Dumbing Down America the Obama Care Way

obeyProof to me that America is so dumbed down was re-confirmed when Obama was elected a second time. But now that he was able to pass his A.C.A. health plan, I believe the beginning of the new advanced phase of dumbing down America will be implemented. With Obama Care in place, having a disorder will eventually be as common as having the flu or a cold. Almost everyone will be diagnosed with one disorder or another. Any child with more energy than usual will be said to have ADHD, clinical depression, or bipolar. Adults who are depressed because they have little or no work or have any family problems at all (which everyone does) will be diagnosed to have a clinical mental disorder too. There is no physical diagnostic test for any of them but there are already menus and collections of behaviors drawn up by committees of psychiatrists—and then stamped with labels. Knowing that psychiatry is a pseudoscience means the 300 officially certified distinct mental disorders on the books are most likely all fraudulent. Unfortunately, all the drugs to treat them are toxic and destructive. Some of the drugs (and withdrawing from all of them) even cause violent behavior, including suicide and homicide.

People who speak out against the political establishment, who advocate for less government, who champion freedom, will find themselves ridiculed to a greater degree than ever before and under certain circumstances will be coerced into the psychiatric hive.

What GMOs and herbicides are doing to food, psychiatry will be doing to minds: making them synthetic.

From the dawn of time, crazy men, presenting themselves as guardians of human life, have tried to persuade us to reduce our ideas and creations down to manageable size; to slip them into well-organized structures that demean the many and elevate the few. They preach their simplistic cause and effect, their symmetry, their prison-grid of perception. The whole effort is the promotion of a delusion.

            It uses people’s pain, suffering, confusion, and doubt to lead them into a system that promises relief but brings more suffering instead. These are the strategies of today’s political leaders. In America, it seems that every law and regulation – no matter how silly or how stupid – is backed by the threat of police force and violence. Once anyone is diagnosed with a mental disorder, the police will have the power with the backing of the medical profession and politicians to shoot you if you were to get upset about anything. After all, you would be on psychiatric drugs which mean you are already labeled delusional one way or the other in the first place.

          Now, the question you might want to ponder is whether or not, at the moment of truth, you, would have the courage to risk everything to keep your dignity. The answer is important because it goes a long way toward determining how your life plays out. If you’re focused on getting somewhere in life, then you don’t have time to deal with dicks who dish out psychiatric medicines to manipulate and control you while making Big Pharma richer.