FULL BLOG INTRODUCTION AND A VERY, VERY LONG PERSONAL RANT – A.K.A. “Politically Incorrect Status Quo 101” – For Beginners and Intermediate Learners – Written to my Family by an American Expatriate

the truth just ahead

Welcome to my NO COMMENT Blog. This very long introduction comes from the heart and soul and is the prelude of this Blog which is to create awareness and increase individual power so that one may liberate the mind of control, propaganda, indoctrination, deception and manipulation.
I believe in educating and empowering good people so that the person who values their well-being and freedom the most – YOU – remains in charge. I have no sympathy for those who don’t care about reality but I do feel empathy for those who mean well but don’t understand what is really going on.
This Blog is directed to the later only and encourages individual judgments based on truths and how to free oneself and avoid having your life squeezed into a pattern of systems, CONSTANT FEAR, ill health and abusive power structures defined by others. We are what we perceive.
This Blog is a sort of reality boot camp but the opposite of what soldiers trained to follow orders without thinking would be like. And those soldiers I’m referring to is the socially engineered society we are all a part of one way or another. It’s geared to open your mind and heart and help you challenge “Conventional Wisdom” and the “Status Quo” dogmas that take away your personal freedoms, sovereignty and natural liberties.
It’s to help you use logic, natural instinct and your heart when making sound judgements and logical decisions and distinguishing reality from fiction. It’s designed to keep you real, aware, in the know and out of harms way. And most importantly, this Blog is presented to help you to discover your higher self by keeping you from getting sucked into distorted and manipulated political and religious philosophies that keep you foolishly schooled among the oppressed.
Being conscious of who you really are and being aware of who others in control (the status quo) want you to be will make the difference of you maturing with a free-will mindset. And I will warn you too in a good way that this Intro and Blog will require an alternative view of the prevailing framework (or paradigm) of society in how we view the established “Status Quo” and even our human history to be effective on accomplishing that mindset.
The Status Quo or Matrix is a series of layers of indoctrination. These layers of established limits and perceptions built into our society and existence compose what we call our Reality. We need to remove the lid on those perceived limits and gain our free-will and personal power back. Open minded conscious living is what it’s all about.
So as a father, I don’t want my kids always hoping that they won’t wind up in Hell and it will all turn out okay in the end after living all their life with a fearful religious mindset.
Living under a cloak of fear is not what I would call conscious or courageous living. That layer of religious fear based indoctrination definitely has to go first if they’re ever going to live a courageous life.
I read somewhere that fear based faith is just the coward’s substitute for courage and I sure do agree.
If some popular religious version of God really does exist, there’s a good chance that god is a complete and total fool. After all, he made us in his image, right? But the foolish will always be fooled until they mature and stop being a fool.
Reaching maturity is not about giving in and submitting to the proposition that the world is based on the group mentality as it is set up. And although this is what the collectivists teach in school and at the government level today, it is the opposite of what I teach at home. From my point of view and perspective, discovering the individual and the self is considered a true sign of maturity. So those pushing the “group mentality
state of mind” (not to be confused with teamwork) should be avoided at all costs.
So this Blog is designed as an home schooling program and may be seen as off-beat but its primary goal is to inspire my children, while leading them on a path to a healthy non-indoctrinated lifestyle and improving their day-by-day quality of life. If I can help them concentrate on free-will and avoid half of the mistakes I’ve made in life then I’m a happy camper. So what I’ve learned late in life, I want to teach to my family early.
I’ve been asking myself the question of why we exist since I was a teenager.
This is a question that everyone should ask themselves once in a while to step out of the daily activities and reflect on why we do what we do. No matter what perspective I take in solving the question, I keep getting stuck on the conclusion that the experience of life is to feel inner peace, real freedom, experience Nature, love and create happiness to enjoy. The opposite of oppression, fear, wars, hate and violence.
That’s why I believe in encouraging people to question everything so they can transform their wiring for a better life
that can thrive and enjoy their experience in the corrupted changing world we have to deal with. All our problems have a cause. So we don’t need more solutions. We need to route out the causes instead. And I’ll use this Blog to do just that.
I’ll dig deep when explaining the why and how people and societies are deliberately socially engineered but I’ll give you a quick heads up now by boiling it down to a simple parallel of our high tech reality you enjoy so much. It is always best to relate to people information and solutions by comparing something they already understand and appreciate.
But social engineering and indoctrination are not simple subjects to understand and compare. So I do think the analogy of a crashed computer will probably work well. So look at being socially engineered as being hacked like a computer and a virus being installed. And just like a computer’s data and hard drive that can be compromised, broken, destroyed or stolen, so can your free-will, sovereignty, personal liberties and integrity by being a victim of social engineering.
Think about that every time you use a computer. And as computers need firewalls for protection, we too need important protections. This Intro, Blog and following posts will help you see the best ways to insure those protections. The important stuff about keeping your life free and open minded that teachers should teach you in school but won’t, I will.
In fact, I will take the opposite approach of government schooling which is based on an indoctrinated society so I’ll be teaching you how not to be socially engineered instead by showing you what social engineering and indoctrination is all about. Doing so will open your eyes to the control grid that keeps you from being free and having fun. But more importantly, the learning benefits of having an open mind will help open your heart to love life better.
Understanding and shrugging social engineering has worked wonders for me and I would love to share that insight with you through this learning program. I know your instincts will also improve too so although convenience and opportunity don’t always go hand in hand, the opportunity is now and the personal rewards of this learning opportunity will come later and easily overwhelm any inconveniences with so many benefits. So the following is directed to my children.
As your father, mentor and teacher, what I am about to share with you is so important that I do expect to cause a bit of inconvenience because it is, after-all, a learning program that will require a small amount of your attention on a fairly regular basis. And because this educational program is especially inspired and made for my teen sons, I will equate this learning program to a high school 4 year time frame.
That’s at least how long the learning process needs to fill in the blanks as you mature to counter the constant indoctrination of your government education that you’re still getting at the same time. I’ll be explaining that again later with more details.
I want the 2 different learning curriculums to mesh together in a good way so you can understand and ignore the indoctrination shit and get the best of both educations by gaining more layers of important knowledge using a logical and sovereign mindset instead of using an oppressed and twisted one. And if you incur any problems at the government indoctrination center at school, just rest assured, as the more important home schooling teacher at large, I got your back.   
Knowing that we’ve all been intentionally and unintentionally brainwashed since we were born is what differentiates us from how much we’re able to separate ourselves from the lies, deception and unhealthy aspects of the Matrix. We should always look back to remind ourselves how ignorant we used to be and question in what ways we might be ignorant now, for we must recognize that even if the views that we have are well researched and well informed, they have the potential to evolve into negatives as new information arises.
So constantly learning how the deeply embedded power structures that control much of the world’s policies and societies are constructed today, will go a long way when showing good judgment analyzing the subliminal and explicit conditioning employed by the “Powers-That-Be.”
The orchestrated information that bombards humanity’s reality everyday can only be disassembled with facts and good judgement. So always seeking knowledge of the truth is the first step to eliminating this global dictatorship, especially on a personal level.
The main reason people are losing their natural rights is because they are very ignorant and don’t know what they really are. They simply have been brainwashed and believe that their rights come from some form of government.
Those who understand what the underlying causes of why people are so easy to exploit, deceived and controlled are those who have been truly awakened. And always remember that bad people are also awakened.
So don’t confuse this awakening to any spiritual awakening. But just because you see and recognize the problems does not make you awakened unless you also understand the causes. Any good problem solver will always look for the cause first. This is so important to understand because when you don’t understand the causes you settle for solutions that only cause other problems. It’s a vicious cycle of oppression that constantly feeds on itself.
So instead of having law makers institute more laws that don’t address the causes of our problems, figure out who/what causes these problems and stop accepting others solutions that only cause you more problems. The government’s problem/solution scam is just another catch 22. So the message is: There are no real solutions to problems unless you first understand what causes the problems and why. Hint: Greed and power.
This entire Blog is based on teaching critical thinking and using one’s free-will and positive energy to the fullest. That includes ripping apart everything to do with the established status quo dogmas and distractions in order to offer as much food for thought as possible.
Since everything we do and think about in society is based on a time construct and some form of philosophical attachments, beliefs and/or traditions, I feel it is best to dig deep into those beliefs, attachments, traditions and time barriers so that one can see for themselves what factions of those dogmas either encourage or discourage free-will, timelessness and true happiness.
The Universe is bound to “Timelessness” so enjoying life in the moment and putting aside time-oriented schedules and lifestyles is the best way to enjoy timelessness. Even getting a job or profession that you enjoy and doesn’t have you obsessed with time and strict schedules is a life saver too when you naturally want to spend your so-called time there.
I know this is hard to believe for most but everything in the past and everything in the future and everything that is happening now are existing at the same time. You don’t realize this because societies live by the clocks, schedules and the greed that money has created. Societies are always focused on the materialistic concepts of time.
That lifestyle mentality is based on “Time is money so watch the clock!”
When you always orient yourself with “Time,” you will never live in the “Moment” (present) because time is a major distraction. Timelessness can only be found in the Present Moment.
Enjoying the present moment is the positive side of life and the big picture I want you to see. And you will see this much clearer once you learn to understand what the established negative side of the big picture is too.
Enjoying life to the fullest is having your mind focused on the “Present Moment” without being retrained by time, money and distractions. That’s what matters most!
So the only personal agenda I really have behind this Blog is to teach some of my younger family members who are still open minded, ways to become healthier and be a true independent judge of any source of information they receive. By helping them to be armed with the logic, health and the resources to examine and analyze information deeply and clearly is the primary goal.

And the secondary goal is to encourage those in my family who have already submitted to becoming a card-carrying sheep, to rethink their information sources and beliefs in order to stop relying on twisted conventional fallacies, fake elections and corrupted news sources that steer their thoughts and actions in a flawed direction throughout their life.
The final goal I’m setting is for them to find these fallacies they live with, the causes and see them for what they really are. We are all hostages to society’s dogmas and rules but we can eliminate so much of the negatives if we start being more conscious and focus more on living in the moment and less on being sucked into the vacuum of a manipulated society.
The experience of living in the moment is simply an open state or a mood entered into your consciousness of feeling and expressing “Self-Liberation.”
This happens when you permit your awareness to return to its natural non-contrived state which is content free, clear, radiant, happy, tranquil and UN-distracted.
This is a time in which you allow yourself to empty or separate the contents of any negative thoughts or consciousness and feel the positive energy within and around you. So your environment and having an uncluttered state of mind has everything to do with that experience. Experiencing Nature, love, food and listening and/or playing music are some of the best examples for me.
So my approach of this Blog is to create a shift in perspective which will inspire action from that new perspective. By seeing the world unfold through different perspectives and fresh eyes, we can begin to shift our consciousness and ultimately create a world that better reflects what people want versus what their governments and those manipulating them behind the scenes are creating.
Unless you are lucky to be wealthy enough to be able to avoid what most folks would call the real world in America (or elsewhere), you will become a product of your environment and social conditioning which isn’t such a pretty picture for most folks.
So the real world and social conditioning will be heavily discussed and dissected in order for you to understand how to deal with (or avoid) what I call the “Distorted Status Quo” reality in a more sane way.
Social conditioning is amazing. It’s so powerful it can even make people believe the exact opposite of what’s true. Modern societies today embrace endless rules and regulations because they are brainwashed into believing their government and/or their political party really cares for them. But like many things the government does, just because your government and other governments do it too doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
So don’t ever believe that all governments want to really save humanity and the planet when they have proved over and over again that they are the biggest perpetrators of wars while destroying earth’s natural resources, poisoning the water supplies, destroying natural medicines, constantly creating violence on the planet and threatening the planet with nuclear radiation from weapons, bomb testings and failing nuclear power plants.
But do believe that most big governments are in bed together. You won’t see or hear much about most big governments speaking out against the real threats to humanity such as fake wars, Fukushima radiation, endless deforestation, skewed science, mercury in vaccines, fluoride in water, toxic processed foods, GMOs grown in open field experiments and the total medical fraud of toxic medications and drugs.
Big government’s main objective is to expand their power and control and generate more income while crushing as many existing freedoms on everything in the process.
But free thinking human beings like myself, feel sane rules and regulations are very much needed although most government rules and regulations are a waste of time, energy and money.
The main policies we need in government should all be based on thinking smart, acting natural, being honest, not causing harm, doing what’s best for everyone and encouraging real growth, fun and freedom in so many ways. The same principles of what good intelligent parents should be promoting at home.
There will always be many problems that need to be fixed or solved and there will always be many solutions and fixes to be realized. But you don’t have to be forced to be part of any solutions and you shouldn’t be forced to be part of any existing problems either.
Especially when you were never a part of the problems others deliberately created to begin with. The only problems and solutions you should be concerned with are those that will make everyone’s life freer, safer and better, not worse.
I’m to a point where exploring life and enjoying the learning experiences that time and changes bring is the most wonderful thing for me. I also believe that the balance of life forever changing is what makes the world go round. So change is easy to focus on when the change is not corrupted and you’re motivated to help it happen because of all the possible unexpected rewards and gains you can realize.
People really resist change out of the fear of losing something when they should be looking at what they can gain instead. In the end, we all too often regret the chances we had to change things that we didn’t take. Change can bring one more happiness, perspective, experience and harmony in life. Change can help you see differently and when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change too.
And it also is not what you look at so much that matters as much as what you actually see. We are not going change anything much or get very far just finding solutions to the problems we have in societies but we will if we start opening our eyes and start focusing on removing the cause of the problems instead.
That takes having a lot of awareness of what causes these problems first for any real change to occur. We are all part of the same consciousness that are having different experiences of awareness. That realization in itself is enough to create great change for the better, especially when acknowledged on a much grander scale of consciousness with others.
Let me throw some science into this. Science already knows that all the living organisms of the biosphere of Earth interact constantly. What they still don’t know anything about is the connections concerning dark matter which could be the link that ties consciousness to everything in a big way. But they do know that dark matter extends throughout the known Universe. So dark matter could be the subconscious awareness or the spiritual God connection for all we know that is responsible for inter-individual or inter-species communication.

But I do know that entertaining the notion that we develop through an unfolding of our personality in predetermined stages is crucial to raising a sound and free-willed offspring. And that our environment and surrounding culture heavily influences how we progress through these stages. This biological unfolding in relation to our socio-cultural settings is done in stages of psycho-social development, where progress through each stage is in part determined by our success, or lack of success, in all the previous stages.
I realize that saying that using unfamiliar words makes it sound complicated but it’s not complicated at all. Just learning the meaning of these new words will simplify reading further as we all need to be introduced to new words from time to time. So if words are not understood, please stop and look up their meanings before continuing reading further so you can understand better and put everything you read into proper perspective.
So where you live and how you are being governed should not be taken lightly. It should be taken seriously enough that you realize that it is your free-will that should be governing you instead of rules that take your natural freedoms away. And what you are taught growing up that is forced on you is another way of governing you too such as getting a forced education, religion and later a steady job so you can become an obedient worker and tax slave to those who govern you even more.
The alternative to getting a job is to remain happily jobless and to generate income through other means. For most folks the alternatives are going to take a long time to figure out but that doesn’t matter so much as long as they do figure out ways because the time is going to pass anyway no matter what you do to make an income. Nobody is born knowing how to start a business or generate income without working for someone else, so you have to learn these things yourself and I strongly suggest you start learning now.
I hope to shed a bright light on how things truly function, as opposed to the illusory story of conventional wisdom and what the mainstream news media projects. The more we understand how our world really functions, the more we can begin to see through the lies and manipulation being used to control us and keep us stupid. This isn’t about us versus them and having to fight back, it’s about KNOWING the truth.
What I plant in your mind today you will hopefully start harvesting sooner than later. Only the truth can prepare you for the lies that are coming.
Although I’ll especially use America and even Europe as the main focus and Guinea pigs to make my points, it is pretty much the same everywhere today when it comes to government and Status Quo manipulation, oppression and brainwashing. So let’s dig in! Here’s how some of the backbone of government oppression works through the intelligence community, the media and the hidden pieces of the political puzzle.
Here’s the rude awakening about America. The true America I was so high on when I was growing up doesn’t exist anymore. Yea there are still plenty of patriots like me that hang on to the remnants of the “Bill of Rights” while making a fuss because we still love freedom and want to believe that America is just having a bad day and will get over it.
But when reality sets in, some of us realize that’s not going to happen. And once you realize that, you change the way you look at things. You either accept the facts and deal with them your way or you don’t.
But most don’t know the facts so they live pretending like most everyone else that others will eventually come along through a high ranking election and change things for the better. But for that to really happen you have to change the broken system or fix it.  But those powers behind the system don’t want to fix anything, only expand their corrupt power. That’s the way it has always worked throughout history but they don’t teach you that in school.
America has been transformed into a synthetic corporate beast that is now run by a shadow government also know as the deep state and you can no longer vote them out since they are never elected. They are the puppet masters that control the money machine, election machine, war machine, financial machine, Geo-political machine, and the news media. But their real ace in the hole to maintain control is that they get to secretly pick and choose the big candidates that run the country and elsewhere that you think you elected freely.
So unless an unpicked outside candidate slips in, the establishment always wins because whoever you elect, that candidate was one of their picks from day one. A win/win for them and lose/lose for you. That’s the part that folks don’t really get and why they are still manipulated to the max because they still believe through fair elections they are free people making their own choices. That’s the missing link that most don’t see and why America is totally broken. And that’s why I don’t vote.
Folks are always focused on constitutional issues and election fraud at the ballot box when the biggest fraud is really happening behind another curtain they will never see. The deep state is known in my world as the “Powers-That-Be.” So America’s only chance to slow the powers-that-be down is to create legitimate alternative candidates and independent media that can run counter-punches to what the Status Quo has solidly put in place. But now that the deep state in control is so well hidden, that’s a constant uphill battle that can’t be won without the power of the Internet.
So the 2 big wrongs about America today are the deep state (shadow government) controlling elections and manipulating the establishment and the chaotic divide and conquer war mentality that exists and prevails within the government and intelligence community. The deep state is the top down power paradigm that is well above the president of America and the heads of state in the European Community. And those behind the deep state need to be exposed first to get anything substantially done.
Those responsible in the intelligence community (CIA, FBI and NSA) for deliberately twisting or hiding classified information from the president on intelligence matters and leaking information to the scandalous news media (MSM) on intelligence information is a seditious conspiracy and those destructive folks acting as spies should be sought out, held accountable and severely dealt with accordingly.
These evil and corrupt people are in bed with those who manipulate and start unnecessary (undeclared) wars for money which create unwarranted death, hatred and mass suffering. They are the deep cesspool of corrupt government that need to be eliminated.
The American State doesn’t want independent people to control, they want dedicated democrats and republicans instead because they know how much easier and much quicker it is to divide and conquer obedient politicized individuals and parties who are constantly politically distracted with ideological chaos. Independents and folks who don’t vote are considered outcasts, non-conforming, unpatriotic, and UN-American.
The elite’s strategy playbook based on fear today is designed that way to control you. It is the opposite of what America’s carefully organized foundation was built on. How ironic
that chaos, oppression and fear are the tools of choice for those ruling the masses. Chaos and fear is what the powers-that-be want in every country in order to rule, especially where they want political and regime change.
So if chaos or fear is lacking, it will be deliberately manufactured through political means, the news media and psyops. This manufactured chaos and fear (especially the war on terror) gives them the reason of false justification to continually take away more freedoms and implement new draconian laws. These laws are made to infiltrate and exert power over every aspect of American life
and even the world at large.
Heavily politicized governments have lost control of sanely controlling everything. The reality is that the Matrix or Status Quo mentality basically feeds on a farm of negative energy. This negative energy is constantly created so that man does not have the insight to develop his own independent mind. And what better way to mass condition, manipulate and control the population’s consciousness, then through using the heavily compromised main sources of information of the mass media outlets and entertainment industries.
Consciousness wants to create new consciousness, and it does so when you’re more conscious about your surroundings and state of being.
Especially when you find yourself in a negative state of being and surroundings. That’s a good time to imagine different ways, different places and different angles to make things better for yourself and others.
America has become so homogenized in my lifetime it looks and feels almost robotic with the same distorted mentality and programming everywhere.
Injecting a bit of imagination into the mix causes everything to suddenly change with a different point of view. Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
As simple as that really is, most folks can’t imagine that because their brains are so convoluted with so many indoctrinates and routines that these ways are already widely accepted as being the norm.
When you become very aware you begin to see the world very differently and ultimately you make different and better choices. You no longer just follow along your daily actions like sheep, you get in touch more with YOU and your own stream of thought. Because at the end of the day your life really is all about you and your world. And what you don’t know can really hurt you.

But at my age in my 60’s and after seeing how the world has changed for the worse and is now in such disarray, I know I better take the fast track on how to teach my growing children how to best seek and understand how to enjoy living their remaining time on our corrupted planet without sorrow, anger and remorse that too many folks live with.
Most people go on with life according to peer pressure and what they are taught from the Status Quo System they are born into. But what would you do, what would you change and how would you REALLY live if you knew how the system REALLY worked? Although I direct that question to my family, it’s also a good question to contemplate for everyone.
But to honestly answer that question yourself, you would have to know how the system is constructed today first so I will teach you the little that I believe I know about this corrupted system. Then you can do your best to start gearing your lifestyle according to what you’ve learned, understood, disliked or liked and researched yourself.
So this Intro will try to put some pertinent facts, history and my personal opinion in perspective in order to open their eyes, minds and hearts more. Hopefully, once informed how the corruption in this world basically works, they will be able to escape most of the clutches of the evil forces around them and the ever growing ugly face of the distorted world.
And as long as this Intro will be, it is just an appetizer before the main course.
So for my children’s sake, I intend to use this Intro to share a large amount of insight, experience and knowledge I’ve obtained throughout my life. In order to really experience the flow of life inside you and around you (which I certainly love to do), one needs to be in the state of awakened consciousness. To get to that state is a long journey for most but that journey can be greatly shortened if you quickly gain practical knowledge and spiritual insight and put it in the proper perspective with your current reality more often than not.
But once you have a good idea of how the system and the mainstream media works, why we have wars and you’re well aware of the many techniques used to sway public opinion and change public behavior, you will more easily see these techniques being implemented as they are used around you and elsewhere. I intend to slowly burn these techniques into your head.
But there is a point though when you will naturally remain aware of how the actions and rhetoric of the State, the media, religions, big business and television programming’s main agenda is to manage, exploit and to control and manipulate the public.
There are many other facets to how the science of social programming and brainwashing are at work manipulating our lives too so it’s always best to be more able to side step the programming once you really understand the underlying manipulation and how it is designed to work. And I’ll put my best foot forward to shorten that learning curve so you can understand quickly.
But that understanding is not going to happen over night so although I hate to break the bad news, I will, and the bad news is that it is going to take years for you to see the bigger picture. That’s why this Blog’ introduction will be very long and that’s why the posts will also continue for years too.

This Intro and Blog will not be politically correct either because it will cover exactly those things you’re never supposed to talk about including corrupted religion, science, politics, government and mainstream news and I’ll do something else you’re never supposed to do too, which is bad-mouthing the military industrial complex while I expose the terrorism fraud that is mainly created by them.
Hopefully neither my analysis of religion, politics and everything else will keep my family and others reading this Intro from further researching and investigating any of these topics I’ll discuss with an open mind.
As much as I despise convoluted politics and corrupt politicians, you can’t avoid the political world and the awful political solutions imposed on you so you need to always be vigilant to what’s real and what’s not for your own protection. You should always feel that you are superior to your politicians because they are supposedly elected by the people to represent the people.
You don’t have to agree with my opinions or theirs either, but you should know that there are lessons on offer and much to be learned from some of these insights and knowledge.
The price of avoiding politics is being ruled by your inferiors. -Plato-
There are so many reasons and ways that our mindset, beliefs and behaviors are structured and affected throughout life. First I’ll start out with some of the basics of indoctrination. And those beginning basics are your initial environment and how you were brought up, restrained, fed, disciplined, treated and loved or not loved by your parents and others during childhood and at a young age.
Unfortunately, there can be many negative traumatic experiences and circumstances that we are subject to during this period that follow us and even haunt us throughout our life.
Then you have your primary schooling where you learn how to conform and accept schedules, loyalty, obedience, patriotism, rules and different disciplines including teamwork and punishment.
This initial schooling is to smarten you up and get you prepared to join the work force. And God knows we always need good obedient workers to keep society functioning better. Unfortunately there too, up to 70% of what you are taught will never be used during your life.
Another layer of indoctrination is religious instruction and a belief system where your loyalty to the religious teachings and the God involved is burnt into your head. This layer is the most dangerous to your developing mindset if the teachings are taught by religious fanatics or if the religion taught is fear based.
I’ll get more into religion and my personal beliefs about God and what God represents to me later on for your review. But religion is something that should not be taken lightly as that subject when used as a force has caused more grief and death throughout history than anything else.
Then we have the entertainment industry including many types of TV programs, news outlets, commercials and movies which are used as a tool for behavior modification, perception control and also promoting the culture of fear. If that’s not bad enough, game devices, television and many programs can literally become an addiction. The high tech magic in films today draws a huge crowd too. Much of this TV magic is done to keep you occupied, relieve boredom and to keep the concept of the accepted Status Quo in tact.
So you can bet that “Hollywood” and “The Press” who have an intimate relationship with certain government agencies involved in the entertainment industry are some of the stars of swaying public opinion. They can keep you ignorant, shape your perception and opinion about most things by casting spells on the masses.
It is simply like this: What most people see and hear most of the time is what they believe most of the time and that can get dangerous in many ways. Especially if you’re being punked most of the time!
I watched as TV went from black and white to color and how folks got hypnotized from  the alpha waves and programs and now I’ve watched since smart phones and computers have been invented, how they too have become another addiction.
These technologies are really great but when they become additions we get detached from ourselves and the natural world in a very bad way. Especially when all these technologies are used as drugs to program us in ways that we are controlled. Like they say with drugs: it is one thing to use it but another thing to abuse it.
Here’s a short video I found that really sends the message home of how we are used and abused with these technologies and why. Once you get it in your head how the manipulation and control is intended to work, you’ll see these technologies and entertainments in a whole different light than you ever did before. You’ll use them instead of letting others abuse you with them. All this programming has become a big part of the Matrix grid picture and the system of control I am trying to help you see and understand.

But indoctrination doesn’t just end there. We also need to talk about government, politics and the sophisticated advertising world which are always constantly bombarding you from every angle. I know some of my children, family members and friends already understand most of what I’m ranting about but that does not mean they are always aware of still being slowly indoctrinated as we can all become a product of our environment and society one way or another.
We are our own consciousness but unfortunately, consciousness is the greatest mystery of science. It is also rarely considered in any scientific research. So everything science based on assumptions and conclusions from any default models should be considered fairly valid but only as incomplete conclusions. But the Status Quo wisdom gluing societies together will always teach otherwise so don’t assume anything science related and especially question the convoluted Status Quo.
This is especially true looking at the origins, links and the development of ancient civilizations which are still cloaked in mystery but materialistic science, religions and history taught today have become etched in stone anyway and assumed as conventional wisdom. It has all become so dogmatic but dogmatic assumptions limits inquiry. We are a lot more than dogmatic assumptions so it is always best to question the mainstream paradigm including what some so-called expert or government official concludes.
So it is definitely worth mentioning all the gory details of mind control growing up as my little ones who are still growing teenagers and still learning and experiencing these indoctrinates should have a good foundation to understanding why their younger peers and even their teachers who they are currently dealing with can be so screwed up. And I’ll do my best to teach them with the mindset of a disillusioned American who was once very indoctrinated but was able to recover. So let’s talk about that now and my homeland.
I’m a realist and of the mentality that my country no longer lives by the rules of my county’s Constitution. From all I’ve learned, that’s been the case for 100 years. I’ll explain the gory details later in this Intro but that is why I don’t want my kids to be sucked into the fake freedom and liberty scam still being perpetrated by America’s media and corrupt politicians.
The worse part of this reality is the overwhelming majority of US citizens haven’t a clue about the scam and the ongoing corruption and demise of their country by the thugs of organized crime who are running it into the ground.
The main reasons why Americans don’t see this is because they are so brainwashed, falsely patriotic and stopped being open minded. For most Americans, it is very difficult to be open minded when confronted with so many bold faced lies. So it’s a great feat to be able to entertain a thought or idea without accepting it. But that’s what being open minded is all about. Understanding both sides of the coin.
It became to be that when America’s political enemies in other countries got in the way they got destroyed. Now the same occurs to ordinary citizens of America when they become the outspoken rebels of war and political corruption in their own country. Their own government destroys them too using any of the so many federal agencies at their control.
This is their solution courtesy of the synagogue on Capital Hill to continually consolidate their power, control and the furthering of their political agendas because
AIPAC has them by the balls.
The future as it stands will be government, politics, big pharma, religions, banksters and big business that will cause so much hate, confusion, poor health, death and destruction in this world. Those behind this destruction have mislead societies and have hidden agendas based only on money, power and personal gain.
They feed off the populace like leaches everywhere they can. Of course not all aspects of who and what I mentioned are bad but the majority of those who have their fingers on the control buttons behind the scenes certainly are and that is the rude awakening.
Indoctrination from the brainwashing establishments and institutions shape the way folks believe, react to political and social events, think, vote, dress, eat, rationalize and generally conduct themselves.
This mass indoctrination is what I usually refer to as the “Status Quo” or “Matrix” which I will highlight throughout this Intro. Although societies believe the Status Quo is normal, I don’t see it that way at all because I believe being your true natural self is what’s being normal. And the Status Quo is a classic contradiction of being yourself or natural.
Back in the day the Church was always among the elite and the pivot of the Status Quo. Nothing has changed since except their growing worth, status and power.
It would seem that the only rational course for an individual to become and stay sane is to overcome one’s own culture, political affiliation, society or any religion.
There is just too much to this wonderful world to get caught up being attached to anything, anyone or anywhere that doesn’t promote love, compassion, excitement and a desire in your heart to further search one’s soul and the Universe.
You would expect that you’d learn some of this from your parents, schooling and the well informed news media but all three have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated beyond repair, especially the mainstream media which has become an artificial paid for reality.
So while understanding the negative course the world is on and why is not an easy task, it is extremely necessary for one to get the most out of life with as little collateral damage as possible. Focusing on the upside/down world will help put your personal world back on its feet realistically.
However unfortunate, America and the West have become excessively controlled and self-destructive corporate cultures full
of chaos and dissolution that’s heavily influenced and manipulated by various politically charged institutions and think tanks, churches, companies, military might, a shadow government, widespread use of legal chemical drugs, biased news media reporting and all the never ending tax collection schemes.
Outside of only a small percentage of truly awakened folks, America has become saturated with mostly low vibrational and miserable people, where the inhabitants generate constant negative emotions, wars, violent crimes, poverty, racism, illness and suffering. And the rest in control seem to be there only to exploit and feed off all the negatives and people.
Such is the case with law enforcement, the legal system, news media, prison system, political system, toxic medical system and the religious systems to name some but not all. Those that see the light and understand how the broken system really works are increasingly rebelling or increasingly leaving for new horizons.
This type of oppressive system
constantly uses and abuses you. But more importantly, the effects of modern Western culture today disempowers you if you’re not wealthy and part of the social insanity and the political system of fascism. It’s inevitable that free thinking individuals living in that type of oppressive system based on domination, destruction and death are destined towards unnecessary hostility and ruin.
That’s the result when
the highest social institutions of our day are so obviously and backwardly misguided and corrupt. But when all is said and done, the common denominator for all this chaos, destruction and insanity is the quest for money and power right down to the most innocent indoctrinated individual.
Real individualism (not collectivism) that respects sovereignty and individual freedoms is the only solution against such control, destruction, misinformation, propaganda, political irresponsibility, greed and tyranny.
And this simple solution has got to go viral because the New World Government showing its ugly head is gaining momentum. The New World Order or One World Government may sound great to a lot of people who have been sucked into political vacuums and like having fantasies until they understand that control, death, destruction and the ill health of a huge majority of the world’s population is priority #1 on the Global Government agenda. But most folks get attached to their fantasies
even when they get hurt by them.
But it’s no fantasy that genocide on every continent is being conducted right now (one way or another) in preparation for the One World Government transition. This has already been and is still being accomplished any number of ways. And most of these ways are already widely accepted as being the norm like these phony trade agreements, sanctions and wars constantly being waged on other countries from the West.
That’s why it will continue to happen unless folks wake up a lot more, shun the Status Quo, rebel and start managing their own destiny without any fake political affiliations.
But being a sovereign being is no easy task when the western governments of today (no matter what they say) are all about limiting diversity of thought and movement, reducing free speech and shutting down criticism and dissent.
You always need to remember that life is not about justifying your existence but it is about creating your existence. Your life is yours alone. Others can judge you and try to persuade you to their point of view, but they can’t decide anything for you if you are truly independent and continually bent on shaping your own world.
You cannot control exactly what happens in life, but you can control how you respond to it all. In your response is your greatest power. When you can let go of needless ideals, beliefs, political affiliations and judgments, you give yourself the space required to respond to life’s difficult situations more effectively and that changes everything in your life.
If only more folks
changed their mode of response from one of struggle and resistance to one of peace and acceptance, we wouldn’t need so many solutions to so many unnecessary problems we all create and live with. History is full of terrible responses and solutions to yesterday’s problems.
But since yesterday is history too I want you to remember this: Today will be yesterday tomorrow so we are always living with history just around the corner and it will continually repeat itself until we accept peace and nonviolence as the main solution to everything.
I believe that if you take the time just to unravel some the spin of distorted history we’re all taught, we all can start reading between the lines of hidden agendas to put the motives of how history is written in a more realistic perspective. What was barbaric yesterday is still barbaric today, just covered over in many more ways with convoluted politics, distractions and a bought and paid for mainstream media.
The ironic tactics of governments today in preventing destructive history and wars from repeating itself is actually done by repeating it under the guise of preventing it with more wars.
Another great way to clear your mind a bit and get unraveled is to travel far from your own society and area. Seeing how other cultures, societies and places function and understanding their way of thinking will put a better prospective on how reality is manipulated or not through politics and religion in other places. But it will always be politics and religions that underline and drive any society anywhere. So I’ll be highlighting history, politics and religion a lot in this Introduction for your review.
What you hear and are promised today is definitely not what you will ever get. What you see is what you get instead and it’s not really as pretty as it should be.
If you look hard, you will see a lot including your own bad spending habits, increased debt and a lifestyle that is usually unhealthy and a huge waste of time and valuable resources. But if you really, really look hard, it will become as plain as day
that our love affair with debt, consumerism and an over indulging unhealthy lifestyle is by far our biggest personal faults.
For those still too young to have already experienced that, it is worth looking around observing others to easily realize that
most live well beyond their means and society is deliberately designed like that so those who are in control of others lives or hold them hostage, reap the benefits.
So you have to be or get a little crazy to go against the Status Quo but you can reap the many benefits if and when you do. That is what the Founding Fathers of America accomplished as freedom fighters and entrepreneurs and look what they got out of it; a new country, their own way of life and a ton of new freedoms. Very important things worth being crazy about. So be a little crazy too and be the change in your world. As Steve Jobs o
nce said “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
Too many haven’t noticed yet that America has disappeared down the rat hole of perpetual war. So we can all do with an accurate assessment of reality to clear our minds.
Now most Americans are slaves to corporatocracy and war mongers. When the laws of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, first meant to protect us from tyranny, end up protecting those who are tyrants at every level, you should know that America’s constitution no longer exists enough in reality.
Where there are people and resources to exploit there will always be people there to exploit them. Where there are people and resources that can be controlled there will always be people there to control them. Even more so when an area, community or country is developing and growing. Unfortunately, these truths especially applied to young America once it became independent as a new Nation.

So although the Founders of America created a Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect people and insure their personal freedoms like never before anywhere else, they also knew that others would try to take those rights and freedoms away or exploit them if they could. And although the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, that road is also paved with bad intentions too.
The extent of those bad intentions is what I’ll highlight to show you how folks, societies and countries are manipulated and corrupted by greedy politicians, control freaks, ingenuous religious leaders and others who manipulate, exploit and prey on you to no end. This is nothing new throughout history either as from the dawn of recorded history, these unsavory facts just keep repeating themselves but get much more refined and sophisticated as time goes on.
But when folks as whole societies are blinded by these truths fall asleep to this manipulation and corruption on such a big scale, these deceptions easily cause horrible harms and evils that are almost impossible to reverse. And this reality is where America and most of the Western World is today!

