Be Careful Where You Spend Your Words


It is far better not to deal with the burdens associated with a desperate government’s wrecking ball if you are standing in its way alone. People can only make a difference in numbers. Our Constitution is no longer your insurance policy against an out of control government. We live in a time of great uncertainty with total disrespect for citizen’s rights and welfare at home and abroad from our government. The economy don’t matter either. When a government bankrupts a country, the destruction of that country occurs in so many different ways over time. Desperate people will do desperate things. Governments are no exception. This is the current situation America is in.

The government is bent on sucking the life out of its citizens and treating them like cattle. The economy is false and small businesses are dying out fast. Big business gets all the bailouts and big bonuses and the middle class loses jobs and is shrinking. The government gives billions to a slew of other countries while we have the largest homeless population in the world. To add insult to injury, any number of black swan events (economic or otherwise) is not just plausible but very likely. I get the feeling that we are on the verge of a new, large global war and the likelihood that the U.S. will become a full-blown police state after the next large attack which is inevitable are all good reasons for lying low until the people can unite. We are not living in Colonial America anymore.  This is the United States of Socialism, and most Americans like things just the way they are. Sure, we have a couple hundred million guns stashed away, but who’s going to use them to overthrow the government?

I have seen reports of billions of dollars’ worth of military armored personnel vehicles being purchased by the government and they are not being deployed overseas but have been bought instead for domestic use only. Government expects some form of uprising starting with protests and demonstrations to outright riots. Because these types of events (some very extreme) have been very recent in other countries like Egypt, the government knows that  America will follow suit but not as intensely because of the military might the people must go up against and the big difference between us and the Egyptians. That big difference is that the Egyptians really believe in voicing their outrage in big numbers. Most Americans went to sleep a long time ago. Anyway, Marshall Law is in the cards if Americans decide to give it a go.

Government has now even resorted to prosecuting their own soldiers by trying to make anything on the Internet they publish related to the government a potential aid to the enemy. Same for journalists. But who is the enemy? Whistle blowing as we know it will essentially be considered treasonous. Some people’s traitors are other people’s heroes. Any group or any person will be considered an enemy who speaks out loud enough against the ways of the present government, its wars and its policies. So much for freedom of speech. Now you can understand better why the NSA is so important to the government. They want to spy on everyone so they can be able to prepare themselves to retaliate and persecute anyone at any time they please for anything you say that they don’t like. Obama said “The only people, who don´t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” Then how is that when someone who does disclose the truth about the hidden wrong doings of the government, they get persecuted for doing so?

Who is really telling the lies and who is really telling the truth? When a government considers their own citizens as traitors for speaking out about illegal government wrong doings then it is the government that is committing treason. And who’s protecting whose rights we were given by our Founders these days? Where is the integrity in government? The government starts their day with calculations like this: Government = Master, People=Servant. I guess I was never that good at calculations because I always start my day with Government=Servant, People=Master. Our Founders calculated the same way I do so I like my calculations better. And the people who still give a shit and are still awake feel the same way. But what can anyone really do against the most powerful government in the world that is bent on war and disregards people’s constitutional rights.

Not only in our country but with other countries and their own people too. Controlling and killing their own people and other country’s people has become business as usual. So what can you do? Voting doesn’t work (so stop voting). Demonstrating doesn’t work (so stop demonstrating). Understand this, the government has used voting and demonstrations as a tool to control the masses. You need another approach. Your only line of defense and tool s for changing anything is the power of the media and the internet. Most of the main media is already owned by the powers that be so you have to find alternative media and use the one ideal choice left. Use the power of the internet. The government already figured that out too and that is why the extreme illegal use of the NSA is going full steam. Because most of the people you can vote for are already corrupted, don’t vote at all until another political party can be voted for that you trust. Don’t use the normal transparent channels that the government controls to communicate so you can better organize without prying eyes and ears knowing everything your up to.

Find a better way that is private. Remember, Big Brother is watching you. The people need to become more open-minded again and self-govern themselves for a change. Although so many people in the States are brainwashed or brain-dead, there are still enough people waking up along with patriots who are sick and tired of seeing our country destroyed from within. Many of our soldiers that came home from these forced wars based on policies of lies and fear know the real truth about our corrupt and evil government after serving and will support us. Every day, eighteen veterans commit suicide because of the nightmares they lived after being trained to be killers. They know that our leaders are failures and caused an enormous amount of unnecessary suffering and death only for power and money. So if small groups band together and can organize larger groups to force change, maybe they can get America working again without wars and having to bend down to the new fascist mentality of our government.

We the people were always supposed to change government when it doesn’t serve the people anymore. But trying to change things with votes don’t work and the use of force won’t work against an already prepared militarized State. So you have to do it by freeing people’s minds first. We must think like our Founders did and unite the people first. Even our Founders had opposition within the States still loyal to the British government so expect the same from the sheeple. Only it’s different now because the government you want to get away from is now in your own backyard with all the fire power and prisons. The media to some degree and especially the internet has to be the weapon of choice. So use the internet wisely as you stay low-key because the NSA is one step ahead of you. Restoring America’s honor and dignity won’t be easy. Being part of a community to reinstate people’s rights and values can be costly if not deadly so be very careful where you spend your words. You WILL be labeled a terrorist!