My response to why I live abroad to a family member who has become an activist

love it or leave itAfter living outside of America for such a long time, I always thought one day I would come back and live again in what I always thought was the best country on Earth. Unfortunately, every time I came back for a visit I was amazed how fast my country changed for the worse and that I continually disliked the mentality of most of the people, the lifestyle and the government more and more. I always left with bad impressions and found the American mentality to be very limited with very few free thinkers left. I don´t believe I would have seen the entire negative changes soon enough to smarten up and move somewhere else if I never left America in the first place. You see so much more when looking from the outside in.

The more you stay away the more you outgrow the American propaganda and accept the validity of differing views and cultural norms.

America has definitely lost its enchantment. My takeaway from becoming an American expat is this: “A false enchantment can all too easily last a lifetime.” I guess I am just an outlaw now because when freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free. I really thought when Obama first got elected that the new president would put his best foot forward after listening to all his great freedom speeches. It is more than obvious now that the new president stepped very hard on the people´s toes instead.

My only advises are don´t vote and ignore government. There are no political solutions. It’s a closed fixed game of politics and the public isn’t part of it. Voting won´t fix anything. You´ll just drive yourself crazy thinking you can change things. If anything, vote with your feet instead. I believe that the day is upon us to realize America has become a veritable prison for free thinkers. The point of being a free thinking activist in America rebelling against a corrupt government only serves one purpose, to show the ineffectiveness of government and its evils. However, the consequences for doing so may very likely bring you more misery than pleasure. That´s how it works in any police state.

The original expression of America, love it or leave it has morphed into America, put up and shut up or else! I prefer happy endings and also prefer the original expression. Having said that, I do admire your perseverance although I think you’re banging your head against a wall to think anything will change for the better. I’d rather live my dream as a free person when I’m awake than being asleep dreaming of what will never happen and being persecuted.