So since America’s government and its people have morphed into a corporate war mongering reality, America is no different now than any other empire throughout history. Unfortunately, all those past empires (democratic or not) eventually failed. But before failure sets in, you slowly see the countless ailments that leave a terrible impression of regression, oppression and manipulation and that is where America is today.
The only reason why law-enforcement agencies are so massively armed to do police work in America is because America is now full of very bad malicious people who do very bad malicious things. All these very bad people will get and use weapons whether banned or not. So you too need weapons to defend yourself from bad people no matter what bullshit is presented and spewed by the police state to take your protections away. I personally don’t feel comfortable having weapons to defend myself so that’s a tough society to fit into for me.
So forget about the
desire to fit in anywhere. The way you think, play and live shouldn’t be understood by everyone and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to everyone either. Your most important attribute to the world is to be in peaceful harmony with yourself. And your most important expectations are what you expect from yourself, not others. Learning to feel as an integral part of the world without many allegiances is not easy or even comfortable but the best way to be.
So although it is great to have support from others, always depend on yourself because the only thing that follows us when we’re alone is our shadow. And even our shadow disappears in darkness no matter where we live. It doesn’t really matter what part of the world you live either, just that you really live while in that part of the world. The most productive way to spend most of your time is giving life to renegade and creative ideas that free your energy. So the message is: The best things to conquer in life is yourself and your free-will. Everything else is secondary.
As a former Chef I can honestly say, it is best
to understand the traditional ways before you go about dismantling them as it is also best to be a pioneer of the future rather than a prisoner of the past. Of course that creative entrepreneurial attitude is usually frowned upon, although that was the original American attitude of the Founders. How sad people have such short memories about their country and/or its history.
It’s also sad not being able to use your own good judgement, knowledge and instincts to look beyond the emotional barriers deliberately created by others to stop you from using your free-will. The big ongoing scam is voting for politicians who are professional liars, front men, con artists, and shysters.
And for those Americans who don’t take the time to understand what their Constitution is based on, it’s time for some reality therapy.
The very existence of contemporary governance is now predicated on keeping fear alive. The “We the People” refers to productive humans controlling government not people becoming wards of the State controlled by the government. Fundamental, inherent rights must be constantly asserted and defended as we stare in the face of a growing police state such as the one in which we are now living in.
I like folks like Ron Paul because he thinks and talks like a constitutionalist. I also believe that Ron Paul being a career politician has not abused the system as most have in politics. However, I also believe that folks voting for politicians like him will make the mistake of interpreting this lack of abuse as acts of honesty and kindness and will expect the same if he ever becomes president.
What politician in modern times once elected president was ever able to show real honesty and kindness to the people that you are aware of besides JFK? NONE! And he certainly had his personal faults of dishonesty with his wife but he was also very honest about exposing the corruption of government and those behind the scenes. Unfortunately, he was brutishly murdered because honesty and kindness does not fit into the design of corrupted big league corporate government today which is based on war.
I disengaged my energy from the top of the manufactured corporate hierarchy and election process decades ago. I am not one of those who support the political system by voting. When you realize that the voting system today is just a rigged game and is only built for control purposes, you don’t vote. Voting is just reinforcing the “We the Sheeple” mentality the government is exploiting.
If a political machine does not allow the people free expression, then freedom-loving people lose their faith in the machinery under which their government functions.” –  Eleanor Roosevelt
I find corrupt politics dehumanizing. So getting sucked into the false hope of changing corrupt American corporate politics through rigged presidential elections is more than just demeaning, it’s down right delusional and mentally and emotionally unhealthy. The same people and their entourage behind the killing of JFK are stronger and more powerful than ever today and if they somehow lose control of a fixed presidential outcome, they will find a way to control or even kill the new president if that president doesn’t conform to their ways and wishes. Just the fact that a candidate mentions peace instead of wars is enough to get him ousted or on the hit list immediately.
Watching the wholesale transformation of America since growing up and living in America really opened my eyes. And what I noticed the most was the political and racial divide, a rigged voting system, the growing police State and the destruction of the Constitution. The question is: when are enough folks going to notice all this too in order to make a difference?
A clause in the 2012 NDAA now allows propaganda and manipulation to be legally used in the U.S. This alone should have everyone questioning what they are presented coming from mainstream media news (MSN). Especially news which constantly regurgitates government lies, violence and waging wars instead of supporting peace.
The mainstream narrative in America and the West has now morphed from what were countries of comfortable law and order to ones of uncomfortable chaos, fear, manipulation and regular psyops being played on the general public. Most are just traps that are set for the unwary and unsuspecting. And those traps are there to get us conditioned to continually give up more freedoms and being unquestionably loyal to the State.
As of writing this Intro, the pro-war mainstream media narrative, specifically as what relates to the Middle East, North Africa and Russia is the latest Western hostility. The more worrying anti-Russian propaganda that’s increasing daily and has been ramped up to unprecedented levels is nothing compared so far as to what is to come.
Next time you get your brainwash update from the presstitutes of MSM, remember that what you hear is what you are supposed to believe. The main stream media is doing a great job of transforming America’s mentality with the help of the politically correct crowd, the military industrial complex and the resulting new wave of Muslim migrants from phony wars entering the U.S. in mass.
The mainstream media, who is believed as being the watchdog against government abuse on behalf of the American people couldn’t be further from that belief today.
The MSM has become one big hypnotic sales pitch and a carefully crafted illusion of an independent media serving the public. Independent? Don’t you believe it for even one second!
We are now getting sucked into the “Age of Disinformation and Misinformation.” For the older crowd reading this, if you haven’t wrapped your head around this already then you are certainly primed to be fooled over and over again. That’s why it’s crucial to change everything you thought about your government, the media, voting, society and freedom itself. And what about our peace officers known as police who protect society and encourage peace?
Outfitting police forces all over America with wartime gear isn’t what I call “waging peace.” The big question is what are the consequences for you for not questioning this? I can’t predict what will happen next but chaos is the best bet. And since the press is being used as a major propaganda tool by the government, I can see that in order to scare the shit out of you further, a major media propaganda exploitation campaign will be launched. Expect plenty more terrorist attacks, bombings and shootings in the future to keep the news channels pushing the hidden agendas without you knowing.
Hollywood will synchronize these agendas with what has become politically correct in DC at the box office and what major programs you see on TV. So expect plenty of police, FBI and CIA movies in the years to come. All will be portraying the government as the good guys going after the terrorists to get you more conditioned to wars, militarized police, less liberties and have you become a patsy for their divide and conquer strategy.
People from the Muslim countries and from Russia will mainly play the bad guys. Internal civil conflicts will become the norm. Get the picture? It’s called mind control and it’s done by thugs but not just ordinary thugs. These sophisticated thugs are very wealthy and powerful. They want to control other countries, their governments, their money and their resources for power and gain.
So who are these thugs I’m talking about? Thugs come in all colors, shapes, sizes and religions. Their dress code varies widely too from sleeveless t-shirts to fancy uniforms and 3-piece suites and ties. But the biggest thugs are the shadow government that you never see. The shadow government doesn’t want elected officials as public servants in office that you can control… they want groomed puppets they personally picked or approved that control the public for them.
Let’s understand some important terminology. The “Deep State” or a “Shadow Government” is an unelected, unappointed, and unaccountable presence within the Status Quo system that actually manages much of rules, laws, policies and what is taking place behind the scenes. These mostly unelected figures join forces to consolidate power and serve vested interests. In the case of America, that would be the link between big financial businesses like Wall Street, the big international banks, the Vatican, Silicon Valley, Washington think tanks, lobbyists, the major corporations, the military industrial complex, the CIA, Pentagon and big government officials.
The interconnection  of these factions and others working as private contractors who are colluding nationally and secretly is known best as the deep state. Combining these factions internationally with other countries and other contractors and intelligence agencies on a world-wide scale with the same agendas is what is called the New World Order or Globalists in the Geo-political world.
This is how the shadow state or hybrid state functions with impunity. So when you come across these words you will now better understand their meaning and be better able to put things you are reading and listening to in better perspective.
You’ve got to be pretty blind or pretty ignorant if you have been around for a while in America and not see the power-mad charade of politics, corporate power and government corruption that is in your face today. These corporate psychopaths are the world’s biggest and richest crooks and they run the system. They select the CEO of their corporation (U.S.A.), not you.
Now you know why all these political and presidential campaigns do today whether democrat or republican, is divide America more and make a mockery out of the American people and the political process. The most unique country the world ever produced for personal values was the American experiment of freedom and it has been stolen away and corrupted by an elite banking cartel and a corporate political mafia.
America has become a dog eats dog society from the top down that is full of hate and at war with everything and everybody. We should have a war against voting in more corruption instead and end all this nonsense and destruction at the federal level. Until we are able to stop presidential and congressional candidates from being selected and financed by special interests and get more term limits at the federal level, I say stop voting outside of your local elections and only support organizations and those committed to election process reform and organizations and people empowering local communities and a freer society.
I’m a strong advocate for personal freedoms so just because something is legal or illegal doesn’t mean you should accept either if you sincerely believe otherwise. Especially when it comes to your virtues and personal choices. No one should be able to regulate your thinking or physical being if you’re not harming anything or posing danger to anyone.
And don’t let anyone tell you that any rules or laws are there to protect you from yourself either. If anything, all laws should be there first and foremost to protect your freedoms and safety in a free society. That mindset alone should help you see if the laws and rules imposed are just or not, especially if the government is telling you what to do and how to live.
It is so obvious that today’s disenfranchised folks in America need to direct their anger somewhere and find someone to blame for their woes. This make these folk’s great targets for politicians selling their own version of hollow and politically useless comforts while manipulating people’s feelings and hopes. This is also what makes voting for high office candidates such a useless hot air balloon made of just more snake oil. Unfortunately, the masses of sheep in America will vote for the Shepard who they believe will feed them but unknowingly by voting, are lead to the political slaughterhouse instead.
Developing critical thinking skills is really important. Too bad they won’t teach that in schools. And they don’t for a very good reason. If they did, political correctness would be thrown out the window. Thinking critically is the ability to “read between the lines” and resist the temptation to automatically trust what is being promised by politicians, political parties or corporations that want your vote, your money or your neutrality.
Political correctness is intolerance disguised as tolerance and fascism disguised as manners.
Speaking your thoughts and feelings is the energy that makes the world go around in the free world. That’s the purpose of the First Amendment too. To encourage critical thinking. The main purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect the First Amendment. It’s not to accommodate hunters; it’s not to allow people to engage in target practice; it’s not even only for protection from common criminals as most believe.
The greatest purpose of the Second Amendment is to give citizens the means to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. The Bill of Rights was written for very good reasons, and those who are now trying to demolish it are the very ones who swore to uphold it. Why is that? It’s because the modern corporate government today is totally full of shit.
The 2nd Amendment is the reset button on the Constitution. Ultimately, if the 1st Amendment doesn’t work, the 2nd one supposedly will! But they are not allowed to teach that in any American government school. Why? Because the government is already tyrannical and wants your guns, that’s why! And they are certainly more than well armed knowing they need to be if constitutional folks get to the point they’ve had enough.
There is no way America is going to evolve into a healthier version of itself when the leaders and police are constantly pushing fear and are at war with their own people.
As someone duly noted: Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Violence begets violence so expect more of the same if you’re not anti-war. Cooperation should trump competition but in America competition now trumps cooperation. That is an upside down world!
You see this scenario everywhere especially in politics and there are only 2 political parties dividing the public unlike other countries who have more.
The Status Quo has become a bureaucracy of structural violence and corruption which crushes the independence of the individual. But the illusion of voting and the “In God We Trust” logo on the Banksters American money is what gives a false hope to those not paying attention.
The ego of the US government makes them think they are the eighth wonder of the world promoting radical government policies.
There are enough wonders out there without the government inventing more. Those heading the newer European Union have joined the madness too. The way societies descend into tyranny is by trading their rights for government privileges. But that’s not the only problems the folks from these Western countries face today or will be facing tomorrow.
I think the root of our personal problems is that we don’t recognize our own individual spirit but try hard to recognize an outside spirit usually referred to as God or government. That makes me believe that our needed emotional healing will never really occur under those outside conditions we create and others create for us. It’s that separation of our own spirit with everything else that needs to be fixed along with the awareness of what societies today have morphed into.
America and most of Europe have morphed into a capitalistic industrial state for banksters and big business corporations where individuals are now on the bottom of the totem pole. Understanding in itself is an individual enterprise and that individual understanding can be shared for collective benefits. That should be understood first in order to avoid the accelerated functions of how the controlled corporate world has expanded to exploit and manipulate the individual.
So where is all this division and madness leading to? This growing repression, mass immigration, increased poverty, growing government corruption, endless wars, militarized police brutality and ongoing financial crises’ throughout the world will have to come to a head somewhere. People will just get so angry and sick of the growing corruption and tyranny either locally or nationwide that outrage will spur protests that will gain steam and encourage other areas and nations to join in and rebel too.
Just as the different governments of many countries are collaborating with each other to grow more repressive, so will the people’s frustrations of different countries grow too. There is bound to be a lot of civil unrest that will start exploding everywhere and that will be a good thing as folks wake up. Thanks to the Internet, people can now organize and spread awareness and these protests much easier now too.
Europe is already fed up seeing their sovereignty being exploited and destroyed, and will probably take the lead that other countries will follow. I do expect a lot of this to get very violent too and since the Americans are also feeling the pain of new draconian measures due to the Patriot Act etc. and are the only ones who are still armed as a nation, I expect all hell to break loose there too. Even more so in the bigger cities, especially because the police there are already militarized waiting for trouble to erupt.
Lucky for us, knowing all is not a requirement for loving life, nor even for critical thinking. In fact, true critical thinking echoes Socrates’ words that the wisest of men is he who knows that he knows nothing. There is no shame in not knowing, the problem arises when irrational thought and attendant behavior fill the vacuum left by ignorance. So just knowing enough will get you by and I will do my best to give you the basics of how the present Status Quo in the West makes their world go around so you too will know enough to better get by.
If enough people get together and protest for a just cause, others will join in and do the same if people spread the word by the communications we have available today. Through social media, text messaging, YouTube and the Internet, movements can be created that will force government to seriously look at what they created, enforce and why. That’s how change happens when enough people stand up and revolt. And if the right political candidate or party shows up supporting the movement then change will probably happen for the better.
I’m not saying the political side of it will get uncorrupted anytime soon but the government will always have to consider the opinion of its voters when they speak out in numbers in a democracy. I’ve personally seen it happen in America in a big way without the communications we have today when the people had enough of the Vietnam War which ended that war through major protests and I’ve seen it happen in Spain when the people caught the government lying about the Madrid train station bombings.
The Spanish quickly spread the truth electronically that exposed the lies of who really did those bombings and the result was the people rose up and elected another political party and president instead of the one favored just days before the election. That doesn’t mean the other political party was any better but I love when that happens!
The government always needs a good shake-up but the people need a good wake-up call first. That is why I keep saying the Internet and cell phones today are our biggest weapons against corrupt government and their entourage and the best way to get educated.
The mainstream media will never spread the word or tell the truth until forced to do so so follow and listen to alternative sources instead. Just a couple months ago we had our latest revolutionary protests here in Spain again that grew fast throughout many parts of Spain and Europe and the government was forced to make some changes. Unfortunately, the big changes are in Brussels hands now and those hands are even dirtier than those holding power in Spain.
So even small steps are better than none although so much goes on in secret today, we need to take bigger steps in order to stop the corruption further. Europe is definitely waking up to the huge corruption and manipulation by banksters, the media, big business and government and the people waking up are gaining momentum. That’s a good thing.
Here’s a good video showing how folks in my area of Spain and elsewhere got together through Internet technology that will show you what momentum, social awareness and organizing can really do. Be sure the English subtitles are turned on if you don’t understand Spanish.
This is a good point to take a break after watching the video so contemplate what you’ve already read and will see in the following video. There’s a lot more to come so be ready to come back refreshed and excited to absorb more of this long Intro and be awakened further! Since America is the one country carrying the big stick and using it, I’ll be sharing a lot of how that big stick is felt around the world.

History repeats itself because the ruling class still use the same tricks, religions and playbook of yesterday to further their aggressive agendas, only today they’re more refined. Historically, when a government can, without due process, throw a citizen into prison or execute him, this government is considered to be a tyranny, not a democracy.
But the US government since 9/11 and passing the “Patriot Acts” have been doing this to their own citizens so by any historical definition, the United States today is now a tyranny.
Once you realize why most politicians (backed with a complicit media) always accuse others of bold faced lies that they themselves are guilty of, you’ll easily understand that lying is obviously their pathological language.
Nothing much has changed for the better since I was a kid and nothing much will until the “Oligarchy” is abandoned, overthrown or eliminated and this seems to be more than most people are willing to suffer through. If it is any consolation though, human behavior within the social construct today, seems to accept a good dose of suffering as long as they have their toys, creature comforts and distractions. And the tyrants running the oligarchy know this well. More news channels, soap operas and shopping malls anyone? That’s what life has morphed into for most in America and the West.
Then we have the phony mantra for the New World Order or Globalism that’s being disguised by the phony trade agreements and trade relationships like NAFTA, TTP, TTIP and the E.U which really don’t have that much to do with trade at all. It’s really all about global reach with new regulatory agencies, corporatism, monopolized banking and a new foreign court system with international agencies and trans-national corporations governing and controlling other countries economies and is being set up for the Globalists to take away as many country’s rights, independence and sovereignty as possible. That’s a big mouthful but also the big reality too.
This is what big government and their handlers are up to on a global scale. I’m not talking about the 99% working in the government, I’m talking about the 1% that are controlling the governments. I’m talking about the banksters and the people who are elected and work closely with the big multi-national corporations and lobbyists that help get them elected and are taking over commerce across the world. That is the bigger picture of how things are done today by those who control the Status Quo that you need to understand.
Our knowledge and understanding of the world changes all the time; we adapt, we adjust, we move on. So why is there still so much resistance to adapting, adjusting and moving on now? Because everything and almost everywhere today is pretty much corrupted, that’s why. The first and last thing I DON’T want for my family is to be caught in the convoluted trap of the distorted “Status Quo.”
There are great benefits from seeing through the illusions of society, corruption and classic conditioning.
I’ve personally been through the Status Quo ringer and seen enough bullshit in America that I’ve become sick of watching a big, rigged game while being part of it.
And although I sympathize with those good folks who stand around moaning about all the corruption while they keep banging their heads against the wall trying to change it, I found the better solution is to just opt out of the rigged system completely and change myself and where I live instead.
But most good folks can’t just pack up and leave or opt out for so many reasons which I understand. I couldn’t either until I really woke up and planned it for many years first. So as hard as it may be, it is certainly possible and was definitively worth it for me in the end.
I believe that prepping oneself first is what really makes all the difference so this Intro will do it’s best to show the prep side of understanding the negatives, obstacles and traps that need to be understood and avoided in order to move on. It’s about getting reeducated, organized and waking up to the reality of the world we live in.
We all need to understand ignorance and keep working through our own personal struggles and distractions but once your mind is fairly tuned in to what really matters, your actions and attitude will soon reflect it. And one of the more important things that really matters in life is enjoying the present moment. Once you are happy and content with yourself overall, then you will more easily attract the people, the career and the abundance you seek. It starts on the inside first.
America and now the E.U. has become a staged and managed society full of political games and chaos that keeps people pitted against each other. Racism, voting, wars, religion, media propaganda, terrorism, sports, politics and money are all part of the big con game. All one needs to do is to stop participating in most of the corrupted system and political agendas for you to find and/or continue your natural path.
And voting and disorganized protesting is never the answer these days either as the system is so well rigged to take advantage of that mentality that keeps the corruption growing. It’s a vicious cycle that is never ending.  So for the corrupted system to collapse and change, only a consciousness revolution can do that. Unfortunately, America and the West are waking up but still far from any real conscious revolution. Consumerism, entitlement programs and oblivion for comfort has made the Western World semi-brain-dead societies, literally.
The motive and education behind this Blog is to intentionally create a mindset that automatically eliminates the many negative habits, beliefs and behaviors of a corrupted indoctrinated society that would otherwise fill your life with needless stress, hijacked wages, unhealthy living, convoluted lies and lots of wasted energy. It is geared to focus you on making sound, consistent and meaningful choices instead of following the herd.
We are so much better off living life these days with the attitude that we really know jack shit about real ancient history, ancient civilizations, real spirituality, real news and the Universe. I believe you’ll be so much better off without all the lies, distractions and corruption. So this Intro will do its best to explain how the two-dimensional world works and why. Knowing the truth will make it so much easier forming your own opinions.
I was always one to self educate, dig deep and often enjoyed investigating and discovering things of interest like the all important truth about everything and I also always enjoyed sharing those truths and discoveries. I still do more than ever and a large part of this Blog’s posts will be all about investigative reporting and that mindset. In doing so I will point out many of the prevalent false perceptions and delusions.
For instance, most people from outside America are still fascinated with America due to Hollywood, its history, the wealth, high standards, having the world’s reserve currency, big homes, military might, the shear size of the country, the variety of lifestyles, its melting pot mentality, the great achievements, and the financial freedom and opportunities that they believe don’t exist in their own country.
I’ve seen this perceived mentality most anywhere I traveled abroad which includes dozens of countries. So dreaming is a wonderful thing, especially when some of your dreams come true. Americans themselves are also addicted to the dream of America more than the real America today too. That’s why they’re so proud to be an American. It’s all about the quality of life and the uniqueness of America. I get that.
But this mentality about their quality of life being above others keeps folks believing the hype that they live in the best country in the world which gives them huge egos too. Been there done that. And it shouldn’t be just hype, it should be real like it was long ago. It’s the puppet government and private bankers that screwed that dream up long ago and are still doing so. There are also many people who dislike this corrupted America too, including Americans like myself.
Their dislike is usually due to racial issues, declining freedoms, endless wars and the growing face of tyranny.  Other issues immediately come to mind and I’ll discuss them later too. So there are a lot of emotions and reasons to take sides. This is my general conclusion after living between Europe and America for over 60 years. So I understand the pros and cons but I also know what’s real and what’s not.
But what America really had going for itself that no other country did was its national and personal sovereignty. What I intend to make clear is that part of America is long gone and I want my children who live inside and outside America to know why. Just because my younger children living outside America loved their many fun vacations in many places throughout the States, doesn’t mean they should go and live there.

My job as a parent is to help educate them and give them guidance and advice that’s real and truthful. I want them to know more about the world they live in and about the places they’re interested in too. I want them to understand me, what the corrupted side of society including politics and religion is all about and why the world is so screwed up.
My guidance for my children has nothing to do with ego, money or anything selfish. It’s about health and reality and how they perceive and make use of reality whether good or bad. I want to prepare them to survive an ever increasing criminal and destructive world. Failing to prepare them is just preparing them to fail. Preparing them to avoid the social control managed by the established political, religious, news media and economic elites is my first priority.
I’ll get into a lot more details later but only 80 years ago, the Earth had only one quarter of the inhabitants it has today, pollution was low, the rain forests were intact, the seas were healthy and the people lived in extended families. Two thirds of the population worked in agriculture and nuclear energy was still in its infancy phase.
Today, everything is completely different. The world is getting way overpopulated in the inner big cities, contamination is incredible, rain forests and oceans are dying, and peak everything is a whole lot closer. Only 2% of the population is employed in agriculture, 500 nuclear power plants are surrounding us with nuclear weapons everywhere and big parts of societies are at war and in a doomsday mood.
Therefore, now’s the time to understand how many things got this way and to prepare for the future in an ever changing world for the worst.
I see with real eyes, I see the real lies and I realize a lot. When you realize the political type of moral rot in America and the Western world has become so prevalent that it’s institutional in nature, you avoid it.
The real purpose of government today basically boils down to control and conformity. Same as religion. Both penalize you for not obeying and following their rules. The penalties range from fines, punishment, imprisonment to death. Of course they do this to “protect” us from reality and personal responsibility.
Their inherit traits are to lie, steal, destroy, manipulate and kill. Why is it that most folks who vote and are religious don’t see this as I do? I think the answer is the controllers learned how to harvest your energy so well over the centuries that you simply don’t question their distorted institutionalized version of reality which most folks find very appealing. Stop believing them and have faith in yourself instead. Anything that disempowers you and takes your sovereignty away is wrong.
Societies live in a system of controlled perceptions. It is a series of indoctrination which society accepts as the limiting consensus in their daily lives. It is a distorted set of perceptions of a collective mindset and society’s behavior. When you deceive someone’s perception you control their reality. These distorted perceptions lead folks to accept even more distorted perceptions. Another “catch 22.”

These distorted limits, beliefs and deceptions need to be removed in order to become a free thinker, to move on naturally and reclaim your true individual power. But to understand this and do this realistically, we need to engage in plenty of discussions on why and how we got this way in the first place. Once that is fairly clear, the process of moving on naturally will be much easier and more enjoyable.
That’s why this Intro is for educational purposes because life is one big f*cking education. It is what it is so I’ll tell it like it is because I went to the “School of Hard Knocks.” I’ll teach you about the destructive lies programmed into us while exposing the truth of who and what we truly are or should be. It may sound very confusing at first because it is but you’re guaranteed to learn a lot on how the world goes round in the 2 dimensional world you want to avoid.

Let’s look at the average way of thinking first. In the mind of a legal matrix reality thinker (that’s the public), all their beliefs and opinions are based on a hypnotized world of convoluted lies controlling them. Their reality is based on indoctrination from many systems. Although I already mentioned some before, let’s touch more on some of those main systems to go more into depth. The legal and religious systems separates you from the natural spiritual system and the real connection to life and the energy of the Universe. These systems are by far the most dangerous systems that other systems are tied into and feed off.
The schooling system teaches more useless or harmful information than useful and inspiring subjects. The medical system is based on mainly synthetic and unnatural remedies and treatments instead of natural ones. The corporate serf system of fiat money and banking deliberately manufactures a debt burden on you. The government system takes away your individual sovereignty. The destructive military, police and weapons systems create more corruption and death instead of peace.
That’s enough for now but the message is that the free and natural spirit of humanity gets lost and crushed in all these corrupted man-made systems. Your body gets sick and polluted, your heart gets clogged, your energy turns negative and your mind gets twisted.
The only remedy for anyone caught in any of these corrupted systems is to get out from under them and get your natural and spiritual sovereignty back as much as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it might seem. I’ll get into the reasons and some solutions too as this Intro progresses but it will take you years to be awakened to it all. But awakened is what it is all about so start opening your eyes, heart and your mind more now to better absorb the twisted artificial world we all live in and have to deal with. It’s a lot to wrap you head around but you got to start somewhere! So let’s start from when you were born.
From the time we are issued an official Birth Certificate, we have already entered into the “Legal Matrix Reality” which I’ll refer to throughout this Intro as the “Status Quo. All your I.D.’s starting with your birth have your name in all Capitals for a reason. You are officially BONDED by the system and become a corporate entity. This is the start of the legal web or network that controls you without you even noticing. However, some folks do sense something is wrong more than others and that’s because they pay more attention and use their instincts and logic more. But most don’t and that is why these systems are so powerful. People ignorantly give away their power.
I realized a lot about this upside down world at a young age but I never realized how really deep and complicated it really was until I got older and started traveling internationally. Now that the corruption and destruction of this network has gotten so much worse and has gone global, it’s also gotten even more complicated. So let’s take a trip and see how far down the rabbit hole I’m willing to take you. Hint: I love taking long and faraway trips!
It’s tough if not very risky voicing the truth in a world where almost everyone is living in lies and denial. And although it may be considered a dirty job doing so, somebody has got to do it so it might as well be me since I feel responsible for educating my kids. But I’ve done everything from shinning shoes to shoveling shit in my day so I won’t make a big deal about it except to say that the rabbit hole can be one big cesspool to tidy up so I’ll do it my way with this Blog which will teach you plenty.
The Status Quo is fraudulent by deliberate design. They use fear, intimidation, mind control, television, and school teachers to train you to believe that you should just trust in those running things, and always give your consent when asked. Start thinking about Police, Judges, Priests, Mainstream Medicine and Politicians, in terms of Practicing Black Magic! They are “Spell” enforcers. They are “Contract” enforcers. They are “Consent” enforcers. Those are the spells of the Status Quo enforcers.
You really have to understand the nature of the Cosmos, yourself and the distorted fictional reality of Legalese (the play on words) that we all live with in order to break the spell of the Status Quo. Think of the Status Quo as the Laws-R-Us crowd. You either want to be a legal fictional being in that crowd of laws or you want to be a cosmic natural being with a free-will instead. That’s your choices. There is no in-between. The later is not consenting to any assumptions/presumptions that are forced on you and being adamant in your stance.
So my rebel attitude tells me it is uncomfortably twisted to be forced to use a legal name and comply with an oppressive legal system in the natural world anyway so why not get out of reach of this Status Quo Fraud. However, if you harmed no one and state emphatically in a courtroom that you are NOT the all caps legal name, but a living person instead (and know what you are talking about), the fact that you’re appearing as the natural person instead of the corporate person, they have to let you go! That is your own Personal Declaration of Independence of the Body, Mind and Soul!
If one wants to change their reality, one must make definitive changes to one’s own reality first otherwise you’re still using Status Quo’s tools to enslave yourself. This personal declaration, if designed correctly, is positive, and is designed to BREAK the dark magic spells of the Status Quo. It is supported by both Cosmic Law and the Energy of the Universe.
Only your NON-CONSENT will stop those who rule the Status Quo system from ruling your world. Only the absolute removal of the literal idea in your mind and heart of being a legal anything, will finally put you outside of the box of this boxed legal matrix. I’m not saying you must burn your birth certificate, driver’s license and passport, we all need those to get through the maze of deceit set up already.
I’m saying to know how the system works, your natural rights and even though you already have legal papers registered in your fictitious legal name, doesn’t mean you knowingly consent to being forced to use them and do certain things in legal terms. You’re not just a legal name on some contract or document. You are part of creation and should have the attitude and awareness to always be recognized as such.
It is the spiritual terms in your heart and mind that you should only consent to as you did not have anything to do in the first place with receiving a legal name or creating laws of coercion and legal documents but are forced into submission to use them anyway. So the point is to stop thinking in terms of the legal you altogether in order to separate yourself from the Matrix even if you unwillingly get forced into the system of Legalese Fraud. This is how individuals can reclaim their power.
All this talk about how you get sucked into the legal system is not some little trivia about stupid legal names and such, this a big piece of the puzzle that completes the whole picture of the Status Quo where, without it, one will walk to their legal doom in blindness. This world and its crumbling legal empires are far beyond repair let alone the desire by most to fix them. You may want to fix them but the powers-that-be don’t. They don’t want a strong separate connection to the Universe outside their evil fake legal world. Get the picture?
So it’s high time to take a good truthful look at the fundamental sources of what your reality is really built on. People should ask why there is such a preponderance to evil and why there are so many that go along with all things murderous be it for flag, religion, money or politics, where all are merely one symptom of the overall cause which is evil.
It’s a good thing “Truth” cannot be copyrighted or patented. Truth in life conquers all and it would be pointless for creation to create a natural reality where it would or could be so easily destroyed. It is always there and can only be hidden from you using distractions and legal control until you stop getting distracted and controlled. That’s the original paradox of chaos vs perfect sanity, which you need to personally bring under control for your own well being. The other side of teaching my family about the corrupted world is teaching them all things that are good.
The American culture is very different from the culture in Spain where I live and having 2 growing teens who will be on their own soon enough, I want them to start understanding that now. What makes societies strong and weak are very important issues to discuss along with political and religious belief systems. This will be highlighted and talked about throughout this Intro along with my take on America and the Western world. Let’s touch on my sovereign mindset first
We have to deal with the reality of the world as it is and not as we would like it to be. And since history is as much distorted as is conventional wisdom, mainstream news media and indoctrination, I prefer our children live with facts instead of lies, rituals and prejudices so they can face reality head on.
So I have no intention of letting conventional schooling interfere with their freedom of thought and their real education at home. The only subjects I teach are truth, free-will and reality.
Hemingway once said “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
So for those who have been around long enough I ask you this: After giving your trust to your government during your life and seeing the bad results, what part of do not trust them don’t you understand? So knowing and believing are 2 different things. The political and religious world is so upside down that it seems much harder to convince people that they have been fooled than it is to fool people in the first place. 

Becoming sane in an insane world is definitely not easy. Political parties and all religions are just extended pathological programs of obedience that need to be understood in order to see how they unwind one’s own sovereign self. The social conditioning of a constructed society took a lot of work which took a lot of time. So waking up is not easy and can take a lot of time and be a lot of work too!
It’s hard for many to accept the unsovereign world we live in and to just live by the rule of your own sovereignty instead. Not accepting the corporate rules of dirty Uncle Sam is tough too. In fact, accepting most rules of others that invade your space don’t feel natural to many like myself. Especially religious and so called legal ones that disconnect you from depending on yourself.
It took me a very long time to really like myself so I resent when someone tries to separate my inner friendship with me. That’s just another way of saying I don’t need other people’s rules that take my sovereignty away. And there are lots of good rules too. But I’m talking first and foremost kind, non-oppressive and compassionate rules that don’t have negative consequences.
So the message is: You’re not here to like others or their personal rules as much as you need to like yourself and your own personal rules first.
There’s usually nothing wrong with disliking others but there is when you don’t like yourself. And most folks who don’t like themselves don’t use their free-will. So “Free-Will” is what it’s all about. Free-will is your sovereignty. And that is the theme of this Intro and my home schooling program.

So although America had it all, what it has lost and why is what concerns me. I loved my country when I was growing up but now I don’t care to live in my country anymore due to so many things, especially the war-mongering corporate government that has taken shape and will eventually destroy America’s principles and values completely.
And just like the war machine of Hitler that was only created to protect Germany’s sovereignty after Germany got screwed in the first world war, and after being sanctioned before the next war due to the Zionists interests, most of the people in America don’t see the disaster in the making as the Germans didn’t either until after all the destruction of getting sucked into their next world war was over.
Most wars are deliberately provoked by selfish political reasons which most folks just don’t get. These forced wars and others are due to hidden oppressive agendas and the evil people that are behind creating these wars that few talk about. And the losers like Hitler are always demonized and portrayed as evil even though all he was doing was fighting against his own county’s oppression. That was overlooked in the history books as so much was in writing humanity’s history.
I’m no fan of the Nazi regime or any regime that kills innocent people and their children but overlooking the unwritten side of real history creates huge egos, racism and indoctrination that keeps folks waving flags and not facing the real reality of how certain countries gang up on other countries to accomplish hidden agendas. Blind faith and patriotism is always exploited and I’ll be doing a lot of talking about that along with fake political agendas too.
But I won’t be arguing about the subtle differences between the democrats and republicans today. They both are just a bunch of war-mongering corporate butt kissers who could care less about the working people of America. All these psychopaths do is breed hatred and fear into the hearts and minds of humanity with their unjust wars while feeding their egos and corporate friends.

But I will be exposing the realization that peace is the main enemy of the military-industrial complex. And the United States is “Thee Military-Industrial Complex.” So when anyone votes for a President today, they vote for war whether they know it or not. That President’s job becomes a soap box that’s designed to feed their ego, justify and to convince citizens why war is necessary. Is that what Americans think of when waving their flags? Of course not but that is the reality. Wake-up to this scam!!
The world out there is basically a good, peaceful and kind world in most instances. And the balance of the world which includes Mother Nature needs to be kept intact for us to flourish. However, the manipulation and corruption for power and wealth is the opposite of that balance and has distorted those basics dramatically. You need to understand why in order to get that kindness, peace and good back that we all need to make the world a better place.
So I’m not just going to type soft words to make my points, I’m going to print hard hitting and in your face truth instead. I want my words to make you think and even get you upset about how America and the West is being transformed. Why? So you can understand manipulation, live with reality, make better decisions and learn to wisely choose your options so you can better enjoy the NOW.
I’ll even break down those points much further by emptying my head to fill yours. When I get done your head should be spinning like mine use to spin. It took me decades to figure out how America and Europe is being hijacked and finally stop my head from spinning so I’m done with that and the American dream too.
No matter how much you may want to believe that countries like America can be saved somehow by eliminating the growing tyranny, it can’t. The system is so broken it is better to start a new one rather than trying to fix it.
So by no means confuse any of my thoughts about the demise of real freedom in the West (especially America) with people ever getting their lost freedoms back or being totally saved. It can’t happen, these countries have already fallen too deeply into the hands of these powerful banksters, war-mongers and corporations now controlling these countries mainly in the shadows. And it’s only once a unique country like America keeps being forced to destroy it’s so-called democracy from within that a another set of ideals and freedoms might emerge like those originally portraying the old Republic again.
As far as America is concerned, that destruction started long ago with a corporate coup d’etat which started weakening the fabric of American society by stripping citizens of their constitutional rights. Since then, America’s politicians, Wall Street and the banksters have trashed the global economy, caused many economic downturns, created endless wars, exported jobs overseas, and recently seized trillions in taxpayer money in bailouts for their corporate friends while installing the biggest secretive surveillance state in human history.
But it’s so important to save the original ideals and keep them alive in our daily lives so no matter hard pressed you are to obey the growing tyranny, you don’t and live your life your way instead of living someone else’s manufactured life. America’s political system was based on protecting freedoms and natural rights. That’s no longer true at all so you need to find ways of just doing it yourself without politics!

So that’s another message and there will be plenty more in this Intro but the overall personal message is to understand real history and what the American Constitution WAS all about so people who love freedom have a blueprint to live their personal lives regardless of what their government says and does. So instead of living a fake foolish life of playing games with the Status Quo’s manipulation machine, avoid it at all costs, protest against it and most importantly, stop feeding it.
You should know how the old American system was destroyed and the present one works, why it is so corrupted and how to deal with it for your own good. So many of the posts that will follow in this Blog will keep you informed about the destruction, manipulation and growing tyranny to keep you one step ahead of the herd. Instead of living an ignorant life, I want to bring you into the KNOW and into the NOW.
One of the biggest observations of late that’s in your face is the growing tyrannical manifestation of collectivism in Western societies which is the notion that all individuals must sacrifice their rights, desires and freedom for the greater good. This oppressive political notion is being greatly amplified through the growing perceived threat of terrorism. It is now politically correct to accept the farce of terrorism. Remember what I said before: Political correctness is intolerance disguised as tolerance.
This has become left, right,
front and center corrupted politics that is in your face everywhere. Terrorism has become another modern political tool of oppression. I’ll talk more about terrorism later but it’s bad politics that is destroying society so the present political agendas need a good looking over.
I quickly got interested in politics in the late 60’s and lost interest even faster once I realized the evil side was all about control and just another con game.
So studying government and the workings of politics was another big eye opener for me. What I’ll say in a nut shell about government and politics that I don’t like in general is this: All governments are based on coercion and compliance so the different and conflicting convoluted politics within government only adds more compliance and restraints.
That sucks in general because more compliance creates more laws and restraints, not less. It’s a vicious cycle that eats away freedoms. It’s also important to note that governments can only give what they have already taken so they need to take more to give more. Especially when immigration and welfare programs are growing. More taxes anyone?
Here is a key insight about any government that usually goes unnoticed. All “regimes” whether left, right or center, are about consolidating, growing and protecting the power they have taken from others. So whether the rulers of governments are Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals, they are all steering towards Totalitarianism.

