Voting with your feet.


Although I always try not to offend anyone, I also don’t try to be all things to all people. If I’m specific about something I feel is true and right then I don’t make apologies to those who aren’t part of that mindset. I respect people in general and people who have opposing opinions too. However, some people just are brain-dead or brain washed on so many issues they don´t understand and they are not willing to listen or learn with an open mind as I am. The people who may not always agree but at least are willing to listen are the ones who deserve your time and attention. I find it very rewarding in sharing and exchanging thoughts and ideas on many things especially on things that make life better and that matter. This frame of mind can really keep you from having useless arguments on issues with no substance and help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Being a free-thinker is being productive in a real and in a natural way and so much better than trying to be part of the herd that is easily programmed, manipulated and led that have artificial values and biased feelings based on the majority rules mentality. If only politicians thought like that. But corrupt people will corrupt people so you have to really search through so many until you find the right ones you can really be friends with and enjoy their company, freedom and views. When people sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain money and friendships, they do it at the expense of other people’s freedoms and values.

When politicians sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain votes and power, they corrupt the entire election process and also deprive the people of freedom and values. This corruption prevents a free market system from nourishing itself. Our founding fathers fought and thought hard to establish a free society that wasn’t exploited called America. America is not working because not enough people and politicians honor their ideas anymore. Defending America’s freedoms was never meant that Americans should start wars in faraway countries to protect our country. All these false wars do, is cost huge amounts of money and lives and give rise to secret plots by governments to control and manipulate elections, other countries and the people even more.

Our founding fathers never thought of America as an experiment either. But that has been the way the more recent governments have seen our country for the last century. The programming and reprogramming of society has been part of the experiment of ongoing corruption from power mad politicians to control and brainwash the minds of the masses. In the end, it is the government and the elite bankers instead of the people who have been running America for the last century and their main objective is to have the people be their puppets. Exploitation is the final word.

And the government of today talks about how they are protecting our values. What values? They mean the forced distorted values that they impose on us like the values of corruption in a free market full of petty rules taxes and regulations. Repression of society breeds a distorted society that is not free. People need to take ownership of themselves, not the government taking ownership of them. The government doesn’t want you to think and feel naturally. They want to exploit the people and program you to think and feel in a way that you can be controlled so they can make your choices for you. They want you to buy so many things you don’t need and consume as much as possible to keep you busy with your stuff and ego. Consumerism is the illusion of giving people control. An illusion that the government exploits and collects revenues from. An illusion that creates a false economy and distracts the people from real life realities that are more important. The conclusion which is living an unproductive and unhealthy life full of vanities and false hopes.

What people really need is a larger sense of self instead. That is not something the government will ever give you or help you with. People also need to determine their own values and needs that are rewarding and productive for them. People will never be totally equal to each other because individuals are born different in many ways and live different real life experiences. Although those differences may not be so important, all the people should always be treated equally important nonetheless. It boils down to the well-being of the individual not the well-being of the State. Otherwise, everyone’s hopes, fears and desires are constantly exploited.

The real problem with America and Europe is that the banking elite and the governments know the corrupt system they created so well to manage it for their own benefit at the expense of everyone else who doesn’t have their hands in their pockets. The global economy is just a smokescreen for governments and big business to unite and exploit people for more taxes and revenues. In the process the political shepherds herd us where they wish. We need the people to unite in order to get rid of big government instead. Look what these united governments did to the Europe Community in such a short time period. The new central government in Europe is training the people for bitter experiences. They have caused a financial major crisis and are now raising taxes again, controlling cash transactions and implementing new laws every month while some countries are still in a DEPRESSION. Police controls are everywhere now and the traditional cultures, values and freedoms are diminishing quickly. The European model was based on the current American one with a central bank and corrupt government.

Previously in America, it was only black people who had been trained by bitter experience to fear “the man.” Now the rest of us are beginning to understand what they have been complaining about all these years. You would think after Dr. King helped the blacks to be more equal and accepted into society, that racism would be a thing of the past. But because there were few good jobs for most of them as they had very little education, they were herded and forced to live in low-level housing with government help, and they were also told what they could and couldn’t do. The inequality for them was based on the mentality that black people were poor, stupid and foolish people and not capable of doing anything good by themselves. Welfare programs and food stamps became their way of life. What they all ever needed was jobs not austerity programs. Since the government started dictating what the minimum pay for them and for everyone else was, the minimum wage protocol just keeps them and others from finding more work. Work with low wages is much better than no work at all. You got to start somewhere.

