beliefs and is the dilemma of the present day American way. I found from experience that the best solution to change these terrible harmful ways and core beliefs is to change your environment in order to breakthrough. You can’t separate the mind from the body and you also can’t separate the individual from their environment unless you change the environment completely to change the individual. Changing your social and psychological environment can do wonders for one’s health and well-being. The only problem with that solution for Americans is that they will move from one place in America to another place in America and really don’t change their overall mental/emotional environment, their politics and negative attachments at all. I would say that you can blame a lot of that on the increasingly corrupt and ever-growing government for that dilemma. My first post on this blog dealt with that.

When you get caught up always thinking you can make a difference by voting and speaking out concerning big government and corruption, you just wear yourself down, get totally out of balance and you will never enjoy the present moment. What you’ll get instead of a changing government is that the government is actually changing you. That is what is exactly happening now in America and Europe as the New World Order gets underway. So as far as thinking is concerned, think about making some serious changes to avoid getting caught in that trap. Changing your environment needs a dramatic change to another place completely different with a new positive mentality and mindset with little if any government interference at all to make a real difference in order to have an authentic life again. Relocating is the best outlet to get rid of the stress, pain, emptiness, negative attachments, fears and suffering that was previously manifested by bad government and a delusional society. It is time to live in the now again. In doing so, your life should become alert enough that you can identify how to be open without worrying about the future so you can get to the core and essence of which you really are and have peace of mind and joy again. Experiencing real freedom is not worrying much about the past and the future.

When you realize that you are the awareness and consciousness of yourself internally and externally then living in the now is much easier. Although everyday life usually includes some plans and work, the fullness of life should surround you regardless so that you see and feel everything around you and within you that is alive. Everyone has had these great moments and feelings of living in the now especially when they were kids growing up so why not clean the mind out and have those moments again a lot more of the time knowing what keeps you from truly being free and happy. The freedom from your past conditioning, environment and government will bring you into living in the now. Your behavior and your thinking should not be determined anymore from your past or your future once your heart and mind are free.

Enjoying the present moment is what true happiness, stability and freedom is all about. It is being connected to who you truly are without any psychological wounds and harmful past attachments you can’t deal with. Others with the same mindset will be drawn to you and vice versa. The now is your true identity and essence of your life. Living in the now makes you realize that you need less of things you previously thought you needed more of. Your spiritual self is what we all enjoy the most when living and the only thing we take with us when we die so don’t get trapped in the maze of harmful thoughts and live for the moment as much as you can instead. You can shed most of the anger and negatives and you can create as much good will and compassion as you want when you live in the now. Your compassion for life will only be found in the present moment.

You and others will shine as you realize that the present moment is the currency that leads to true wealth (riches of the heart and mind). Time is a terrible thing to waste and your time in this life is very limited. Use it, don’t abuse it and don’t let your time in the wrong place abuse you either by staying there. When your life seems to have only holes in front of you and you are constantly thinking about needing a change then the writing is on the wall to move on so start moving. If you keep looking behind you, you will fall into the holes in front of you. What you are now is the result of the past and what you will be tomorrow is what you are now. I don’t expect you to fully understand that but you certainly will once you make the change and live in the now. Let compassion replace your fears. Refresh your mindset without needless thinking about everything every day and look forward to living in the now with good will and intentions. Like the song says: “It’s now or never” but with a spiritual meaning. Go ahead, find the essence of who you are. Your future tomorrows will always become your now. Take the bull by the horns and start to plan your next move out of your doldrums so you can start enjoying the present moment again. I write this from the heart and I wish you well.

“Life is like photography, we develop from the negative”