The sour truth about today’s government’s main function is that it is really based on providing the enforcement arm of the bigger corporate agendas at the expense of people and Mother Nature. It boils down to a transfer of wealth, resources and power away from the common people to big business and centralized government. Especially when the corporate agenda is OPPRESSION and WAR!
There are a lot of people (mainly those who manipulate governments and societies) whose agendas are working full steam ahead to repress and control freedom, business, health, prosperity, competition, the media, natural resources, communications, individualism and more. It’s called “Globalization” or the “New World Order.”
The centralization of power throughout the world is what’s called globalization. It boils down to a global dictatorship agenda controlling everything and everybody throughout the world. That network’s structure includes a world government dictating major laws to all countries, a global military and war machine run by the global central government, a world central bank that dictates and controls world finance, and a cashless world using a single electronic currency.
This centralized global dictatorship and power structure is designed to keep you from becoming self sufficient, to tax the shit of you, to further eliminate diversity, sovereignty and enslave humanity. This is what this collectivism scam being pushed is leading to including more wars.
In my lifetime, the growing United States military industrial complex, has become the most bizarre and dangerous political war machine across the planet. “Out of control” are really the words I’m looking for. The repercussions of the current political system’s foreign policies of destabilizing the world, are all planned from hidden agendas and reasons which I believe are to further the New World Order of Global Governance.
Those who are in the way of this agenda will be at war with the U.S. and their allies whether they like it or not. This includes any country that is not part of the global banking system and those who try to bypass or threaten the US Dollar. This by itself is all you need to know to understand much of why this international chaos and wars are happening and will continue.
It really boils down to a totally controlled environment and a constant war against the people. I certainly want to know more about the gory details in order to protect myself and family against this oppression and so should you. This Blog will focus a lot on this nightmare in the making and offer real news and insights to keep ahead of the curve.
The main objective for creating this Blog as a home schooling program is to expose the lies and fabrications of the mainstream media and the “Status Quo.” The intent of reporting on alternative or real independent news is about “counter-propaganda.” Being “Pro-People” is about sharing the true spirit of a free individual’s sovereignty. That’s what real freedom should be based on and what should be shared.
Today the people can see the different government wars on everything but the war they don’t see is the war on their consciousness. This is what happens when you live in a world of corporately created realities. The idea behind this Blog is to think outside the box of these falsely created alignments so that new paths and understandings can then emerge.
Those paths should be in the alignment with health, compassion, sustainability, free-will and freedom to be yourself. Another part of this is to get your power back and stop giving it away to other people. An example is not picking sides to these fake elections that gives these crooked elections their power.
Elections are a giant conspiracy in itself.
It is the distortions of separation created by this group of con artists, which keep people asleep and from truly uniting and solving the problems they didn’t create in the first place. You can also consider this whole Introduction to be a conspiracy too as it is intended to do the opposite and wake your ass up and keep you awake.
American Presidents aren’t elected by the voters anymore, they are selected by the private bankster profiteers and their puppets, the corporate state. And it is corporate America that is the ultimate wrong about America. The corporate banksters, the corporate government, the corporate police, the corporate religions, the corporate capitalists, the corporate medical cartel, the corporate lobbyists and the corporate justice system are all like diseases which keep spreading.
The real reason socialism, capitalism and democracy doesn’t work well today is because all of them have been corporatized. So in America, if you’re not part of the corporate structure, then you are considered an outcast or a rebel.
The Founding Fathers of America were also considered rebels too so be proud to be labeled something that stands for real freedom today.
I’ll be talking about many specific flavors of bullshit and propaganda in that regard that got me labeled many times. New terms will be introduced to you too like crisis actors, false flags, black ops, divide and conquer, conspiracy theorist, banksters, new world order, globalization, powers-that-be, chemtrails and many other unfamiliar words like cognitive dissonance.
I believe that calling someone a conspiracy nut or conspiracy theorist can only come about when one fails to actually look into anything them self that is being questioned. It’s just ignorant not to do so. If that’s the case then it’s even more ignorant when one doesn’t even realize they’re ignorant by not doing so.
To reject any information or thought not in harmony with any of our preconditioning and conventional wisdom that supports the Status Quo is called cognitive dissonance. So get use to hearing those 2 words as you will be dealing with too many folks who live with that common dilemma.
The crooks that run Washington and keep manipulating the system are like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. They keep shooting themselves in the foot but rather than stop manipulating the people and the system, they buy another pair of shoes instead. But when you’re so preoccupied working full speed to move wealth from Main Street to Wall Street and furthering hidden agendas, buying a new pair of shoes is easy work.
I don’t normally ridicule or judge many things anymore but this Intro will deliberately do plenty of both and for good reasons. It is written with my family in mind to WAKE UP everyone to the corrupted changing world around us by challenging your belief systems and spark transformation within you which can bring more common sense into your life. (Not that common sense is common or makes sense to most anyway).
So, for the purpose of driving home what we all need to avoid and understand in society today, this Intro will be full of negatives for that reason. I don’t intend to hit any home runs with this Intro but I do intend to cover all the bases. That’s why it’s also going to be really long.
So, before I open my big mouth and criticize anything in a negative way, I do the best I can to be sure I got the facts right. Why? Because I agree with the cliché “Condemnation Without Investigation” is the height of ignorance.” What I’ve watched and analyzed in America for decades and again doing so living in Europe has given me many insights and conclusions.
The big takeaway though is the realization of the agenda of global governance coming into existence. Local decision making principles will eventually be long gone within a global governance system.
But or me, the scariest thing about global government is there won’t be any need to have wars between different countries anymore once Russia and China are out of the way.
That concern is due to knowing that the existing growing war machine is not going to dissolve and go away in the future so that means that any future wars after having a global government will only be against the people bypassing the system.
The federal government in America and now the central government in the European Union are good examples of what to expect on a much higher level with global government. It boils down to the individual mindset and different cultures being replaced with the collective corporate mindset and elimination of cultures instead.
It is the total opposite of what the Founding Fathers of America had in mind when America was officially created. And this “Global Agenda” was totally hidden when the E.U. was created too. I know this for sure as I’ve been living in the E.U. before it was created and ever since. The European people have been scammed BIG TIME!!
The collaboration between the central governments of Europe and America is now in your face. The first place you see this is with the Middle East wars and also with international trade and sanctions. It is plain to see that the same powers who run America are also running the E.U. The other major connection is NATO now becoming part of the American war machine. This has gotten so out of hand that the U.S. war machine can no longer manage the international problems they have created and are still creating. This goes for NATO too.
Trying to make sense of the impending war circus is a waste of time. So is the institutionalized coercion between America and Europe. The collateral damage and chaos of the wars in the Middle East has still yet to be seen. But one thing is for sure, the power of America has nothing to do with real freedom anymore and its real agenda now only comes out of America’s dominating military muscle and the barrels of its guns.
Now here’s a really convoluted play on words: “War on Terror.” How can you wage a war on terror? Terror is a consequence of war itself. Can you really fight a war on something that war produces? The controllers with their broken logic and distorted mindsets think they can. Maybe they’re right as even broken clocks are right 2 times a day.
America’s military, Intel and its resources are vast enough that the terrorism threat is not eliminated because it is not intended to be. This fabricated “War on Terror” is really designed to turn people into a timid, frightened, obedient mass and mislead public opinion. It is all about controlling other countries by forcing regime change and to continue fabricating wars for world dominance and to control natural resources.
This is certainly a recipe for a new dark age that must be stopped. How? The first step is for folks to be aware of this progressing reality and the next step is to rise up and force change including starving the beast any which way possible. That’s the only collective mindset that mankind needs for a better society and world and it is called AWARENESS.
I spent many decades living and traveling in other countries while trying to find my comfort zone. I learned and experienced more than I intended and I believe I have a good handle on why society is so delusional. We all naturally aspire to be in control of our lives and find peace so it’s no wonder that most people find great comfort when living in a deliberately contrived and controlled world.
The faith of believing in government and a Supreme Being is more welcoming to most people’s needs and desires. So in order to justify violence and war, you need to create something to convince others not wanting to go to war, to do so anyway. Crazed religious and political ideologies work very well to accomplish this.
Those controlling the Status Quo understand this more than anyone so their manipulation machines are at work 24/7 to promote fear and the idea that you could be the next victim. Anyone new to the idea that societies are based on indoctrination will find this fact hard to swallow and you need to understand why. Nobody wants to admit they have been living their lives in vain, full of illusions while feeding a hoax with their empathy, compassion and hard earned money. And the newest hoax that will gain a lot of momentum due to future false flags and fake wars that few will ever want to admit to being false or fake will be the “War on Terror.”
Here’s how the “catch 22” war on terror hoax works: The news media, talking heads, religious leaders and politicians convince you that the bogeyman is so frighteningly real and deadly and at your front door wanting to take over your life or kill you. Then an attack happens and many are left dead and you become part of those who are screaming out for help to be protected from this bogeyman.
However, those who you are really calling on to help you, are the very same people who created the bogeyman in the first place. This protection reaction can happen on a moments notice with just one frightening event. Religions have the same “catch 22” hallmarks but work more mystically starting from a younger age. Both catch 22’s are based on fear concerned with the idea they could be the next victim. Like the song goes: If you’re a scared mother f*cker, go to church. And people do!
Your life should not be a controlled experiment by other people. And you pay big time, in many ways, for that experiment too. But it is “what it is” as anything unusual you might want to experiment with is probably already illegal or immoral when living in a modern society. Some call that conventional living. I call it conventional bullshit. So you either find a way around that or get stuck with an already-made model of society and government.
Don’t be caught in the Status Quo’s web of deception and distractions as most are. Most are caught because they don’t understand and see the complexity of the deceptions and distractions because many of these evils are so sophisticated. Many could care less about the real world too.
It’s really hard for those constantly distracted and stuck to their TV set and smart phone everyday to break free from indoctrination and propaganda but it’s not hard to figure out what those unnecessary distractions are once you open your mind more, get real news and do a lot of soul searching.
So, it’s only the actions of just ignoring or just walking away from the truth why lies are easily spread and believed so much. There are so many convoluted distractions and lies to avoid today that consume your needed energy for all the wrong reasons. It’s worth your valuable time to learn what they are, how to avoid them and generate positive energy for all the right reasons.
The payoff is worth getting reeducated through real news and alternative sources of information while avoiding most of the manipulated and biased mainstream media.
Negative thoughts are a terrible waste of time and always thinking too much in general keeps you from living in the moment. But the big benefits of the end game after getting truly informed and awakened is to be able to stop thinking about everything in a non-realistic way and to not think about all the distractions much at all. Thinking realistically while being surrounded by fabricated bullshit should be looked at as a well done balancing act.
So what are our leaders thinking today? Where are the results of all their great ideas and solutions? Where are all the Ron Pauls that should be running our governments? You got to be pretty demented to believe you can make order out of chaos. That’s what some governments and their counterparts think they can do with their news media and foreign and domestic policies. So you’re dealing with a bunch of delusional psychopaths with bad ideas, wars and very few solutions.
This reality should make people aware of why most of society today are delusional too! A good example is when you open your borders to people who are diametrically opposed to your basic principals. That is a recipe for disaster and what is occurring right now in the “Western World,” especially Europe. The sad truth is it is all planned to create chaos so expect plenty in the future. Especially any future TERRORIST ATTACKS in Europe! The Western Governments and Israel will see to that. False flags anyone? This chaos will help speed up the implementation of global governance. The big takeaway here is “Get Informed or Get Enslaved.”
Modern societies today live in an upside/down world. A world of duality and separation. That world is definitely out of my comfort zone and I can be extremely versatile too. I lived in that duality world way long enough to understand that NATURE RULES!! The duality world is just not for me. I’m just not wired for duality anymore. In Nature you are a boundless life form. Without Nature you are bound. You can’t escape yourself when you’re one with Nature. And you normally wouldn’t think to escape like you would living a conventional life without Nature.
Nature is a mysterious and magical show that everyone is invited to for free. No one has a monopoly on Nature although exploiting governments and big corporations certainly think they do. Just as laws and indoctrination on a wide scale are allowed in society, questions and doubts about everything should be allowed too. But most don’t want to engage in questions and doubts because it causes them to leave their artificial comfort zone that they built around them. It’s high time to tear down that wall and prepare for what’s coming.
It is what it is so facing reality in the future will require careful planning if you intend to deal with it your way. Most confuse being cautious with being paranoid. There is a huge difference as caution is a natural self defense mechanism and paranoia is something that is delusional most of the time. The exception of course is when you are going up against or are on the wrong side of delusional people like Uncle Sam, religious fanatics or the powers-that-be.
Delusional people are very capable of doing some very crazy and scary things. Oppression, punishment and murder come to mind. So take caution when dealing with delusional people. You’ll find most of them in bed with each other at the helm of the Status Quo planning your future and wars without your consent.
I’ve often noticed that authority figures think they know all the answers because of your lack of knowledge in general or their rules. They expect your obedience to authority to be based on fear, stupidity and punishment. So if your decisions are based on their false reality, then the ramifications of those decisions will be very corrupted.
It’s better to use your instincts and open mind instead to what is obvious and avoid the corruption when you can.
The point is don’t believe something is right or fair just because you were told it is or for your own good. It is pretty easy to open your mind and investigate further, rather than having an unquestioning obedience to an upside down authority. Especially when the authority is based on lies, evil hidden agendas and stealing your wealth.
It’s become very obvious that society today is falling apart but how much worse do things have to get before more people wake up and start investigating why and seek solutions to the growing troubling problems? You would think there is a method to the madness but there is no method just hidden agendas.
I use the “It is what it is” expression as a simplified but sarcastic answer to deep seated questions. I find that expression if deliberated used to vaguely answer important questions, a good way for folks to engage in conversations that bring awareness to come up with solutions. I find it very encouraging when folks ask why it has to be this way. Any answers I give are always directed to understanding how conventional wisdom has been deeply corrupted. I like to prepare those asking that they will have to live with that ugly reality until they start questioning their reality further.
Why bother you may ask? Because your choices are getting more and more limited as we live within an upside down situation. The government can monitor almost any aspect of the average citizen’s life whenever it wants and cause you harm and grief. But it’s difficult if not impossible for the average citizen to monitor the government and avoid its punishment. In a free society, the opposite would be true. So we must living in an oppressed society if that’s the case. And it is not going to get better as the madness worsens.
The more distance you can put between that reality and your own, the better. Sure there is always plenty of rhetoric about solutions and changes but the reality is, the government will be the one offering their version not yours. So it is what it is and it’s going to get worse so deal with it. The thing is, it is impossible to separate something that is part of the whole. You can do it in a temporary way for a while but not for very long. You will always have to live with it. So learning how to manage the oppression knowing you can’t completely avoid it is a good thing.
There are many oppressing realities developing very few see. One big one that I see is everyone being forced into a planned surveillance system. This may sound crazy but the new world global government being put in place will feature something like a bio-metric national ID card, which also doubles up as a payment card for every transaction you do. Governments will eventually track you as a hunter does and gain direct access to almost everything you do not to mention all your personal and bio-metric data.
FINANCE & MONEY CREATION are the 2 strongest powers of the parasites known as the Global Power Brokers (Megabankers). So if those 2 powers were taken away from them somehow, so would their power to print money, finance governments and control everything. To avoid this from ever happening, the Megabanksters will eventually abolish cash transactions altogether and have the world use digital money instead. A one world currency would be created too and the concept of a “Sovereign Currency” like the Dollar or Euro would also disappear.
This will allow the Megabanksters to exert full control of all money, something they cannot do when money is in the form of cash. This will fully change the meaning of private money. I believe this is what the Elite have in store for us and all governments will totally back this to have control over everything we do too.
This is how all nations will eventually fall under the grip of the Megabankers. Those who don’t will be sanctioned or destroyed until they do. This will be the end result of our present parasite-controlled financial system implementing the coming new world global government.
In the future once the use of cash becomes very restricted or even maybe outlawed, if you are viewed as a problem by the government, they will simply block your card or smart phone so you won’t even have access to basic services or be able to travel very far or buy food.
Bartering and precious metals will become the new black market. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin will get better known and used more often until outlawed. I know everyone must think this scenario will never happen because the Media is blacked out on this scam but it is ALREADY happening in Africa and will hit Europe and America soon. You’ll know it is here when the government takes bigger denomination bills out of circulation and limits the amount of money for any transaction.
So get ready for the new cashless society where government drains you for every drop of tax they can extract and it will be touted as the next best thing since your iPhone and a way to keep your money safe and deter crime. The ignorant masses will form long lines to be the first sheep to sign up for a new safe life of living electronically.
Smart phones will become stupid phones as you are tracked and data processed 24/7.
The power of banksters over individuals will increase dramatically. Credit card companies, banks and phone companies will probably merge and become the new age power players of the global economy.
The power of government over the people will dramatically increase. Everything will be done through the use of smart phones in the future including voting. What the implications are of an increasingly radiated society getting brain cancers seems frightening too.
Many more truths that you are about to read about in this introduction are incredibly disturbing too, but the truth is so important to talk about when humanity and the world we all live in has fallen into such disarray. Everyone who truly cares about their life, the life of others and our planet must face the truth if humanity is to recover from the demise of our freedoms and the deadly destruction occurring that will get worse.
The war on terror has become a smokescreen for many hidden agendas. This phony war will be used as a tool to discredit any rational questioning along with the mass migration it will cause. Both will be used as a tool of government to further the globalization agenda. It won’t be long until you see locked borders and Marshall Law being imposed. Seeing is believing so keep your eyes open!
America and Europe are using terrorism and the engineered refugee crisis to undermine Western culture, national sovereignty and advance the globalism agenda.
So the sovereignty of Western nations and their cultures will become just an illusion and national borders will no longer be an obstacle to the powers-that-be.
It is important to understand that the same self-styled humanitarian globalists claiming to be concerned about refugees, while demanding that they be given asylum in the West by the millions, are in reality, the same people responsible for making their victims into refugees to begin with.
This is all intertwined with the phony wars in Africa and the Middle East and the phony war on terror. You must really be delusional to trust the government and believe that voting will help solve anyone’s problems! That is the biggest mistake that folks continually make today in a rigged, brainwashed and controlled society.
I personally don’t want the government to do anything for me because I don’t trust the government one bit anymore. America use to be the nation the rest of the world looked up to and aspired to be like. Now it’s full of shyster lawyers, gangs, militarized police, discrimination of all kinds, corporate shopping malls, welfare programs, over crowded prisons and a corrupted corporate justice system and government.
And those controlling America and the European continent are creating a giant monument to socialism, where everyone believes they can live at the expense of everyone else. Those controlling both places want to destabilize societies,
radically expand government and want folks to become dependent on government so they can weaken the populations because weakened populations are much easier to control.
If you’re still wondering why we’ve have so many wars since 9/11 then also consider this: The only countries left in the world that weren’t controlled by the Rothschild’s banking system before the year 2001 were Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Afghanistan. Now only Iran, Cuba, North Korea are left. Now you know one of the reasons why the banksters will encourage more invasions and wars to come and who really controls America and the world.
Wars and invasions have become just business as usual in America and the European Community today. So expect
less sovereignty, self-government and liberty in the future. And of course the taxpayers, already suffering under a crushing burden, will pay for it all.
It’s usually not pleasant or easy to spread the truth. You’ll be first made fun of, then debated and if you are lucky to open a mind or two to critical thinking then maybe some others will see and accept the truth. Breaking down the Status Quo mentality takes a lot of patience and although patience is bitter, it bears sweet truth.
So the 3 stages of truth to deal with are Ridicule, Opposition and Acceptance.
Without pushing your awareness of the truth, none of the 3 will ever happen without at least a discussion and further research.
You just can’t go from awareness level 1 to level 3 either. Level 2 must take place first. That awareness may be your behavior changing towards animals when becoming aware of everything you eat or how you view Nature’s kingdom.
Maybe America’s phony wars have woke you up after losing someone close to one of them. Maybe the constant news about terrorism and radical religion became too much to swallow or the new reality of just how tough it has become surviving instead of advancing.
Awareness levels build on themselves when the mind is jarred open and you start caring about what is happening in this world. When compassion and empathy starts showing its pretty faces then your conscious awareness increases dramatically. This is especially true when it becomes natural to question standards, corruptions, indoctrinations and beliefs you never questioned before. This usually only happens when someone goes through a devastating or life changing event but it shouldn’t be that way either.
But how did it become this way? We were all children once who started out with a deep curiosity and a love of learning, both of which are diminished in school after a carefully sculpted curriculum. Then the other indoctrinations and the head banging scripted mass media of the Status Quo are imposed upon us too that force us to take on a perceived logical, factual, or ethical meaning which has been totally distorted.
The first and most important misunderstood and distorted belief I want to get out of the way is that of America itself. The only reason America became the greatest nation in history was because the Founders enshrined a constitutional vision of “strictly limited government” that created a free, unique and prosperous way of life. That unique mindset had never been approached before by mankind.
But that approach was OFFICIALLY changed in 1913 (behind the people’s back) to a progressive approach instead which included an outside banking system that caused the demise of the original mindset and vision too. So the bottom line is America is not that unique country everyone still insists it is. It may still offer a better system than most other civilized countries have but it definitely lost its soul along with the original liberties and productive prosperity.
To add insult to injury, what’s left of its prosperity and constitutional legal system has now shifted away from the common person to the corporate/military side of America called The United States Corporation.
Welcome to the new “Corporate America.” Now we’re seeing the new Global America taking shape too which has NOTHING to do with the original foundation and mindset at all!
Why did this all happen? Because the power of the people no longer exists due to everyone constantly bathing themselves in a false patriotic dilemma of yesterday and willingly giving their personal power away. I’ll get more into some history and the gory details later but it all started with becoming close minded due to a belief system based on money, ego and big government.
Now, before you disregard me as some wacky conspiracy theorist, with anti-American sentiments, please understand that this Intro and Blog will be more about showing the other side of the story most people never hear about by exposing the real harsh truth about corrupted government, history, media and society instead. Why bother? Because I am a truly concerned Patriot disillusioned with corrupted American policies and my children should know what true patriotism really is (although most modern Americans don’t anymore).
And I will surely touch on the true meaning of American patriotism later on but I also believe that once awakened and exposed to real truth and history, which alone can make anyone less foolish and a more realistic compassionate person towards others, those facts can lead to making a much better and safer world for us and our children.
True loyal Americans like me vow to support our country and protect the Constitution, not ignorant American people or corrupted government agendas, but the Constitution instead because there are too many foolish Americans not fit to be protected, but my country and the Constitution are. And although I choose to live outside the madness in America, that doesn’t change anything.
Today, too many American parents are so close minded they never bother questioning the Status Quo so they’re no help for their children and others to see clearly either. Especially when they totally agree with everything happening around you and don’t offer encouragement to think otherwise.
By the time their kids become older teens, they are a product of social engineering tactics and belief systems ingrained in their personalities and their egos and their beliefs are pretty much set in stone. This is why people ignore or don’t believe the obvious where others who are open minded can and do.
Why would anyone knowing that, believe it would be an easy task to change one’s thinking and assumptions and especially leave their comfort zone after all that time and indoctrination? Ignorance is not something that just goes away easily no matter how hard you try to eliminate it. It’s a very slow process that takes time for most for all the reasons already stated above and then some.
It has been proven that everything is made up of energy that’s vibrating at different frequencies. So hopefully, my criticism will help to promote a frequency change from the Status Quo’s materialistic and ego-driven vibrations to a vibration frequency of consciousness not based on distorted judgments and preconceptions.
Another large part is offering everything I can to help everyone better control their consciousness, health and reality. I am especially focusing on younger folks like my children since they are the ones who must stay awakened and help dissolve the Status Quo mentality with their discerning minds, free-will and pioneering spiritual mindsets.
Helping people on their respective paths feels pretty good! Just as your words are your thoughts in motion and they shape the reality around you, so are your thoughts about the words you choose which can manifest your good or bad energy too. So try to think and speak positive affirmative thoughts and words whenever you can.
It is always better to have the glass half full than the glass half empty. Remember those thoughts as you read the rest of this intro and rant which will seem very negative but are meant to induce plenty of awareness and positive affirmation
I’ll spent the whole weekend writing this introduction and I’ll use a lot of words to express myself and my take on reality and for good reason. First, I’m not a professional writer so I will definitely ramble a lot making my points when explaining about the corrupted world we live and need to wake-up to.
But more importantly, it’s deliberately long because young folks too like some of my children this Blog is originally created for, will read it often so my goal is to make this intro very personal and thorough and I need to really reach deep down inside myself to accomplish that goal. That is going to open up the thought and word spicket.
I will be using broad strokes in relaying my alternative educational strategy in this Intro by ripping apart the mentality of the Status Quo, but bear with me as it is intended to get you seeing the bigger picture much clearer this way. I will weave all this together with some historical background, facts and a lot of my own perspective. It may seem offbeat but it’s my version of a real home schooling program.
If this long Intro was only directed to the public then I would only be writing a short Intro instead and it would have read something like this which was part of my original notes: Our existence on Earth is made up of mind, body and spirit (soul). Too bad we don’t understand and use the mind and spirit parts much or properly. Most folks can thank corrupted media, religion and politics for that.

If only our leaders and the media were truthful with the public by giving them reliable, honest information. That alone could and probably would change the depressing dynamic we’re in. It would help stop this insanity, the wars, international interventions, mass immigration and most terrorism. Peace is the only answer for war and all our woes.
Helping other countries instead of destroying them makes better sense. No foreign powers have the right to determine or tell another country who their leaders should be or how to control their borders. Those decisions are only up the people and leaders of that country as long as they have fair and valid elections.
And this self-fulfilling prophecy of terrorism should immediately be cut short too. It has already gone way too far. Thoughts manifest as terrorism does.
The West needs to put its foot down on any real terrorism but also put its best foot forward to spreading peace. The military might, connections and Intel network that NATO and the U.S. have can quickly end this manufactured nightmare if they really wanted to. Why draw this out with so much more death of innocent lives as collateral damage?

Stop the politics! Americans and their allies should be the peace keepers of the free world unlike the war-mongers and dictators of how they present themselves. I would be so proud of my country if that was the case. But it ain’t happening so I digress and protest my way.
It has unfortunately been a short road that America walked since it was formed concerning peace. We’ve been at war most of our existence. I’ll get into that more later but everyone should be totally pissed-off by now. And it pisses me off that not enough people are, as you will soon learn why as I talk a lot about the manipulation machine.
People who want to control you do it by breaking you down emotionally using all areas of your existence. Some of the ways they do it are with religion, superstitions, money, laws, science, punishment, pharmaceuticals, politics, poisoned foods, bad education, marketing and the news media. All of them are strong forms of distractions and/or corruptions that distort your health, mindset, free-will and your perception of the natural and spiritual world.
Because we need to evolve spiritually, most folks who don’t are missing the bigger picture. When you start off in life with distorted perceptions of where we come from and what we’re meant to achieve naturally and spiritually, you can’t expect any forward perceptions to match the current reality or make sense all the time. So when you go looking for answers you usually look in all the wrong places for guidance.
That is where you get further indoctrinated, all wound up and manipulated even more. Half truths and total lies are distortions of the natural world. We need to avoid these distortions and lies and get unwound instead even living among the Status Quo’s manipulation.
We need our intuition, instincts and reasoning back to normal so we can think, evolve and progress properly. You can’t do this much if you stay within the parameters of a distorted system that’s keeping you controlled and constantly distracted. Living outside of the Status Quo mentality releases your free-will naturally. I prefer to live in more isolation and solitude today like on an island away from the Status Quo and closer to Mother Nature.
Everyone must start looking within themselves to discover and use the wonderful powers and energies that we all possess on our own. Happiness with ourselves is the first step to being happy with others and loving life. Living with an open mind going through life is learning how to enjoy the moment and is using our natural and spiritual consciousness to the max. Although I stretched those thoughts and feelings out with a ton of words, that’s really all I’m saying.
It’s time to open our eyes, time to change and time to wake up to the BIG PICTURE! So if you get the point of the “Wake-Up” call already and you’re not one of my children, then there is no reason to continue reading the rest of this Intro and Rant as it will be extremely long. The future posts that will follow will touch on many of the other points I’ll make in the rest of this Intro. To give you a quick heads-up of the theme of this Intro, I’ll leave you with one of many great videos that expresses my concerns and sentiments by Max Igan:

So the video above is enough to display the bigger picture although I have plenty more insight for my family. So the rest of this rant will be more personal and more directed to my children, family and close friends to let them inside my head. This part is a must read for my children to understand my mindset better and a good launch to this Blog which is also a big part of my personal home schooling program.
This a good time to take a break (for me too) and come back to this Intro after letting some of what I wrote to sink in. I would also suggest to read this Into in increments and remember where you left off. Take notes too and Google any words or terms you might not understand. As for my younger boys, I am happy to discuss and explain further anything I write in this Intro with you personally, anytime you wish, so don’t be shy about asking any questions that might come to mind and need clarification. I intend to be your best teacher yet!
Most Westerners, especially Americans, believe they are in complete control of their lives. Putting religion and the mass media aside, they believe so for 3 main reasons. One is because they are manipulated and distracted through consumerism which is just an illusion of control based on greed and exploitation. They have become slaves of their own desires.
Another is voting which is the guise of Democracy letting you believe you made your own individual choice of who represents you which makes a difference. But the voting game is rigged so it is only a grand illusion.
It use to be that the citizens of America and other so called democracies were responsible for what their governments are doing. That’s why we have elections. But that’s not the case anymore because to order to get into those powerful seats of government you need to be backed by big corporate money today and that’s why the big elections are usually rigged with only big corporate backed contenders.
That’s the way the election game consistently works today so why vote at all? Is there anyone in big government that you voted for really representing you today? More on voting later.
The last reason is their huge egos. People are led to believe their country is the most civilized and better than any other country because their country is in the forefront of representing so-called freedom. Unfortunately for them, that freedom doesn’t exist when its always attached to violence and wars.
This freedom notion dominates their society and keeps them ignorant and loyal to their government or political party. In America that mentality is simply unpatriotic according to America’s Founder’s principles. A further explanation will also follow later.
So many folks have questioned why I think, feel, talk, live and behave the way I do. The only logical answer I can present is that my feelings, attitude and insight comes from decades of experience and self-discovery and a total respect for Mother Nature. It’s a personal understanding of life that reflects my beliefs between a distorted world and a real one.
This conclusion I will passionately share to help one identify the areas of life in the Status Quo where you can liberate yourself from someone else’s self-destructive design for your life that most are probably not even aware of.
Since everyone is uniquely different, I don’t expect most folks to understand all my personal views, insights and feelings but I do try to convey them with my family, like minded folks and also with others to help them come more alive with my food for thought. This is what this introduction is all about but with a twist that highlights the Status Quo in America.
There is a two-way interaction between the “Cognitive” (how we understand the environment in which we interact) and the “Manipulative” (how we change the environment in which we interact). In essence, the actions we take are influenced by how we perceive the environment, which is skewed by our biases or lack of information. Our actions then impact the environment, which change our subsequent view of the environment in an endless feedback loop.
This I originally learned from my education in understanding the interaction of the financial markets based on fear and greed but it can easily be applied to how life works in the Status Quo too. It works for understanding both very well. There are always plenty of obstacles in life but it’s very liberating when you realize your biggest obstacle is yourself when you don’t understand the truth of what makes up your environment.
There are plenty of things we learned to believe and accepted as a child and growing up, that we would not accept now if we gave it deep thought after being much more matured. Some things are obvious and some aren’t. Unfortunately most folks don’t give any thought to why they should stop accepting what they’ve always believed or were told and become trapped in the manipulated world of corruption.
The message is to get educated with real news and facts about society and the corrupted world that can lead to living a more meaningful, healthier, freer and happier life. Knowing what’s up, how things really work and avoiding the negative ramifications of corruption in our food, government, justice system, health system, mainstream media, personal life, and spirituality is the ultimate awakening. It’s been a life changer for me so I will share that insight throughout this Blog.
Learning and accepting the facts and facing reality can take practice but it is the only way anyone can really move on to make a better world for themselves and for others. Practice doesn’t always make perfect but it certainly makes progress. Nothing really ever gets easier that you do, you just get much better at doing it. So practice learning to accept what you can’t change, but change the practice of living with what you shouldn’t accept.
Defining oneself is a huge part of getting awakened to the real world and simply improving life on your terms. This is the process of recreating the self in a new image that is more conducive to whom we have become as opposed to being bound by what we once thought we were. It is at this stage that true personal freedom starts to become a very real possibility when breaking away from others indoctrinations and obtaining a closer relationship with Nature.
This is simply the process of waking up and evolving into who you truly deserve to be and experiencing more freedom and self esteem. Your old world still exists but once you have started to change your relationship to that old world and Mother Nature, new beginnings can manifest into positive awareness and without old indoctrinations getting in your way.
But what are these indoctrinations I am referring to? They are all part of the world we live in called the “Status Quo.” They are all from our managed system of society we grew up with, the different religious beliefs we were taught, our twisted everyday views, the legal system few even understand and the way of life that is shaped and molded by politics, frivolous laws and statutes, distorted history and the news media, etc. If the Status Quo was anything that even resembled an honest system of open minded freedom then I wouldn’t bother speaking about it but it is the opposite instead.
Ideas and beliefs can be very powerful. Unfortunately, bad ideas and corrupted beliefs can be very powerful too. So powerful that too many people will even injure and kill others to make them real. History has proven that most of these powerful bad ideas stem from religions and corrupted politics.
When societies get so foolish, indoctrinated and devote themselves to believing wholeheartedly in these bad ideas like believing their nation cannot survive without the help of God and/or government, those societies eventually self-destruct without realizing the damage they inflict on themselves and others.
This is the real story about societies and especially about how the original ideas of America got destroyed. In America, what once started out to be a vision of great ideas and ideals from a bunch of revolutionary free thinkers (the Founders) of their time, got heavily distorted by bad people whose evil ideas based on greed and control killed the original ideas of personal freedom and liberty in my country.
To keep with the fundamentals of the original American mindset, America always needed an economic and political system that at the least was partially accountable to the people but it’s much too late for that anymore. Although there is a ton of bullshit still being spewed, accountability no longer exists at all.
The government of today is just an agent for the corporate ruling class. The value system is run by the religious ruling class. The criminal justice system, corporate business and mainstream clergy are the only ones pulling the levers, not the people as originally planned.
The people are now always at the end of the line waiting to be served (as long as they spend money). When they are not, they are usually serving the corporate government and the banking elite, one way or another. Consumerism and profit making is the name of the game.
America’s average lifestyle epitomizes the extreme waste of food and resources. People have to be crazy to believe otherwise but they do! That is why America’s reality has become the insane asylum of Planet Earth. Even our military have become the muscle and body guards of corporate government and their puppet masters.
While most folks in America are still proud to be Americans, I have to say that I am not one of them. The word embarrassed has replaced the word proud long ago. Embarrassed by the establishment that is strictly based on debt, wars, fear and greed. Normal people don’t need that embarrassment. But most normal people don’t understand the scam of the Status Quo either. That is where this Blog will really show it’s face. So what is the Status Quo supposed to be?
The Status Quo (a collective utopia in society) of today is supposedly a structured society that is civilized with a rewarding collective mindset based on the majority rules (Democracy) and a just legal system based on “Natural law.” But in reality, the Status Quo is based on manipulation, religion, corruption, war, fake democracy and propaganda and the legal system is based on “Maritime Law” instead.
It is a forced set of rules, beliefs, cultural norms, attitudes, and conditioned states which are pervasive throughout society. This indoctrinated mentality keeps people acting like fish swimming in a fish tank that are unaware of the polluted water that surrounds them.
The Status Quo is really the ultimate pyramid scheme. It boils down to governments overwhelmingly supporting institutions over individuals. The collective of oligarchies are only concerned with the institutions that the pyramid is made of and not the individuals the pyramid was supposedly built for. That is why the individual people are always at the bottom of the pyramid instead of the top.
Only when one understands the history of the pyramid system can one stop banging their head against a wall of oppression believing they can change certain things. It is best to understand the present Status Quo pyramid in order to put yourself on top again and do something more productive without submitting yourself to all its corruption.
In general, the Status Quo is another upside down situation you do not want to be part of. Society is full of of propaganda like your rights. Your rights no longer exist. They were taken away over a century ago when the Banksters bought America and even more so ever since.
The only rights you have left is the right to participate in paying the price for any of the privileges the government and their handlers sells to make you believe you still have natural rights.
Your so-called right to work is a privilege. Voting in America is a privilege not a right and is actually about slave registration because citizens are now legally a corporate entity just like the federal government. A corporation is a fictitious entity that has no rights but the government could care less about what you think so they gave themselves YOUR RIGHTS long ago by making you without your consent a corporate entity too. But someone got to run the corporation and it’s not you!
The Status Quo loves to call any open minded person exposing corruption a liar and “Conspirator,” when the big conspiracy and lie is really the “Status Quo” itself.
The structure of a openly free society is supposed to be based on trust and being able to go from point A to point B and feel the satisfaction of knowing you’re free to do so. But that’s not true today with all the laws and restraints. And the guise of using your own safety and well-being as an excuse for more surveillance and policing being forced upon you only limits your choices of freely doing anything.
The Status Quo world is an exaggerated existence of controlled deception. A manipulated projection of perception and choices too. You must understand more the choices you make by understanding the system. The “Infinite You” will never be discovered otherwise. You need to know the difference between being entertained by a Hollywood projection and becoming a Hollywood projection.
Self transformation away from fear is a wonderful way to discover your soul (the real you). Awareness, consciousness and free-will are the enemies of the Status Quo. So it’s simply about moving beyond the fear and manipulation that is licensed and embedded in society today. You don’t need a license to be yourself!
Understanding the “Catch 22’s” of the Status Quo will go a long way too. You can’t expect the same people to win the war on terror that it was created by. That goes for most problems trying to be solved by the same folks who created the problems. That’s like trying to find words that rhyme with the word orange.
When I think about who I really am, I get the feeling I’m living life based on an intuitive and a personal philosophical meaning based on fun. Maybe that attitude comes from being an old soul with young ambitions or from finding ways to simplify everything. Either way, it works for me.
You need to find an attitude that works for you that has a personal rewarding meaning too, not someone else’s meaning. You need to discover the more complex aspects of yourself. You are a lot more than just your thoughts and emotions. So don’t get too hung up on the two which the Status Quo loves to exploit.
Realizing and discovering the truth about the many common and every day manipulations within the Status Quo is a really bizarre wake up call.
I personally felt very intimidated discovering how vulnerable I was after being had and deceived in so many ways. I also felt very awkward realizing most others still haven’t realized they were being manipulated too and I didn’t know how to approach sharing my new insights with them without making myself look completely foolish to others.
I also felt a feeling of superiority waking up while going through a depressing state getting over the realization of discovering so many awakening truths. The expression “once bitten, twice shy” comes to mind. You begin to question everything for a change and that is a good thing.
One thing becomes very clear though, connecting the dots requires a major paradigm shift. Making that adjustment takes time too as it is a slow process to digest everything and put it into a new perspective while life unfolds in a new way. It is very similar to being slowly scammed by someone you really trusted and once you realize you’ve been had only then you see the scam and other ones unfolding.
But the positive side of waking up is enormous too. Mostly because you’re learning how the games people play are presented, distorted and actually played out. You learn about their methods, what they hide behind and what tools they use to fool you. That part snowballs after awhile and gives you great insight.
The Status Quo is a lower level of consciousness that is just an organized web of control, doctrines and beliefs. It has an elaborate foundation built from deceit that’s full of social, political, economic, psychological and spiritual manipulation. This psychopathic control system doesn’t like to be questioned and exposed, so it has all kinds of safeguards built in like fear, guilt, humiliation, doubt, retribution, peer pressure, economic worries and governmental threats.
But the biggest negative of being sucked into the Status Quo mentality is the lack of awareness of the corrupt fake world you are part of. The Status Quo mentality is simply always believing in the fake official story, no matter how manipulated it is or what it concerns.
For those who need a little insight about the fake world I’m referring to, consider these to start with: Fake news, fake journalism, fake entertainment, fake medicine, fake food, fake water, fake choices, fake bodies, fake money, fake economy, fake free trade agreements, fake government, fake republic, fake vaccines, fake national security, fake wars, fake education, fake patriotism, fake laws, fake justice, fake rights, fake spirituality, fake clouds (chemtrails), fake terror, fake peace, fake pandemics, fake history, fake freedom, fake crimes and fake elections. Need I say more?
So now, more than ever, we must respect, support, and stand with others who want peace and real truthful conversation about the world we live in. You can’t come up with real solutions if you don’t know what the real problems are first. The sooner you wake up to the mass deceptions the better. Once you understand that, your “Free-Will” can be unlocked too.
Having said that, it should be obvious that I’m very driven to see some of my offspring think outside of the box and not get sucked into the complicated chaos of this fraudulent, distorted indoctrination mindset full of greed and violence. I prefer them to trust their instincts and use the K.I.S.S. system instead. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Watch this video which is an excerpt of the novel “The Iron Web” by Larken Rose to enhance my points:

Anyone with common sense should be very leery about being a part of an organized structure that encourages high taxes, wars abroad and wholesale destruction of individual freedoms at home while pretending to solve everyone’s problems through religion, debt, governmental laws, wars and welfare programs. Even more so when those values encourage the sanctions of forceful authority.
When I use the words “Status Quo” in this intro, what I am really making reference to is what I refer to as the control grid.
Most people are so caught up in their distracted lives that they are not paying attention to the ongoing demise of their country and liberties. They believe crime has risen because there are a lot more bad people out there today.
The reason there is so much crime is because the government no longer allows people to freely assembly outside anymore and is introducing thousands of new laws thereby making almost everything a crime. Most of those new laws are buried in pages of bills they will never see.
Getting from point A to point B is policed constantly today. This also includes all the things you would normally do as a regular, functioning human being. The more laws that are enacted, the more crime is created. It’s meant to be that way. That is the main purpose of more legislation. It isn’t to keep people safe, it is to create crimes and thereby create the mechanism of control by which the wealth of the people may be extracted from them via fines and jail terms too.
The solution is as simple as people changing their perspective and their attitude, not only towards the people around them, but also towards themselves. The lack of respect for others always has its basis in one’s lack of respect for themselves. This is a programmed reality which people are forced to endure simply by operating in the parameters of the system.
The physical world responds best through our thoughts, words and intentions. It is through that energy that we enact change in our lives. Having said that, one needs to understand the corruption, manipulation and evil around them in order to affect any real changes through our thinking and good intentions.
When it comes to politics, almost all of the political machine is based on exploiting your good energy, trust and good intentions with lies and more lies.
Wake up and understand that actions speak louder than words. When was the last time our leaders and other politicians that were voted in lived up to what they promised? Stop believing their lies and start responding to the truth instead. That’s all you need to do to affect change.
The system of the Status Quo is based on debt-slavery, whereby every person within this system has been turned into a commodity. Turned into a mechanism by which the criminal, ruling banksters at the top of the food-chain and their middle-men, the government, are able to harvest your wealth and keep you imprisoned one way or the other. To understand this is where the big problem lies because folks are programmed to believe otherwise.
The collusion of corporate government and organized religion is nothing more than a sophisticated con job for modern slaves believing they are free! What is so civilized about that?
Attention shoppers – the propaganda mall is open on Sundays too! “WE THE PEOPLE” has morphed into the State and religions being the “WE.”
If the Founders of America’s Constitution were just a bit more concerned about all individuals in America they would have used the words “I THE PERSON” instead. But they couldn’t because they themselves were among the many slave holders of their time. So the “WE” really represented the Status Quo at the time instead.
Now it is just a matter of time before the “Bill of Rights” becomes an historical footnote.
The modern America and the West have went from evolving cultures to a collective utopia. The favorite music of the conventional West today is the never-ending replays of political, religious and corporate sound bites. TURN THAT NOISE DOWN! Understand this: A mindf*ck a day keeps reality away.
Some of those people are living in a cultural stupor. Their convoluted like-mindedness and Status Quo spirit really projects their oppressive artificial realities.
People of the establishment no longer see what is of real value today. Their value priorities are fiat money, the burden of debt, materialism and the greed of consumerism. The fixed system of the Status Quo needs to be cracked open so people can freely think again.
Folks are constantly fixed on false hope. Independence Day is a great example of such a farce. That hoax being celebrated every year is a testament of how ignorant the masses really are.
However, there is a very special independent person who can make a huge difference in your life – YOU! But that special person needs to understand where the farce, ego and hoax originates from in order to avoid it. There comes a time for some when one’s mindset starts questioning why society is so f*cked up. Why can‘t the world change for the better?
The corporate Status Quo encourages toxic human behavior and decisions that not only undermines our health and sanity but has the effect of a total disregard in destroying the balance of Nature’s food chain and environment. The biotech industries who produce GMO foods and toxic medicines head that list. When it comes to cancer, there is an overwhelming disincentive to find a real natural “cure” when worldwide spending on toxic cancer medicines alone is a $100 billion annual business.
It all boils down to toxic corporations who are running America having the permission from corrupt government for having no real ethical responsibilities anymore. America and the Western world societies are suffering from the lack of knowledge which is the lack of power. Almost all their information now comes from corrupted news sources. The attitude of this Blog is this: If you really care about making the world a better place, then start getting more informed NOW!
The causes of the latest controlled economic downturn in Western society is the end result of the immoral actions of fake government, politics and the corrupt and oppressive central banking system. The economic depression that started in 2008 was generated by highly toxic levels of greed, oppression, corruption, debt, power and wars. The knowledge of this alone after years of suffering should have outraged people enough that those caught in this corruption should have reached the tipping point already.
If that’s not bad enough, now we have the fast track agenda of globalization taking root across the board everywhere. The globalization scam will be ever more demeaning to local communities, personal development, small businesses, individual and national sovereignty, local governments, sustainable food production, wholesome foods and natural medicines and personal freedom.
Unfortunately, most Westerners seem to be lost in the decadent sewers of modern day apathy. If everyone in the awakened community just shared their concerns privately or through the electronic landscape publicly a lot more, that alone would greatly contribute to the tipping point of people responding. Instead, way too many folks are still very disconnected and living in a meaningless world.
We all evolve according to the way we perceive the world so it’s so important not to be plagued by systemic dysfunction. Western nations who are awash with political correctness display this systemic dysfunction. Their policies are no longer based upon ethnicity and tradition, but upon arbitrary legal contrivance that house multicultural hordes of aliens who do not want to share a common language, ideology or the national system of cultural and moral values.
Why are those in charge ignoring these facts? Because they have your tax money to piss away as they please and all they care about is getting more people into the system to get more taxes, cheap labor, more control and votes. Europe and America will now face the consequences of the new immigration and integration policies of left-wing madness masquerading as rationality. The end result will be a disastrous immigration dilemma that will include millions like me wanting to relocate while they still can.
The uncomfortable truth about the Western societies I’ve been living in all my life have become undeniable. My personal value system is way out of the realm of the conventional wisdom and the financial and social engineering I am surrounded by and keep trying to avoid. I already seen what the bankers, the U.S. government and their media puppets have slowly done to the sovereign man/woman in America and I’ve been seeing it again throughout Europe.
Relying on the existence of Natural Law has given way to the relentless advance of modern day statism and bigger government. There is no legitimacy left in the Western political systems of today. Westerners will never get back to being a free society unless they avoid the New World Order being prepared for them by the banking oligarchs.
There is not much one can do now except drop off the control grid as much as possible and find a safe haven to be more self-sustainable while riding out the brewing storm, or attempt to forge a resistance movement to fight what surely will be a tyrannical world order forced upon us by the banksters and their puppet governments and media outlets. I’ve been implementing a lot of both scenarios for decades and still feel I’m banging my head against the wall.
This Blog’s mission is very simple; it is to ground you by offering accurate information that will break down the old ways of thinking and help folks to see through the lies and to live a more realistic, truthful and healthier life. In doing so it will definitely challenge your own thinking and preconceptions and that is a very good thing for most since egotistical ignorance and indoctrination is everywhere.
Many of my posts will concentrate on the lies and inconsistencies in the official stories of the Status Quo. Encouraging discernment and critical thinking are important things that most religions, governments and societies no longer offer but I do! They offer false hope, control, oppression and mostly their help for you to part with your freedom, individuality and money instead. The message here is the best slave is the slave who thinks he/she is free, and the greatest fool is the fool who thinks he/she is a wise person.
Cracking open the Status Quo for review is the place to start looking for the answers. Once you investigate the root of the problems (ego and fear), one can only wonder what took you so long. If you think I’m making fun of Americans and other Westerners then you would be right. But, there is no one I’d rather share my time with than an informed and open minded American. However, I run for the hills when opposite Western types invade my space. Especially when the fanatics of religion and politics take the stage.
If someone told you who you should be friends with, who to make love with, how to spend your time or how to spend your money, what car to buy, what profession to choose, who to vote for, where or what you should eat, you would most certainly question that advice and probably prefer to make your own choice.
But when it comes to having a religion very few question why or question the religion itself because the choice of religion is usually taken away and forced on most at a very young age. Since religion is the biggest indoctrination of them all, one should seriously consider what they should really believe in on their own and naturally question why.
The special freedom illusion still exists big time but America and other Western societies are living in a world full of make believe. They are no longer much different than most other countries outside of their different cultures, life styles and appearances.
The manufactured war on terror was the final blow to individual freedom. You can say that it’s all a big show, an act, a stage full of actors doing their part to make the ever playing saga of drama and fear a reality. And those with their hands on the levers are all playing their part.
The preachers, lawyers, newscasters, Hollywood, politicians, police, Wall Street, corporate America, the medical and banking cartel, teachers, government and other fear mongers are all the leading actors in the show. Although the soap opera’s fear factor is mostly fake and dramatized, it is so for the sole purpose of controlling your mindset, freedoms, stealing your money, making new laws and starting wars.
This hidden agenda once exposed can bring anyone watching the show with open eyes an enormous amount of laughter. What can be seen as a scary movie for some can also be seen as a comedy by others. That’s because it’s a joke to watch this circus knowing how those who actually believe everything they see and hear are constantly manipulated. But it’s a bad joke that isn’t funny and once you know the script, story line and ending, you mind can easily opt out from the constant replays.
The real shows under the “big top” that you should be paying attention to are the blockbusters Mother Nature and Father Sky puts on instead of the everyday sequels of the propaganda machine. Free yourself from this freak show and concentrate on art, imagination, healthy food, love, music, Nature, inspiration, inner energy and other soothing aspects of life’s personal enjoyments instead. One can be amazed how putting the Status Quo aside can bring so much more enjoyment. You can really get good at it too, especially if you understand how the legal system works.
When you’re bored and restrained on certain days, or when your Internet connection is down, just watch the talking heads on TV or a religious program for a while and see how easily you’ll notice the propaganda machine in motion. Once you’re really good at it, have a laugh in doing so as you know you’re a lot more than one step ahead of the crowd seeing what they are up to.
When it becomes second nature to easily see all the chaos, manipulation, and first nature to be connected to the real cosmic world around you instead, you’ll then know the unpaved road your traveling is leading away from the destructive mindset of those traveling the busy toll roads full of orchestrated road blocks.
You’ll need to travel those toll roads from time to time too but at least you’ll know what road blocks there are up ahead and you’ll know how to deal with them or avoid them. Don’t be one of those who travel the toll road and are clinging to whatever scraps are tossed to them. As an informed American, I say loyalty should never be to a fake corrupt government representing your country, but to the concept that your country was founded on (think freedom and integrity).
That toll road of the Status Quo also includes the many exits to the religious nation so question taking one of those exits too. I don’t just believe people should just question their own religion, I strongly believe they should question all religions!
The Status Quo is a planned society but not planned by you! Its endgame is to limit and control how human consciousness can experience the world. Your plan should be to seek, understand and eliminate all the barriers within your consciousness instead. Those who have an awakened consciousness are those who can not be easily manipulated and controlled by organized religions and political indoctrination.
Because religions and politics are very powerful systems, the abused corrupted side of both are used for shaping cultures and controlling societies. This dirty side needs to be exposed and understood as these systems are causing more death and oppression than anything else. The reason why there is a lot of Pagan beliefs in Christianity is due to merging of the Roman principles of the Roman religion and the Christian religion. This is why the Christian religion is filled with Pagan ideologies. One example is the winged dragon in churches which was the symbol of pagan Rome.
Jesus is the personification of the sun and since we can not live without the sun, the sun is our savior (not Jesus). I’ll get into my take on Christianity later but fear is the end result of religious and political power which needs to be understood. Empowering knowledge is the only thing that will help humanity to overcome their fears.
Fear is one of the most powerful energies for preventing the frequency of humanity and Earth from rising. Stop giving the dark forces of religion and politics your consent to violate your free-will by giving your inner spiritual powers away. Ignoring these corruptions in society is the main reasons why governments, organized religions and the evil people behind them got so powerful.
Although I’m generalizing about big religion and big government, the small town versions should not be confused with the corrupted versions if they are not based on money and fear. And most folks who are involved with the smaller versions, like anyone else, are also trapped with their hands tied by those in power to follow a scripted agenda created by others.
The savior ideology whether from government (war on terror) or a religion (salvation) was created to enslave your mind and soul. Obtaining a better picture of reality will keep you from getting sucked in to the matrix of a corrupted society. It is eliminating as many distractions as necessary to function better. You can call it living on the edge but living on the edge, away from the anesthesia of corruption, fear and institutionalized control, is simply changing your vibration.
You can deal and play within the Status Quo all you want without being totally caught up in its conformity and suffering so many of the ramifications when you understand what the rules and laws are based on. It is not about dropping out as it is more about tuning in so you can evolve better. It’s all about understanding the “Corporate Establishment,” seeking a free thinking mindset and knowing how and when to avoid the many negatives of the Status Quo.
No one can ever know what is in store for our futures but I truly believe that the free-thinkers who exercise their free-will more in this world will reap many of the rewards to come. There is plenty to talk about on those matters so I hope this very long intro and rant leaves you with a better understanding of how the forces of the Western world are not just controlling us but also causing hatred and provoking very dangerous ideas, situations, wars and outcomes.
When I finally concluded that all this preaching and rhetoric about freedom and exceptionalism in America being spewed was just a hoax and pure ego, I simply accepted that reality and learned how to live with the big lie my way. After you realize the hoax too, you’ll put on your pioneer hat and find your way around the corruption too.
Non-participation in the corrupted side of the Status Quo is your personal key to more freedom. Good things start to happen when you start removing obstacles. People use religion and politics to structure one’s self and guide their behavior. So if either one is corrupted so is their mindset. This is a good reason for one to look closely at the origins of these mindsets.
When you begin to understand the difference between the fixed and growth mindsets, you will see how a belief carved in stone only leads to a host of limited thoughts and actions, and how a belief that your qualities can always be cultivated leads to a host of endless thoughts and actions, taking you down an entirely different road. I’d rather travel down the endless road instead of running into constant road blocks and dead ends. How about you?
Happiness is not always getting what you want; it is the realization of how blessed you are for what you have. And having a free-will mindset is the most important realization. No one can control everything that happens but you can control your attitude towards what happens. And in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you and living in denial.
Most of our political and religious leaders no longer defend our citizens against unjust coercion and irrational conformity. Both corrupted religion and government now implement every trick in the book to shape our lives into their version of a completely self-righteous and secular society to promote their own agendas. They have also been very busy taking their infamous divide and rule strategies to a whole new level.
The tyranny of both have shaped modern America into a country and society that must have our Founding Fathers turning in their graves. With this Blog, I will try hard to express my thoughts including some personal experiences in this introduction on how I feel America got so completely corrupted. However, it’s just a quick overview of some important events in my personal life and historical facts about America that affected me but in the end, you will need to follow up with your own research to understand the gory details concerning America better.
Not everything that you hear concerning conspiracies against the people and other countries is false, in fact, most of it is even true! If you live in the USA and strive to be free and want to help spread freedom throughout the world, do not participate in any foreign owned U.S. presidential corporate elections. If you do, you are basically committing treason against the real unincorporated United States of America which is the land that you supposedly love. When a government stops representing you that is treason too. Why would anyone ever vote for anyone who is treasonous and doesn’t represent you? Can people be that stupid? Don’t answer that if you vote.