So the taxpayers get stuck with their bills instead and racism is never-ending. Now that the government has bankrupted America, the Hispanics, white folks and others are in line behind the blacks and guess who they will all vote for? Anyone who will help them live without working will get their votes. That´s why the race issue in America never will go away. Too many votes at stake. “A fool can put on his coat better than a wise man can put it on for him.” So Democrats and Republicans are all full of shit. To take either side is foolish. Being an Independent keeps your free thinking much clearer as you watch the right and left tear apart America. The game both parties play divides the people and whoever is picked to run America today is obviously not running the country for the people’s good anyway, only for special interests.

When it comes to politics, people will not always make the right choice, but we can always try to make an important or tough choice from a great strength of character. It is the truth in the strength of character that makes the difference in how we really judge different politicians. So where is the truth in political campaigns these days? It is this strength of character that is almost entirely missing from our politicians and government today (if there are any left in our truth-starved society). We certainly see the real truth after they get elected and it is never really ever good.

At the risk of showing my bias (an independent), I will add that (I believe) strength of character is at least present in the ideology of the left and the right in politics (though rarely demonstrated). I don’t see the ideology nearly so clearly anymore on either side of the aisle, which seems more driven by guilt or shame…the need to “do good” to make one feel good. It is just a philosophy of expediency. Since presidencies have become a family business since the Bushes, I can only imagine what guilt trip is in store for the people when Hillary Clinton runs for President. And she will win too!

Governments and the banking system have developed into one big scam. They are just social predators because they both are masters of the art of deception and the abuse of power. Up till now, Independents and no other political party have never had any chance of being elected because the game is totally rigged by the powers that be. There has never been such a successful or bigger organized crime syndicate in the United States as there is in the U.S. Government. Their federal motto should be “Divide and Conquer!” They want to control you but they can´t even control themselves.

The only possible way to ever neutralize the forever prevalent right vs. left agenda is to establish another political party that can be elected. That party needs to find the things that bring us together in one common purpose and unite around that. The tea party is a good start and I hope it can find more momentum. Not because they will be able to influence votes so much that will change government (that will never happen) but because they can give people something real to think about. If people would just sit down and read the Constitution once they would be overwhelmed with just how limited the power of the government is supposed to be. Unfortunately, I believe the government is way too big, corrupted and established by the powers that be to ever change the government with votes anyway so I think a better solution for people is not to vote at all and change the way they think and live instead.

Here’s another reason why the United States is not going to change much. One of the most important facts for anybody following presidential election campaigns to recognize is that the super delegate process has completely destroyed democracy. There are about 400 pledged delegates divided by primary and caucus results, but there are an additional 700 super delegates, and they can vote against the people’s will to ensure nominees are handpicked party insiders. A single vote from one of these super delegates is worth thousands of the average person’s votes. That’s why individual votes really don’t matter.

That harsh reality is rarely exposed to voters. Other reasons why society today is emotionally, mentally, physically and economically poor is because of too many laws, too much propaganda, politics, taxes, inflation, drugs, careless spending, poor nutrition and health, unemployment, lack of good free education, wars and especially the enslavement of debt. If you can eliminate and/or escape some of the above problems for yourself then you can experience truer freedom and avoid less of controlled society´s indoctrination and bullshit. You will become more of an individual and less of a fool who is separated from one´s money and freedom.

Although you can never be totally free living in America, the best alternative plan and solution is to get as far away from the corrupt social order anyway you can to gain more independence and the free will to live a better life and the pursuit of happiness. The idea of America was a great idea of our founders but it died and was deeply buried long ago. We live in a totally different America today. The fabricated American dream cliché we use today has always been a farce. George Carlin once said that you have to be asleep to believe in the American dream. After all, they don´t call it a dream for nothing!!

As far as patriotism is concerned you should think about this. A true American patriot should stand up for our country’s original spiritual mindset and set of freedoms in order to be preserved. The emphasis of American patriotism should be looked upon as the commitment to values, principles and human rights rather than a commitment to just the nation. An American Patriot is an individual with a mindset to a country’s set of values that you can take with you anywhere in this world. A true patriot to me believes their government should ALWAYS represent and protect those freedoms. American patriotism is loyalty in the grounded principled message of the Declaration of Independence.

Here is one of its quotes that sum up the idea of America:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” Unfortunately, the last sentence of the former paragraph no longer holds any water as everywhere you look today, the people seem to suffer from either the deceitful collusion of government or the deliberate overthrow of their freedoms by those in control. Patriotism has nothing to do with the manipulations and indoctrinations of flag waving, yellow ribbons, sports and wars. So wherever you live, it’s best to avoid the manipulative workings of modern government and politicians as much as possible.

After hoping America will change for the better for 45 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will never ever happen. Between the government having so much control and a huge percentage of the population being so brainwashed and stupid about the real world, it simply isn’t possible. The better and more practical approach is for you to change instead by the way you think and live. Watch this short video and see if you know people like the ones in the video. These are the type of people who the government controls and you are up against. And they vote too!

Good luck America.