Here is some insight into America’s dark history from around the 19th Century forth that accelerated the demise of America’s ideals and foundation. Read it and weep!

The first important events which starting changing America for the worst leading to the Civil War and after bloody flagwas the corruption of America in the 1800’s. That was when the war campaigns, invasions and massacres for land grabs and control across the future United States started. That was a very bloody era inside America!

Mexicans and most “Native Americans” were slaughtered and exterminated for much of those territories they occupied. The justification were always that the Indians were savages and all was done in the name of progress. Wait a minute, didn’t the Spanish and the Church have that justification too when they killed off the indigenous population of Latin America? How ironic that all the Indians of the Americas went through fighting terrorism in their countries back in the day and the New Americans were those terrorists just like the Spaniards were! Truth not taught in government schools.

Then at the end of the 19th Century, the invading hidden “powers that be” arrived in America. Their financial power and influence spread to commerce, finance and politics in a very big way. Those involved in breaking America’s founding ideals had President McKinley killed in 1901 which put Vice President Teddy Roosevelt in power. Roosevelt was a known advocate of big, centralized government backed by the left so the “Progressive Era” started which sets the stage for the eventual 1913 founding of the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Bank under fellow progressive Woodrow Wilson.

Under Wilson in early 1913, the Constitution was amended and Senators soon became controllable creatures of Washington DC based national politics. To win elections, future Senators would have to answer to national political bosses and media created “public opinion,” not to the individual States. This is a major step towards the consolidation of power away from the States and into the hands of Washington DC. This meant that many respected and appointed Statesmen would eventually be replaced by attention seeking political whores.

Later in 1913 Wilson imposed income tax rates of 1% – 6% only on the wealthy which eventually gave the government access to the paychecks of ordinary American workers too. This new revenue stream was created to line the Rothschild’s pockets and fuel the growth of a liberty destroying “Big Government.”

Right after the Income Tax was passed, and the privately owned, New York based Banking Mafia (The Fed) was given the privilege of controlling the issuance of America’s currency, at interest, the new Central Bank then initiated a 100 year period of endless inflation, massive deficits, recessions, depressions, stock market manipulations, secret bailouts, and destructive asset bubbles that still go on today.

The private Fed Mafia, and its political, academic and media allies got so powerful they were able to thwart all future attempts to either reign in their power or to simply audit its books. America is now being screwed royally! In 1917 when WWI started, the Rothschild’s agents duped white supremacist racist puppet Woodrow Wilson into a senseless war while the corrupt banking cartel reaped the rewards.

Americans were played for fools and shipped off to die for Globalism and Zionism and America suffered with over 90,000 killed with even more casualties. The inhumane terms of the infamous Treaty of Versailles which followed, set the stage for an even worse World War 20 years later. The First World War also led to the British takeover of Palestine and led to massive Jewish immigration to that land. In decades to come, the resulting Arab-Israeli conflict created many problems for America, Palestine and the Middle East as is now well seen today.

Wilson’s progressive movement and his rejection of the Founders’ principles started changing the fundamental structures of small government. After he was in power, he gave in to special interests and that betrayal has never stopped growing ever since. Although Wilson later regretted his earlier decisions, the main door to banking, medical and corporate corruption was swung wide open by then.

During this time in the early 1900’s, the American Medical Association (AMA) made a startling change. Although nature’s plants, herbs and trees provided a natural pharmacy of nutrition, remedies and health at their disposal, the AMA started shutting down the medical schools teaching natural medicine and they were replaced by medical schools featuring only synthetic drug intensive medicine.

Doctors were deliberately trained to avoid natural health and nutrition and replaced the proven ways of health and healing with toxic pills and therapies instead. This is why doctors today who are highly intelligent and extremely educated are so ignorant and stupid concerning nutrition and natural medicine when nutrition and natural medicine is the key to good health and preventing sickness and disease.

What ever happened to the great expression: an ounce of preventative medicine is worth a pound of cure? Is has now been replaced with “a toxic pill for every ill” since Big Pharma took over the medical profession. Instead of natural foods, mineral and vitamin rich protocols being recommended to patients which worked well, toxic chemical drug protocols were recommended instead and totally replaced natural medicine.

This all happened because those schools of toxic medicine were heavily financed by the Carnegie and Rockefeller families with hundreds of millions to create a medical monopoly so their petrol-chemical companies could rake in huge new profits and gain control of the medical profession.

These drug intensive medicine schools stopped teaching natural medicine altogether and replaced natural remedies with little or no side effects with chemical remedies with serious side effects including death. Every homeopathic medical school was eventually shut down and there were none left by 1950. So the heavily financed medical schools of toxic medicine of Big Pharma became the recognized medical schools of what we still have today.

It is so disgraceful that our medical doctors have turned into the whores of Big Pharma’s toxic medicine that never healed anything but are only able to manage the health problems and symptoms instead. In the process Big Pharma makes billions while their pills cause harm and death everyday. Whatever happened to nutrition and healthy foods as medicine? One can only wonder with Obamacare how much more of those pills will be distributed and become mandatory for so many. “A toxic pill for every ill” should now be the new motto for the AMA.