The United States Corporation and all other Western Governments today supposedly function as corporate service companies for the people but in reality function as criminal syndicates and are preying upon the people they are supposed to serve. When governments and countries operate as corporations they have their own bi-laws and protections that the public knows nothing about. They hide under a complicated legal umbrella most are not aware of. They are financed and controlled by foreign banksters and their corporate subsidiaries that really run the show.
Like any other corporation, their interests are to serve their owners and/or shareholders and not the public. But the public is obligated to serve them, pay their salaries and even pay their debts. It’s so ironic! This is why our armed forces have been commandeered to operate as commercial mercenary forces and serfs of powerful private business interests of international bankers who pull the strings. Our wars since the American Civil War are only wars for profits now.
Our soldiers have all been victims of this con game. The President, Vice-President and members of the criminal cabal “Congress” do not and never will represent you under the present foreign legal system. The corrupt foreign international bankers own America, not the people! Your income taxes go to the international bankers, not your country. The government works for them and the other big international corporations they control, not you! They make the rules, not you! All of everyone’s complaints about injustice are all in vain without really understanding how the corporate, legal and banking system of America’s government is rigged.
A “license” or “permit” is official permission to do something that is otherwise illegal. Have you even noticed that everything is illegal today? Who gave a foreign corporation the authority to make so much illegal without the permission of the people? And who gave this foreign entity the right to imprison the sovereign minded people who disagree? You did by voting them in power. Learn some of these facts first and complain about those first by not voting. Otherwise they got you by the balls no matter whatever else you keep complaining about.
So stop just blowing hot air around and stop putting the cart before the horse. Voting outside of local elections is useless and is just giving your permission to those you vote for to rule you. I realized voting to change things was a scam decades ago when things weren’t close to being as bad as they are today and I just can’t understand why now after how everything has deteriorated so much further after so many more elections that more folks still don’t realize this today.
I’m astounded at the ignorance or lack of caring too with all the information available.
Some folks even laugh when you explain these truths and refuse to believe anything about how America became a foreign owned corporation and has been sold down the river like the slaves were. How did this system even create itself? That’s an easy answer, through ignorance, votes and with your permission!
Therefore the criminal cabal doesn’t exist in the minds of the naive and ignorant people who are victims of this scam. So the bottom line is this: Only because of a lack of understanding of the people (too many distractions and lies), is the cabal able to control the American people.

Like any other bad decision we have made before, we can always some how correct our mistakes when it comes to how we think and believe and end being a part of a lot of this corruption at any time we wish once it’s understood how our original legal system (common law) has been turned upside down and been replaced with an unconstitutional legal system (admiralty law) instead. There is no justice for the average person in a court that operates under Admiralty/Maritime Law.
So complain all you want and get nowhere if you insist on voting for these criminals to keep running and ruining your life and country. They all work for the banking cartel, their corporations and the war machine. All public servants are required to serve the public, not the public and our military serving them. When you agree to be a citizen of your corporate government, then it has jurisdiction over you. Now they have our military serving them too. Get it?
I complained about the deterioration of America and corrupt politicians and the system for 20 years before I left. I started doing it since my friends came back in body bags from the fake Vietnam War. Maybe I would have complained about many other things too if I had known more about the facts of being a serf of a foreign corporate government that has jurisdiction over my natural rights due to the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 being created.
But that was over 25 years ago since I left America and it was extremely difficult getting access to documentation about the many evil things about America’s corporate government and there was no Internet then either.

Now the world is no longer as big as it used to be in our new information age so there are not as many lazy excuses for lack of information anymore. That’s why it’s so easy now to educate others and share the more accessible facts these days wisely. How else are any of us going to wake up to everything bad and even good going on? How else are we going to change things for the better in our own personal lives and others? Jefferson made it clear when he said: A country which expects to remain ignorant and free…expects that which has never been and that which will never be.
After decades of trying very hard to expose the corrupted world we live in, I still find trying to seek solutions to life’s dilemmas pretty important to me. Especially when trying to share and explain things to my off-spring because I just love enjoying the good side of life so much. And I find life is good when you avoid the dogmas and open your heart and eyes. And dilemmas are good too as they help us expand our consciousness when you question them. Like what came first, the chicken or the egg? I say, that depends on how you feel about your awareness and look at things.
Would you take a scientific approach to that question or a philosophical one? Or both? I would say the egg came first as that would be where the beginning of the consciousness started to develop the egg that creates the chicken. Then you might say, don’t you need the chicken first to lay the egg? Not if a spark of consciousness can create matter. I say that because I feel more comfortable speculating that it is consciousness that gives rise to the physical world rather than the other way round. Now we are thinking and can expand on this further. Isn’t this how we conscious beings evolve?
So, did matter develop from consciousness or did consciousness derive from matter? Or is the relationship between matter and consciousness (alchemy) equal and feed off each other? I’d answer that by saying consciousness supersedes matter as being so much more powerful and fundamental in our existence because we are conscious beings living in a body made of of matter.
So consciousness must be the egg that everything comes from. Consciousness must be where we get our perception from too. And when the powers-that-be distort your perception with propaganda, distorted science and indoctrination, they are controlling and distorting your consciousness too.
But always remember, the powers-that-be are just evil people with perceived power and lots of fake money. They get most of their power and wealth from others through either force and/or perception management. That force and perception management is EVERYWHERE today so manage your own force, power and perception yourself. Stop giving your power away to the wrong people! Consciousness is the nucleus of our free-will so pay attention and don’t let people manipulate you. Do you get the message?
Consciousness is one’s state of attention and attention requires control to focus. Awareness of what’s real and fake and awareness of what is good or bad seems fundamental to any sort of real social harmony in a conscious society. We all paint our world with perceived consciousness of what we focus on. I certainly do and that’s why living in the now is so important to me.
Unfortunately, so much of that focused consciousness today is fake and bad and that’s why societies today are starting to break down for the worst and faster than ever. None of us should be so foolish to waste all our time in seeking all the truth about the corrupted world we live in.
But we do need just enough awareness of the truth to be able to connect the dots in order to move on and avoid the madness. That consciousness and awareness realized collectively can change the world. Our natural model of attention is our intuitions so listen to your gut instincts and act naturally.
I don’t expect everyone to love and live life like I do but I do expect most folks to try, especially my younger children that know me the best. Otherwise, I wouldn’t take the time to share the rest of this intro and create this Blog without focusing on them the most.
So I want to throw in this personal story into this Intro before I finish to give everyone (especially my youngest sons) some perspective of how I was conditioned and forced to play by others rules (including my moms). But there is a motto to this story too and it’s “For every bad, there is a good.”
I remember well the grief and punishment I received in schools and for bringing many black friends home after school. Although I had a smart and loving mother, she was also ignorant and a racist unlike my father. She was also Italian of Calabrian descent. She told us her family tree also had blond haired and blue eyes which most Italians don’t. She attributed this to the Calabrese people not mating with the slaves that were prevalent in Sicily and southern Italy back in the day where was a big a slave trade hub.
She mocked Sicilians because they had darker skin and kinky hair (from mating with the blacks of course) and refused to eat in restaurants next to black folks and would say so in front of them. She could be very out-spoken, rude, embarrassing and a lot of work. But that was a lesson for me later learned about racism and brainwashing.
Fortunately, my father who always insisted that I go outside and play with my friends, would tell me on the side, if you continue playing with your black friends, please don’t tell your mother or me. He seemed to play both sides to keep the peace. I fought with my mother for years about stopping her racial rhetoric but she never let up.
I rebelled by having even more black friends and became the protector for some that were being abused by other classmates. I was put in detention many times for protecting black kids from the verbal and physical abuse of my classmates. I even shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches my mother made me for lunch each day with those blacks who didn’t have lunch. Although I did it because they were hungry, I also did it to spite my mother. If she only knew!
So my mother and I always had a love hate relationship living in a white community and we could fight like hell when it came to me sticking up for my black friends. It was always a waste of good energy. If my mother wasn’t a racist, I would have had the perfect mother and friend.
The ironic and touching part of this true story finally turned for the best only after when she was dying of cancer. As her condition got worse, she eventually became bedridden and needed to be spoon fed. She was recently divorced after decades of being married, lost 3 of her children already over a short period of time and had 2 other daughters she got to despise and disowned.
One because she was living with a black guy (really nice guy too) and her youngest daughter who was a wild punk rocker that had a mouth like a truck driver. So out of all the six kids she raised, I was the only one left that was alive and had a good relationship with her. I also did my best to take care of her financially when needed once my brother who did died.
But I was living in Europe at that point, recently married and was too far away to personally look after her. So instead of putting her in a nursing home as suggested, I kept her in her home she loved so much instead and got a caretaker for her through an agency. The hospice agency also stepped in and looked after her too.
Little did I know when making these arrangements from overseas that the people sent to look after her were going to be black! She couldn’t talk much on the phone at this point so when I would call her all she ever said was please come home.
I would also speak with my goomba who visited her for long periods and when he told me blacks were washing her, feeding her and changing her diaper, I was flabergasted. But he avoided discussing the hostility.
So when I flew to Florida months later with my wife and her 1 week old grandchild, it was quite an emotional experience. When we entered the house we met the black women who were taking care of her first and we had a quick chat.
The first thing they said was my mom was heavily sedated but all right now. I immediately said: you mean she is getting better? They responded: no, her cancer is only getting worse but she’s not hostile anymore. They explained what they went through having to deal with my mom’s racial issues for months before she finally accepted their help.
I told them how grateful I was for their help and was unaware of the pain they endured. I had no idea, Holy Shit, but I never thought I’d see that day! I salute all Hospice folks for their care-giving and it was explained to me by those wonderful folks that they understood why my mother was a racist and they did everything they could to turn her around.
It wasn’t long ago that those same older women used segregated buses and toilets in Florida and were persecuted by the KKK. Their determination and compassion for dying folks really paid off. So after our meeting, we all went together into my mom’s bedroom and had a very mixed feelings reunion.
We put her grandchild into her arms and she started crying immensely. My mom cried at weddings too so I thought more happy tears. We said saying something like stop crying and smile instead if your happy for your new grand-kid.
She said: I am very happy for my grand-kid but I’m crying for treating you so bad all those years for caring so much about black people. Now they’re taking care of me. She continued crying saying she was so ashamed for being a racist. She asked, will you forgive me? I said: I more than forgive you mom, I celebrate you for the turnaround. I had a huge smile on my face while the room was full of tears.
Everyone started hugging each other and compassion and empathy was in your face. So many thoughts and emotions came to mind during those moments like where there’s death there is also life. When I turned and looked again at my mom with our daughter in her arms, I realized then that not one star was just born but two (my child and my mom). She died the following day with a smile on her face.
The message here is no matter how separated you get from mankind through prejudice, racism, politics and religions, you can always somehow get reconnected.
Especially once you realize the causes of mankind’s hatred and destruction. It all boils down to ignorance, manipulation, propaganda and greed. Four psychological unspoken subjects they teach in schools, religions and politics through indoctrination. This Blog’s homeschooling program teaches the other side of this unspoken public curriculum with a loud voice against this indoctrination.
But as far as racism is concerned, get over it and realize when your time comes to enter the spirit world without your body, you are entering a realm where racism doesn’t exist so get prepared now! That’s a conclusion I live with and expect my children to do the same. And I do hope you can put my other conclusions in perspective too in order in ignite some serious thought and contemplation no matter how you go through life.
Remember: the whole idea of this Blog is to supply and encourage food for thought. Whether it be with alternative news, rants, history, spiritual issues, racial issues, government, health, science or with anything important, informative and interesting.
I’m happy even when someone takes with a grain of salt what I think about anything as long as they think about it too or research it further. So hold on to your hats because I’m going to be giving you a roller coaster full of information, insights and history.
Just remember the bigger picture as you wake up to distorted reality by understanding that the use of corrupted religions, corrupted private banking systems and corrupted politics were always the three underlying and defining factors that have slowly destroyed my country as so with so many others countries too. This distortion in society is what the corrupted “Status Quo” mentality is all about and needs to be understood more than anything else.
There is certainly a very good side to religion and politics too but the human race has suffered for centuries from the bad side and is still suffering today from the mental disorders derived from both. Most of the time, religion and politics are nothing more than fashionable distorted substitutes for our own realistic natural beliefs since they both can be so convoluted and corrupted today.
Imposed r
eligious coercion is really nothing more than spiritual tyranny. Corrupted political coercion is nothing more than snake oil being sold that doesn’t work. Free thinkers form their opinions about religion and government based on reason, not on blind faith, false patriotism, authority or established beliefs of others. Once that is really deeply understood, one can then get down to real business so much better without the burdens of those ridiculous corrupted indoctrinations.
Why American folks still believe they have so much to be proud of as a truly free and unique godly country is beyond me as that is only hype and nothing more. I experienced that feeling when I was growing up being indoctrinated with patriotism and God too but later realized I was really simply feeling the energy and excitement of just growing up and just day dreaming about the inspiring ideals of our Founders ideas which no longer exists today in reality. But all the social engineering and brainwashing from our schooling, religions, convoluted patriotism and media outlets still has Americans praising themselves and their country with no end in sight.
I find that ego totally ignorant, arrogant and very embarrassing. This intense ego and mindset has set America on fire. Very few folks know American history and for other ridiculous reasons, still think they are the freest and most exceptional human beings compared to all other peoples on this Planet. That is so untrue as I’ve already lived in 5 other countries and all 5 were just as free or even freer than America was. I would have never known that by confining myself to the States and that is a big reason I understand the scam. I really woke up!
I realized that being discontent and always complaining about the increasing corruption, government deception, police aggression and racial conflict in America for so long was not only demeaning but leading to a very unhappy and unhealthy mindset. And since I felt nothing was going to change any time soon, I also knew I better do something to change things for myself.
So being a positive person invaded with so much negative energy that did not sit well with me, I used the Law of Action and left America for new horizons since I could not accept or do anything about making the situation get any better for myself in my homeland. This is really when I also realized it was time to grow up, stop complaining and use my free man mentality somewhere else. Before I took off to Europe to live, all I heard from everyone who knew I was leaving was that I was making a very bad decision.
But sometimes a so-called bad decision brings us to the right places especially when the law of action is involved using your own voluntary actions. In fact, I finally realized that the root of all my problems was my own voluntary actions accepting the legal system by staying and not understanding my sovereign rights and the frivolous laws I made myself subject to.
When I left America, everything was becoming so controlled and regulated it made my head spin. The disrespect for your free-will was uncanny. So I got out from underneath that control umbrella and I’ve become like a black market that is extremely difficult to regulate. So I don’t care if my mindset is looked at as illegal like a black market is because in a way, that’s a black market’s foremost attribute, as an illegal market is a free market: It is unregulated and has the potential to thrive if it cannot be controlled.
My decision to leave America completely transformed and supercharged my mindset. Part of that transformation was having a different environment to put everything into a different perspective. And a lot of that different perspective was being able to look at America from the outside looking in for the first time. I began to see beyond my normal limits. I was experiencing another level of freedom that made my heart sing because I finally felt the strength of my free-will.
It was like experiencing a high after telling the board of directors of a corrupt corporation to “take this job and shove it.” What a relief after breaking my allegiance from an evil foreign corporation called THE UNITED STATES (not to be confused with the real America). So resisting and defying the government doesn’t have to equal suffering either.
Stop allowing yourself to be treated as a trained dog being told to roll over! Unnaturally forcing anyone who is respectful of others to comply with the destruction of their natural freedoms just doesn’t cut it. Those who use force can stick their corrupted system and regulated mindset up their ass! Refuse to be part of their corrupted system and don’t bow down to those who insist on oppressing you and have no respect.
Perspective, attitude and how you live goes a long way on the road to Nature’s self-regulating black market. Pursuing a new path may be difficult, but no more difficult than remaining in a situation that no longer fits your mindset. Sometimes things must change so you can change and evolve. Outside of the work place and the important relationships in your life, don’t strive to just fulfill the expectations of others before you fulfill your own expectations to yourself.
Finding your sense of meaning and free-will should be your top priority no matter what your passions are. Passion, purpose and satisfaction all go hand in hand. Dr. Seuss once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

The problems associated with the societies of the Western world that I intend to expose is the corruption and deceit that keeps getting worse. Racism, hate, crimes, murders, wars, ill health and all kinds of distorted ideas and bad results come from these corruptions. So this Blog will expose them and report on them to make the reader more aware of the corrupt reality we live in as Americans and Westerners.
When some folks wake-up, they can utilize this information for self discovery to help them create more freedom, truth, happiness, real spiritually and think independently for themselves. Isn’t that what the essence of life is supposed to be? It is to me!
For reasons that will become apparent as you read the rest of this intro, I was quite reluctant to start this Blog. The main reason is that I believe exposing the phony realities of the American Status Quo makes me out to be an insulting anti-American, and also, life long indoctrinations are just about impossible to break for most people anyway. That was the majority response of a former Blog I had that was abruptly shut down.
Yet, in the end, I decided to do so again first and foremost, in order to have a personal way to educate my children about the establishment that they can easily look to and find real news and inspirations that can help them face reality on their terms. I also enjoy sharing my passion for living a better life full of freedom that comes from real natural inner energy and living truthfully instead of from so many fake indoctrinations including corrupted politics and religions.
That has become so important to me that I dedicate this Blog to my children. And since this Blog is dedicated and directed to them, the following is my motive. Most parents focus their energies on the accumulation of material and monetary assets they have and what their children will eventually inherit. I focus on leaving my children the real power of knowledge of how the material and spiritual world works and is extremely manipulated instead.
Why? Because I feel there is nothing more valuable than revealing the little I know about the secrets and hidden mysteries of life inside and outside the Status Quo. Knowing how to play the game of the Status Quo is one thing but the more important prerequisite is really knowing and understanding what the game actually is. That understanding will certainly help level the playing field.
Once that basic knowledge is gained, then maybe my family can better concentrate on the conscious powers of real reality with empathy instead of giving their personal energies away.
Sending our children to schools which basically teach the world of oppression and materialism will never teach my children to live honestly and passionately with themselves. The public school systems everywhere need to be redesigned to create independent creative individuals who are taught free-will, self discovery and sovereignty. So to fill that gap, I intend to provide some real schooling at home.
My family and I love Spain, especially the south where we live and raised our children but we hate seeing Spain go down the tubes due to the loss of its sovereignty, economy and the Mideast wars. That’s already in your face. I would also hate to see Spain get caught-up any further with the war on terror and also in a brewing war with America against Russia too. These concerns are steaming realities so it’s best to have an exit plan with a plan B too.
As my youngest children already know, we’ve been working on contingency plans to move outside Europe while weighing our options for a year already but the hardest part of relocating is selling our property first which has already lost a lot of it’s prior value. Who knows how long that will take? That’s definitely the hardest part of the plan when banks aren’t offering many mortgages while the economy and real estate market are in dire straights.
Uprooting is not easy with a family and schooling getting in the way either so some home schooling for the family is certainly going to help to keep everyone up to speed while figuring out what our next move should be and where do we go next if necessary? So it’s always best to keep well informed and have an ongoing contingency plan when you see the shit hitting the fan.
This Blog is part of that contingency plan! And we’ll let the reality of much of the unfolding Geo-political events determine many of what and where our next moves will be. As reality unfolds, I’ll post updates so my family gets the real facts of life about world events without the spin. This will go well with how we raise our children to more being self sustainable, conscious and self governing. We believe reality and those points should be the essence of any young person’s education with mindful social and creative skills being highlighted.
Exploring who they are without being regimented with conformity and the lust for money doesn’t exist in public schooling today. The public school system as it is now is only designed and structured to prep all young citizens to be narrow minded and contribute to and consume from, the manufactured economy as just economic workers.
I was never cut out to be one of those good, obedient workers and citizens. We are taught in school from the age of five not to question authority, prepping us for the working class mentality. A mentality that binds us with shackles to a life of debt servitude. I was lucky that I naturally focused on having a good time each day instead which labeled me as a rebel. A rebel to what, someone else’s life of debt and misery?
I like the idea of encouraging our children being rebels in school too. That’s because the majority of education should deal with encouragement and it’s not. Encouragement to be independent, free, kind, creative, artistic and compassionate. Not a prep education to fit into the Status Quo and a one size fits all mentality taught in most public schools today.
The traditional education of the Status Quo is full of regiment, restraint, routine, discipline, fear, conditioning, authority, obedience and repetition. So in other words, it’s full of a lot of shit we don’t need which creates very docile students! Great for a military mindset but not very good for a creative person. Something is missing when grades are your only measurement of progress.
How can anyone really grade curiosity, inspiration, passion, aspiration, excitement,
improvisation, natural abilities, ideas, intellectual development, cleverness, creativity, meaning, talent, confidence and other natural traits? Those natural attributes don’t seem very welcome in government sponsored conventional schools. You won’t find them very often in the mindset of our politicians or religious leaders either.
Good or bad grades don’t necessarily equate with intelligence. In most cases, they reflect an ability to follow rules and memorize information which are both important skills, but less important to me than critical thinking and creativity. Self discovery and learning go hand in hand. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
And that something else in Western schools now reflect a society that has become fixated on crime, security and violence. The detention center mentality is alive and well in the school system. Can you spell Taser? I know you can! I’m just pointing out another trait of modern progressive schooling.
One that goes very well with young students becoming easy targets for the new private prison industry, which profits from criminalizing childish behavior and jailing young people for not being compliant. Schools have become places of control, repression, and punishment. That’s one lesson that is hard to learn so do your homework or else.
So if our schools systems aren’t efficient to keep our children’s minds free and help them face reality and become efficient human beings living without fear, then we as caring parents need to help fill that void.
Our children need to be able to think critically and see through all the bullshit for themselves once they are old enough to go out on their own. Unfortunately, public schools teaching critical thinking don’t exist today because they will never be funded by a system that wants open minded students that will question the Status Quo’s agendas and money machine.
Let me explain a bit why I never get upset with my children getting bad grades in some subjects, being late for school or even skipping school sometimes but I do get frustrated when it comes to seeing my children being disconnected to Nature.
Most of subjects taught in school are useless when applied to a rational organic lifestyle.
Some of the intelligence you get from schooling certainly has its place in many areas like the work place, communications and academic situations but most subjects studied wind up in the dustbin of useless knowledge.
But innate smarts is a whole other matter as that intelligence comes from intuition in the gut and is needed in life for making better decisions and connecting to more important things. You can consider it street smarts if you like but it’s not something you’ll ever learn in school. This intuition is more important in real life because this intelligence come from using your instincts and insights together with the unity of Nature.
I now rely on my gut instincts to make most of my decisions and I want my children to learn how to do so too. So discovering and learning how to use your gut instincts is much more important and valuable in life than most conventional learning although using both are ideal. I believe being immersed in Nature is the best way to bring out one’s natural instincts and discovering the real spiritual world.
Everything has a connection to awareness through natural instincts so learning how to use your instincts and insights helps you connect with everything around you. When you get to the point that most of your important decisions are based on your instincts, you will be sharing the mindset that everything is connected.
The purpose of a good life is not just to simply be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, and to be compassionate and not being destructive. That mindset will surely rub off on many others so they too will have lived and lived well without the fear and violence others embrace.
I find it very satisfying to make a bit of a difference in the world by honoring Nature and showing compassion. To have a purpose that is not based on greed and selfishness but on love and peace instead is personally very rewarding to me. That is something anyone can enjoy just by simply discovering and respecting the true life force of the Nature of the Universe.
The only thing that can stop mankind from advancing is ignorance, greed and politics. Greed and politics in government, greed and politics in religions and greed and politics in business. And probably the only thing that will destroy the balance of Nature and/or mankind is the bad results of the power struggle from greed and politics too. The only great equalizer to this deadly corruption is the truth so discover as much as you can. And if you want to be a champion of freedom and peace then smarten up fast.
Here is something sad to contemplate too. Two hundred species of life went extinct just today. And 200 more will go extinct tomorrow and everyday after that if humanity continues its present course. This can only end if people start making a difference and start respecting Nature and each other more. So, one of my goals is to teach my children empowering and esoteric knowledge in order to be part of that change.
The message here is: Learning to be innate will help keep you from being irate.
The bottom line is to discover their free-will and inner energy and learn how to love life, experience real freedom and to live in the moment. What more value can a parent give or leave to his children than knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that can lead to real spirituality and a fuller life? More important things than they will ever get from any public schooling, university or corrupted religious instruction.
Living in the moment is only half the story. You can only enjoy today to the fullest because of the plans you already made or work you did before. Unless you intend to set up your life to scavenge from others, I suggest you always have your own plan working. Some say the secret of happiness is enjoying today while planning for a better tomorrow. I have no problem agreeing to that. So the message is: You got to have a plan or you’ll become part of somebody else’s plan.
And believing there is much more value in that mindset, a great place for my children to discover what to plan for themselves starts with getting realistically educated from this home schooling Blog.
This is not one of those typical Blogs that focuses on a large following, tons of comments and are connected to Facebook and other social networks. I have no interest in any of that. It is more of a personal Blog that doesn’t allow comments as it was established for another special reason; MY CHILDREN and other family and friends.
And although this Blog is really set up as a personal home schooling program, it is also a good avenue for anyone to explore current alternative news and insights that offers much more than the mainstream scripted media outlets do. It’s also a good source of finding real independent journalists not working for the Status Quo.
It’s an easy way to get connected to only one place where reliable relevant news and insights can be had without spending hours going through numerous other sites, sources and the mainstream media. I do most of the work which has become quit easy having accumulated so many sources of valuable information throughout the last decade.
It will never have any focus on “Mainstream News” unless it is to either debunk that news or expose its corruption. But most importantly, the outline of this Blog was created as a simply way to get better educated about the real world.
There is no broader subject than life itself that I like discussing and being a part of. That includes talking about the habits of Nature in the living Universe and discovering everything about its existence. In order to enjoy better the good side of life, one needs to understand the bad side of life too. I find life’s good side fascinating and with mystical qualities.
That’s why enjoying the moment is so liberating for me and why consciousness and the holistic side of life is my endgame. There is no scientific approach to that mindset at all. That’s just how I live, learn and try to celebrate life. I don’t expect anyone living only in a world of conventional wisdom to understand that mindset either but one should have enough free-will to explore the outside boundaries of the Status Quo too. Most folks would think it’s crazy to live in a remote area or on an island but I don’t think that way!
Getting more detached from routine dogmas and enjoying Nature opens the possibilities of exploring life more. Otherwise, one will only be able to live, learn and experience that within the limitations of conventional wisdom which is very shallow in discovering one’s self.
Humanity is just another scaled downed version of the source of all divine being. Our sense of a greater presence is to realize that. We are all drawn to this realization of divinity whether we realize it or not. Practicing a religion without negative dogmas is another way to this divinity and so is the purpose of discovering the truth.
The contents of the info provided will be well screened and will rarely be from any mainstream media. And I hope others too will benefit from the “Food For Thought” and inspiration this Blog will offer.
Helping my children and others get real facts, correct history and a true perspective of the manipulated world they’re living in will help them understand what’s really going on and why. So what I found that are the 2 biggest factors keeping folks from really being free thinkers and finding joy in life are their obsessions with politics and religion.
For many folks, any one of these 2 indoctrinations alone can simply consume them. 
When lies are on such a magnitude and the manipulation is so wide spread and believed, those lies and manipulation alter the world we all live in and create false opinions and beliefs for hundreds of millions throughout the world.
And because false opinions count when most Westerners vote, they unknowing give their permission for their government they elect to influence and corrupt not only their world and environment but my family’s world too. So my posts will hopefully push your buttons so you can disagree or agree but more importantly test yourself and your views by seeing different angles.
Although my main posts will deal with America and the West, they will also deal with other parts of the world America affects and places and events that will affect America too. There will be plenty of good info from reliable real news sources I’ve been gathering for many years
Warning! If some of my future posts and rants seem a bit rude, they are probably meant to be as I believe showing a passion for what I believe is right and if being sarcastic or blunt is what it takes to get folk’s attention in order to wake them up then so be it.
But in the end, all I’m really offering is insight into facts and a whole lot of food for thought.
The world should know that America and the West are controlled by what is not known as a “Shadow Government.” I don’t know who ALL the powers-that-be really are by name (who does?) but those who you read about like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are just some of them today and we will never know all their true identities.
But I do know that those who really pull the levers of power and control the world have been around for many generations and are very powerful figures in the Vatican, London and Washington, DC. All three in the order mentioned are functioning as some of the religious, financial and military arms of the Shadow Government of this world.
There are of course many other factions too like the I.M.F and World Bank that fund wars and control countries resources for those pulling the levers. You also have Wall Street, the C.I.A. and the racist ideology and political movement of the Neo-Zionist State of Israel which are among the biggest players. I’ll post more info on all of this in my Blog as I find posts worthy for your review.
The Western Status Quo mentality on this Planet is the reason why humanity is always at war or in some dire predicament. I already witnessed some of my children grow up and get sucked into the Matrix big time. So I’m going to do what ever I can to prevent that from happening any further. This is what this so called Blog is all about.
Pertinent issues will be highlighted like American history, out of control government, politics, wars, corrupted health and some other important facts regarding America and the Western world that might help you understand more about the current realities, how America and Europe are changing rapidly for the worse and the current dangers and liabilities.
So I ask my children reading this to put your phone on mute and grab a drink to get more comfortable, in order to digest some of this Intro better. I don’t expect you to go through everything including the links in just one sitting but I do expect you to eventually go through everything. Also, I’ll be personally going over everything about what’s in this Intro with further explanations for a long time with you so please pay close attention and write down your questions too.
Let it be very clear before I report on the realities of America and the Western world from my viewpoint, that I am by no means a radical in any way, shape or form but I do believe too many people are and most aren’t even aware of it. This is all due to life long indoctrinations, corrupted politics, racism, manipulated patriotism and forced beliefs. I can honestly say this because I myself was once trapped in a distorted Status Quo mentality and now I find myself resenting anyone forcing their disruptive fearful world on me.
Fortunately, I was very lucky having a father who was an open minded seafarer who traveled the world as a living. He did a good job sharing his wisdom when he wasn’t at sea and knowing my frustrations as an older teen, insisted that I keep an open mind and question everything about the establishment which I finally did later which brings me to today.
So who am I? I’m a father, husband and a free thinking expat who is very AWAKE. I’ve become an old fashioned self governing junkie addicted to personal freedom. I spend my time cooking and baking, growing food, enjoying nature, listening to music, raising free-thinkers, loving life and questioning everything.
I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the New York area and I’ve been living throughout Europe since 1988. But when folks anywhere ask me where I’m from, I like to give this answer: I’m from “Bully Land,” also known as America or the United States Incorporated.
But Bully Land as I now call it better suits describing how my country treats it’s citizens and the world today. Unfortunately, most of the world sees all the death and destruction caused by my country with the exception of most of those from Bully Land itself because society in America is so ideologically warped and deliberately distracted.
I was brought up that way too after being from racially charged Brooklyn more so than others elsewhere in my State. I’ve changed that old mentality into preferring consensus decision making over any government rules, equality for all, no rules, only agreements, and living a self organizing life instead with as little political and religious involvement as possible. I would love to see my kids morph into that mentality too.
I’ve personally became very content how I see and deal with the world. However,
for a guy who is pretty content with myself and all that I have, I still want so much more. You can say that I’m like a kid that is always saying I want, I want, I want! But I’m not like a bad tempered spoiled kid either that needs to be humbled. I’ve been there, done that already.
What I want for others is what I already have a lot of. I just want to share everything I know and have with everyone else who is of good intentions too. And I always start first with those who I know and love the most, my children, my family and my soul mate. And since I’m an advocate of freedom, peace, free-will and individual sovereignty, one of the wants is to have them share those important attributes in life too.
So what are all these other wants I always have? The following are some that quickly come to mind. I want to teach my children EVERYTHING I know about where control, exploitation and social engineering comes from and how to avoid it. I want to do EVERYTHING I can to keep them out of harm’s way and the clutches of the corrupted side of the Status Quo. I want to convey EVERYTHING I feel about what real spirituality is and why religion should be put into the proper perspective.
I want them to know that fear is the worst enemy of freedom and why. I want to share EVERYTHING exciting about Mother Nature and Father Sky that adds balance to their relationship with the natural world which is an extension of their existence. This understanding will lead them in appreciating and BEING CONNECTED to life to the fullest. I want them to be the best advocates of liberty sharing kindness, peace, compassion and empathy and at the same time help them recognize the many exploitations by breaking down for them how the corrupted system of the Cabal works.
I want them to know that the best powers to possess are the power of love and the power of individuality. I want them to learn as much as possible how NOT to be totally reliant on the control grid. I want them to know that the only thing that should control them is their heart. Self pride and ego are 2 different things so I want to keep them from being lost souls and know that ego is for fools.
I want them to be part of a true peaceful future instead of them living the norm by believing in our corrupted past history and unnecessary wars. I want them to replace the words I Can’t with the words Why Not.
I want them to fully understand that one of the secrets of a long happy life is really just keeping it simple. I want them to naturally reject fear and greed and not get caught up in pursuing too many material attachments.
I want then to grow into BEING organic, empowered, sovereign beings and to take the steps when necessary towards making needed changes. I want them to learn how
to dissolve and detach from the illusions that keep folks disconnected from achieving their highest spiritual and natural sovereignty. I want them to totally respect all of life and Nature and help them to understand that the positives and negatives of the energy of the Universe has everything to do with how the cosmos are being aligned each day.
I want then to learn how to think, feel and act naturally so they can go with the flow their way. I want them to learn how to build up and strengthen their connection to their creative life force energy
. I want them to establish positive patterns of thinking that project into their future. All these wants and desires are based on strengthening my connection to what and who I love in a free flowing way.
It is all about the bigger picture few see anymore. And that bigger picture is the natural world and its sovereignty that we must be a part of to function normally, peacefully and and spiritually. Looking to tomorrow for answers and having better leaders to solve our current problems is usually what most folks focus on. But in order to see the bigger picture we need to step back before stepping forward. Not just through looking at history but through presently connecting to the natural world away from any corrupt Status Quo dogmas.
This is essential and in order to do this we must recognize the many harmful influences of egotistical social status that invade our minds and spirits. Protecting ourselves against the advanced forms of social engineering, legal manipulations and
mind control being marketed to us with every sound bite from the mainstream media and the controlled political system is a must.
I want my loved ones to understand the destruction of what mankind has already done to the world so far as a whole and understand the future they are entering so they can protect the natural world and themselves along their journey. Protecting Mother Nature is the only way to really fully see and understand how humans are destroying the Earth and themselves.
I would love to see my children spiritually lead that charge individually and collectively. I want my children to live a life that the common everyday noises and sights are not from construction crews, police sirens, traffic jams and folks in vehicles honking their horns to get into a fast food drive thru or a Wal-Mart parking lot. Or not from the sight and despair of impoverished broken down neighborhoods with homeless folks that surround upscale city downtowns.
These typical noises and sights today shouldn’t be typical at all for most folks. Instead the noises and sights they should hear and see everyday the most are the sounds of silence or Mother Nature at night and especially the sight of seeing her being alive and well. Nothing compares or is more exciting than living a normal natural reality.
The concrete jungle is the headquarters of the controlling mechanisms of corruptions and money machines that have distorted the developed world. We should visit it often to remind ourselves that the energy of the Universe does not flourish there. The bright lights of those cities and larger communities block out the magic of the stars and cosmos that are normally glistening in the night sky.
And I also want one other very important thing for everyone who cherishes life and our true spiritual abundance and that is to WAKE-UP to all the deceit and social engineering being thrown at us every day from every which way
! It’s time to fracture any corrupted core beliefs that are crystallized in our consciousness and be open minded with a love for peace instead.
I could say more but it would only dilute what I already said so I’ll elaborate a lot more later in this Into and by posting relevant articles, insights and healthy alternatives as I find them.
Striving for personal wealth can get confusing and become a very complicated game. I prefer to keep it simple. Most folks lucky or not, value wealth as money and material gain. I see their point but they are missing the bigger picture. Money is great to have for so many reasons and folks should be grateful for having plenty. But being grateful when having very little is a much more realistic feeling for me. That’s when you realize that it is the little things and spiritual things that count the most. That’s when you see straight, show compassion and really grab hold of your inner love, ideals and values.
So I don’t really put much value into the material world anymore but I do put value into the other wealthy side of my life that too many folks newer consider. Those things include having a great roof over my head, overcoming financial, emotional and family battles and landing on my feet, having a very happy family in Europe that grew together, loved each other and never went hungry. Having great people in your life that you can be open with and share great conversation, nature, humor, food, memories and moments of closeness is the real wealth of this world.
I’m no longer one of those who wallow in their victim-hood because we all are victims of something. I prefer to get the real facts, simply deal with the truth and move on instead. And in doing so I would also like to believe I can help others to do the same. I’ve always enjoyed watching people excel since I was a kid, especially when they’re the underdog. I find that inspiring because most folks are underdogs most of the time.
When you live in a corrupt world, you will always hear that the good die young and the good guys finish last. That’s complete BULLSHIT unless you live in a phony corrupt world and are not awakened enough to realize it. So if you want to excel, live long and finish on top (especially spiritually), get a lot of knowledge and get it with a lot of truth. That’s who I’ve become.
But I am also one of those who failed to achieve the expected result from the Outcome Based Education Training I got for many years. I went rogue instead. You can say I wasn’t a very good student in conformity and flunked happily that part of my government education. But what I did learn was that the policy makers behind the government’s indoctrination agendas that are shaping the curriculum of American schools, rely on the dependability of a labor force and how well it can be managed and trained through their mandated education programs.
This lead me to becoming one of those rebel fringe dwellers of society after awakening from the corruptions of the compliant Status Quo trance. I hold the mindset of stop sacrificing yourself. It’s the defiance of compliance that straightened me out. I feel if you’re not causing any harm in any way then its fine not to be compliant to anything you disagree with.
Becoming a revisionist when it comes to conventional wisdom and distorted history is important to me. Especially so when it comes to steering my children in the right direction with truth. I don’t want my children ideologically warped knowing that much of our history and our present state is already so full of lies and misconceptions. Exposing some of the bigger lies and misconceptions will shield my children and help them to understand how to avoid the economic, political, religious and military consequences of those lies and misconceptions.
History has always been written by the winners and the truth has always been twisted to justify all the carnage, misery, sorrow and death from wars. The losers are also always ridiculed and made out to be the cause and bad guys with few exceptions. It has always been like this throughout history so don’t ever believe everything you hear or read if it has been produced by the winners. Let me give you a great example.
The greatest historian and author that I know of regarding almost anything about Hitler, Germany, the Allies, the Jews, war crimes and both World Wars in general, is an English researcher and writer named David Irving. If you want to know about a lot of what went wrong during the 20th century, then David Irving is your man. Everything he reports on is based on facts and documented archives and personal interviews.
David has opened up more cans of worms than anyone else debunking twisted historical facts and the established government propaganda they teach in schools and has exposed more hidden taboo secrets too. He has been ridiculed by the Jews, smeared by the press, unfairly dragged through the court systems, had his life threatened, stripped of all his assets, put into solitary confinement for over a year and even imprisoned again for his honest heroic writings. Just Google his name on YouTube if you want a real education about wars, their causes and the hatred it breeds. You won’t be disappointed.
Because I grew up in a predominantly Italian/Jewish neighborhood called Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, the Holocaust was always a subject both in my school and outside too. No one even dared having a thought of denial about that subject including myself! But what most everyone don’t know is that there were never any actual documents or not even one single proof of evidence outside of hearsay, that certain death camps like the famous Auschwitz death camp fitted with gas chambers killing Jewish people during WWII never had any gas chambers.
This has been documented as fact by many researchers but it is still criminally illegal in a lot of Europe to even deny that the reports of gas chambers there existed. The conclusion was that many of these so called death camps that became so famous and became a museum were really labor camps instead. But there is proof that death camps existed elsewhere although Hitler himself was (supposedly) not aware of the genocide being carried out.
The reason you can’t dispute or deny the systematic murder of 6 million Jews and others by the gas chamber which is historically etched in stone, is because the exaggerated story of the Holocaust is the only exaggerated event in history to ever be enforced by law.
Many who have denied or disproved parts of the story or the use of only gas chambers being used to exterminate people or the real number of deaths due to diseases, killings, old age and starvation, were fined or convicted up to 6 years in prison. Two such recently convicted people are still in prison today as I write this. So although freedom of speech supposedly still exists in America, it doesn’t really exist in parts of Europe when it comes to the Holocaust’s official story.
And as far as the Zionist fanatical Jews are concerned, they want to keep the Jewish ongoing persecution that way to further the Zionists agendas. Most Jews I grew up with were good people but the fanatical ones were always complaining and a problem throughout the world. Why? When you carry a huge ego through life that you are better than everyone else because you are one of God’s chosen people, there’s a good chance you’re going to start trouble and burn some bridges.
So it’s no wonder why these so called Zionist Jews who believe they are above all others have been being kicked out of different countries for so many centuries. But now they have their own country after negotiating with the British government by secretly backstabbing Germany for getting the Americans involved into the First World War against Germany. This has only made their fanaticism worse because they now can take their perceived ongoing egos and persecution to a whole other level.
Now you can openly see these delusional problems as the Zionists have been forcefully expanding their country’s borders into other people’s territory and killing them in the process while saying they are being persecuted by the people they’re killing. Ironically, most of the world’s governments are turning a blind eye and even supporting them financially. Of course the US government has always been their biggest ally and financial supporter giving these Zionists billions of US dollars every year because the influence of these well placed Zionists are in every phase of politics and big business in America too.
We can despise Nazis without despising Germans; we can also despise Zionists without despising Jews. And stop calling those that run Israel “Jews.” They are not Jews, they are Zionist Khazars, from the foothills of the Urals. There are many blogs about these people who don’t have ONE OUNCE OF JEWISH BLOOD IN THEM, NOR ARAB BLOOD. They are a mix of Turks and Mongols. They adopted the Jewish religion in around 750 AD and migrated into Eastern Europe calling themselves “Ashkenazi Jews” and they are anything but. They are psychopathic opportunists and that is proven historically.
If you ever wondered why these supposedly fanatical “Anti-West Islamic Terrorists” never mess with Israel then I suggest you consider this: ISIS never attacks Israel because the initials for ISIS really stands for the Israeli Secret Intelligent Service.
The occasional so called Islamic terrorist attacks will happen because they’re needed to keep the pot boiling.
Al-Qaeda and the new ISIS is a US-Israeli creation so when you hear that ISIS is responsible for any attack, you know the reality. And regarding Israel, how many other places in the Western world do you know that want their entire country to be of a single race and religion? How can any Western nation even make this intention known without being branded as racist?
The reason that history has a habit of repeating itself is because many real parts of history are either withheld, hidden, changed or not researched properly or enough. We are all victims of massive historic deceit. And the Jews were certainly victims of the Nazis too but making the word “HOLOCAUST” a brand name and a permanent political issue, is over the top.
And now anyone discussing anything about Jewish people or history in a negative way is considered Anti-Semitic and silenced. The light of truth, and the freedom to investigate and discuss it further is our best and only hope for a less corrupted society and liberty moving forward.
What better way to encourage my children than to explain how the world is manipulated and run so they can indulge in the spiritual pleasures of life without all the false dogmas of a manipulated reality that breeds creative destruction? Only by examining that which lies behind us can we ever hope to gain insight into that which lies ahead.
And putting the present into perspective with an honest reflection of the facts will go a long way in finding
the right path to lead us where we need to be in order to establish a harmonious existence as co-inhabitants of this planet.
So m
y loyalty lies with honesty, Mother Nature and peace. I hold no allegiance to any President, political party (including the libertarian party), race, government, religion, gender, culture or have any other interests that are vulnerable to conventional Status Quo propaganda. If anything, I consider myself a “Free-Will Health Consular.”
I deal with society my way or I don’t deal with it at all and although I love peace and have one foot in compassion and empathy, I also always have one foot deep it reality too. But more than anything, I detest most politics of any kind so I like living by rebellious example. “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Fairness and making a difference were always important qualities to me.
During the Vietnam War, it was protesting and signing petitions that I thought would make a difference. Then it was siding with blacks against racism. That didn’t work either so I figured not voting for corrupt politicians would show my rebellion against a racist tyrannical war-mongering government and system I was against.
Then it became my absence from America that was the stronger statement of non-participation that I do not consent or agree on how my government runs things at home, their repressive foreign policies abroad, their direct involvement of heinous crimes against humanity and their direct and indirect involvement in horrific atrocities.
Those were the best ways for me of opting out of the corrupted political system I won’t be obedient to. And I still feel the same way today.
So before living in Europe, I was a very simple person living a very rebellious life. Now I utilize the K.I.S.S. formula instead and concentrate on enjoying the never ending discovery of nature, free-will and a more interesting life.
I always wanted to write a book about my off-beat interesting life after being encouraged by many people to do so. But why write only about my life when I can also write something important about life itself, creative power, self-awareness and how to improve all three instead? So I’ll incorporate into this Intro and Rant a bit of what my life has been like, and what it is all about living within and outside the Status Quo.
I’m not going to talk about things concerning my illicit adventures in life, I’ll save that for another day, but I will talk about what mattered before and still matters now and because there are so many subjects I can go off on, I probably will. I’ll also include many things that you won’t learn in any conventional school with plenty of messages and some interesting and informative videos to. I feel doing so will be the best I can offer to a home schooling program designed for my family to learn a bundle from.
I hope others outside my family who are reading this Intro will also get some insight from my take on free-will and real spirituality which leads to all my conclusions about why most of the chaos and madness in the material world exists. I certainly hope my children will.
Fathering children and being a critical thinker, world traveler, Nature lover, Chef, environmentalist, and a former wise guy has opened my eyes wide to the corrupt world we all live in. So I’ve evolved a lot and now I live a bit of an unconventional life these days as I don’t enjoy going to crowded stadiums anymore and prefer small scale events and even solitude.
I think I tried it all but I’m now very comfortable if not delighted being more isolated at times because it is impossible to be truly alone once you realize everything is connected and alive around you. That’s what makes life and Mother Nature so exciting once you realize that.
In fact, I’ve had my best moments in thought, planning things and being creative when I was in solitude with myself without other people’s distractions. Why be distracted or obstructed all the time when one can be inspired and at peace with more solitude? Solitude can also be your best companion when being constructive, artistic and knowing oneself better.
But I never confuse loneliness with solitude either as they are 2 completely different things. I still love interacting with good folks and do so often but I can also live without all the chaos and bullshit that people can impose upon you.
I think one of the best things that shaped my mindset the right way was growing up in a struggling large family. Everything was appreciated and nothing was wasted. Moderation was forced upon you since there was so little abundance of anything except for being poor. So when I made money I shared the things I bought with it especially food and good times. Sharing in general was easy when you realized you didn’t need much to get by and that sharing was an act of kindness and compassion that made you feel good and real.
I made the best of what was free or cheap which included utilizing and exploring Mother Nature, the public library and listening to music as the main refuges. The point I’m making is we are programmed in society to pursue greed and abundance as a way of life while accepting wasting our time, money, energy and resources as normal. If I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth, I probably wouldn’t be writing this today. So the message is: Life is less about obtaining material objectives you want and more about making the best of what you have and get.
Beside being fascinated with Mother Nature from a young age, I was always intrigued with spirituality too. Curiosity and intuition told me I should seriously investigate both. So I always found it very interesting to hear different folks interpreting what others have already interpreted differently millions of times for centuries concerning the words, parables, metaphors and meanings of the Bible’s contents.
However, as I got older, Mother Nature began to feel more and more like home to me but the Catholic religion I was taught made me increasingly uncomfortable. I felt there was something very holy about Nature but something very unholy about the cult of extreme religion and the church. Especially after being exposed to the pedophiles, church symbols, rituals, fear of Hell and the authoritative nature of those preaching and teaching the Catholic religion to me.
On the other hand, I also became very uncomfortable and somewhat confused about how most atheists thought. Mainly because all the atheists I’ve run into so far seem to replace the Almighty God with the Almighty State instead or are just heavily involved in corrupted politics. What atheists don’t seem to grasp is that atheism is itself based on an act of faith: faith in the idea that there is nothing beyond our hollow perceptions of existence. Religious or not, too many Westerners today practice self-righteous ignorance.
The words “Atheist” and “Believer” have many levels and meanings. God is just a word used to define a personal feeling or relationship of the supernatural which is usually translated by most as a place called Heaven. The Hell part is the political input to control you. There are so many versions of God throughout history of the world it can make your head spin.
So when someone says they’re a believer or an atheist, what exactly does that mean?
That’s a big question and deserves a detailed answer. Especially if you’re a believer because there are so many personal interpretations. But the one thing I always noticed is when folks abolish their version of God and become an atheist, they usually get into politics and government becomes their God. That’s when all Hell breaks lose.
I can easily relate elections to religion and another reason for me not voting in big elections. Voting for corrupt politicians is just giving your power to someone else to use it against you. I’m not just giving up the desire to be ruled by not voting, I’m also rejecting false Gods in the process. I see no difference between a King, a Pharaoh, an Emperor or a President with a legislature.
They all play God and can put you through Hell!
So the atheists who get involved in politics are just trading one type of God for another type. Having said that, any good person who is an atheist should still be focused on love, kindness, compassion and humility like Jesus did. Those are the traits of any good person.
Here’s some more background to understand my mindset growing up. When I was a young teen I lived in a very confusing world. I began to shake off the shackles of conformity as an older teen in a big way. The religious schooling I had years before turned out to be a big flop. I’ll talk more about that later but that set me up to be very leery of other people’s beliefs.
After my religious upbringing was more than confusing, seeing on television my President get murdered and going through 4 boring years of high school, you can say I was in the beginning stages of defining myself. I couldn’t stand the television shows of my day like Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best and Ozzi and Harriet.
I preferred to listen to music instead or watch comedy shows like the 3 Stooges, Groucho Marks, Abbott and Costello and Monty Python who made me laugh. I was very compelled to laugh at most people too who I thought lived an artificial 9 to 5 life who watched those shows I couldn’t stand.
Those people didn’t just act and talk weird, they also dressed and looked weird to me too. I even got pretty good at joking around while imitating them. Humor has saved many a man’s sanity! I hated suits and ties and wore jeans to church and school too which got me dismissed many times.
I hated homework (who doesn’t?) and rarely bought books home to study. But I read tons of books including the Bible and hung out at the local library. I was a loner one day, an outcast the next but I didn’t care what teachers said about me and got through school anyway. I was testing out my way of doing things and looking for adventure while having to deal with these Zombie types too.

So as much as I liked joking, I stopped thinking these strange stereo type people were funny anymore after realizing that it seemed most everyone outside my crowd was living in that weird artificial world too. I called them the Golly Gee Whiz people because those words they used often. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them so I kept thinking maybe it was me who was really missing something because I didn’t fit into that Status Quo mentality.
That actually was a good thing to realize as it encouraged me to dig deeper and do some serious reflection, self-observation and soul searching. That led me to realize that my connection and relationship to humanity and nature was a lot more sensitive relationship than that of most others.
But I also realized it was their programmed life and way of thinking and that made them act like robots. They believed their government was totally honest and they all went to church. They watched their Ozzy and Harriet shows and behaved the same way. They never seemed to question people’s motives and didn’t care about most everything others like I did.
When I got big into Nature and health I got to a point that I was no longer comfortable eating anything with a face or I would not kill so I became a vegetarian. I became very conscious of everything I did. I usually spent more time with my dog or reading books I liked than I did with my mates.
I found solitude to be a good friend too and I also found myself protesting against the war in Vietnam and having scraps with the police. And even while many war protests and race riots were becoming normal, most all these Zombie like people still could care less about changing anything about the violent, racist world they lived in.
Those were high energy but weird times in the 60’s and early 70’s. Those years caused great reflection for folks like me. If there was one thing that bothered me the most when growing up it would have to be the social invalidation that surrounded me. I also knew there was a lot more to life then the phony regimented existence most folks lived in the heavily populated and polluted New York area.
I read plenty of travel magazines and heard so many good things about enlightened people in other places with better weather so I went looking for a different lifestyle and people with a refreshing attitude. I crisscrossed America many times but Hawaii and the Northwest won hands down. Both had beautiful mountains, better weather, and great beaches and laid back people. California had the best opportunities so California here I come!
I loved living, working and traveling throughout California but San Francisco and north of there was a more interesting area and a great fit for me so I decided to move there permanently. So I went back to the New York area to prepare for a permanent move but got caught up with family matters and business which delayed my move for years. By the time I went back to the Bay Area, prices for living there went sky high. Hawaii was totally out of reach financially too. So I went more north of San Francisco instead. It turned out to be a great experience searching for a meaningful lifestyle and finding it.
But what I saw in the New York area that I ran from, slowly crept into the Northwest as a dominating and repressive government showed its ugly face there too. So I moved to South Florida where my family and some friends already moved and tried my luck there for a decade. That was a great experience too, especially having a boat but you guessed it, it also became a police state! The culture and social structure in America is now based on militarized egos, wars, consumerism, distorted media propaganda, debt, fake democracy, fake medicine and false patriotism.
Even though there is so much diversity, great national parks, nature and things to do throughout America but no matter how wonderful the landscape is, the job you have, the shopping choices, vacations, the variety of all the beautiful homes and properties that are there and all the resources at your disposal, everywhere you go it is highly regulated, taxed and has become a repressive surveillance police state and getting worse. That is the reason America is building more prisons than schools.
I tried very hard to define myself and find my place by traveling and living in many places in the States. But I couldn’t get that great freedom feeling back I once had growing up no matter how hard I tried. I just got more disconnected and disgusted that trying to define myself in America was like trying to bite my own teeth. I kept finding more endings than I did more new beginnings. Having said that, I preferred to leave America where it belongs, without me.
It’s always better
to walk away and carry on sensibly without an attitude when something has reached its conclusion. It may not be so easy to do but it’s better than staying where you don’t fell comfortable and don’t fit in. When one door closes another door opens. I hope that’s enough to justify why my younger kids don’t live in America today with me.
When I think of describing myself today, I can’t help to think of where I consciously live and with who and what I’m surrounded with first. How can anyone really describe themselves without describing or including the connections and/or influence of their surroundings and what they’re part of?
After all is said and done, we are part of our environment, our leaders, our mates and our beliefs, aren’t we? I now believe that life in the Universe, Earth itself, human life, and other life on Earth is one self regulating conscious system no matter where you live. It seems everything is all consciously connected and behaves, adopts and evolves naturally while building on itself. Figuring that out and rebelling against racism, repression and tyranny is what’s missing to keep the world consciously connected and make the world a better place.
People’s actions can have many consequences.
One look – can start or end a friendship,
One word – can start or end a fight,
One smile – can start a new relationship,
One person – can save or end your life
It’s pretty obvious to me now after living in Europe for so long why the American behavior is disliked by so many other cultures. It is also pretty obvious why most Americans are in the shits. They have become a product of their society and political environment. Instead of enjoying a high standard of living, free of servitude and debt, while also protecting the environment, most folks have become government pawns, are struggling to get by, burdened with debt and are either destroying or watching their environment get destroyed.
Way too many are also casualties of chemical lobotomies from toxic prescribed medications that render them delusional with so many harmful side-effects. America is home to only 5% of the world’s population, yet it is currently prescribed more than 50% of all pharmaceutical drugs worldwide. Any time anyone doesn’t feel perfectly at ease in their definition of normality they are considered mentally unstable. Wow!
So how our planet is responding to a heavily drugged, delusional and policed humanity bent on wars should concern EVERYONE but it don’t.
So, at the end of the day, my beliefs are simple and peaceful yet seen as radical in a war-mongering society who pray for peace while their country is continually at war.
Praying to stop the war machine is a waste of time. No prayers were answered since I’ve been alive. Getting rid of the war-mongers instead makes more sense but they don’t. Such is the nature of a sick and twisted society where lies are truth, violence is compassion, aggression is leadership, and of course modern slavery is freedom.
It’s best to learn the ins and outs of the Status Quo mentality so one may critique its parts, in order to learn how to change and/or avoid its distorted mindset, laws and corruption. No one should be forced to agree with a society where others consider your own honest judgments to be wrong and accuse your own natural desires and instincts to be shameful.
Everyone should be judging themselves before judging others but how can anyone judge and believe in themselves in a society like that? So life is full of realizations but we all evolve and the band plays on. It is what it is so do some soul searching, follow your heart and think with your own brain instead of someone else doing it for you.

So after plenty of soul searching myself, I’m very comfortable on how I relate to the spiritual cosmic source others call God so this is my condensed conclusion about Christianity (not spirituality). When I went to Catholic school, I was never taught what spirituality really was. Instead, I was taught the cult of who Jesus was and the religious theory of Heaven and Hell.
So my own take on real spirituality has nothing to do with religion and was influenced through enormous amounts of research, thought, interaction, reflection and experiencing the good and bad emotions in the process.
My conclusion is to understand what spirituality is, one needs to first understand a bit about who we truly are as humans and the positive and negative sides of the physical world we all live in.
If we keep an open mind, we all should be able to put in perspective something important out of what we’ve been taught about the Bible and Jesus no matter how corrupt or convoluted our thoughts and various educations have been.
Part of the big take away from my religious instruction was the word “Christ” represents a principle of spirituality and the word “Jesus” represents a spiritual being with an enlightened soul.
Another important part would be that God is within us and all around us so look no further.
I wasn’t actually taught that, I had to figure that out myself and put that in perspective once I realized that the polarized Bible and other religious books are full of hidden messages. The Almighty God to me now is personally acknowledged as the
“Conscious Energy of the Universe.” Of course that’s all speculation but I can tell you this with certainty.
We all need a lot of healing as we grow and evolve around everyone and everything else that is also always growing, evolving and healing too. It’s a complicated world that we need to keep simple. And when you do and find yourself comfortable in that harmony, you’re part of a wonderful world whether you realize it or not. So when you find yourself there from time to time, you’ll have the option of also realizing that dreams do come true because chances are, you are living one at that moment.
It doesn’t get any better than that really so enjoy every moment when that happens. That’s what I strive for these days so I’m always ready to have some fun no matter if it’s with other people, alone with Nature, or both. And remember, as far as the healing aspect is concerned in the process, you can’t heal the world for others until you know how to heal the world for yourself.
Healing comes from sharing and giving your inner energy to the living whether it’s big or small. Nothing is insignificant. And nothing should be wasted including your time and spirit. I practice what I preach so I share the glory of God’s healing by constantly acknowledging the forces of of the Universe.
My theory about God determines how I see God. And since I’m sure God is the spirit (energy or force) of the Universe, I see all things as being part of God. In other words, EVERYTHING is connected no matter how small. No matter how smart even the most intelligent genius may be, I get the overwhelming feeling that the spirit of the Universe is vastly more intelligent and much more superior to that of anyone including all of mankind put together.
Turning the secrets of nature into a religion just doesn’t cut it. You can’t paint a face or explain the spirit force as they do in religious books. It doesn’t just have a human personality, it is everything and all energy combined so it mysteriously is what it is and it can’t really be defined.
I have no doubt that there were many great spiritual teachers of the past that existed but I also realized that turning any of them (Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna etc.), whether real or not, into a religion was a little bit much. All my decades of research and soul searching have not only confirmed that conviction but strengthened that perspective.
This is why I never stress a religious upbringing for my children and I will try my best to explain why later. But first, I believe it is more important to understand a lot more about our physical world so we can have a good perspective of how to approach the spiritual world without dogmas and false beliefs we can not confirm based on superstitions and convoluted history.
But if my children want to practice the good points of being a Jesus type then I would encourage them to forget about a God deity, prayer, a son of God, and a resurrection and just learn the pure principles behind which Jesus supposedly taught in the New Testament instead of all the control nonsense before and after Jesus and in between.
So much of the Bible’s laws and commands are convoluted nonsense that are very hostile to peace, liberty, equality and free-will. So I consider the Bible and other religious books to be forms of hijacked spirituality, oppression and mind control. And this new Islamophobia that has been rearing its ugly head seems to be the latest mind control that comes out of the phony war on terror’s religious divide.
If the inspiring moral teachings, doctrines and ethics of Jesus can help you avoid the bad things in life like tyranny, greed, violence, fear and hatred then that’s great. And if the good points of Jesus help you apply peace, compassion, love and empathy into your life then I recommend you become that type of Jesus person.
Just avoid the dogmas of organized religions like the Christian Church and Bible altogether so none of the good things you stand for can get twisted and corrupted. Remember, the Bible is a mixed bag of contradictions, just like the Quran and other religious books are. Religions have always been the source of the original Boogyman.
The Status Quo in Western society teaches us that we are physical beings living in a physical world. I believe otherwise. I think we are spiritual beings living in a physical world instead. If we were only physical beings, we wouldn’t have the ability to intensely observe ourselves and others or have the imagination that we have because we would otherwise just behave like plants or sheep.
Three of the most powerful energy forces in the Universe are Love, Thoughts, and Consciousness.
The fact that you have these spiritual forces inside you is proof that you are a spiritual being with infinite potential. Unfortunately, too many folks behave like plants and sheep because of the powerful indoctrinations imposed on them. So that’s the big heads up on how I think and there’s more.
I’ll get into the more later but let me skip to Europe for a moment so I don’t forget to tell you some of the good and bad about living here.
Although I love living in Europe enjoying the old world, more freedoms, unique architectures, different foods, sexy accents, interesting cultures, ancient ruins, and real medicines, things have really changed rapidly for the worse.
The first 20 years of me living in Europe and raising 3 children here was nothing short of a joy. My best memories are certainly in Europe, especially Spain. However, most of the European political establishment has been getting totally corrupted again now that the E.U. is firmly established and many of its country’s economies within have been falling apart and deteriorating very fast too.
I also got a great education in government socialism living throughout some of Europe for so many years too. However, I am sorry to say that after living over 2 1/2 decades in Europe and seeing the E.U. being established, most of that political socialist mentality has morphed into heavy collectivism. This is another main threat to everyone’s personal freedoms and financial advancements.
I can definitely say with honestly that my mentality is just too rooted in the older original American spirit of the Founder’s entrepreneurship to ever feel comfortable with that. In other words, you can take the boy out of America but you just can’t take the American mindset out of the boy! I’m referring to the original American mindset, not the new distorted one.
And before I get into ranting a lot about America, here’s a lot more about my take on the new Europe first. You should definitely know this as Europe and America share the same bed these days and the bed is getting smaller. That’s not so easy to see unless you’ve lived in both places like I have.
As like most other Americans, I always thought my country was very unique with special freedoms, privileges and natural rights other countries didn’t enjoy. That was because I was very familiar with the American Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and the dark side of world history elsewhere. And also because I was always taught that other countries were very backwards, oppressed and people there still lived in the old world with hardly any modern conveniences.
Although there is some if not a lot of truth to that regarding certain countries and parts of the world, I soon found out that America was no longer unique after moving to Western Europe and comparing the both. In fact, Europe blew away America in the freedom category. What a pleasant surprise! I was no longer afraid about letting my hair down. And although there was a sense of a public military presence in Europe (especially at airports), the police never seemed to go out of their way to bother anyone.
It was as if Europe lived in slow motion with less stress and the clock didn’t have the same meaning or importance as it does in the States. That was the hard part for me to adjust too but it didn’t take very long. Life in the fast lane was hard to find and that was a good thing, a very good thing if you weren’t a capitalist always thinking about gaining money. But as a born entrepreneur, my eyes lit up with the opportunities that were available and ready to be explored if not exploited.
But it didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t going to persuade others in Europe to change their lifestyles any time soon either and I really didn’t want to anyway. So I slowly conformed to their slow moving culture instead and started channeling my high energy into just loving life as most Western Europeans do so well. Family life was especially booming and children were welcome everywhere you went.
Credit was also very hard to get in Europe so most folks saved their money, didn’t abuse credit cards, owned their own apartments and houses and had a good social life that was more meaningful. They worked to live, not lived to work. The music scene and clubbing was booming too so there was no lack of entertainment and partying either.
The European sense of life and freedom is more natural compared to the American debt lifestyle and hype of freedom I was used to. But that is changing fast since the international banksters came in with the Euro, engineered a fake economy, thrashed it and taken over the European Union. That loss of freedom is showing its face with huge personal debt, inflation and bad immigration policies.
Home mortgages and credit for everything became wide spread and so easy to get. Is was like taking a kid to a candy store. Adjustable mortgages which were unheard of and not understood in Europe became all the rage. The economy was booming along with the real estate market then so the sense of wealth was everywhere. Credit cards were pushed on anyone who had a job as were car loans. And then the Banksters pulled the plug while destroying the economy and the bottom just dropped out in many countries.
I use to think this “New World Order” rhetoric was bullshit but it is not bullshit at all. It’s all very real. Watching the E.U. get on the band wagon of the Globalists was in my face living here. What has been unfolding for awhile but is speeding up now is the plan to wreck the national sovereignty of each country in the European Union. It’s the same thing the federal government did to the individual States in America.
Now I’m watching a refugee crisis develop for all the wrong reasons. Too many of the refugees that will be allowed to migrate into Europe were brought up from a young age to hate Americans and Westerners. Too many others are not casualties of war and only interested in a better life due to the mass socialist welfare programs in Europe they know everything about before they even arrive.
So, outside of legitimate migrants needing safe harbor from the wars the West creates, European and American taxpayers are going to get stuck with the bill and the influx of hoards of people who hate us. Now ain’t that ironic that the Western governments arm and fund dictators like Saudi Arabia abroad and then they will continue funding the terrorism they bring home too. Another “Catch 22.”
The migrant crises that will occur from invading the Middle East and parts of Africa is all planned too. But you can’t have a new world order unless there is an enormous amount of distractions and chaos created first. A lot of that chaos comes in small quantities in different places but builds up to uncontrollable levels and that’s when the powers-that-be step in and offer their global solutions (some very violent).
They will always make it sound as if their solutions (laws and wars) are for everyone’s own good. Most of this manufactured chaos has been planned and has been on-going for many decades in the West. Its progression is now going on everywhere. This is what’s needed for their divide and rule and destroy and rebuild strategies to work.
Those evil strategies include racism, murders, bribes, military and political interventions, false flags, mass media propaganda, wars, technology, toxic foods, drugs and water, terrorism, vaccines, manufactured economies and recessions, religious division and coercion, mass immigration and integration, poverty, manufactured weather conditions, corrupt government and politicians, fake laws and justice and other tools used by the powers-that-be.
Their think tanks are working at full speed within the back rooms of Israeli, Asian, Middle Eastern and all Western governments. Their propaganda behind the world agenda is now being implemented at full speed and in the final stages in the West. All the Zionist controlled mass media are on-board too. I believe my children’s generation and their children will see the brunt of it. That seems plain as day to me and that’s why this Blog was made for my children.
The US and the European war mongering, power mad globalists have been very busy with the re-colonization and destabilization of the Middle East and the African continent. It’s all about controlling valuable resources as it was back in the day when European countries like England, Portugal, Belgium, France and Italy started colonizing Africa.
This time though, vast amounts of oil, water and other natural resources of massive economic value have been discovered since. We all have seen what already happened with the campaigns of war based on false accusations in Afghanistan and Iraq and now its Africa’s turn starting with the wealthiest African country (Libya) to fall first.
All this mass destabilization, wars and chaos will never end in my lifetime. Since the mainstream media is on board with all the lies too, expect perpetual wars to follow and the Western nations to support them all. Politics and governments everywhere in this world today are corrupt to one degree or another. There is no such thing anymore as corrupt-less government anywhere that I’m aware of. So, so very sad!
That’s how I see it and one of the main reasons I find it necessary again to relocate completely away from the confines of any Western Zionist controlled central government today. I’m not a masochist either. The pleasant thoughts of retiring from work soon also pushes me to seek a peaceful resting place that has plenty of solitude away from violent realities.
The way I sum it all up is to stay away from most Americans and Westerners who are spoon fed their artificial reality of our world just like children watching cartoons. I want no part of being held hostage to a corrupted nanny state system either that’s backed by the best marketers, fear mongers, mind control experts, preachers, teachers, and a 24/7 propaganda and war machine that’s the most sophisticated on the planet.
That way of life has such a wide array of indoctrination and distractions it can make anyone’s head spin! What ever happened to the sophistication of simplicity? The people need to get back to using the K.I.S.S. system to break this trance they’re in.
It’s preferable to us to get back to living in a place where life is still fairly natural and simple instead of forced to being spoon fed by a non-organic over sized toxic government as we already have Pachamama (Mother Earth) to rely on for our daily dose of nourishment.
Let me throw some more background and reality at you about the new European Union. The European Union (28 countries so far) as a new community is now governed and controlled by a central government, central bank and the world’s newest fiat currency (the Euro).

Europe is now heavily influenced if not controlled by the same international forces of collectivism and corporate corruption that is controlling the White House, United States Congress, England, United Nations and the mass media.
The formation of the European Community was supposed to strengthen the countries that joined and prevent wars within the European Community but the mindset of central planning, central banking and the corruption of collectivism is destroying many aspects of each country’s uniqueness instead including a lot of their different cultures. The central government of the European Community has been very busy undermining the economic, social and political sovereignty of the individual countries within.
Europe is getting back to where it was when Kings, Queens and dictators ruled. The rush to integrate mass amounts of folks of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds so fast is now taken its toll too.

There is no shortage of crime and violence here recently and it’s getting worse fast. Same shit happening as in the Good Ole USA.
Having witnessed “The American Way of Freedom” deteriorate during my life, I can now easily see the writing on the wall in Europe too after knowing how the game is played by those now controlling both places.
Europe is now part of the “New World” collateral damage and is rapidly losing some of its charm, safety, economic opportunities and freedoms. Welcome to Europe’s new Status Quo! The E.U. should now be nicknamed “The United States of Europe!

Unemployment in some countries is worse than during the Great Depression.
The new oligarchy of the E.U. passes new laws (one after another) at will, currency controls have been implemented, corruption is very high, poverty is rampant and taxes are always increasing. The president of the European Council is the “supreme political authority” of the E.U. and he is not even elected by the people but chosen by the Heads of State in the Union.
Since the E.U was created, the headquarters of Brussels has fallen under the control of a fascist regime and the I.M.F. These knuckleheads running the European Union have already described the E.U. as a new super-power. And guess who their best friends are? The United States, the number one super-power! I already fled once from that super-power mentality only to get stuck in another.
The European Union has become very complicated and confusing politically and economically. And another bunch of East Bloc countries are lined up to join the E.U. too. These countries from the Eastern Bloc see higher paying wages in the Western Block so I expect Western jobs to shrink considerably. See more info on the E.U. formation for yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union
So the “Elites” and NOT the people are now running the show over here too. The central government in Brussels is leading the E.U. to destructive disunity. The really sad part is that most of the people here do get what’s happening even with the political machine of destruction working at full speed. But it is becoming illegal in some countries to openly protest or bad mouth politicians publicly. I believe it’s just a matter of time in Europe that protesting, exposing the truth and whistle blowing will become illegal everywhere.
Since the E.U. is now based on a corporate “Federal” model, it is now becoming a slow self-destructing disaster. Again, same shit happening as in America. I expect a couple countries (or parts of countries in the E.U.) will try to breakaway soon if things get worse.
I personal feel that would be a good thing as uniting so many countries under a dubious central government so fast with unorganized and chaotic fast track immigration and integration policies will have a bad outcome as the American States will have with the same immigration and integration policies they’re both in bed with.
But I also don’t believe the central government in Brussels will ever allow countries to leave. These crooks have no intentions of letting their sheep loose. They still have too much shearing left to do before that ever happens. The one exception might be England because they hold a very special status within the E.U. as they do in the Western World. So the NEW corporate “Federal or Central Government” policies are what’s really creating the main problems within the E.U.!
I use to think that the federal government of America had become the worst criminal enterprise in the history of the free world but the new E.U. is now catching up quick. Although each country in Europe already had a central government, the new powerful central government in Brussels has now forced each country to have two.
Now the European NATO forces are under the joint control of the U.S. and English, so the European Community as a whole have become the most recent puppets of the powers-that-be. How ironic that the English and the American governments have become such good friends again sharing the same agendas, aggression and foreign policies.
They both plan wars together and seem to be joined at the hip and talk the same shit these days in every way only with different accents. The wars and hostilities agreed upon between the Americans and English against the Middle East etc. have accomplished nothing except for radicalizing the populations there and elsewhere. America’s former rebellion against England has definitely come to an end. England’s tail is now wagging the American dog again.
Thanks to their collusion, radical Islam has been woken up big time and is now reaching the backyards of all the European Community which is becoming very concerning if not scary. I’m not talking about being scared of normal Muslims much either, I’m talking more about the scary shit the governments are probably planning using radical Muslims as an excuse to cause anger, hatred and reek havoc (divide and conquer) on the countries with high Muslim populations to gain more control over everyone’s freedoms all throughout the European community.
On the other hand, I hate to break the bad news but radical Islam is a bigger problem than most politically correct governments and individuals are ready to admit. Out of the 1.5 billion Muslims in this world, it is reported that 99.9% are not radical.
That sounds like great news but what they don’t tell you is with that enormous amount of Muslims, you only need one tenth of 1% (1.5 million) of violent radicals in order to reek havoc throughout the world. I also believe that it’s more likely that radical figure is so much higher too and if it is we’re in big trouble going forward. Especially when America and its allies are provoking and arming them.
You’ll never learn the true history of radical Islam and it’s terror doctrine in a government school but you should know that Islam’s history includes the death of over 200 million people and the slavery of many millions more. At one point in time, Islam conquered all the Mediterranean countries and others for centuries. They made the crusades look like a walk in the park. Here’s a link to fill in the blanks:

Al Qaeda is just a name the CIA gave to thousands of Islamist extremist fighters during the cold war, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. Muslim extremism has always been used by the US government and CIA as a political weapon of foreign policy for many decades.
Truth is, the only way America can win the “War on Terror” is if it stops giving terrorists the motivation and the resources to attack America and elsewhere. Unfortunately, the privatization of war has created a multi-billion dollar annual business for private security forces and military companies like Blackwater working overseas. This scam alone will keep America at war until the moon turns blue. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to many types of war profits.
Another purpose of this agenda is to justify bombing the shit out of countries in the Middle East and to militarize and grow the police state in line with that of America. The corrupt central government’s news media is forcing Muslims to respond violently to disinformation and if they don’t the government will arrange to make it look as if they have with anything from protests and demonstrations to false flag attacks.
Police kill people in America at an exponentially greater rate than police in other countries kill members of the public, yet in most countries, especially Western Europe, where a variety of political views are allowed in local and national government, dissent is much more tolerated (even culturally celebrated) than in the US. However, that is all changing fast over here.
Who needs to be living among brewing hatred and growing resentment when you have other options? It is only in the beginning stages too. This is due to the huge growing Muslim population here that are good folks in general but many have strong religious and family ties to the millions that were bombed and killed in the Middle East.
Empathy is a very powerful emotion. Where will the real displaced go to escape this charade in the Middle East and elsewhere? Europe of course! Then you have the already radicalized Muslims here who would love nothing more to use the excuse of war to radicalize their people coming here even further. And if they don’t, it seems clear that the powers-that-be will step in and have their puppet governments do it for them somehow (destroy and rebuild).
Like America, Western Europe (E.U.) is now doing everything they can to drive away talent, small productive businesses and innovation. Their concentration is only on big business, immigration, collectivism and welfare programs. This is especially true for France, U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium and Sweden where the integration for immigrants from Islamic countries are the heaviest (as of this writing).
The “Capital of Europe” (Brussels), Marseilles and Paris are now some of the most Islamic cities in Europe. So expect radicals and the government to start trouble there. Especially France being a major player involved with the Allied bombing campaigns. Western Europe has now added a whole new dimension to its culture and there’s writings appearing on the wall. (Sharia laws and Jihad!)
Unfortunately for Americans like me, the U.S. government’s never-ending “War on Terror” forces Europeans and Muslims from the Middle East and Africa to blame and resent Americans which makes the world much more uncomfortable and possibly dangerous for us Americans who live anywhere abroad. I certainly understand their resentment too.
After so many years of bombing and military occupation in the Middle East, how can the families, friends and sympathizers of millions of innocent civilians and children who’ve been maimed and killed by the U.S. government and their allies NOT become a major source of enduring resentment, hatred and blow-back? I can imagine how I’d feel if that happened to my people, family and country no matter where I’m living.
In the tradition of the American government’s favorite friends in Saudi Arabia, I am sure we’ll start to see plenty of incidents by the religious radicals that will eventually show their resentment by using Saudi’s tradition of beheading their enemies to get revenge.
That should wake folks up, cause more hatred and scare them further! And the government and their media outlets are promoting it. Do you want people like that living in your country and community? But complaining about anything now is not politically correct. Being politically correct is just a nice way of the government saying: Shut the f*ck up!
So with all the new Muslim immigration and integration in Europe, and being an American living so close to the Middle East and N. Africa, I’d rather find a better place to be then in future Europe or the U.S. where the Western governments are causing chaos and radical Islam to grow by the day. I hope I’m wrong but the way I see it, the new war with radical Islam has only just begun. Next stop, Europe!
Where we live in southern Spain (Andalusia), the weather is closest to that of the Middle East and North Africa and loads of immigrant Muslims are wanting to move here for the deep Moorish history too. Where they go the government militarizes the police. This is all part of a greater plan to militarize the police everywhere in order to keep in step with what has already been happening in America. It’s really in your face and it is very concerning! It has now become very common to see major check points everywhere.
What most folks don’t really know is that Europe is in significantly worse shape now than the U.S. economy. The E.U. has a larger population than America, a larger economy than either the U.S. or China, and the banking system in Europe is the biggest on the planet by far. So what happens in Europe really matters, and at this point the European economy is absolutely primed for a total meltdown.
European debt levels have never been higher. Most of the banks are absolutely loaded with non-performing loans and high-risk derivatives, and the unemployment rate in a large part of the euro-zone is currently dismal. Especially Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In fact, the European economy has been in terrible shape for many years now and there are no signs of the ongoing economic depression getting better, only worse.
The monetary policymakers who created these problems have no viable solutions to solve them either and could care less. And the way I see it, I believe it was deliberately planned this way so they can shrink the middle and lower class further, take away everyone rights and acquire more of the people’s valuable assets for themselves. Throw the war on terror in and you got a great formula for the E.U. becoming a welfare basket case involved in a brewing race war.
It’s just a big con as it is in the States and it’s called “Globalization.” And now it is becoming illegal to protest against the corruption that is continually keeping most of Europe to getting back on their feet. Why would anybody who cherishes freedom and needs to work to live and/or has working age children who can’t find jobs want to stay in a corrupted environment like that?
I made the right move when I left America to live in Europe decades ago as my instincts and time proved I was totally right to leave when I did. Now I am very confident from what I know and trusting my instincts, it is inevitable that I should also plan to get away from Europe too before the racial, ethnic and religious divide shit really hits the fan. Europe’s next generation will probably be in line with the racial hatred that occurred before and during the generation of Martin Luther King Jr..
Europe will experience an unsustainable influx of migrants due to Brussels foreign policy and NATO policy (the destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa) which ensures its continuation. Through a docile media and an epidemic of political correctness which has infected the entire continent, we now have one very dangerous combination for Europe.
There is a second media crime flying under the radar here too and it is this: In European countries where the massive influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa have caused serious societal divisions, where migrants have failed to assimilate (for a variety of reasons, including both government policies and often radical religious beliefs), the government will allow no one to talk about it honestly. And the person who tries is always called a racist. That is just suppression of free speech and causes more ignorance.
When the corrupted media talk about migrants, they don’t mention why they fled their homeland either and call anyone who has a problem with it a “racist” too. Oh, and you get an added bonus if you can somehow link it all to Russian aggression by Vladimir Putin. But that’s part of the game, isn’t it?
If NATO’s war supporters can focus the debate around the idea that anyone who wants to address or critically assess immigration policy is “racist,” then we won’t have to talk about why the migrants are here in the first place or why they are facing such dire circumstances at home.
Although things here aren’t as bad as they are in America (yet) in general, I can read the writing on the wall. I’d rather live in a so-called developing country with great weather and more poverty than get stuck in an overly politicized society that politics, religions and wars go hand in hand.
My other major concern for leaving is that the E.U. has become a top-down, EU monstrosity that is falling fast. Now that Europe has also implemented tight currency controls, it’s high time to arrange to move again while I can still get our assets out without an exit tax or worse.
Having my family to protect, I’m now focusing on getting my two youngest boys away from this part of the global control grid and out of harm’s way before things really blow up (literally). I’ve already witnessed a few false flag attacks here already so I expect more to occur to increase the controls of the central government. It may take years before things really fall apart but I’d rather be years early than a day late. Besides, I’m not getting any younger too.

There’s no perfect country anywhere but when you see the shit hitting the fan and smell the stench of war, why not pursue a more distant lifestyle in another country instead? Even though I would love to get away from the corrupt war mentality of Western governments, I still expect anywhere I wind up, the government there will probably be corrupt or will get corrupted by the West to some degree anyway.
The only thing I really do worry about is the U.S. government keeping their noses out of the affairs of that country. Equally just as important is NO CHEMTRAILS in the sky. Does such a place exist anymore that is not part of the process of planned global destabilization?
The United States and the European Community are not the only countries of the Western Status Quo currently going through the process of global destabilization. Global destabilization means “GLOBAL DESTABILIZATION!” It’s being engineered everywhere by those who want to control the global economy.
This is all being engineered through social, political, agricultural, financial, economic, corporate and military interventions and trade agreements backed by their own major corporate news media cartel. The United Nations was always part of this international scam.
Global destabilization is also a part of another agenda too. That is the bigger picture call “Agenda 21.” The United Nations Agenda 21 is a phony save our planet plan which is really about the New World Order which includes depopulation, no land rights, GMO foods, toxic medicines, a World Bank, debt-slavery, control of the Earth’s natural resources and Global Government and that’s not all. It is about Communism through gradualism. It’s no Eco-friendly plan as they say but right out of the “Communist Manifesto” on a global scale instead.
You can see it all happening once you know the plan. The global plan is well underway but they need the ability to bypass elections and constitutions completely with international trade agreements like TTP and TTIP (aka the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) that take away other country’s sovereignty.
In the meantime, this agenda is being accomplished with toxic vaccines, prescription drugs, cancers and toxic treatments, our poisoned commercial beverages, GMO’s, radiation, Geo-engineering, and corrupting our food and water supply which includes a slew of toxic shit like growth hormones, fluoride, antibiotics, and synthetic chemicals, etc.
Here’s a good video that outlines in detail the globalist long term depopulation agenda hidden in phony Agenda 21 and the Global Warming/Climate change movement.

If you’re wondering why the powers-that-be would do this then consider this: Because they can! Who is going to stop them when they have the backing of the military and people who they are actually targeting in the West and elsewhere.
Truth is, the only weapon against this global warfare world domination program is the “TRUTH.” What’s going on in secret today is the prerequisite to WWIII. It is in your face once you realize the truth. Independent and real news sources are the only outlets and networks reporting the truth so listen in more often.
America has been warming up to a WWIII scenario since Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan which were more practice sessions. I don’t think anymore that WWIII will be what most people still imagine it to be like as it was thought of during the cold war era. Here’s the war plan against Russia as I see it while living in Europe. America’s European “allies” are being forced to impose sanctions on Moscow which is a prerequisite to war. Putin’s response is a Russian embargo on food products from Europe.
The US government is loving this conflict they created while Europe suffers. So much so they are adding military personal and hardware to their existing American and NATO bases in Europe and on the fringes of Russia too. They’re doing a great job of having NATO being played as America’s patsy.
Any controlled nuclear conflicts started by the US government with Russia and/or China, would no longer involve nuclear operations launched from North America. At least not in the beginning. We have Europe and Israel as our nuclear equipped patsies now to do it instead and the blow-back will probably be on Europe’s soil not on America’s soil this way.
Of course, America can then make it look as though they are just coming to everyone’s rescue if that happens and will unleash their nuclear power too from their planes and ships in the area. All of America’s aggression and wars since I can remember didn’t involve America’s homeland being part of any wars and for good reason.
If America is never invaded or attacked directly by a foreign power, the American people will never realize the danger their government is putting them in being at war some place else. The only exception was the Pearl Harbor attacks which the American government let happen.
But if it is made to look as though another country gets aggressive and attacks one of our allies in the supposed “Free World,” the US government knows how the people will react. And as the unsung heroes of freedom, the American people will demand that America saves the day. Isn’t that the American way?
You know, the Spider Man, Superman and the Marvel Comic book hero mentality of the American people. Americans love their action heroes so much they even elected the actor who played “The Terminator,”  governor of California!
But the mentality of government and their handlers is something completely different. Any country today that doesn’t bow down to America’s demands will be reduced to the pre-industrial age like Iraq was. They simple want to control ever more indirectly and directly through the use of their puppet allies’ military force, the entire world and at the same time look like the hero. All of the controlled Western mass media and Hollywood will surely see to that.
America’s military industrial complex will supply the weapons (and make huge profits) and Europe will pay the price for both the weapons and their lives. The banksters will fund everyone involved on all sides and they will make huge profits too. Remember this: Peace is the enemy of the American defense contractors and war is the most profitable business on the planet for America and that is why the US will always be at war with another country. It’s really that simple so wake up and figure out what’s in store for your future!
The Pentagon alone spends close to a billion dollars a year on propaganda and deception and most of that money goes to mainstream media outlets and public relations firms to manipulate public opinion and sell wars to the American people and other countries. That money comes from American’s taxes which through some cheeky marketing makes the military industrial complex hundreds of billions each year.
Americans and other Westerners have been duped big time and it is so f*cking sad that they have become willing accomplices of the war machine! To better understand the whole corrupt process of how war propaganda works and has become a main feature today of the American and English Status Quo, watch the following link:
I want nothing to do with fake wars and dumb people who wave flags and support these wars. Life is too short and a terrible thing to waste waiting around in vain for the wars to stop when you feel they only will keep getting worse. Been there, done that already when I lived in America. It would be very unwise on my part to believe that NATO being part of the war machine will be any different.

Life is full of uncertainties so one needs to accept uncertainty and even embrace it from time to time. Negative emotions can cripple you while positive thoughts help ground you. So make the fear of uncertainty although mysterious and sometimes frightening, something you understand well when all is said and done.
I found it quite liberating dealing with the uncertainty of moving far away from my roots and culture. Now when I find myself thinking about relocating again to another far away foreign country, those thoughts no longer have the prior fears of uncertainty anymore.

With this Blog’s posts, I invite you to expand your knowledge and awareness while challenging you to rethink your established beliefs, fears and barriers to create insight, better health and make freer choices. Anyone can transform the shadow aspects of their life through inspiration, insight, Nature, health, REAL education, truth, lots of love and the understanding that corrupt government, fanatical religion and wars only deteriorates a healthy society.
My objective for this Blog is not to persuade people to be against government or be anti-religious. Rather, it is to focus attention on the corruption and control of big corporate government, fanatical religion, the banking cartel’s debt machine and the agendas of all three instead. Although I’ll talk about them with a passion, it is to help people to pursue a NATURAL and real freedom philosophy so they can be the best possible advocates of liberty, spirituality and independence no matter where they live.
If you want to discover the truth and understand the world you live in then you need to get a grip on what is really going on. Especially in your own country and backyard. “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” So as far as the truth is concerned, you are going to get plenty from me!
Our better life experiences have been hijacked and held hostage to immense lies by those who strive to control us, steal our wealth, create wars and manipulate everything around us.
What remains after all the lies are exposed is simply the truth.
The inherit nature of good intentioned humans is that of curiosity, trust, knowledge, love, compassion, learning, survival and Mother Nature. Those attributes are all part of the natural world and the evolving process.
On the other hand, those who have a corrupt and evil nature, try to exploit those of good intentions by twisting their inherit good nature with greed, consumerism, racism, fear, religion, debt and control from a young age. Because they are masters of pushing your buttons, they also do so using large groups of society through bad education, corrupt media, wars, religious and government laws and through taxation.
Those that do it the best through indoctrination and corruption are the leaders of the Status Quo and experts of exploitation. They get their power from those who are trusting with good natures. Unfortunately, societies today are so dumbed down and indoctrinated, that they don’t care if they are exploited as long as they are always distracted, entertained and looked after with a job or by the government. They become part of the occult of the corrupt and unnatural Status Quo.
There is so much to be said on how this exploitation even exists knowing the Founders of my country rebelled against it with a revolution. So I know its important to know what the evolution of corrupt American government and their handlers have done to the natural way of life, the natural mindset and values of freedom that started America as a country.
It all boils down to creating a demented “Status Quo” that is very organized. I’ll get into my take on the Status Quo later but take a quick peek at the beginning of America and fast forward to the present to set the stage. In the beginning, America was started by folks with hard working ethics and a self-reliance mentality. They were a brave people who were accustomed to providing for themselves and physically fighting off those who would threaten their survival.
No one received welfare, social security, Medicare or any government benefits of any kind.
They made their own daily decisions. They grew their own food and produced everything within their society they needed. They had no government schools or media telling them what to think or what choices to make. They didn’t need permission to farm, build a house or run a business. The kept their incomes from the government and spent on what they saw fit.
They relied on common sense, instincts, natural remedies, home schooling and self-determination to guide their decisions and actions. And they did all this with none of the modern conveniences we have today.
Today, of course, the opposite is true.
Most folks today only take their direction and decisions from government. They accept needing permission and to be licensed to practically do anything. They willingly give 1/3rd of their earnings away to the government that is destroying their freedoms, other country’s freedoms and threatening the demise of their own country. They only vote for people who create more laws, not less.
In the beginning of America, political campaigns were run by the people for the people. Today, large corporate and private donations have flooded political campaigns, giving rise to power being diverted from the people into the hands of corporations and a very wealthy bunch. So the “We the People” has transformed into “We the Corporations.”
Only a tiny percentage of Americans are involved in growing their own food. Just a very small percent are actually employed in the production of goods. They are rarely directly involved in their own physical or health protection. Most Americans receive benefits of one type or another from their government. Most recipients regard these benefits as essential or crucial and could not get by without them.
Most Americans now receive and form their everyday opinions from the media in one way or another. Although this is not apparent to many Americans, it’s glaringly clear to those outside the US who can only shake their heads at the misinformation offered by the US media and the wholesale acceptance of this “alternate reality” by so many Americans.

But what bearing does this have on what the future will be for Americans if they were to become determined enough to either try changing their entire government or alternatively, for some States to secede?
It should have huge bearing but it doesn’t matter because NOTHING is going to change the way the system is set up. But I’m still determined to find ways for better changes and I encourage you to do so too even after you realize the whole system has become a “Police State” and will be against you because it is so corrupt.

There have been many revolutions in the history of the world, both peaceful and otherwise. In the case of the American Revolution of 1776, the colonists themselves were largely self-contained as a people and possessed the ideal ethos to succeed as a productive country.
But this has rarely been true in history. Whenever a people have been heavily dependent on the State in one way or another, they had become accustomed to receiving help at the expense of others. America was different and unique but sorry to say, they blew it!
This is a major, factor why America has changed for the worst. Such a group is unlikely in the extreme to either produce or ever elect a Washington or a Jefferson again. They almost always choose instead, to fall in behind someone who promises benefits from the State. In choosing such leaders, the people are more likely to receive the mentality of a Lenin. You know, the out of the frying pan and into the fire result.

The pervasive difficulty here lies in the erroneous concept that there can be a return to freedom while maintaining a society that’s dependent upon the State. The two are mutually exclusive. Those who seek a return to greater freedom must also accept that “freedom for all” means an end to the State being empowered to steal from one person in order to give to another. That just isn’t going to happen. Get it now?
Whether the US continues on its present downward progression, or if it breaks free somehow in a bid for greater freedom, the eventual outcome is likely to have more to do with the collectivist mindset of the majority than with the libertarian vision of a few.
So knowing that, I focus my faith mainly on myself knowing the only important thing to change is really yourself and how you protect yourself. For starters, I do everything I can to keep the government’s hands as far away from me as possible. Because the further you distant yourself away from the madness of corrupted government the better.

Most people have no idea what really happens when an economy collapses, let alone how to prepare. That’s what happens when you are living in the land of make believe (the American dream). Wake up! There’s no reason to make an uneducated guess about anything anymore. Practically all the information in the world is available at your fingertips with a simple online search and a little time and effort.
Ignorance and refusal to keep learning about those who try to control you only benefits those doing the controlling. I find the Status Quo and the manipulation within to be a very interesting thing to keep your eye on. It’s like watching a pack of cunning wolves stalk its prey and often the outcome and damage for the victim is usually quite saddening.
The Western Status Quo is preyed on too. It consists of many layers of acceptance in society that is considered the norm. These layers of perceived reality are built on restraints, blind faith and force. It includes and defines limits, boundaries and consensus. It is a programmed reality that is heavily influenced and glued together by religion, consumerism, corporatism, heavily sponsored politics, militarized police and a news media propaganda machine.

I see the Status Quo mentality as too many people living in a manufactured trance with inverted realities and distorted mindscapes. To add insult to injury, today’s Status Quo is devastated by widespread pharmaceutical toxic drugs, toxic foods, toxic skies, toxic politics, toxic wars, toxic religions and toxic water. Is it really any wonder why our children wind up with toxic relationships and toxic personalities?
So I will really try to make the awakening message of this Blog clear through my posts by showing America and the West are now in a period of accelerated negative change. Through my posts, you will see all the confusion, aggression, manipulations and the hatred that America and the Western governments are constantly creating. And our boys will see why we presently set our sites on sunny Latin America to live.
One of the main messages to this Blog is “Those who refuse to learn about the rule of tyranny will not only accept it but also become a slave to it.” The modern Western societies may not realize it but they are becoming more and more “Grooms of the Stool.” You can look that one up yourself. My point is that the true history of America being created was the resistance to tyranny not the acceptance to it.
You’ll need strong patience to see this transformation through and the best way to get through this is to really use these negatives to your advantage by changing yourself. If we can identify the negatives emotions that we all have and where they come from, we can then work on transforming them into the opposite of what they represent and/or avoid them. Being more united with others is one way as we have to be here for one another to help overcome fear and guide us through the insecurities of this distorted Status Quo.
There is a powerful positive energy that comes from the consciousness of unity. In this context, do not expect others to change for the better if you don’t change yourself. I believe in the wisdom of knowing that every story has two sides and that for every truth there is an equal and opposite truth. That is where enlightenment, spirituality and health overcomes the negatives. So ask yourself, would you rather be guided by, your fears, manipulation and intimidation or by your personal truth, health and inner power?
And I too have a hidden agenda as far as my family is concerned. Putting the pieces to the puzzle together and understanding why the world is in such chaos is the prerequisite of something much, much bigger. It is about learning how to become a critical realistic thinker that can focus more on a natural spiritual mindset instead of focusing on all the shit you couldn’t figure out before.
That’s the endgame of the learning process I want for my family more than anything else. It’s called LOVE!
It’s no wonder why most of American society doesn’t engage in critical thinking or form their own perspectives. They are brainwashed and bombarded with media shaped news they believe to always be true. This is one of the major reasons why most folks are misled and very limited in their understanding of the reality of the major news events that are occurring at home and abroad.
The trivial points they do understand are never enough to form a useful and accurate opinion or world view. Especially when capstone events happen. They are forced to accept the official story or left somewhat confused and puzzled. This is where real news is so important by offering you a different perspective and the needed pieces that are missing in the mainstream media’s official stories in order to challenge those stories and complete the puzzle.
Modern folks are being consumed by constant distractions and a materialistic consumer culture today. Instead of people enjoying and making Nature, health and the outdoors a mainstay of their lives, most people’s replacement of enjoying life today is just standing around in their new slippers on their days off staring at the trees through their windows eating junk food or watching a Nature program on the National Geographic channel. Of course even that can’t be done without having one eye on their smart phone.
The modern world escape for people has become the everyday overindulging in their fast foods, fake politics, material lifestyles, groove tubes, text messages, shopping, debt, sports and substance and alcohol abuse. Their lives are one big distraction and it is deliberately planned that way by the powers-that-be.

The new technologies we use and depend on everyday (like smart phones and computers) have become a wicked two-edged sword.
As great as technologies are, they suck when they eliminate or replace the real organic side of life. People’s awareness and consciousness of the organic side of life seems to be at an all-time low.
Technology and constant social connection have become crutches for those living in the developed Status Quo world. Use technology wisely to also bring you closer to Nature and more organic knowledge.
Reading this Blog is a great way to keep informed and to raise your level of awareness and consciousness. I will also report on important news and current events that should open your heart and eyes and even shake you up. I’ll also report on health and post positive things for inspiration. At this point in time, America has some very serious issues so I’ll start with the bankruptcy of my country.
As of this writing, the government’s net worth is roughly a NEGATIVE $17 trillion, about 110% of GDP, not to mention the $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities. One can easily thank our wonderful government held hostage to the corrupted banking system for most of that debt.
That’s textbook insolvency as in “COMPLETELY BANKRUPT.” The federal government has been in the shits financially for over 80 years but this is overkill! The only reason the U.S. government is still able to service its debts is because they are able to borrow money just to pay interest and because the Federal Reserve has a monopoly on the world’s reserve currency and keeps printing money to buy up U.S. debt. It’s all a “Catch 22” that has been destroying the wealth of America and now the international banksters are busy destroying Europe too. Greece, Spain and Italy are first on their hit list.
If the old notion holds true that “when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold,” then the world is really in a state of critical condition.
Since the U.S. economy and the Constitution is on life support (financially and spiritually), an overhaul of the present corrupt system is desperately needed.
That can only happen if America goes back to printing their own money without interest payments backed gold that they own.
But the banksters already got most of Americas gold reserves so you can forget about that! When was the last time anyone seen any gold in Ft. Knox?
The present condition is of course courtesy of a twisted, perverted corporate system of central planning and central banking masquerading as capitalism and democracy. The present government is like a sewer that needs a good flush. That is the current reality of the present Status Quo in America and the E.U. too.
To add insult to injury, we are also witnessing one of the greatest re-distributions of wealth in modern history and the demise of the middle and lower classes as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
This is the stuff that revolutions are made of.
Putting the homeless and wealthy aside, if you really want to know how well off the average person living in America is doing then contemplate this: if there were no food stamp cards, there would be about 50 million people including children and senior citizens lined up at soup kitchens.
America is not that special place it once was anymore. Everything the Founding Fathers fought for has been destroyed. The structure of America has morphed into consumerism, debt, militarized police, false patriotism and war. We no longer are allowed the power to govern ourselves in America.
America has lost its soul and its original freedoms. Once folks gain more awareness of these facts and others and start freeing themselves from all the lies of how great life is in America for the average citizen, then a much more realistic life can be lived and dealt with without the false egotistical illusions chained around their necks. The genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in anytime soon.
When I talk about corrupt government, I am not just talking about the high profile bought out puppet politicians you elect, I’m also talking about the in your face dark forces around them and behind them too like the military industrial complex’s black network within the government, the banking cartel and so many more corruptions that surrounds that government. The American people are deliberately kept from knowing many of these secret unconstitutional corruptions while Trillions of dollars have and still are getting siphoned from the taxpayers.
This money is spent on expanding secret military installations and prisons, biological and high tech atomic weapons production, dodgy government agencies, secret research and experiments, black opts operations, covert space programs, wars for profits, assassinations, global engineering and other hidden agendas all around the world.
The people are played as suckers and tax slaves as the world domination agenda continues before their eyes but most see nothing wrong. Because so much of this is so controversial and the controlled media hides it or spins it, most people consider these facts as conspiracy theories or just not possible. The assignation of JFK and the investigation that followed was a huge wake up call.
Even the release of secret docs that exposed the start of the Vietnam War as a fraud didn’t rock the boat. The Oklahoma Bombing and the first World Trade Center bombing were good examples of this secret government corruption that should have woken people up too but it didn’t. And how about the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq that never existed?
When it comes to the big stories and terrorism, the scripted Western media serves merely as an amplifier of the government’s propaganda or official story. The media and their televised hosts and guests serve more as crisis actors than legitimate correspondents.
One should never engage in paranoia or knee-jerk reactions labeling every terrorist attack as a “false flag” yet we can’t ignore the history of such false attacks and the prevalence of false flags in recent times either. In my life I remember learning way back about False Flags attacks starting with the reason for starting the Vietnam War which was a false flag.
And I had plenty of opportunities to learn more about them ever since JFK was assassinated because they never stop! New ones are no surprise at all to me and I even expect them. After 9/11, you have to be totally brainwashed or brain dead not to otherwise.

So what are False Flags? False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.
Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation leading to tragic events. Geraint Hughes uses the term to refer to those acts carried out by “military or security force personnel, which are then blamed on terrorists.”
They can also be incidents that terrorists engage in that the government knows about but does very little to stop knowing the incidents can help further a personal agenda because of them. Any actual facts about these false flags that might emerge are crushed by the media as conspiracy theories for the purposes of blaming someone else.
Also be aware that there are 2 types of false flags, a genuine false flag attack where real people really died, or a false flag hoax where no one actually died like at Sandy Hook.
Get the picture?
The people’s programming, egos and media mindsets keeps them from believing in false flags attacks like the Sandy Hook hoax that never happened and they can’t imagine (or admit) they are real life planned Hollywood dramas with actors working for the government. Even after all the horrific 9/11 attacks, the mass destruction and thousands of deaths weren’t suspicious enough to convince them.
Little do they know that human life is no longer respected by those behind these hidden agendas. Their evil attitude is that everyone has a price or everyone is expendable. They are like a bunch of Pablo Escobars making deals you can’t refuse. Like the choice between silver or lead (money or bullets). They don’t believe in a sovereign people so why would you think you are free living in a country run like that?
Nobody who lives in a society whose citizens are subject to constant surveillance, false flags, indefinite detention, systematic debt slavery, whose courts legalize the crimes of the state, and whose prisons profit off the petty crimes of its people, can be described as free. I for one became very aware of being only half alive in that controlled oppressed environment that was getting more uncomfortable.
How could one enjoy the present moment when you were continually getting harassed, feeling paranoid and uncomfortable going out into controlled surroundings? Being stressed and losing your smile while most things in America got worse was feeling like life was passing me by.
I’m not interested in supporting a government that not only chains their citizen’s destinies and reduces their aspirations but also eliminates individual sovereignty at home and the national sovereignty of other countries too. Although I still insist on holding my personal freedom above all else, I just insist on doing it outside corporate America instead.
It’s just not worth living there with all the stress and aggravation. And lovely Spain can say  goodbye too if the government here keeps going along with Europe’s preferred subjugation to the imperial hawks in DC. If the new secretly disguised deals called trade agreements I’m hearing about do come true, then those deals will certainly bring Europe more and more of the poisons and corruptions from America including some mental ones too.
The US government has become a pimp and has been running an international prostitution racket and Europe has become another of their political prostitutes and people wonder why prostitutes have such a bad reputation! But I consider myself very lucky being the type that can put the parachute on after I jump and still survive the fall by trying something different as I did when I first jumped to Europe when it was much less corrupted before the fascists took over (AGAIN).
I can still jump to somewhere else again and it won’t take long before I am smiling and enjoying the now somewhere different. My family had a great 20 year run so I’m very grateful for that. But what I realized after all was said and done was this: The best that can be done to keep your smile while avoiding the Status Quo is placing one’s self as far outside of the sphere of its influence and ego as possible. Been there and done that when I left America and now I find myself having a déjà vu living in the newly created United States of Europe.
Who said history has a habit of repeating itself?
Maybe it’s not history at all and just the pain of the American government sticking its huge head up Europe’s ass! There is nothing to smile about there. Anyway, it seems like it’s time again to take that parachute out of the closet. Some people aren’t very good at looking beyond their own small world with a smile but I am. I was always  pretty good and excited being a natural explorer, traveler and adventurer too.
Being internationalized, I’m finding it much easier now to leave a country than to stick around if I’m no longer comfortable. I don’t mind sharing that worldly mentality with my children either. That is only going to increase their options and bring them more free spirit.
My seaman father who traveled throughout the planet by ship always reiterated the words no balls, no glory. That would be something he would say before he left for a new voyage somewhere and also when he returned. He didn’t live to work, he worked to live instead. And he didn’t just enjoy the present moment, he created his present moments that he enjoyed the most when he could.
I got pretty good at doing the same too. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like father, like son. But we’re all seamen at heart needing to realize the truth about our own spiritual journey and voyage. And it is our free-will that we need to navigate us all.
Having so many negative encounters with the law in America, forced me to live very cautiously for decades. Having enough of that caution, I decided to ditch the “American Dream” and create my own instead. That took a lot of time of reflecting first but the time came to take off the caution hat and replace it with a brave hat instead. I thought of my dad and realized that the brave may not live forever but the cautious barely live at all. Leaving America was entering a brave new world!
Here’s my understanding. Our inner energy and natural creativity is what feeds the mind, heart and soul. Discovering your true inner self is the height of anyone’s happiness and can be life changing. With all that modern times offer at our disposal, everyday should be a great day to be alive. So why is it that masses of folks in America, Europe and elsewhere in the modern world are so downright miserable lately?

Some of the answers lie within the posts of this Blog. Other answers lie within your belief system and political and spiritual views. Some other answers simply lie in the fact you are not naturally grounded or educated in more ways than one. Especially about your own country. Please don’t be offended by that statement as I too was very much in the dark about many important life changing truths when I lived in America. You probably can’t do much about the terrible changes happening to America and elsewhere but you can definitely spread the truth and change the way you react to those changes and move somewhere else too.
One should never be comfortable with restricted thinking and certain unnatural boundaries imposed by others in control. On the contrary, I believe in creative thinking and breaking down boundaries instead. So should you! People’s identifications of mental and physical boundaries keep them confined and insecure. Americans in general are still very limited in their thinking and limited in their travels.
Of course they take many short term vacations but most folks wouldn’t dream of moving away from their roots because of these limitations, whether self-imposed or imposed by others. They plan their life according to others from peer pressure, their jobs, family, religious ties and their material attachments.
Their life being so attached to the unnatural Status Quo’s fears keeps them emotionally and spiritually restricted.
What is it that is so important to most people that they need to fit into the Status Quo anyway? Ego? Acceptance? Money? The saying by Dr. Zuess that always resonated with me was “why fit in when you were born to stand out?” I found that saying brought me quite a bit of inspiration. I can’t see much imagination, individualism, creativity, and authenticity in keeping up with the Jones’ and having an abnormal mentality.
Anyway, why live someone else’s life when you can live your own? We live in a diverse and dynamic world so why not plan to diversify and be a part of that dynamic too? People who do not have a plan wind up being part of someone else’s plan. Your ideas and feelings are the road map of your destiny. Use them if you want to get ahead, expand your horizons and evolve. Self reliance is a wonderful thing. America’s “Founding Fathers” certainly had that mindset which resulted in breaking away and forming America.
It is not easy avoiding the pre-programed world of the Status Quo becaus
e that programming is now everywhere but once you are fully aware of what is being controlled and why, you can find many ways to opt out of the mind control, restraints and oppression including changing the way you think.
Just because I fled the oppression of what I personally consider a modern fascist United States doesn’t mean I stopped caring about the demise of my country and the many good folks living there. And just because the Status Quo’s conventional wisdom is severely distorted and creates an impoverished understanding of ourselves and our place in Nature, doesn’t mean you have to believe in conventional wisdom.
Believe in the old wisdom instead like our mind and spirit are part of the core fabric of the universe just as our physical beings are. Knowing this has far reaching implications that lead to compassion and peace. Use both to take back your dignity and power.
Let’s touch on religion in a big way since religions are definitely a huge part of history and all society’s Status Quos too. Religion in my view is the greatest indoctrination of them all! Religion has also had a huge impact on my life growing up as a Catholic and has led me to define myself as very spiritual but NOT religious. In most places and societies, religion rules the Status Quo. Especially in the Middle East.
Regarding my religious and spiritual views I will gladly confess to this: I was brought up a Christian and went to Catholic school but later studied other religions too. I know there were hundreds of religions throughout history but most people only recognize a handful of them today.

I’m just not comfortable with so many different unnatural aspects of pushy fear-mongering religions and belief systems that focus on hearsay and what I can’t see, hear and touch (blind faith). Been there, done that and found that organized religion just does not work for me. I just don’t believe in the invisible man or the deity called God when spoken about in any distorted religious context but I still believe in God.
There are many things I do and do not believe as I age and many things I’m still trying to figure out. For example, I don’t believe in consensus reality or even in the exploited vagueness of the law of attraction as that only works for those who hold very strong beliefs and act on them with perseverance which most people don’t.
But I do believe in using the natural God given tools of reasoning, energy, instinct, experiences, feelings, thoughts, the eyes, creativity, and our wonderful artistic imagination everyday in order to discover and enjoy life’s truer and better realities.
But when it comes to religions and politics I have definitely made my mind up that neither deserve a place in the older years of my life. Those convictions will never change as I enjoy the freedom from both.
And I’m convinced that others who woke up feel the same in their own way. So if that’s the case and I say I still believe in God, you must be wondering why or think I’m just a delusional atheist. Not true at all because I do believe in God, I just don’t believe in religions that are based on duality.
This mindset certainly does not make me an atheist because I honor a spiritual belief system which I feel totally represents God without a duality religion being a part of it.
I truly believe in every word I’ll tell you because it took decades for me to uncomplicate my own spiritual beliefs. I’ve also searched other religions too after formally believing in someone else’s God which was forced upon me growing up by my mom. However, all those searches did not sit naturally with me as they all separated Nature from God.
Although religions have become way too unnatural for me today, there are many aspects of different religions I can still relate too. A good example is the Hasidic Jewish philosophy that is based on believing God is everything natural and everything natural is God.
If their religious beliefs just stopped there then I’d be a Hasidic Jew but it don’t. The same goes for other good aspects and philosophical points of other religions too. So I’ll just stick with Pantheism which is a non-religious philosophical position that views the natural Universe and God as identical without any religion being involved.
My God doesn’t have a son that rises from the dead or a virgin who can give birth. My God doesn’t have rules it etched in stone either or obliges me financially. My God has no pagan symbols and simply represents everyone and everything that is alive and recycled.
My God doesn’t have special prearranged places you must go to when you die like Heaven and Hell. My God has only arranged that both can only be experienced here on Earth everyday before your body dies.
However, my God must also be a very pushy God because I am constantly coerced into feelings of compassion, understanding, common sense, love, laughter, peace, empathy and the respect and love of Mother Nature. But it could be worse as I find it quite easy to deal with all those things everyday.

So it’s only very natural and easy for me to feel my God given rights and morality are derived from the laws of Nature. It’s easy to harbor the mindset that the principles of God that I comfortably accept is the supreme energy force of Nature as being my creator and spiritual base for lack of better words not pertaining to any religions.
This supreme importance of the supernatural aspects of reality are all connected and derived from Nature within the universe.
Nature is the power and energy what I can relate to as being of divine origin and defines my spirituality. Man can get away with altering almost anything utilizing organized religion and politics but can only go so far when it comes to altering Nature. Unlike religions which are highly regulated, Nature is a natural predictive process which regulates itself.

Nature rules us, we can’t rule Nature without consequences.
When you favor Nature and give up on certain corrupted control indoctrinations based on fear, your relationship with Nature and life can become very rewarding if not very spiritual. That one lucid connection with all of Nature has opened my heart and eyes wide.
I now believe that when you realize that God and all of Nature and humanity is connected, your appreciation for people and Nature grows exponentially. You will certainly evolve at that point very quickly and the eyes and heart then stay open.
With all the advancements in science and technologies, you would think people would apply these breakthroughs to benefit Nature, spiritual healing, health and most lifestyles for the better.
On the other hand, although technologies help us evolve and make life easier, maybe too much reliance on technology is restricting and distorting our natural evolution too. I’m referring to that technology that can corrupt the normal biology of humanity and Nature.

The evolution of nature is not evil but the abuse of it certainly is just as the abuse of science and technology can be. It is the control of science and technology that will help those who control societies to control us even more. That is when the normal biology of humanity and nature will get really corrupted with grave consequences. GMO’s and Chemtrails are good examples of that.
It has been recently reported by biologists and scientists that they are working on human cells utilizing Nano technology to be able to program us for the better of course. But whose better, those in control or ours?
There is no doubt in my mind that the powers-that-be would love to be able to rule the world through their own secret technologies. Some of these technologies are in your face already with a bullshit cover of helping the planet and humanity. Two such advanced programs are weather modification and GMO seeds. New artificial intelligence programs are also being developed too.

Global warming is another manufactured “crises” in order to propose a solution that fits an agenda the “elite” have been playing out for years. The problem has been labelled as global warming with the proposed solution of Geo-engineering using toxic chemtrails and HAARP programs to modify our weather. Then there’s the world-wide spread of the GMO foods scam too that is supposedly about feeding the world better from toxic seeds. Where does this shit end and how? This is all tied into the weather too.
The assault on the weather and our health with chemtrails, HAARP technology and ionosphere heaters are now seen and felt worldwide. At first it was about the “Elite “controlling the money of societies and now it’s about controlling the weather (climate), our natural resources and food chain too. It all boils down to controlling the world by engineering and contaminating Earth’s life support system.
Doesn’t anyone look up at the sky anymore? These toxic chemical trails coming out of airplanes forming clouds are everywhere and worldwide! We breathe, drink and eat this toxic stuff now. Maybe we can’t do anything to stop it for the time being but we can certainly make these issues more known by exposing and spreading the terrible truth about the climate engineering atrocities occurring in our skies so we can do something sooner rather than later.
The social, political, health and economic implications are enormous. The quest for money, power and control have put our entire Eco-systems and health in grave danger by those who are pulling the strings. They have been continually using Nature as a weapon against us and it is smack in your face! Are the powers-that-be making Billions off the global engineering going on? This video not only reveals that but a hell of a lot more. Pretty scary stuff and a lot of food for thought! Be sure to watch this video:

One of the latest control programs I am aware of is the “Jade Helm” program which concerns the advancement of artificial intelligence. This program is about putting a very advanced complicated computer technology programs in charge of decision making.
It is supposedly going to be used as a command and control network operator that makes decisions based on collected personal data of the masses for the government.
This Jade Helm project is definitely worth looking into further because it’s seems to be another secret government project of control with hidden agendas.
When tying these projects to the greed and control grids of the powers-that-be on a global scale, one can only wonder the damage they will do to the safety, health and the future livelihoods of civilizations around the world.
So, as great as new technologies seem to be like the everyday use of our smart phones, there is also a very dumb side to evil manipulations of not only secret technologies but well known ones too.
And another big concern very few worry about is there is no evidence that the radiation from cell phones and WiFi is safe. On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that proves otherwise. And today, WiFi, cell phones and transmission towers are everywhere, even in schools! I’m not advocating becoming an electromagnetic radiation refugee but you should get seriously concerned knowing where cell/radio towers are in your working and living environment and the dangers.
Especially if children are concerned. You may even be one of the people who can suffer from electrical sensitivity of micro waves. The American and Western governments work for the corporate world instead of the people so most governments won’t legislate protection on your behalf. So get informed on your own! Here is a good place to start:
We need so much more awareness and answers to what our governments are up to but first we need more knowledge and should be asking so many more questions first. How else can anyone avoid being ignorant about the dangerous realities taken place without seeking real honest answers to the madness that can lead to a false sense of self-awareness and less self-control of our lives?
I for one, want to avoid these possible doom and gloom scenarios and brewing global catastrophes as much as possible, don’t you? This stuff really pisses me off so I’ll get back to where I left off talking about religions and other personal thoughts and experiences.
The strict principles taught in the Catholic school I went to had very little to do with the loving principles my parents tried to teach me. The priests and nuns there were either overly serious, angry folks and/or openly very physical and authoritarian. I really dreaded entering that school.
If there really are gates to Hell, then one of those gates were definitely the front door of that Catholic school. I only met a couple teachers there that I truly liked, trusted and didn’t fear. That school was all about indoctrination, force, rules, prejudice, remorse, guilt, fear, punishment and raising money. Same scenario as big government!

How many young nuns, boy and girl students that lost their innocence in my school to those pedophiles is anyone’s guess.
My school taught the audacious rationale that Christianity was always about the process of saving people’s souls. However, my exposure to real history books and reality later exposed, that those who believed otherwise encountered injury, atrocities and even murder by the “Church.”
The Christian Crusaders destroyed millions of people and many cultures in the name of God. Especially the indigenous folks of this Earth. And that is just the Roman Catholic Church not including other religions. Where was the love, peace and compassion that Jesus supposedly taught and preached in religions then? Religions can be very vile.
Luckily, my mother finally had enough of seeing the physical abuse I endured and took my siblings and I out of that religious school while I was still a young teen. That was only after I was badly beaten for not complying with the priest’s unholy and unspoken favors.
Although I barely held on to my Christian faith which I never felt comfortable with, my mother changed from being Catholic to being Protestant so I still went to other churches on Sunday with my family and even to Bible classes. And I have to say that going from being Catholic to being a Christian in the Protestant religion was a lot more intimate.
It was so much more normal and even enjoyable to be part of a congregation that was led by a Pastor with a family. The kids like me were well noted and treated with dignity and the put up and shut up mentality didn’t exist anymore.
Bible studies could be questioned and not threatening too. The church functions and organized outings were so much fun. But after later studying the origins of religions, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need a religion to believe in God. I also didn’t need to believe anymore that I had to pray or believe a mean God had a compassionate son or everything was pre-planned.
It was tough learning what I did about how religions came about and how little proof there was about any real documentation concerning much of the Bible, especially the New Testament.
So the Protestant religion gave me many good memories in general and was not fanatical like the Catholics. However, when I informed the Pastor of my church I was moving to Europe, he told me not to forget my financial obligations. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Now I can easily enjoy learning about real consciousness and spirituality without religion being a part of it. Those words, “don’t forget your financial obligations” reminded me of when I went to Catholic school. I thought back when I was required to sell a quota of plastic crucifixes door to door for my Catholic school every month.
I had no idea then what the Roman Catholic Church was really worth but I found out later that the Vatican has large gold holdings, a huge stock portfolio and many billions of dollars in assets including the best world-wide real estate and the greatest priceless works of art ever made by man.
The Roman Catholic Church even has its own bank and city in Italy which is a money making tourist attraction like Disney named Vatican City. They also have more than a billion members around the world who feed it money and wealth daily (especially on Sunday). So why was I forced to sell 1 dollar plastic crosses if that’s the case? Because it was all about financial obligations there too.
“The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. That church group is the greatest possessor of material riches, more than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state on the whole globe.  It’s very ironic that Jesus was the poorest of the poor but the Roman Catholic Church, which claims to be His church, is the richest of the rich and the wealthiest institution on Planet Earth.
If you don’t think the Vatican enjoys giving its followers a good screw (including its young male followers too) then check out the Vatican’s Egyptian giant obelisk phallic symbol located in St. Peter’s Square. The circle on the ground represents the female vagina, while the obelisk itself is the penis erection. This is just ancient occult symbolism in your face that very few see.
In conclusion, the religion of Catholicism is financially and morally corrupt to the bone (pun intended)!
When I finally found out how incredibly wealthy the Catholic Church was, I was really pissed off that my parents not only paid a lot for their children’s schooling but because they were constantly coerced into contributing more money to that school and church they didn’t have. In those days, we were not well off at all and lived a lot on just praying.
I’m very surprised the stock portfolio managers of the Church on Wall Street haven’t figured out yet how to sell shares of Heaven like everything else. I mean why not? The government would certainly bail out Heaven if things went wrong as Heaven would definitely be in that category of “too big to fail” like General Motors and the banks. On the other hand, maybe not because
Heaven doesn’t pay taxes!
So if anything in my world has awed me spiritually or touched me deeply and personally it was certainly NOT religion or the kind words of the so called prophet and followers either but the good vibrations of the church congregations, my parents love and understanding, Nature’s forces and its wonders instead. Nature is eternal and forever evolving. If there is anything that is really sacred, it is certainly real love, Mother Earth and the energy of the Universe, not the “Church.”

Although I never did get any real spiritual satisfaction from many years of religious instruction, I did get a lot of fearful mixed feelings from reading and being taught about the wrath of God and his laws. I also got my ass whipped and was severely punished many times for asking too many stupid questions like why God was so mean, why nuns wore a head covering, why the Fathers wore dresses and really important questions like why doesn’t God keep people from being poor? I instinctively knew I wasn’t comfortable with answers like “Blessed are those who suffer” or how dare you ask!
But in the end I still liked some of the stories and feelings I got from the teachings where Jesus taught peace, defended the poor, showed compassion, created miracles and showed wisdom and love. That story about him turning water into wine really made me wonder for a while! But his dad letting those S.O.B.’s torture him and then nailing him to a cross made me realize what a heartless God he must be.
If Jesus was my son, I as God would have immediately rescued him and then exterminated the whole frigging lot. So it makes more sense that Jesus was just a made up prophet and he was certainly not the son of any piece of shit God deity that would completely abandon his son under those conditions. One just needs to only give that ridiculous story a good think to realize that
story never jived anyway about him being such a cool dude with such a screwed up dad. I mean WTF!!
I also find it more than amazing that the teachings of Jesus only lasted around three years prior to his death, and yet in that short amount of time a tremendous amount of truth, teachings, myth, legend and superstition was built around him. Jesus was only one of many Hebrew prophets who were believed to be the Messiah during his time so why isn’t it possible that many of the teachings in the Bible were a compilation of many different prophets and stories but giving credit to only Jesus.
Here is a documented story that should open your eyes. After having a 14-year-long conflict between Jesus’s brother James and the apostle Paul, this conflict caused Paul, in about the year 50, to perpetrate his coup d’état against James, and to start his own new religion: Christianity.
This was 20 years after Jesus had been crucified in Jerusalem for sedition against Roman rule. At this event, Paul broke away from the Jewish sect that Jesus had begun, and he took with him the majority of this new Jewish sect’s members; he convinced these people that Jesus had been a god, and that the way to win eternal salvation in heaven is to worship him as such.
This event is what lead to the beginning of Christianity. On this precise occasion, Paul explicitly introduced, for the first time anywhere, the duality of the previously unitary Jewish God, a duality consisting of the Father and the Son; and he implicitly introduced also the third element of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost. The words and actions of “Jesus” were written decades after Jesus died, by followers of Paul, not by followers of Jesus; and these writings were placed into the mouth of Jesus, the agenda of Paul.
Paul then became, by way of his followers, Christ’s ventriloquist. The Gospel accounts of Jesus reflected Paul’s coup d’état – not actually Jesus, who would be appalled at the Christian concept of Christ. That concept was radically different from the Jewish concept of the messiah, and Paul knew this when he created it. These are the most important crucial events that produced the New Testament. I bet you were never taught that in church or Bible school!
When a religion is basing our beliefs and judgements from books and ancient writings that are open to interpretation, we are welcoming the conflicts of other people interpreting the same book and words in their own way. And the only person who really knows whether anyone is really right or wrong is Jesus and he is not here to respond and correct anyone.
So after being through a lot with religion, and finally losing all hope on this God deity nonsense, it only makes sense to me that when “Mother Nature” and “Human Nature” are connected, that the spiritual Nature of the Universe (God) is revealed to one’s self. Without that connection, God to me is just another pipe dream. Disregarding Nature in any religion is a classic example of throwing the baby out with the bath water.
And I believe that any of the so-called prophets who really existed, would have to be very connected naturally to the spiritual world through Mother Nature and Father Sky which helped channel their wisdom and revelations. I’m also pretty sure that some of the magical mushrooms and other plants they ate also helped with those revelations too. Or at least for those who invented the New Testament! I could leave off with this religious part of this rant now but why stop here when there is so much more to say about religions and Christianity.
The many books I read about the making of religions after leaving the “Church” just blew my mind. I was amazed to learn the Bible and other religious books have a base of cosmic myths, astrological Gods and stories. The behind-the-scenes elites have always known the hidden, mythical, astrological nature of the Bible and the origins of all its characters from the beginning.
After all, it was they who put these stories forth in the Bible and other religious texts. The story of Jesus for example, seems to be a convoluted story of the sun. Other myths of the solar system and the cosmos were also very effectively driven underground by organized religion by replacing and twisting the cosmic myths with people and God instead.
Now all we have left is erroneous and inaccurate interpretations of those myths in which some make sense and some are totally ridiculous when applying humans and God as their substitutes. Perhaps the reason I’m a very hard target to indoctrinate with religious beliefs these days is because I take cosmic mythology seriously and its roots are simply very exciting to me unlike most folks. But I’m also just not the Hollywood movie type so I never enjoyed reading distorted science fiction books anyway.
Thank God for that!
So, my spiritual belief system does not include religious sacrifices, sacraments, confessions, rituals, punishment, alters, festivals, judgements, obedience, financial obligations, initiations, pagan passions, mythologies, religious holidays, rituals, prayers, persecutions, propaganda, holy books or a need for attending a house of worship. It’s a big load off my back too. But that doesn’t mean those things aren’t good for some of the lost souls out there as those things are all they have to motivate them outside of shopping, TV, sports, voting and hope.
“Nature does nothing in vain.” Nothing exists outside evolution. Evolution is the process of becoming. Becoming is the very heart of understanding the freedom of God’s paradise. This has nothing to do with a phony religious paradise, where there is one master and infinite slaves. The whole idea of religion is as preposterous as it is with rigged voting today!
The story of Jesus has pretty much the same attributes, story and the mythological structures as Mithra, Baal, Attis, Horus, Krishna, Dionysus and many others. The virgin birth, born on Dec 25th, had disciples, performed miracles, all resurrected etc. They were all considered astrological “Solar Messiahs.” When in doubt, check it out. Google any of the ones mentioned to see for yourself that it’s the same old, same old.
Uncovering and then replacing your core beliefs that are self destructive and perpetuate self-abuse with beliefs that sustain and promote your well-being may be painful in the beginning but lead to the real nature of consciousness and self-understanding. Questioning long held habits, beliefs and deep-seated assumptions is the first step to this understanding and other ways of looking at the world as well.
To defeat being a causality of the Status Quo, one must truly be willing to stop giving away one’s own free-will and sovereignty. This is not about shunning and breaking good or foolish laws, it’s about shunning and breaking powerful and corrupted indoctrination.
So this Intro and the following posts will reflect this in detail. I want to do my best to make sure you become a part of your own truth movement and keep you from unconsciously isolating or limiting the beauty and integrity of yourself and this amazing world.
Everyone has the natural abilities to reach their true inner self to a big degree but can only do so if not constantly being limited to other people’s foolish laws and oppression.
So if you want to live the best part of a truly free and exciting existence like I do, then you must strive to free yourself first from those and their laws that cause you grief and/or harm. That was my attitude when I left America and is even felt more so today.
Being a very big fan of the outdoors and depending on where I am, Nature can be beaming with life and beauty. I’ve always noticed that the more beaming with life Nature is, the more of a spiritual quality it has too. That observation is not to be confused with having anything to do with getting attacked and eaten by the insect world.
And the great thing about being around the beauty and wonders of Nature is whether you are with religious folks or not, it doesn’t matter what your interpretation of God is as everyone’s own spirituality seems to be shared on a much higher level in that environment.

I try to celebrate my God everyday (especially when the weather is great). To be blessed by Nature is truly a heavenly feeling. Everyday is Earth day for me. In fact, I don’t know anything more eminently social than being in touch and having a total respect for the Nature of the Universe. After all, our bodies are part of Nature too.
The physical body is the real temple for our souls, and the means by which we embark on the inward journey towards the core of our inner energy. As we explore the soul, it is important to remember that this exploration will take place within Nature (the body), for that is where and what we are.
It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity (think orgasm).
No matter how religious someone else may be with their own beliefs, I just can’t imagine why anyone would not include those views unless they are completely ignorant to the laws and forces of Nature. My personal translation or definition of God is simply the good and positive vibrations and reflections of us and the “Universe of Nature.”
This wonderful energy and consciousness is the essence of God. My vigilance for happiness now lies with Nature and all its glory and energy. Especially Nature’s great wine! So if
God was never a religion, what could possibly be the real reasons behind so many religions existing throughout time? Control, money and power anyone?
I may not be a big fan of any religion or church anymore but I’m all for spiritual leaders that preach peace, respect, hope, compassion and love. I don’t believe anymore that Jesus was the son of a male God deity but I do believe his portrayed existence was able to project good energy as a son of divine Nature (the sun) instead. This lead him to being believed in the Bible as a mystical figure of forgiveness and hope.
I still like non-fanatical Jesus people as they are usually kind and gentle folks that focus on that compassionate theme I liked about Jesus too. But there is so much I can listen too when religious folks focus on or insist on separating God from all of humanity. I JUST TOTALLY IGNORE THAT GOD THEME by separating me and a God deity in my life.
I am no longer a devotee of an invisible celestial tyrant. But the reality of Jesus being portrayed as a true life loving naturalist who was also very WARM, free, enlightening, shining and very inspiring sounds like a great metaphor for WORSHIPING the SUN to me! Ever notice that the sun is usually behind Jesus’s head on the stained glass windows and paintings in churches? That’s no coincidence!
I think the writers of the New Testicle (I meant Testament) should have just left Jesus go on preaching nice and warm compassionate things in the Bible without so much emphasis on the fear of a cruel god which scares the shit out of kids being indoctrinated into Christianity. But the never ending story and symbolism of having him tortured and crucified was really a bit much. Maybe they just drank too much wine the day they wrote that part.
But I believe they went overboard in order to have Jesus exploited by the Christian churches as a resurrected savior because that story could drum up a sympathetic huge following that a religion could be based on with fear and his suffering. But this dying to forgive our sins shit is a bit much too as everyone is responsible for their own sins. Even governments know that!
If you do your research like me, you will find plenty of older religions that had other prophets who died and rose from the dead that had disciples too. Many religions are like old wines having been poured into new bottles. The “Catholic Church” has also distorted Christianity with man made traditions, doctrines and superstitions. The Roman Catholic Church isn’t the richest, most powerful organization in the world for nothing.
Remember, they had plenty of years to get their story refined and build their power structures, magnificent cathedrals and churches with the help of government and the masses. I believe the Bible was a rewritten story of some of the amazing peoples, natural events, ancient cultures and lost technologies of the past only with different names and understandings as well as a supernatural twist.
The 66 books (the canon) of the Bible are the product of reflection that took sixteen centuries to complete. It is a collection of oral accounts, stories, events, miracles, writings, cosmic events, speculation, interpretations, philosophy, analogies, ancient wisdom, deception, pagan symbols, chaos, revelations, secrets of the universe, astrology, magic, legends, cults, folklore, traditions and sun-God worship.
The Bible is a mixed truth with a wild revengeful fantasy that goes back nearly 3500 years ago. That’s one hell of a compilation to wrap your head around! The earliest writings in the Bible were set down around 1400 BC. There was also hundreds of years before the New Testament even came out when no writings were even contributed to the Bible.
Plenty of time to dream up the “New Testament.”
If you do your research, you’ll find that most religious Christians only hear and learn about decent Bible passages and never really read the whole Bible. If they did, they would know that the Bible is not much more than a “sacred” book of family scandals where you’ll find filth, sex orgies, cannibalism, atrocities, sex perversions, incest, and bloody violence unparalleled in any other chronicle in all the literature of the world.
Fortunately, almost one-third of humans have never heard of the Christian Bible but unfortunately, only one-tenth of all Christians have ever read it, and no two who have read it agree as to its exact meaning. I challenge everyone to read it from cover to cover so you too will discover the need to get this book out of the hands of our children, out of decent homes, and out of hotel and motel rooms.
For those who don’t know, Hell and the Devil as we know were never mentioned in the Old Testament. The inspiration for Hell came from the main garbage dump in Jerusalem that was often set on fire, burned for weeks and stunk to high heaven because they also burned dead bodies of criminals there.
You can say that the idea of Satin or the Devil and Hell was born from those fires and those who wrote the New Testament used the horror of executed criminals being burnt there as a metaphor for Hell which was then featured in the New Testament. Throw in some demonic winged dragons (symbol of pagan Rome) for added drama and you got yourself one hell of a fear mongering religion.
Move over pagan Gods, the Church now uses Jesus to take your place with the Devil!
So there you have it, “God and Satin” are always there to guide your destiny and make the Church more powerful. So to question the Church, you needed to question God. This gave way to heresy and persecutions from the Church who had the full backing of the government. From there witchcraft was invented and it all boiled down to either siding with the bad guys (Devil and demons) if you didn’t believe or with the good guys (God and Jesus) if you did. Now you know where President George Bush Jr. stole his “You’re either with us or against us” bullshit referring to his creation of terrorism.
Religions and governments use the same playbook. The truth is that history is always written to justify the rulers of their place and time. History has always been distorted by people and time so what makes the contents in the Bible any different especially when the translations of ancient writings in different languages alone can be interpreted in so many ways?
Just looking at America’s history that is so young is a great lesson of how those who document history have distorted it. Columbus is a very good example as he didn’t even discover America (United States land mass) and was one of history’s mass murdering terrorists if there ever was one and we honor and celebrate him every year as a hero with a frigging national holiday.
Those who head the “Catholic Church” are very savvy business people too and do extremely well selling their Bible as the greatest story ever told (or sold). Just look at how ahead of their time they were that they published the first science fiction book of short stories with a sequel included called the New Testament and it is still on the best seller list today in every language.
For the believers, this holy book to them is the ultimate history book. Too bad most have never read it. And look at all the other offshoot Christian denominations and even other religions that modeled their version of Christianity off parts of the Bible like Islam too.
The only real difference is that they are smaller in the chain of command, don’t have Nuns and their preachers and leaders are even allowed to get married, have sex, and have children (aren’t they blessed!). The male Muslim’s afterlife even includes a large bunch of young virgins waiting for them. Now that’s something for them to get excited about!
These “Houses of Worship” are so influential and powerful like big government that they even managed to get a world-wide tax free status. Judaism which the Old Testament represents even got the Jews a country out of the deal although the whole myth of the “Jewish Zionist State” is a just another scam. Today, millions of Palestinians are refugees or displaced people suffering immensely because of it.
The fact that the “International Community” and the Mass Media are remaining largely silent on the matter shows the degree of power behind the Zionist Conspiracy. Please do not confuse Zionism (power) with Judaism (faith). One’s goal has little to do with the other outside of both being part of Israel. Most Jews and Israelis are not Zionists and some don’t understand the word either.
So it’s best to be low key and choose your words and audience carefully when talking about real Zionists. I’m doing that now as I know they are among the most powerful because they are smart, educated, street wise, cunning and armed and funded to the hilt!
But I really don’t give a shit about being to careful when telling the truth because I’m not wired like that.
So now I will also tell you that Zionists are just proxies of the powerful Roman Catholic Jesuits. But their part in the New World Order is enormous and that’s why they are so protected by the Media and the Western Powers in crushing the Palestinians and destabilizing the Middle East. Here’s a video to wake your ass up to the Zionist propaganda machine and their illegal and immoral occupation. Watch this video to fully understand the extreme repression of the Palestinians and the distorted media’s version of the truth that is constantly being hidden from the public.

And speaking of the Jesuits (who can also be Masons), you need to know this too. Jesuits
are the faithful soldiers of the Pope (his private army). And they are not just hanging out at the Vatican protecting the Pope. They have infiltrated politics, the banking system, big business and other religions at the highest levels and the major intelligence agencies around the world including the C.I.A. and the U.S. military establishment.
So the Jesuits today are a very dangerous and powerful group that are everywhere. And although the Pope rules the Church, the Jesuits rule the Pope unless the Pope is a Jesuit too. Guess what? The new Pope Francis as of this writing is the first Jesuit Pope. He was also once a nightclub bouncer. Pretty scary guy!
The expanded explanation why they are so evil and pose such a grave danger to the world is in your face if you just read “The Jesuit Oath.” They are as cruel and creepy as you can ever imagine. Their code is “The ends justifies the means.” Here’s a link and please make sure you read it: http://www.truthontheweb.org/jesuit.htm
Politicians need religions to get them elected and to even overthrow other countries. And religions (especially the Roman Catholic Church) need politicians to do their dirty work. All religions need government for a tax free existence too. They know how to play off others belief systems just like big business does. They all use the same dirty old tricks straight out of the official con man’s playbook.
There’s also a lot to be said about the benefits and influence of enlightenment from the prophets and many religions too but spirituality really doesn’t come directly from any religion; it comes directly from the soul within you.
Anyway, how you are connected to your spirituality is your choice and I respect everyone’s spiritual beliefs as long as they are not intrusive and don’t cause grief and/or harm to others.
Although I have nothing against any particular religion in general that preaches goodness, I do understand how fanatical religion divides people, restricts freedom, causes fear and hatred, provokes wars and encourages society to self-destruct. It can have the same effect as a corrupted government which produces the same outcomes.
I would even go so far as to say that fanatical religion is the whorehouse of the imagination.
The power and glory of God is inside of us and all around us and therefore do we not need to heed the mind-control rituals of any church or any man made religious faith. For me personally, once I shredded the religious indoctrination I was taught which included the fear of death, I realized that death no longer influences the spiritual connection I have acquired with the energy of the Universe.
From where I sit today, threatening the world with the wrath of “God” and eternal pain and suffering in Hell is nothing short of terrorizing people. What kind of God would order fathers to murder their own children as a test of slavish, blind obedience? Why is it that believers refuse to see that they are worshiping something evil? Judaism, Christianity and Islam have always been a part of this. Religions have always been the social engineers of the Status Quo since the beginning of recorded history.
I found wandering away from religious indoctrination to be quite a relief. “Not all who wander are lost.” The Devil’s greatest trick isn’t to convince you that he doesn’t exist, but to make you fanatically certain that he’s God! (The Devil in disguise) Think about that next time you pray.
My personal experience with religion really exposed the madness involved. When you leave religion indoctrination behind, a mysterious thing happens. You think more than ever how you lost your sense of being rational. You dig deeper within yourself and study the madness of religions and their roots even more. But the irrational aspects of religions is what really hits home the most. The whole of Buddhism results from what some freaky old geezer experienced while sitting under a tree. How mad would you have to be to be a Buddhist?

The whole of Christianity flows from some Jewish rabbi’s delusion that he was the Son of God and could turn water into wine. The whole of Judaism flows from one guy (Abraham) who thought that God ordered him to murder his own son, and from another guy (Moses) who held a conversation with a burning bush! Don’t you see? It’s all these outrageous stories and lies that are the source of the Mythos lunacy that gullible, trusting people believe in. More folks need to be enlightened and awakened to all the lies that are the backbone of the Status Quo.
Why the controlling morons who wrote the Bible portrayed God as a hostile mass murderer and such an angry sexist male chauvinist pig too is beyond my thinking. It would make more sense that God should be a “Feminine Being” instead of a “Male Being” as women have much more natural instincts than men and they are the only humans who give life to others, like God supposedly did. Maybe the male God portrayed in the Bible was really gay and he favored men for that reason.
Now that makes a lot of sense since most priests that I have ever met were certainly gay too. That would certainly explain why they are not allowed to have sex with women and prefer young men instead. It is taught that God made man in his image. I believe that those who wrote the Bible made God in their image instead. They were probably gay S&M types and preferred having a macho man portrayed as God. I really believe that, and I love gay people too. I swear to God!
So you see, anyone can interpret the Bible’s contents as they choose or see fit. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t believe a lot of the content in the Bible but when it comes to Nature, I am a believer because what you see is what you get! Nature doesn’t promise and force you to do anything except use your gut instincts, logic, reasoning and common sense. Religions should help you do that too.
Christians and Muslims focus on emptiness, hope and the after world but I side with the Jews because I’d rather focus on this present world like they do instead as I too feel life on Earth is meant to be rich and full. In fact, every day should feel like a holiday when you’re loving life! On Earth, sometimes you have to go through Hell to in order to get to Heaven. All the wisdom that has come my way leads me to those conclusions.
However, I don’t believe anyone is really capable of completely knowing the mystery of one’s self while living in a programmed controlled society but maybe one might who lives in solitude like a monk living high on a mountain top meditating in silence. Life itself is always in a state of constant change so truly discovering totally what lies within is always an evolving exploratory process. That within itself is why the religions with Gods can be so mystical to its followers.
However foolish it may seem to me now that we all continue soul-searching for answers only in religions, I do appreciate why we attach ourselves to religious beliefs that seem to make sense in our quest to find joy, hope and the meaning of life.

Praying, meditating and the like simply empty our heart of bad energy and open our hearts to good feelings and the positive energy within us. I can certainly relate to that. I also found that music especially with good lyrics can do that too. “Imagine” that! (think John Lennon) Good music releases the love and good vibrations from your heart.
Religious folks constantly think about all the revelations taught in houses of worship and religious schools to no end. Unfortunately most religions keep expanding on this with their fear of “Hell” paving the way.
Their Gods and symbols seem to take on a life of their own and those who are searching the meaning of life attach themselves to the underlying beliefs and philosophies that are taught in those religions. Because the underlying theme is supposedly the afterlife, it is difficult to turn away once one gets caught up in the commitment of salvation offered and the fear of choosing either the joy of heaven or the fear of hell.
Today’s teachings focus more on the fear factor than joy which I think sucks. Fear and superstitions can overwhelm the good sense of rational in anyone. For those who have lost a loved one, turning to the church for answers only makes matters worse. That’s where the confusion of God’s compassion really gets lost. That is so unfair to those who morn.
That is when they should really realize that God plays no role in those matters. If God did, good folks and innocent children wouldn’t die early or be born handicapped. If they believed God is the whole of Nature like I do, they would be happy to know that their loved ones they lost (the soul’s spiritual energy) has been recycled into the wonderful energy of God’s Universe.
There is no Hell as God and Nature judge no one and nothing. That is why one needs to understand that we are all part of the good energy of the Universe whether alive or dead! Death and fear keep people from moving on, especially those who have lost loved ones. I should know. I lost my parents, my only brother, 2 sisters and 2 wives.
All died very young for all the wrong reasons which is very sad. Plenty of other family too and close friends and I still remember all of them but any and all love I shared with them keeps me happy knowing their living energy (soul) has not been lost but has been recycled into the good nature of God’s Universe.
Hey, if someone told me all that when I was younger while going through catholic school, I would have gotten very upset having a closed religious mindset then. And if this was said way back in the day, the person saying it would immediately be burnt alive! People are not always happy to hear the truth or your opinion, and I realize that as it takes a lot of courage sometimes to voice it or to even listen to it.
When it comes to religions, there is nothing wrong with having different beliefs about creation and the origin of life. The mistake comes when we close our minds to other possibilities and new understandings about the nature of our origins and reality.
Although many religious fundamentalists may find my spiritual conclusions regarding my personal theory of life’s connection with Nature and God, totally unacceptable, I believe that opinion is more of a profound threat to their religious world of control instead. I understand and even respect some of their religious views but it is still my own personal world view, nonetheless, and mine only to steer myself with. I have already lived with their world views before so I feel my conclusions and judgments have plenty of merit.
God is all Nature and Nature is all God and that is all there is to it in my world view. Period! That world view is what keeps me free and spiritually connected without any religious fears, obligations and commitments. Religions being such a major part of the Status Quo, can easily become the foundation of one’s own personality and form authoritative, political and convoluted mindsets.
Been there, done that. However, when I look back now, I have to laugh at myself for having been fooled by the great deception of authoritative religious beliefs that restricts one’s thinking, free speech and personal freedoms. If you believe that Christianity and its God is something out of this world, you would definitely be right.
That’s because the Catholic religion and other Christian religions are a cult and are based on Dagon the fish God (Pisces), the God of Mithra (the sun), astro-theology (the stars and planets) and the zodiac constellations, which represent the 12 disciples. The Pope’s head dress represents the fish God Dagon and the New Testament is just a metaphor for an astrological story which all older religions and mythologies are based on. It is all about convoluted stories and astro-theology.
Since everything boils down to being psychological, I have no doubts that spirituality brings not only health, self-esteem, comfort and piece of mind but can actually help heal many ailments through prayer, reflecting, hope, meditating, sharing positives and happiness. All these elements are part of the positive side of religious instruction and real spirituality. However, when they are mixed with authoritative indoctrination, the opposite happens through fear.
Fear can kill in many ways but one way people don’t realize is through stress. So if you go through your life being religious without being stressed by it then by all means be religious. But I do think it is so life altering pointing out what the serious negative ramifications can be fearing God or Nature. Since everyone is unique in many ways, what works for me may not work for you and visa versa. So do whatever works for you and turns you on whether conventional or not, just remember: What doesn’t kill you usually makes you stronger. Living without fear is what life is all about.

Fear breeds all kinds of screwed up emotions of the heart and mind and can be exploited in so many ways. Control is one outcome, subtracting one’s money is another and divide and conquer is one which so many millions of people have lost their lives to through religious hatred, cruelty, murder, sacrifices, slavery and wars.
This proves that the heart and mind can rule us so I recommend that everyone should learn how to rule their own heart and mind instead. Doing this without religious fear involved is doing it with a clear head and a light heart.
Why not start there instead without any exploitation, control or indoctrination at all.
Most religions teach that heaven is in the sky. Some people believe heaven is in your mind. That make sense to me but I really believe that heaven should be in your heart. That is where real love and compassion comes from. I also believe that because of all the energy centers of the body, the heart center produces and sends out the strongest electro-magnetic wave signals of any other part including the brain. It is the densest form of energy in our body.
Now when I reflect upon religions, I always get the feeling that perhaps people are attracted to religions as an attempt to repair a broken relationship with the energy of Mother Nature.
Maybe there is a God deity, maybe there is even more than one. Maybe one is male and the other is female. Maybe this God is both. In any case, one thing is for sure, God would be the most extraordinary artist in existence and gave us the mind power to use and enjoy Nature’s canvas for our own survival, enjoyment and unique creations.
Politicians, priests and such have little to do with it except exploit it for their religions, power, control and wealth.
And if there is a God deity then I’d still never believe that religious leaders have a direct line to what God’s motives and intents really are. I also believe that God will not punish me for the things I love and the way I feel, how I live my life and most of all, for not being religious.
Nowadays, anything mainstream that is not politically correct is socially unacceptable. I call that blind obedience. Screw that mentality. For me it just boils down to a happy body, mind, heart and spirit without any forced political and religious interference.
Maybe some reading this are naturally wired that way too and if you’re not it’s no big deal as you can always get connected your own way. But being connected is a must if you strive to really be alive and find joy.
How you choose your spiritual cultivation is your choice as spirituality is an individual experience. But the choice should be yours not someone else’s choice imposed upon you. I personally still participate in others religious traditions, ceremonies, celebrations, weddings and funerals as I have loads of respect for my good intentioned brothers and sisters beliefs. Honoring and participating in other people’s traditions can be very rewarding and enlightening too. Sharing is showing the face of compassion and friendship.
BTW, my passion for Nature should not be confused in any way with the scam of political environmentalism and the global warming scam which is just another distraction and political legislative ploy of control to help enforce the New World agenda by those driving the bus. I believe in preventing cataclysmic climate change too but the government doesn’t really give a damn and just uses this situation for their own benefit by implementing more laws and taxes.
Global warming is not just about excess carbon emissions but the warming effect has a lot to do with the Earth naturally shifting in cycles and the growing destruction of the world’s rain forests which are affecting the very weather patterns of our biosphere. Another big factor is a lot of Earth’s oxygen comes from tiny ocean plants – called plankton – that live near the water’s surface and drift with the currents. So as our oceans get more polluted and the plankton die off, we get less oxygen into the air we breathe and the atmosphere gets more out of balance.

Anything that dealt with controlling people in the Bible and causing fear is just an invention of disinformation by the priests and scribes who were in charge of creating the Bible for their obedience indoctrination. And BTW, according to the Bible, what did Jesus get for all his efforts of compassion in the end? The priests and government put him through a long walk of torture and ridicule and then nailed him to a wooden cross while he was still alive. Hmmm….
To add insult to injury his so-called resurrection was then used to create more fear and superstition. Give this a think. Christianity is mixed with paganism and the sun god that focuses on symbols, fear, hope, the fulfillment of this hope and the afterlife. Christianity’s invention of Hell and the underworld is the most powerful fear of its followers. The ultimatum of this fear superstition is simple. If you don’t accept Jesus as your savior then you will suffer in the fires of hell forever.
That reminder of Hell can be seen with the demons and demonic symbols that are woven within the staffs of the priests and the structures of the great Cathedrals. The other main reminder is Jesus nailed to a cross. To me, the crucifix and cross is just a concept of death to remind those who see it or wear it that Hell is waiting for you if you don’t obey.
When one takes into account the fact that other doctrines of older religions which believed in magic and mysticism were drawn upon too, it’s easy to understand why the story of the dead body of Jesus gone missing, was so easy to portray as a resurrection by the people loyal to Jesus back in the day. They then made him the head of the “Church” but kept their symbols of the sun God and added Demons which are everywhere in the churches if you care to look.
To reach Heaven you must now pray and honor God through Jesus. That alone gave those who created Christianity a monopoly on that religion. That’s what the New Testament is all about. You now need to go through the son of God in order to reach God and get anything done.
And if you believe like I do that God is all Nature and Nature is all God, then everything becomes so easy and simple then. That is if you leave political and religious indoctrination out of that mindset.
Where the Jews and other religious groups go wrong is they mix their religions with politics. So when I think about corrupt government and their laws, I can’t help to see the similarities with the “Church,” other religions and their religious leaders. They all push these righteous rules and controls which encourage praise and all expect you to give them a piece of your money too.
The rulers of the religious class and the political class have the same common denominators – control and obedience. And if you don’t abide by their rules then you too will get nailed to the cross one way or another. The bottom line is: If Satan don’t get ya the cops or the I.R.S. will.

Screw that mentality too!
American sporting events now begin with what are, essentially, worship services. God blessing America and the honor of the US military are mixed together, with swelling music, the singing of anthems, hands held over hearts, roaring airplanes, and more. Soldiers in general have become the new missionaries, going to far-away, dangerous lands to spread “freedom” and “democracy” which has become the compliments or replacements for the gospel. Religion in America has become a Geo-political structure like it is in Israel and the Middle Eastern societies.
“Christ died for our sins and soldiers die for our freedoms” are now widely accepted beliefs… the kind of things people say “amen” or “hallelujah” to and feel righteous about. Righteous enough that they feel spiritually and financially obligated. I would not be surprised in the future if the government used the churches of America as recruitment stations for their soldiers. Onward, christian soldiers! Remember that battle hymn? Mixing politics with religion can produce some very devastating results (think Middle East today).
Why am I ranting so much about the Catholic Church, Christianity and religions? Because there is no substitute for independent research, careful thought and due diligence in all spiritual matters. The importance of checking the facts about your religion and not being overly reliant on conventional hearsay for your daily dose of spirituality cannot be stressed enough. Guilt, violence and shame should not be part of any spirituality or religion.

I bring all of this up in depth because during my time as a good Christian for more than 35 years, I finally figured out that the message behind all of what Jesus was constantly portraying was “we are all the essence of God.” I watched the government and the churches of America spin a very “UN-Jesus” direction and this spin has been quick, broad and propelled by State influence. To me, that makes it very worthy of a long rant. It also makes me very sick to my stomach.
Why folks can’t just ever honor God or Nature without a religious attachment is beyond my thinking now. I also want to make it clear that I am of a totally different mindset from those who are religious because 80% of Earth’s population believe that God is a separate entity than everyone and anything else. My mindset is the total opposite and I only focus on spirituality because spirituality is the harmony of a personal alignment and consciousness with the energy of the Universe (God) through Nature, empathy and love.
For me, the epitome of this wonderful energy and consciousness is the essence of God. On the other hand, I also understand that Nature’s bad side is to be very respected too. Nature has it all! If all this rhetoric I’m spewing sounds like mumbo jumbo
to you, then please understand how hard it is to explain your true feelings of spirituality.
Try to do it yourself sometime! In fact, your children should know one day why and how you feel about God too. Mine do! I hope your answer is well thought out and honest and backed up with research too. That includes reading the Bible and other religious books yourself with an open mind.
I have said enough already but I have another substantial reason for believing as I do. For the Universe to even exist, something must be required to observe it. That’s why consciousness and the Universe must be fundamentally interrelated. You can’t have one without the other.
But you can have different levels of consciousness and I believe that is the missing link we don’t understand very well. We humans have long stopped looking within and to the Heavens for the higher levels of consciousness we possess and that is why the mysterious God deity that religions use has filled that void so well.
The God deity theme has also kept us from examining those higher levels of consciousness too. Catholics will go into a rage at the thought of someone even questioning the validity of a God Deity. If you do then you’re an atheist and an atheist is an outcast. It’s a catch 22 that religions use to exploit and control us. The big catch 22 for Christian Religions is this: The Bible is true because the Church says so and the Church dogma is true because it is founded on the Bible. Is that the ultimate “Catch 22” or what?

I believe that if you only rely on religion for enlightenment you will reach a dead end. Since religion has so much to do with the sun, moon, astrological points, zodiac signs, star constellations, mythical gods, cultural myths, metaphors and other celestial phenomena in our lives, why not learn more about astrology (the Science of the Stars) too. We are all organically and spiritually connected with the Universe.
Some astrologers believe that astrology is the code of our soul, and it goes so deep that it’s not even fully comprehensible. Sounds Godly to me!
Conventional schooling or religion is not going to teach or reveal to us anything about the main flows of the cosmic current which can help us understand our place in the world. That’s why astrology should be a part of anyone’s schooling in search of enlightening and enlightenment. As I once found some of the Bible, especially some of the stories to be fascinating, I also find that fascination more so with astrology that also gives so much more depth to the Bible’s mysteries.
For me, the difference with a religious mindset is simply God is separate from the Universe but never separate with an astrological mindset. That’s the good news. The bad news is most religious folks will never see or feel the connection to God’s Universe without looking to the stars which is looking within for that connection.
Sounds really cosmic heh? It is!! And so are the messages in the Bible. Anyway, do yourself a big favor and do a little soul searching learning more about astrology and the real world too. Here is a good link that will get you started and its fun learning too: http://www.astrologycom.com
All these feelings are more for my children to understand than anyone else.
But I do hope anyone reading will get some value and food for thought out of all my words about Christianity and do some serious research. Here is another good link to look into and I guarantee you won’t get bored:

Everything in the Universe is connected by energy, and that energy is consciousness, and the infinite consciousness is the source of creation. So God is in everything including yourself. God is just pure conscious awareness.
It is simply the ultimate mindset without any ego attached. There is no ego involved in this mindset because when you go deep enough within yourself, you also expand in consciousness and you become aware of yourself as an infinite and eternal spiritual entity, and your ego simply cannot exist in an environment like that.
This universal consciousness is actually what most people call God but insist on separating God from that universal conscious energy. A Bible verse that said it all is this: “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)
Winding down this religious rant, I want to say this too: You can always run from one place to another and the same goes with going from one religion to another too but you can never run from yourself. My point is in order to find yourself, you need to connect with as many elements and good energies in this Universe as you can
Once you do, you can go anywhere and achieve real freedom and fulfillment with that mindset. You’ll see through indoctrination, negatives and false wisdom, angry Gods, demons and connect with life much better too. You’ll also piss off a lot of indoctrinated folks and make them angry once you get to that point. Who cares? You can look at it as the price you pay for waking-up but the price of waking-up is well worth any repercussions.
Finding God’s energy is a matter of not looking in all the wrong places. Finding God is looking within yourself first. I believe that we and all life lives with a “Conscious Energy Force” within. If you want to wake up to this and experience a truly unique transformation of spiritual illumination and healing then arrange an Ayahuasca (AYA) ceremony with a Shaman once you’re old enough and ready.
I’ll be more than happy to accompany you with a smile. Aya is a cooked mixture of 2 natural plants and a short cut and guide to looking within yourself. No preacher or Holy Book can bring you closer to God than Aya can. Aya will definitely help you see beyond the distorted conditioning of Status Quo reality.
It will help you experience another realm of consciousness and see a spiritual reality in a whole new way that will give your life a whole new meaning too. It did for me and opened my eyes and heart in a way I can’t explain but fully endorse.
My respect for all things alive in Nature has never waned since. Even all the things you don’t normally see or ever pay attention to like all other life forms will become conscious for you to appreciate. Your natural instincts come alive! That’s the power of AYA or LOVE.
Aya is the “Holy Water” to unlocking the forbidden doors of perception. This sacred water is a spiritual fertilizer and has long profound lasting effects. But you can’t understand this living water without taking a drink or not getting wet from it so arrange to have a swig if at all possible. However, I suggest you get your feet wet first before you really jump in. This magical substance is definitely NOT one of those recreational drugs!
If people could only find a way of using religion without the fear based doctrine added to that mindset, then that would make things even all the better. That would even be a mentality that could unify the world. On the other hand, feeling guilt free about not having a religion whether you believe in God or not is a positive thing.
Concentrating on spirituality without religion was a good thing for me. Having confessed all that, now maybe my family who reads this about me can understand better where I’m coming from when I talk about religion. I’ll make some more religious points again for more perspective (as you didn’t have enough already) but spirituality is really something I’d rather talk about so I’ll surely do more of that later too.
Everyone should be able to connect with people with different faiths and philosophies without any prejudice. Although I needed to use a lot of words to express my take on religions and my different concept of real spirituality, there really is no adequate language for expressing real spirituality anyway. In the end, if it turns out that there is no real God deity, then religion is just an astro-theological conspiracy designed to mislead mankind.
I can surely appreciate a good glass of wine right now after spitting all this talk about religion out but I don’t have any so I digress. If only I knew the secret of turning water into wine. Hmmmm…
Enough about religion.
Back to the Status Quo and convoluted reality. The police state sob-story culture is expanding like never seen before. Religious radicals and fake terrorism is now in everyone’s living rooms. It’s all become a manufactured reality. If more people had the balls to face the truth, the American culture as we know it would eventually collapse and we could start building a better society without all the corporate bullshit.
Sign me up for that one. I’d be there.

It should also be noted that unlike most Americans, I have never ever voted (except with my feet), but I still have an Independent mindset of a Constitutionalist (limited government authority) focused on individualism and an archaic understanding of life.
What originally inspired me to create this Blog was the increasing amounts of emails I consistently received from some family members (including a son) and friends in America over the years who have become disillusioned, confused and can’t seem to figure out why they are so unhappy, fearful, insecure, broke and stressed out.
The truth is they should be as those feelings are normal when the Elites and a legalized mafia of organized crime is running your country.
Out of their soul-searching quest for answers, I hope this Blog will supply enough info and food for thought that those seeking a better understanding will use the disturbing facts about life today to help good folks wake up with knowledge and insight to help them gain the wisdom to find solutions for living a happier, freer and healthier life full of aspiration.
I also hope this Blog can help enlighten them by exposing the negative facts about political, corporate, medical and religious coercion and their agendas.
Many negatives in life often come from those closest to you too and certain people should also be looked at as an anchor in your life. I personally have family members and past close friends I no longer bother with because no matter how much I shared my time, compassion and money with them; their selfishness, greed and their world was just too enclosed by the thick shell of indoctrination and hunger for money to make any impact on a honest relationship anyway.
Too many caused too much grief, created chaos and hardship instead of harmony. As sad as it is to say, it’s better to move on without them, family or not. I learned the hard way that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family but you can definitely choose to leave the bad ones behind.
Everyone who crosses your path is meant to be part of your journey, but not all of them are meant to stay. Sometimes, as hard as it might be, you just have to wish them the best, and let go. Its not pride, its self-respect. Forgiveness and generosity are not something that should be constantly abused. Life is too short and some are simply not worthy of your goals, friendship, dreams, help and aspirations.
Also included in my posts will be insights on society’s misgivings, corrupted health care, poisoned foods, promoted consumerism, international relations and the causes and aspects of the ever-changing face of America and the Western World.

Only by knowing the truth and some root causes can one deal with the reality and then turn those negatives into positive solutions. “Life is like photography, we develop from the negative.”
Without balance, moderation, positive stimulation and a comforting setting in our lives, it is obvious that people will become disillusioned and be drawn to entertainments, activities and indoctrination that might be very negative for their health, finances, spirituality, moral standards and overall well-being.
Those negatives include drugs, alcohol, sex, power, politics, religions, gambling and the pursuit of money. All these and more just make folks more dysfunctional and naturally unbalanced while creating more chaos and ill health in their lives as they are forced to give their health and personal powers away.
And there is fluoride and other poisons in drinking water and toothpaste that makes folks stupid; vaccines that cause injury, death, disease and sterility; foods that lack adequate nutrition and are tainted with more poisons; medications that cause death, disability, cancer and other diseases that lead to early death; encouraged birth control and abortions that create unmoral population changes that deteriorate cultures and change ethnic demographics.
The end result of these negatives are an unnatural and chaotic world run by puppet governments that will tax and control every move you make. Health, peace and harmony is not part of that agenda.
So keep in mind that chaos is what the powers-that-be want in every country, especially where they want to implement political agendas, resource wars and regime change. So if chaos is lacking, it will be deliberately manufactured and the news outlets will be used to spread this chaos. This manufactured chaos gives them the reason in your own country and other countries of false justification to continually take away freedoms, create wars on everything and implement new draconian laws.
Modern governments today have lost control of sanely controlling everything. It’s all about limiting diversity of thought, reducing free speech, stealing wealth and shutting down criticism and dissent.
Here is a bit more about my personal mindset.

When asked why I don’t vote, the short answer is this: the two-party political system has merged into a phony one party system (Demopublicans) so voting to me is nothing more than an illusion of fairness – voting divides people into a corrupted political class who then become part of the voting facade. The two-party duopoly has become the mask of corporate power.
We’re taught growing up that “We the People” have the power to affect radical change in the voting booth. But this is another fairy tale WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS AS CANDIDATES.
We are not the “WE” that we imagine ourselves to be. Voting only changes the players. It doesn’t change the rigged game.
I am not interested in being engaged with such a disingenuous and corrupted partisan political system that doesn’t serve the people. I believe voting for politicians of the existing political parties of today is just pretending to have a say when you really never will.
Most voters just concentrate on the agendas of the left or right anyway instead of concentrating on their freedoms. They care too much about political patronage and will re-elect a candidate simply based on his/her party’s political affiliation instead of the candidate’s merits.
That’s why the government always sucks! We need more outsiders in elections to make a difference and they better be rich in order to get elected because the big election money always goes to the establishment candidates already chosen.

When you realize how much you have been lied to by our politicians and mainstream talking heads who are whores for the government and have no conscience, you will become aware enough to easily recognize when they are lying again. Hint: they are moving their lips!
Although the rhetoric is different, both major parties are controlled by wealthy special interests and banksters not by the voting public. The only way to restore equality is to change the primary function of corporate government by nullifying the illegal “Fourteenth Amendment” and protecting America’s borders. For the time being, whichever corrupted party you choose to control you, you will choose them by voting.
The only power people have over you is the power you give them, and you can usually withdraw a lot of that permission at any time. It all boils down to breaking free from the Status Quo.
Those with limited resources and lack of insight are certainly at a disadvantage but they can still find ways to limit the control of others. So as far as voting in major elections are concerned, voting is an absolutely useless egotistical folly and an absolute waste of time. Here’s a good rhyme that adds to the bottom line;
Republicans are red,
Democrats are blue,
Neither one of them,
Gives a f*ck about you!
Being from Brooklyn and brought up in the 50’s and 60’s was nothing short of amazing. However, we all encounter moments growing up too that subjected us to politics in a big or small way. Although I had a great life always living in the moment and growing up in a great music era with a large family and friends, that big day for me in politics finally came and then wham bam – reality slapped me silly. The big event that woke me up to politics as a teen was the assassination of JFK.
I was just turning 13 years old when JFK was murdered. My father from Boston had Irish blood and loved that man. We were told that JFK was a man of world peace and a president that honored our Constitution so our father made my older brother and I listen to every speech JFK made. Those speeches in my younger years of my life were certainly an inspiration to me. I was so proud to be an American then.
My world was totally shattered and I was totally shocked when the announcement of Kennedy’s death came across the public address system in my school and we were sent home in tears.
I was later told by my father years later, who was a patriotic veteran, that Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald were set up and killed by those closely connected to our own government, I felt an awful feeling of betrayal and followed that botched investigation ever since.

That memory of the conspiracy, assassination (coup d’etat) and cover-up of JFK’s murder was the stepping stone of me growing up in the political world quickly finding out that ruthless politics and corruption in America are one of the same. I had my eyes opened to politics from that point on and never got involved in voting just to vote and especially questioned all politician’s motives.
Over the years, with plenty of further evidence exposing the cover-up of JFK’s murder, it had become very apparent to me that not only did America lose one of their better leaders but the corruption of government and their banker friends had been supercharged for the worst (again) and I have been very suspicious of those involved with controlling and destroying America ever since.
I still carry that bad taste in my mouth today concerning not just America but most other big governments too. But the worst taste in my mouth is the fact that the American people don’t care enough and/or don’t have the opportunity to take back their country. But a radical change has to come eventually. In the meantime, I prefer to wait someplace else.
When asked why I chose to live outside of America, the short answer would be that I needed to wean myself off the growing disaster that I refer to as the U.S. Empire of debt. Instead of working to live, most lived to work. The wage slaves of America are so tied up now in corrupted politics and flag waving that fake Status Quo buzzwords (like patriotism, “God Bless America” and now terrorism) seem more important to people than real purpose or principle.
To make a short answer longer, I’ll put it this way. I just became increasingly uncomfortable with so much racism and profiling and the fact that I didn’t fit in well within the super aggressive American Status Quo. I felt so awkward, harassed, pressured and squeezed into a corner that all I thought about was the day when I would leave the changing New York area for new horizons. It was not easy being a white guy sporting long hair hanging out with minorities like blacks, Puerto Ricans and Colombians in those days without being labeled an outcast.
I felt like a trapped bird in a cage. Almost everyone I knew starting living life by the ticks of a clock. It got to a point where no matter how much I partied and had fun, I still woke-up being bored out of my mind wondering how I’m going to make it through another week in the concrete jungle.
Everywhere more dysfunctional people and dysfunctional families had extreme belief systems, terrible racist habits and horrible diets. There was very little integrity and comfort in the free lifestyle I was part of. My lifestyle caused anger just by being a vegetarian, outspoken and anti-war.
I was also labeled a druggie or gay because I wore long hair, had a lot of energy and was harassed by the police regularly who had crew cuts and made it clear they didn’t like my looks. I was way outside their comfort zone. I was also despised by the parents of the girls in my life because their daughters stopped eating meat, exercised, lost weight and left with me to visit or live in other places in America. There was no freedom in being yourself being outside their Status Quo.
I definitely grew up in a very unusual era. During the 1960s and early 70’s, the civil rights, counterculture, and anti-war movements were in full swing. I really believed then that a great change for the better was in the cards. Unfortunately, America’s greatest weakness lies in the people always giving up as they did back then. From that point in time, we’re continually seeing the kind of evolution that one of our better lyricists Bob Dylan sang about almost 50 years ago.
So it became more and more evident that I was living in a country of managed perceptions and faulty realities knowing I was just corporate property of the government. Being a big opponent and protester of the long fake Vietnam war gave rise to the thought I was living in the wrong country during that time. Although I did everything thing I could to move, ignore and avoid these realities in my face, I always knew I wouldn’t be very happy until I could see a drastic change.
As time went on racism increased, more repressive laws were being established and the “Police State” was growing stronger. Even the good friends I had who shared my views and complained and protested too, became a slave to their jobs and did jack shit to move or really change their lives much. Most of those who also shared my energy and rebellious mindset in those days opposing the corruption of the Status Quo, eventually became trapped within it.
So I really do I understand why. Their honest aspirations about stepping outside the box played second fiddle to their personal attachments and/or job security shackled around their ankles. Only some stayed awake, evolved and moved on but almost everyone else stopped rebelling, gave their power away and became more or less a part of the corruption in the end which actually helped glorify the system.
I’ve sadly seen this cycle manifest many times in my life since without the needed results. It seems jobs or family attachments (external dependencies) were always the catalysts for accepting what they rebelled against, be it through explicit agreement or silent consent.
However, there were a few that became completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception about what is real and what is not. They know how to live life on their own terms. Their way of life no longer supports the old paradigms they rejected. And it is those few who share those insights that really help collective awareness manifest as the world gets more awakened.
We need more of that domino effect for folks to be able to shun corporate dominance and the systems of dangerous social structures like the current crumbling foundations of America and Western societies which are now built on competition and separation. Especially the belief systems built around the distortion of the external “savior” whether it be God or government.
So after moving to Florida and watching Florida become a Police State, I knew I really didn’t have any real hope left and had enough of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. So after so many years of contemplating that thought of leaving America, I finally took the opportunity to try out my soul-searching aspirations outside of the States.
In the end,
I finally put everything in storage and went to Europe solo. I hooked up with like minded people, the right girl and finally moved on and shipped my stuff in storage to Spain. My timing was also lucky as the worldwide collapse of socialism just started in the late 80’s in Europe.
I was very lucky to have left when I did as it was also easy to fit into a gentler and freer Europe where police could care less about your looks and harmless lifestyle. Because I was at a breaking point and Europe was going through a good phase, the timing was right too. Right place, right time!
For all the time, energy and words I spent in the past while living in America warning of the runaway train of political, religious, police and corporate corruption, the majority response was always ”this is America and it will only get better.” I would respond, if you think you see light at the end of the tunnel then what you are really seeing are the headlights of the runaway train approaching. People would just laugh and joke but I thought the joke would be on them in the end.
Guess what? Nothing has changed except for that train crashing though the tunnel. Looking back, those times were a very rough period in my life. I thank my lucky stars that I was able to get enough insight by traveling through the States and living in different places throughout my younger days.
Those realizations were the lucid moments in my younger life that led me to where I am now. Moving outside America was like taking off the training wheels of a bicycle and finally enjoying the unrestricted ride. The first investment anyone should make is investing your trust in the act of LIVING. That’s investing in yourself and the rewards can be enormous. Your dreams are meant to be great experiences. You have to test them out in the real world to get the benefits. The message here is very simple: No balls, no glory!
Embracing knowledge is a wonderful thing. Especially when your imagination is used in conjunction with that knowledge. We can only learn so much as knowledge is always limited in our lives, but imagination on the other hand embraces everything. Why not tap into what we have the most of? Imagination and creation go hand in hand. Throw in some knowledge and you can set the world on fire (in a good way).
Why get stuck in a place you’re not happy? I saw the train wreck coming and took a shot. I used my imagination and created a new life. I was very lucky I did. Today, you can easily see that the once peaceful police officers and decent law enforcement personnel of yesterday have slowly transitioned into ruthless militarized predator gangs that exist everywhere now.
Police are now caught on camera injuring and even killing innocent folks all the time but the outrage seems minuscule.
Other disturbing facts are more than 1/3 of all children now born in America live in a home without a father. Swat team raids on ordinary citizens have escalated by the day for just suspicion and trivial matters. People are being arrested and jailed for such crimes as feeding the homeless, growing organic vegetable gardens, collecting rain water, living off the grid and for growing or just smoking pot.

Convicted registered sex offenders and pedophiles are living in almost every town and city today. You should check your local government’s webpage where you live to see this reality or use a Google search. For anyone who has their eyes open, it’s clear where our once-great country is headed and I don’t believe the next generation is going to put us back on track. Maybe they will Hip-Hop themselves into oblivion instead. Some of us just get a bad rap and others get Gangsta Rap.
I also watched the United States of America become the huge AMERICAN CORPORATION. Quaint mom and pop places were respected and the backbone of America. Not any more. It’s all big box corporations and fast food chains today and from that point of view, the face of America has changed into corporate government vs. the people. Our country has morphed into one huge conglomerate war machine.
The U.S. Constitution was created for a nation of people not a bunch of companies, and as the “Ruling Class” made America an official registered offshore corporation, the government is always in conflict with the laws and freedoms of the people’s Constitution. The government and their handlers have been destroying the original Constitution by over-ruling it, changing it or just outright ignoring it.
There are so many things that should wake the American people up but they don’t. Since WWII, initiating violence, overthrowing governments, creating wars and creating terror is what the American government has done better than any other country. This is so obvious today but very few even notice or really care. Maybe it is because our mainstream media and schools aren’t allowed anymore to speak the truth. I’m very uncomfortable with that, aren’t you?
I’ll also admit, ever since JFK was murdered, conventional programmed society has become very uncomfortable for me to adapt to anywhere I go. Especially the increasing police state, corrupted politics and the convoluted duality religious mentality I could never get used to in America. That was my original wake-up call.
I figured that if I really wanted to create true, life-affirming change, I shouldn’t be living within any Status Quo system and feeding it with my energy and money no matter where I live in this world.
So it’s no wonder why I became part of the awakened community at a young age and more so as I got older. I use the term awakened community as a refuge because it gives us so called outcasts and rebels a place to lick our wounds. And yes, I hope my children will join that community too, sooner than later.
The best part of that mindset is that it keeps leading to realized possibilities and a path of never-ending personal development in many ways, and to many wonderful experiences in other countries too.
There are so many harmful myths, thoughts and beliefs that circulate through our cultural dialogues. These myths end up as distorted stories, beliefs and thoughts within our minds. It is your thoughts and beliefs that reflect your reality. In fact, these thoughts, myths and beliefs are actually responsible for limiting our spiritual growth and capacity to mature as divine beings.
Believing that anything outside of yourself will complete or make you whole is not only misguided, but highly dangerous to your well-being.
The more inner awareness we achieve the more apparent the outer distortions become. In reality, we cannot destroy this outer reality by just fighting against it so we need to change our direction and accept it as what it is. But from that point on, we can implement change away from what is feeding those distortions.
That will certainly help us with the realization that the purpose of this earthly experience is to live in harmony with the natural balance and forces of Nature instead of destroying it.
And here’s one you won’t learn about in any school or from the media either. After the Civil War, Congress created a separate form of government in 1871 for the District of Columbia. This was done without any Constitutional authority and it created the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES “a Federal Corporation.”
When the Civil War broke out, the original Constitutional government no longer functioned. The European Bankers (Rothschild and friends) seen the war as an open door opportunity to make money off the war and infiltrate the American banking system and started lending and influencing both sides of the war during and even after the the Civil War was over.
The remaining broken governments on both sides of the war were held hostage to the bankers with needed additional financing and a new type of government was put in place by the foreign bankers to rule the citizens of a broken America. The original system turned into a new corporate system and was officially run from Washington DC.
The political philosophy of the Declaration of Independence was based on people’s freedoms and rights and government was put in the forefront and in charge as a protector of those freedoms and rights. That was what America’s political system was based on and the main purpose of government governing the people. But unfortunately, our modern day rulers in Washington, and the intellectuals who shore them up ideologically, have warped this vision of political philosophy.
Government is no longer a “protector of rights and freedoms” to maintain freedom and order. It is now a “provider of privileges” 
instead which has nothing to do with the original political mindset. Once this switch of government’s role from “protector” to “provider” was changed, so did the rights and freedoms of the people. In essence, they were really taken away when America became “The United States Corporation.”
This new system of government was reconstructed from a Republic into a legislative Democracy. So the original America was then separated into two parts. One part was the legal corporate government governed under Admiralty/Maritime Law and the other part was the land mass still legally under the Constitution’s common law.
So the original America the Founders created only exists today as the legal geographical land mass. The individual States of America then became incorporated franchises of the mother corporation in DC. But the District of Colombia became legally outside of the geographical limits of America so the new corporate government was officially a foreign government corporation with a private legal system that was influenced by the Crown in England.
The American Bar Association is an English legal system tied to the Vatican, not an America one. This alone is how America’s freedoms deteriorated and the only missing link was a private banking system which finally happened about 50 years later with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
This scam alone is beyond the comprehension of any ordinary American so it isn’t any wonder why Americans keep complaining and voting thinking something is going to change for the better legally. It just isn’t going to happen. They just don’t understand that they went from being considered a man or woman with natural rights to the legal entity called the person which only has privileges and obligations instead. This is so despicable so I will try to explain further.

The short legal definition of a person is a man or woman who holds an obligation or a duty to a society in which he/she ascribed (signed something). That legal person’s name is usually in capital letters. On the other hand, there is no legal version of a natural man or woman except the recognition of that someone who has inherit/natural rights and doesn’t have these legal obligations of a “person.”
That is unless they give up their natural rights as a “man/woman” for the other legal version of a ”person” by acknowledging obligations and laws within the contract they entered making them a legal person instead.
I know that’s a lot of words to use to explain the difference but it is the best I can do. This shit is a bit stale for me to explain being out of America for 25 years. I just don’t remember clearly anymore so I may be off a bit with some facts. But I know that good examples of being treated as a person instead of a man are registering to vote or getting a driver’s license.
However, when you are born you automatically become a legal person as you can see with your given name always being in all in capital letters on your certificate of live birth. But no one when born was ever able to agree to any contract or name so you always have the option of exercising the legal man/woman part of you for the things you haven’t signed on to concerning the different parts of the legal system.
Although legally you can be man/woman and the person at the same time, you’ll always be the man/woman at any given time too. You really need to wrap your head around this. Knowing this which most people don’t about how you’re really treated in the legal court system is of great help to level the playing field when going to a court (a place where games are played) as the man/woman instead of the person.
The legal world is a 2 dimensional world when dealing with the person (Maritime/Statute laws) and the 3 dimensional world is dealing with the man/woman (Common Law) real life. You can look at it as one being the corporate entity and the other being the spiritual entity.
You always want to legally be in the 3 dimensional world of the court system where you are treated as one with inherit rights if you can. Common law is the top of the legal food chain. You don’t have many rights when you go to a court that sucks you into the corrupted 2nd dimensional system of Maritime/Statute laws but you do have plenty of rights when you legally deal with the 3rd dimensional common law which protects the individual’s natural rights.
If you have to deal with the court system, always try to have your lawyer or yourself invoke common law on your behalf. Present your self as the man instead of the person because it was man that is the creator of the courts, not the courts being the creator of the man. The courts can’t really define their creator (man) and take away his inherit rights to self govern but they can define the legal person and take away that person’s legal rights and punish them too.

When you understand better how the legal system works, which is pretty much the same in all Western countries, you’ll know better to be extremely careful to never sign anything unless you have to and you’ll also have the power to use their rules against them too. The court don’t like common law for that reason and no government or private school except law school is going to tell you this (only a little bit).
I learned a lot of this during my high school days from my dad who understood the difference between common law and the laws of the seas being a seaman. I was also taught that you will always be innocent in court if you are not causing someone hardship, injury, harm or loss. And there should be justice for those who suffer.
But one needs to remember this: The only reason common law is not used much in the justice system is because there is no big money in doing so. If they only used common law they would not fine, arrest and incarcerate so many people. And that’s bad for business, BIG BUSINESS!!!
All this political and legal maneuvering is simply the result of the government becoming an incorporated commerce based legal structure which would operate under Private International Law, and not Common Law, which was the original law of America’s Constitutional Republic.
This changed the absolute rights of the people guaranteed under the Constitution to just “relative” rights or privileges which is what we have now under the “US Corporation.” So in reality, the Constitution has really been suspended for over 140 years now. I know that sounds crazy but that is the truth and the people just don’t understand that is the main reason they lost their original freedoms.
Read the fourteenth Amendment for yourself to see the truth. The government is certainly not going to tell anyone either!
So all these special rights based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights aren’t really “rights” any more but “privileges” instead. So the bottom line is the Federal Government in DC (The United States Corporation) operates outside of the guidelines of the original Constitution.
Our entire banking system, legal system and justice system operates under “Maritime Law” now. In order to remedy any foolish laws, indoctrination or injustice imposed upon us, we first need to know some history of how America really got to this point to understand what is really going on in order to find solutions (if any).
So do some research in order to understand how to be properly represented and legally protect yourself better from being enslaved to other people’s foolish laws and the corrupted legal system.
You can’t have a Constitution for the people unless you know what government’s purpose is. The whole art of good government is supposedly based on honesty. And as our Founders anticipated, the whole art of keeping good government was to confine it and control it.
They believed that without disobedience and rebellion to other people’s foolish laws and restraints, real freedom can’t exist. Don’t be one of the uninformed and misguided. If America goes down, the free world (what’s left of it) goes down with it. Game over!

Bad government is nothing new these days and corrupt politics have been manifesting since the official creation of America.
Most will never realize and see this until they get better educated, wake up and get enlightened. Expecting the ever-growing government to honor America’s Constitution and peace is like asking the wolf to take good care of the flock of sheep.
Since Nazi Germany was defeated, no other nation comes even close to destabilizing other nations, inflicting more death, destruction and exploitation onto the people outside its borders than United States has.

America has no doubt become the world’s biggest killing machine. The charade of giving other countries “democracy” by bombing, invading and occupying them is an obscene joke while wearing the face of terror, force and fraud in the process. What’s really in play is America’s increasing control over the world’s global resources.
Due to the fake patriotism and the corrupted mainstream media, there are no people on Earth more misinformed about America’s corrupt policies and the rest of the world than Americans. That needs to change if any hope is in the cards.
The corruption and Status Quo in America is not going to end anytime soon. Pretending it will get better soon is just a pipe dream. With that in mind, I want to make sure you have access to enough information and reliable news sources that you’ll need to make informed decisions about these problems and deal with them on another level (your level).
America is no longer the place that was built on personal freedoms and hope with a widespread belief that a better future was most anybody’s potential birthright.
Those who still believe so are severely disillusioned. Why would anybody want to vote for or support a government that’s based on propaganda, deception and secrecy, both against its own people and the rest of the world is beyond me.
America has become a system of ” managed democracy,” in which a privileged high priesthood or oligarchy monopolizes real power as it oversees a superficial structure of democracy and promotes patriotic and religious myths to ensure the loyalty of the public and the cohesion of society.

The government is always attempting to reduce the American people and other county’s people into unconditional submission.
America in general has become a depleted domestic and international mess, socially, politically and economically. I look at America now as a battlefield in so many ways. Although most folks are aware of our recent unjust wars internationally, few are aware of the recent ongoing domestic war at home by our own government.
Most folks don’t enjoy being on a tight leach or on any leach at all. But the long leach of the powers-that-be are invisible to most folks too. Americans were supposedly born in a country that relished freedom as its core foundation. But now that foundation has crumbled and is in desperate need of repair. Unfortunately, crumbling foundations need to be replaced, not repaired, which the government is doing but they are replacing the old one with a whole new foundation that has nothing to do with the foundation of our Constitution.
When I left America to live a freer and more spiritual life on my own terms, I keep an open mind watching this charade unfold from the outside (observing from a safe distance) as opposed to dealing and living in the increasing wreckage of its present militarized “Police State.” All its violence, racism, gangs, drugs, police brutality and repression has since gotten much worse. I was really hoping things would get better so I could come back with my new family but that hope turned out to be just another pipe dream.
I’d much rather spend my valuable limited time exploring and enjoying different lifestyles and cultures instead of drinking from a leaking cup in the States. And why subject my harmless children who were born elsewhere, to aggressive and violent militarized police who manufacture “crimes” out of trivial incidents, and process poor and sometimes innocent people through their ridiculous criminal “justice” system.
I already have an older son born in America doing 7 years with no early release plus 3 years mandatory parole in a Florida prison for just breaking a restraining order while trying to reconcile with his former girlfriend. That is as much time or more than most rapists, pedophiles and other sex offenders get and he didn’t even have any prior convictions either! These unfair prison sentences (especially for black folks) happen all too often when you’re broke and have a public defender fresh out of law school representing you.

These tactics and prison sentences have become a profit center for police departments, prisons, the courts and others. The justice system has become so corrupted that it is now an actual multi-billion dollar industry in America. And check this out. After being incarcerated, my son was told by the prison doctor he was bi-polar and needs to take meds every day for the rest of his life. Bi-polar for breaking a restraining order? Meds for the rest of his life? WTF!!
He is also becoming a Muslim in prison and is being taught the Coran and Arabic. You can bet I’m just thrilled to know that! I didn’t know that the Florida prison system worked as a recruitment center for big pharma drugs and had their prisoners being taught religions too.
This is just another scam bestowed on the American taxpayer. As you can imagine, I don’t expect any good to come out of his long years of forced indoctrination and incarceration from the prison system if and when he finally makes it out of there.
So I definitely don’t want my other boys to live in America and help finance the prison system, aggressive police and government agencies who also confiscate people’s assets by force and gunpoint. I also don’t want the government’s debt burden strapped on my other son’s backs either.
Why support politicians who heavily tax your hard-earned income and spend it all on wars, prisons, bombs, drones, and welfare programs that help keep them in power or be a guinea pig for America’s new living GMO science experiment or the new Obamacare health experiment too.
I already know how horrible national health care is in Europe. Even most private health care sucks in America too as conventional medicine is firmly in bed with Big Pharma and government and only concentrates on giving out toxic prescription drugs for everything. When it comes to GMO’s, people in America don’t even have the right to know if GMO’s are in their food.

Why would any caring parent subject their children all this madness plus the fear, shock, and humiliation of aggressive militarized police if they have other options? If that is not bad enough, why would any parent want to also subject their teen age boys to a country that also has the biggest prison system, violent music and consumes the most legal and illegal drugs in the world? Why live in a country like that especially when it is now known that our government is constantly spying on everyone.
After living in 6 countries and visiting dozens more, one gets a good feeling of what freedom and other cultures are like elsewhere besides the States. After constantly comparing my homeland to other countries, no place is a picnic but the last thing I would think of doing is throwing my children into a growing cesspool of distorted culture.
A culture filled with fast foods chains, pedophiles, never-ending political propaganda, high obesity, huge debt, increasing laws, endless wars, diminishing rights, violent music, high property taxes, toxic foods, extreme consumerism, high crime, reality TV programs, gangs, growing racism, high cancer rates and endless illegal drugs. WHEW! What a mess.
And last but not least, I would never be so disloyal to myself and my European born family members after all I know about America’s culture today, to ever subject my family to becoming victims of the economic and political serf-hood of the modern-day AMERICAN CORPORATION and their handlers. They deserve to live somewhere much better than that. It is so pathetic how I could go on and on about the demise of the land I love.
America is so full of these problems now and they all seem to be getting much worse. All countries go through good and bad phases but give me a break, the good ole USA is definitely going through a very bad phase.
As a patriotic American, it is so disheartening to now have to exclude a country to live in where I was born and raised and that gave me the spirit of freedom. I really wanted my younger children to experience the wonderful feelings and emotions I had when growing up and live in Oregon or Hawaii but those inspirations and aspirations no longer exist. It is still a good place to vacation and shop but I would never live there with my family in its present deteriorating condition.
What a horrible feeling to be terribly unhappy about a country you use to love because your government and their handlers have totally corrupted the economy, the food chain, health care, our freedoms and everything to a point that the whole country has transpired like a corporate acquisition or takeover. It’s become a corporate/government monopoly. Ever since President Kennedy was murdered, the last of America’s innocence has been finally shattered.
The Land of the Free my ass! Since JFK, the president’s hall of fame has definitely become the president’s hall of shame. Should I want my children help feed a militarized parasitic system of fake freedom? HELL NO!!
America’s present political concept of the common good is to lower the ceiling on individual power rather than raise it.
Why put your kids on a collision course with battle-clad soldier like law enforcement when you know better and don’t have to live in the Police State of America. So my personal conclusion is that I don’t want my free thinking children to become a target for the new militarized police who have surrendered their own thinking and don’t want to be reminded by free thinkers of what they descended too.

You can say that I’m a bit old-fashioned but I never believed in the “spreading democracy” mentality of the American government either, because in reality, it is nothing more than a cover for a thinly veiled euphemism for empire building. Today, the world is indoctrinated with misleading and corrupted words like “democracy.” The folks of our once great county have been duped into accepting the word “Democracy” to replace the word “Republic.”
Since the beginning of America, the word republic was only used before the switch. No where in the U.S. Constitution or The Declaration of Independence does the word “democracy” appear. So America is no longer a republic anymore but a democracy instead. Too bad the government didn’t bother explaining to everyone the consequences and benefits of both when they made the switch. Here’s a link to understand the difference.
America is definitely not that special place it’s cracked up to be anymore. The word “democracy” is so over-done. It should be called Hypocrisy Democracy instead. I say modern-day democracy is a just another con job and has really turned into an oligarchy by those controlling us in America and now in the newer European Community too.
Democracy has become a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. But the new word on the block is “collectivism.” Collectivism is a mechanism of social control made necessary by the corporate-welfare/warfare state.
I see it as another propaganda program.
Replacing the individual and his/her own uniqueness with collectivism is one of the most absurd ideas of government and society. This “Collectivism” is just a guise to fool people into thinking it represents togetherness and the good of all when it is really all about control and surveillance. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Collectivism is just the ultimate welfare program. The lesson to be learned is that collectivism is a self-renewing disease for which there is no antidote.

Why bring up your children in a country that promotes welfare programs, wars, genetically modified foods, toxic drugs, is against organic medicine and has the highest rates of cancer in the world if you had a choice? I don’t want my boys helping to provide the lifeblood to a collectivist system to ensure that it can continue. My European children and I will probably never see the inside of a jail cell or prison as long as we don’t live on American soil.
So why are so many Americans so disconnected from this reality? Unfortunately, the answer is that too many Americans no longer possess a healthy lifestyle and the entrepreneurial spirit and the moral independent fiber to face life on their own merits as our Forefathers did. Most folks now believe in the mentality that he/she who dies with the most toys wins. They’ve become prisoners of their material world.

Sadly, I have watched this cultural transformation in America for the worst with no end in sight. They live in a world of “Malls” and “Online Shopping.” Folks spend almost every dollar they make on shit they don’t need. They’ve become the worst suckers for debt and very few have any savings at all.
America has turned into a waste land of corrupted politics, degraded health care and thrives on the new materialistic cultural paradigm of shopping and debt. I like shopping too and spending money but give me a break!
The fall of the Roman Empire has risen again and is alive and well in America with the Roman Catholic Church being bigger and stronger than ever. But instead of entertaining the masses with gladiator games like in the days of the Roman Coliseum, we now do it constantly in America with stadiums everywhere featuring different sporting events.
We also have our ongoing wars like Rome did too but we also have TV, drugs, the news media outlets blaring everywhere, Hollywood, billboards plus high tech devices and endless electronic games and so much more to entertain us and to distract everyone to no end.
The never ending politics and presidential and congressional bullshit broadcasted everyday keeps most folk’s disconnected too. The irony about our latest presidents over the past 50 years is that ever since JFK was murdered, I have yet to see a newly elected president honor America’s Constitution. Too many before didn’t honor it either.

Man, was I lucky to get out before the corporate government decided to manufacture Islamic terrorism, cause 9/11 to happen and make the Constitution even more obsolete while oppression went into high gear with the Patriot Act.
So I feel very fortunate to have had that wake-up call and left when I did as I still have a clear head focused on eliminating as much political and material baggage possible. As luck has it, it turned out to be a great adventure and learning experience and the correct move for me as America has changed for the worst ever since. The only regret I really have now is that I didn’t leave a lot sooner.

I was never in favor of the limitations that other people are apparently willing to put on themselves or put up with by others. Your capabilities can go much further, far beyond any forced limitations put on you by those in control. It may sound ridiculous but I am not only grateful for all the positive things in my life but for a lot of the negatives things too.
Those negatives taught me a lot about changing things and keeping the things I can positive. Another reason I’m also grateful for many of the hurts and negatives in my life is because there is healing process that comes from the wounds of our past that makes you realize there is a compassionate healing energy that we can tap into that will help us move forward into better realities. What doesn’t kill you (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) can definitely make you stronger.
If I didn’t leave America, I would have never had the many successes I’ve enjoyed in Europe and I know after having acquired a rebellious foundation towards my government while living in America, that I would either be serving a long prison sentence there today or possible not even be alive if I stayed. That’s some scary thoughts but I am certain of that now looking back as exercising your first amendment rights (which I do) in public these days can put you in prison or on the wrong side of a police officer’s gun.

War Street, Corporate Street, Vatican Street and Wall Street are now running the show. That’s where the power and the big bucks are today. You can bet as you read this that there is a war brewing by the hands of the U.S. and their handlers somewhere and the last thing that I want is to scare people, but most people have fear for that which they do not understand instead of an appetite for discovering what they should.
Most of the dark side of the Status Quo is like a black hole sucking the light of your life out of you. Don’t get sucked into the black hole of the Status Quo. Just as the invisible natural force of gravity pulls and shapes the Universe of space-time, so does the invisible unnatural force of the Status Quo which pulls and shapes your space through time.
My future posts will help you understand that better.
Most of us who have a bit of intuition are for some part already using some of this understanding in a positive way. It is this intuitive knowing that most use throughout their lives to judge the good people from the people who could possibly harm us; to judge which is the right decision to take if one is in doubt; to judge whatever is good to have in your space and what is better left out.
Unfortunately, most people today are asleep without hardly any intuition, don’t even bother to give any of this a second thought and get trapped in a corrupted life forever.

That is so UN-American!
Let me put it like this: the reality of corruption is like warm shit smothered with ice cream. Although you can’t immediately see through it as in those who are involved; you will eventually recognize it by sight and smell once the ice cream melts. For me, it has always been in my better judgment to get away from the shit and smell the flowers instead. Maybe putting it that way will help you remember the message better.
Good judgments keep you freer, safer and healthier in this corrupted world, so use better judgment by waking-up to reality and then consider how to avoid the evils and dangers of a corrupted system by reading this Blog.  However easy as it may seem, recognizing the evils that lurk around you is no easy task when you are living in a world full of distractions and so many dangerous roads.
After living in Europe and America all my life, I have certainly lost my trust in the Western governments. The West is at a very dangerous crossroads and seems to be choosing foolishly the suicidal path. It seems the Westerners of today are less wise about insights regarding the nuclear and religious dangers blowing westward from the Middle East, Asia and large parts of North Africa.
These growing dangers are a direct or indirect result of the West’s interventions and colonizing that could eventually backfire while everyone keeps pushing their control, genocide and agenda on others.
If that’s not bad enough, our international relationships with other powerful countries are on the brink of disaster. The US government thought they put Russia to sleep during the Reagan Administration but guess what? Russia is alive and well and the sleeping bear has awakened too. Americans forget that national pride runs deep in other countries too.
Especially in Russia where their president has an over 80% approval rating. You won’t see those numbers in America or Europe. So while our government is busy stepping on Russia’s toes by either threatening or actually imposing sanctions (a prelude to war), Russia as an oil and gas powerhouse is busy fighting back making international agreements with China and other resource needing countries around the world and the new deals aren’t just in the “Almighty Dollar”  either.

Russia also controls half of the world’s uranium supply which we need to keep our nuclear power plants running. Russia has also helped to finance our country’s debt by buying our government bonds too. America is bankrupt and is no longer the world’s leading industrial power so the only ace we have left up our sleeve is our military might.
Russia still has more than one ace up its sleeve so it seems to me that it is America who is asleep these days and we better wake up quick. Not only to the other silent super powers like China who have become good friends with Russia and is paying careful attention to our ever-growing weaknesses but to our own people at home in America too.

The “cold war” that use to be has now turned into the “colder war”
In this day and age, no one should trust big government or big business to look after our futures. The entire system of government and big business seems to be compromised with corruption, especially the CDC, the FDA, the USDA, the health system, the IRS, the Secret Service, the prison system, Wall Street, the Veteran’s Department, the banking system, NSA and the welfare system.
The more you figure out how to live without these ties, the better off and freer your life will be and your financial situation can improve more too. The government is broke so if you have a pension and or retirement pay you can access, I suggest you do so immediately before the money runs dry there too.
So what’s in the name for this Blog and what is the meaning of an American Patriot?
An American Patriot is a person who supports individualism and believes in the unique cultural attachment and set of ideas of their country’s original philosophy and official Constitution. That is where the American spirit was born.
A patriot should never be confused with a (government) loyalist whom real American patriots should naturally oppose.
A patriot’s passion of loyalty for his/her country, people’s welfare, health, justice, equal rights and brotherhood and has little to do with a passion and loyalty to politics and big government agendas.

So that’s the basic philosophy of what an “American Patriot” is and the philosophy of this site is that any basically educated person can live a less stressful and healthier life once they pay attention and realize what obstacles they need to avoid, overcome and/or change to live a much better life with less interference and more natural and spiritual enjoyment.
This blog also presents some of the more important negative and positive facts in that regard that you need to consider. Personal empowerment and better health is the name of my game (plan) and the backbone of this Blog. No government or society is perfect but having a good understanding about both and what makes them tick will go a long way about how you deal with them.
Although the idea of America was unique at the time it was founded as a country, a lot has changed since and our leaders stopped thinking from their hearts long ago. The Elites, the Banksters and the Vatican have infiltrated and corrupted the government and the folks of America to no end.

So when you feel your government and its society is out of control and has little or no worth or much value to you, then you should realize how to better use the strength of your own worth and value without them. Being a patriot has nothing to do with being loyal to a corrupt government, but has everything to do with being loyal to your personal spirituality and your independent mindset instead.
The architects of America had a vision that we should be personally controlling the changes in our health and lives instead of our government doing so. In taking charge and controlling changes for yourself, one can only wonder what further positive changes you might inspire in your own life and others. Change can be very therapeutic and shaking things up always brings opportunities for fresh new beginnings.
The collusion and concept of exploited collectivism by the political and financial might in America has now made the United States the breeding ground and launching pad of a nation-state by those in control. The content in this blog’s posts will focus a lot on the tyranny I am opposed to as I’m truly disgusted about how my country has been manipulated, turned completely upside down and is no longer anything like what it was when I grew up and certainly nothing like what our Founding Fathers had in mind.
The ideas and messages behind this blog is to better yourself by realizing what life under a growing tyranny and corrupted government in America or anywhere has done to the people’s mindset, finances, ideologies, health and their liberties.
Freedom and health is being flushed down the drain. Big Brother, his Little Brother corporations, special interest groups, the gimme-gimme crowd, the toxic chemical and Big Pharma corporations and the TV babies all have their dirty hands on the handle.
It is the every growing federal branch of government that has always been the primary method by which those in control have been undermining America and the rest of the world. The shift of power has been steadily been from the free market and free mindset to big government collectivism and controlled thinking and that shift now needs to be reversed somehow before a complete totalitarian mentality exists.
As far as health is concerned, you don’t need to look very hard to see the inevitable consequences of an increasingly obese, nutritionally deficient, toxic and chronically diseased population. Over 60% of the U.S. population is now obese. Our food and water supply has truly become a poison delivery system weapon against society. Does anyone even notice that Alzheimer disease is becoming another man-made epidemic?
Ignorant masses of people are simply marched to hospital beds and their deaths, one meal, one pill and one drink at a time. This is the final outcome from PROCESSED FOOD, MANUFACTURED DRINKS, POISONED MEDICINES, and the recent GMO plants and foods laced with toxic substances and poisons. You are what you eat (and drink). I don’t know one person over 50 years old in America that is not on at least one chemical medication prescribed for some ailment or another on a regular basis. NOT ONE!
A pill for every ill mentality has reached almost everyone’s household. In Europe (except for the English), people don’t have medicine cabinets in their bathrooms (yet) but Big Pharma and the medical profession will eventually see to that here too.
Cancers have become big business in America so don’t expect any cures from conventional medicine or the drug companies. The medical profession has morphed from healers into drug dealers.
They certainly hold a valuable place for crisis issues like surgeries, broken bones, heart attacks and other traumas but they don’t solve most health issues anymore, they manage them instead with toxic drugs that cause other health issues. Search “Alternative and Natural Medicine” sources for organic remedies with no side effects if you value your health.
A majority of people will die of cancer, not only because of the disease itself but because of misinformation, suppressed information, toxic treatments and fear. Nutrition, natural supplements, homeopathic interventions, lifestyle changes, stress management, etc. are all better than the conventional cancer intervention. Anything beyond the “Big Three” cancer treatments (chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation) are illegal today and any alternatives ignored.
The FDA and the AMA have mandated that “Food can not be called medicine” and “Supplements cannot make claims that they can help cure disease.” It does not have to be this way but oncology medicine is a multi-trillion dollar business that pads the pockets of big business and some of the world’s wealthiest business people. There is no big money in curing cancer with nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle changes. The American Medical Association, the FDA, and The American Cancer Society should be tried in court for crimes against humanity.

In my lifetime, I have also watched our corrupt corporate government lead us with fear and lies in order for us to believe we were fighting perceived enemies abroad, but the whole time the real enemy was here at home infiltrating and seizing power in our school systems, corporate America, health care and the upper ranks of the American national security and intelligence apparatus, as they used every distraction conceivable to fool, control and steal from the public.
The quest for money, control and power by the Ruling Class and big business is undeniable today. The uncomfortable truth and end result of big government agendas are assassinations, over throws of sovereign governments, false flag attacks, invasions, wars, corrupt mainstream media, polluted medicines and corporate power to name only a handful. This is what America has been reduced to and where America is today.
All this shit is now in the open and in your face. If you haven’t noticed that, then you have been living under a rock. If that’s the case, then it is much better to know the ugly truths than believe in the fantasy of pretty lies. Maybe you haven’t noticed too but American law enforcement agencies have morphed into federally funded paramilitary units. Profiling and other police misconduct and injustices are everywhere.
But through the use of cell phones, dash cameras, combined with the interconnectedness of the web, we now have an excellent defense against government abuse. Thanks to this, many millions of people are now able to see the reality of what police departments have turned into including the courts.

It doesn’t amaze me anymore why most of society doesn’t see or care what is happening around them. It is now very clear that with enough indoctrination, consumerism, false patriotism, drugs, fake terrorism, fast foods and distractions, the eyes are useless when the mind is blind.
Many Americans have never seen government intrusion of this magnitude before and I believe the worst is yet to come.
America is coming full circle and is back to the tyrannical mentality of King George’s English rule and “Empire Building.”
Unfortunately, most Americans and Westerners don’t see anything wrong at all.
I made dozens of trips back to America while living in Europe and found that people were becoming more and more disconnected from their reality. I find that profoundly disturbing and I also find that very frightening! Just as with so many injustices, new events will play out, people will have money stolen from them, corrupt politicians and their friends will uncork bottles of champagne to celebrate, and life will transition to the next distraction and war.
It is very obvious today that controlling anything less than everything is no longer acceptable to the American government anymore. It should be that the people should be making sure that they are controlling everything about what the government does instead.
The government needs to be transformed and only then will it be able to be controlled mainly by the people again. A collapse of American society is already happening and the fate of a total collapse is going to be very difficult to avoid unless major policy changes take place soon. Good luck with that!
From what I have learned from history and also seen happen in my lifetime due to corrupt government, I can believe that we are probably on the verge now of something very sinister happening in America or elsewhere that will be so big, it will scare the Hell out of you or make you feel like you are in Hell. This will be due to repercussions by those threatened by the Western powers or by the Western powers themselves.
We already got a taste of that not long ago with the horrible 9/11 episode and our next day of reckoning could be much darker than the secretly planned World Trade Center attacks. In my opinion, that was maybe just a walk in the park so any new events will probably be on an elevated frightening level and any new awakenings could be very, very scary. Shaping public opinion with the fear of terrorism is the newest tool of government and its here to stay too. 9/11 was the kicker so don’t fall for it again when you hear and see on TV more attacks that are probably fabricated by government!
If you believe that 9/11 was an inside job and the investigation that followed was also an orchestrated sham, then you have to believe that the American government is more evil and sinister than anyone can imagine. They are so blatantly evil that they could care less about murdering thousands of innocent people at home just to complete their hidden agendas (more wars, more hatred and more oppression).
And even more concerning is that those involved in the 9/11 myth are extremely powerful and certainly well above any laws we have in America. That simply means that our prior President George Bush is a pathological liar, a mass murderer and a psychopath that had to be totally involved which would be committing the ultimate act of treason known.
That also means that the media is so controlled that they did nothing to expose the truth. Remember that while watching the presidential debates when the next presidential election rolls around. Meaning, your votes mean NOTHING! The bottom line is this: The government says that they are there to protect you from the terrorists that committed 9/11 but who is there to protect you from the government (the real terrorists) of the real 9/11?
If you have any doubts at all about 9/11, then check out the many videos on YouTube explaining the 9/11 scams and cover-ups. Especially the videos from independent engineers which covers how steel buildings can’t collapse from fires.
The bottom line is “The War On Terrorism” is now our new way of life and America has become an unhealthy violent twisted society where everyone is tracked, mind-controlled, fed poisons and treated as a carefully stamped and numbered asset of the State in one way or another. This Blog isn’t about fear, it’s about facts, uncomfortable as they may be. Think more about the deep consequences of war and peace. Which one do you prefer and which one does the United States serve best?
In creating this Blog, I’m not making any attempt to disrespect the American people, honest law enforcement, sound government, honest religious leaders or deny that there are many, many positive aspects of living in the good old USA, but I am trying to reveal and expose instead, the hidden plans and truth inherent in the dominant discourse of corrupt big government and their entourage.

Although our brave soldiers who fight for our country are heroes, there’s no honor in fighting for private interests. Starting wars under false pretenses and putting our soldiers in harm’s way for political and commercial reasons is an abomination of protecting our country and a total dishonor to our troops and their grieving families.
Those behind these planned unjust wars who are responsible for all the unwarranted injuries, destruction of families and loss of life should be tried and convicted of treason and war crimes.
Since the assassination of JFK, the war in Vietnam and 9/11 were exposed as government frauds exposing hidden agendas, isn’t it obvious that the wars we have been constantly fighting since were all preplanned for all the wrong reasons?
It’s sad to have to say this but as it has been said before (even in the Bible), “only the truth can set you free.” This Blog will illustrate that there are quite a number of frustrating things you should be aware of and to consider. Even more so if you still think that America has not become a police state bent on extracting a large chunk of your earnings, serving big corporations, the banking cartel, prison system and the neo-conservative/neo-liberal networks instead of the people.

I’m totally astonished to see how America has become a government/corporate run social engineering project which has promoted violence against the people inside and outside of America as due process and the Bill of Rights are now being destroyed at an alarming rate. Today’s government cartel has evolved into a production factory of illusions, delusions, needless incarcerations, wars and deceptions.
After all my research into American history, I discovered disturbing truths that shattered my egotistical mindset that our Founders and ancestors were totally moral and just, and very innocent people. The truth is that the Founders of America descended from what I would call a war-mongering barbaric background (English Rule). That clan were slaveholders, and many were racists and opportunists among other things by proxy.
That is just the way it was in those days. However, they did have a great sense of purpose, great ideas and perseverance which helped established America with a lot of luck and help from France at that time.
Some of the Founders were still very prejudice and not the best humanitarians in their day too. In fact, I thought Washington was probably the best exploiter of all of the Founders because he was a slave holder and the wealthiest and focused on getting richer through real estate grabs and shady deals made with the Mexicans and Indians. He was certainly deemed the entrepreneur of his time if not a crony capitalist.
Many American presidents were also slave owners too. After all, they were just refined 2nd generation versions of the racist King George mentality which included exploiting America’s resources and “Empire building.” They excluded women, Negros and poor white men from their personal agendas and ideas of equality. The Negros supplied cheap if not slave labor to the wealthy. The negro slaves of America also built a lot of the government buildings in DC too. A lot of that racism and inequality eventually changed over time for the better but the truth is the truth nonetheless.
The Indians and Mexicans were especially tricked, exploited, persecuted and killed for their land to no end too. That was certainly genocide. That prejudice, racism and suffering can still be seen today. The irony concerning the Indians was that the Founders (especially Jefferson) used the Iroquois Indian tribe’s laws as the inspiration and foundation of our Constitution. The Indians believed in natural rights and that’s why the Constitution makes so much sense while just about every law passed since has been based around control and/or greed.
After all is said and done, America was actually founded by a group of slave owners that wanted to be free! Don’t you find that fact a bit ironic too?
As ironic as that is, keep in mind that the Founders were definitely not religious but as the Bible teaches, slavery is normal and women are second rate citizens to serve men. So slavery and lack of women’s rights were both widely accepted even by the religious folks in those days.
Although the accepted religious values in the Colonies those days already were extreme, the Founders knew very well what the additional evils and grave dangers of the Catholic Church infiltrating America could do so they outlawed the Roman church from the beginning.
That’s a pretty high horse to get down from when creating a Constitution for the people if you ask me! That is also something along with many other facts you won’t learn about in a government or Catholic school.

Although America’s Founding Fathers processed a dark side not written about in our history books often, we were very lucky they were compassionate, very smart and thoughtful enough of the potential future of some of their own people to produce an incredible document called our Constitution.
They deserve immense credit for that even though they were what I would call today “White Supremacists” and a selfish group at the time towards who they considered inferior or outsiders. Nobody is perfect! But they were also very educated and carefully studied virtually every form of government since the beginning of written history.
So although far from being perfect people, I admire them nonetheless for being a new society who had the best freedom fighters of their day. I’m also very grateful for giving Americans some great structural freedom and ideals to live by. And that is why I consider myself a “Constitutionalist.”
Fortunately for Americans today, if it weren’t for that Constitution they made, Americans wouldn’t have 2 legs to stand on right now. Unfortunately, America is only standing on one at the moment. And financially speaking, America is now already on its ass! So to the progressives that want the statues of the Founders removed from government building and schools, I say try starting you own country!
Some of the American history taught to American school children has been worse than worthless. And if the facts about our ancestors and real history were truly revealed (not what we are taught) most good people would probably be inclined to hang their heads in shame. Examples of celebrating terrorism and genocide with Thanksgiving and Columbus Day holidays is just the present governments way to hid the truth.
Although the framers of the Constitution had their faults, the takeaway is that they still did a great job laying the foundation for most people’s individual rights while strictly limiting the role of government. No country ever offered their people that much freedom before.
It was their great new ideas regarding liberties and freedom of government that established the true “American Spirit.”
Because they came from a former society steeped in “Imperial Ideology” and “Racism,” unfortunately some of that mindset stayed with some of them and exists again more than ever today. Even though that is true, one can only imagine that the Founders must be turning in their graves knowing how the controls and deceits of big corrupted corporate government today has destroyed much of that foundation of liberty they created.
So what can one do to revolt against tyranny? If at all possible, the people need to somehow force the government to restore constitutional limits, individual rights, free markets and fiscal responsibility or get stuck with ongoing policies that will destroy liberty, free thinking and America completely. And remember this: America was founded by revolutionaries so somehow a show of force is necessary without violence.
Waking up to the truth is the only real weapon Americans have today that can be effective. But being targeted as a revolutionary is normal because telling the truth will always be seen as a revolutionary act when spoken about the liars, deceit and corruption in government. So public displays of anger must be massive to work.
I believe that changing our government will be a nearly impossible feat with the powerful control of the present Demopublican monopoly and the militarized police everywhere. Although I don’t have the answers, I do think that if enough people stop voting and/or somehow avoid taxes and/or move away from the tyrannic umbrella, that these simple acts of rebellion might spur others to awaken and spur one of the solutions. But I have little faith it that too.

If possible, reforming and limiting government is probably the best solution to a better society and restoring more liberties and freedom but I don’t see much hope in that happening either.
If something could be done by reforming and implementing a reduced tax system, legislation and big government, its spending, its tax burden, its interference, and its corruption, then I would believe in miracles.
These are things that Congress is totally against for obvious reasons. But the main reason is simply that less taxes, less legislation, less aggression and more freedom is not politically profitable. Especially because America is in deep shit with debt already from the top of the political food chain to the bottom of Main Street, America.
So I don’t see those possible changes happening any time soon unless real independent candidates and voting became real again. Unfortunately, votes are like placebos. They are designed to make voters feel good, to give them a psychological boost. But they have no real active ingredients.
The bottom line is, they’re not going to kill the geese that lays
their golden eggs (taxes and wars).
What America
needs are new political visionaries with a Constitutionalist mindset who can draw a strong following, not another Demopublican puppet con job like Obama who has lied about almost everything he promised the people. America failed the last intelligent test by re-electing him so their political visions are definitely very limited.
Obama did promise to “transform America.” and that is the only promise he kept by destroying it further from within! This president is just another great speaker but just a puppet nonetheless. And that my sons is the reason I decided not to go back and live there with you.

The original American ideas are headed for the dust bin of history unless the people insist on term limits and put an end to an all too powerful corrupted centralized government in Washington once and for all and break away from the corruption of central planning and private banking. More wishful thinking!
The ideologies of managed democracy and collectivism breeds mob rule. Inequality is the essence of collectivism. Our Founders gave us a new country so we as individuals could be independent, not dependent on government.
For those who still vote, I seriously ask you to consider these questions. Does the politician you vote for really represent you? What’s the point of voting if the current political system has few checks and balances in government and has become a disgraceful Demopublican monopoly (two wings of the same bird of prey)?
The reality today is the voters are only electing a one party state. Both wings are full of false promises and implement corrupt, monstrous government. When will this end and whatever happened to the concept of individual sovereignty?
A major serious political reform is desperately needed if any hope is to be realized.
Sam Adams once said “It doesn’t take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.” Being a history fan, I know Adams was just one of many men who held the same revolutionary ideas based on freedom. But back in the day, they didn’t have a corrupt government backed by a militarized police force and all the distractions we do today.
They were also in the building stages of America unlike today where we are in the Apathy to Dependency stage and will soon reach the Dependency to Bondage stage. These are probably America’s final stages of destruction. More reason not to live in America.

So what other possibilities do we have for America to change for the better? Maybe a giant-sized asteroid will collide with America or a rapidly spreading infectious disease will devastate most of the government. Or maybe we’ll witness an incoming nuclear attack from those we have been provoking could occur or maybe the government’s worries of major terrorist attacks on the homeland would come true.
What if one of those attacks was to happen in DC again like the invisible plane that hit the Pentagon? I would never want to see any of those events really happen but with all the people who are able to illegally enter through our unsecured border with Mexico, many possibilities could come into play.
There are certainly plenty of countries and people who hate us these days so many types of deliberate attacks that the government is provoking are possible in the future.
But here is America’s biggest dilemma. America and the Western World as it is currently ordered, managed and oppressed, cannot have truly free societies led by free-thinkers without being totally transformed by them into something the powers-that-be will ever tolerate.

The only possibility of a truly free society emerging in the future is for that black swan event to happen like an all out nuclear holocaust or an asteroid /comet crashing into Earth or a deadly mutating virus, super-bug or disease devastating the population. Outside of the asteroid/comet event, the other possibilities may even happen deliberately or accidentally as America and other countries already have these deadly killers stockpiled in storage already.
Even those possibilities are a best case scenario unless the people wake up and somehow take control which is the only sane solution. So it’s best to utilize and deal with what we have now and try to keep things from getting worse by focusing on what you can do now, not on how much there still is to be done. Using the Internet and sharing the truth with those concerned is our biggest asset and  weapon.
Not only can the mass action that represents our consensus create the world we want but each one of us as individuals have the power to always change the way we think and live. I challenge you to be among the ones who try.

So are you’re still wondering how the American government got so powerful and corrupt? All the reasons I’ll give all boil down to the government gradually replacing the power of the people with the power of themselves. Their way of doing that was through the heavy handed use of deceit, corruption, surveillance, central planning, a political media, fake elections, force, distractions, laws, religion, corrupted money, wars, taxes, manipulation and false patriotism.
All these elements and more caused the government to grow like a cancer. Before you can cure any cancer you need to stop the cancer first and then maybe the cancer can be reversed or cured. In the case of healing the cancer of big government, the elimination of what feeds it is crucial to the ongoing healing process.
Just knowing a bit about history concerning powerful people and other powerful governments, one can see that all the fallen government powers of the past went bankrupt too as they used the same techniques before they totally collapsed. But when that happens, history also reveals that a power vacuum is created afterwards and that is where America is approaching today, stuck in a collapse mode with a power vacuum waiting to happen.
This is what happens when America changed from a free, prestigious, prosperous and peaceful Republic, into the centrally controlled, degenerate, bankrupt, and war-mongering cesspool of culture that is now the modern America under Barack Obama. And many other reasons are way to long for this Blog’s intro but here are some pertinent facts to understand.
Although the demise of America’s freedoms, liberties and the disregard for our Constitution really started manifesting from the beginning of our established country, it was the later expansion of the federal government (central government) which just got too big.
The host of the federal government was always the individual States. The idea of a central government was never to become powerful enough to eclipse the States either. The federal government was only created to provide for the common defense, collect duties and taxes, regulate foreign commerce, coin money, and very little else.
But over time in America as we grew, the central government grew too but so large that it became a cancer, devouring its host. Of course there were also other problems due to politics, slavery and especially the influence and banking scam of the Rothschild dynasty which did the most damage later.
When President Lincoln was murdered by an agent of the Rothschild family, the divide and conquer mentality was easy to implement due to the Civil War. So again, our county’s ancestors were gradually corrupted and the destruction of America was getting worse as the divide and conquer strategy went into effect.
Regarding slavery, although it ended officially, another slavery came into effect due to high taxes later, thanks to the government getting infiltrated by more Rothschild corruption.
Americans today want to believe that when the Civil War ended so did racism too. Most folks don’t even know or want to admit that racism still exists today (and it’s no longer just with Negros).
The bigger point is that segregation still legally existed until only 50 years ago. Martin Luther King Jr. fought hard to stop that and what happened to him? He was murdered too like Abraham Lincoln. How very sad! Believe it not, the Ku Klux Klan still exists today too and that hateful violent white supremacist group say they represent White Christian America.
So our racism and terrorism roots are long and deep and exist more than ever.
Another big demise of America that really gained steam was after the Civil War when “The land of Opportunity” started promoting a new civilization of the individual man with massive immigration policies in the late 1800’s.

At that point there were no Federal Income Taxes, no State Income Taxes, no Sales Taxes, no Social Security Taxes, no Capital Gains Taxes, no IRS, no Department of Homeland Security, no Department of Education, no Welfare schemes and no Central Bank. America had its own sound currency backed by Gold and Silver with a federal government strictly limited in its size and power.
Americans were a peace loving nation again who had no interest in getting their young country involved in Europe’s or any other county’s problems, wars and squabbles. The Civil War served them well in that regard but beneath the surface, and invisible to most, a well funded and organized bunch of parasites started arriving in America.
This was when things really started getting ugly and started turning America’s political mindset upside-down. These “Progressive left wing Marxists,” brought with them the disease of “liberalism” that had already been plaguing Europe since the days of the French Revolution.
This Zionist controlling mob financed by the Rothschilds even duped the Jewish population too and kept them on a tight leach to serve their agenda. Their progressive long range plan was to undermine the American way of life and system of government, and to erect a centralized socialist system in its place.
By 1900, the imported Marxists had joined forces with power and money hungry Anglo-American bankers and money kings like JP Morgan and others who worked under the powerful umbrella of the Rothschilds. They started controlling, purchasing and building their Zionist empire while spreading their leftist propaganda and influencing politics. To keep this intro from getting way too long, I’ll make my first post a bit of American history to fill in the blanks here.
So it didn’t take long after America became established for the new Americans to start what still is going on today with their ongoing wars, corrupted health care and genocides. Our leaders have been rebelling against our Founders’ principles by feeding on that breakdown by growing the federal government and extending its powers ever since. When America was brought under a single government, Washington DC became the seat of the American Empire, and the individual States became minor players.
It was always supposed to be the other way around. From that point on, the US government not only became a threat to freedom at home but also around the world.
Don’t vote for anyone that is part of this fake 2 party system of Congress. It is the job of the States to stop corrupt federal overreach so only vote for independent state governors, sheriffs and legislators that will nullify and refuse to enforce any act of the federal government that exceeds its constitutionally defined powers.
Eventually those non corrupted leaders might bring back the powers of each State one State at a time and make their way into the central and executive branch of government too. That would be a long-term solution but a viable solution nonetheless.
I suggest anyone still interested in knowing what the original idea of what America really was is to read the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
Government schools today do not like students reading those precious documents.
Being informed on what America’s original foundation of being a defined Republic was all about will go a long way on understanding the corrupted changes and where we are now after constantly ignoring the ideas behind the original Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Once you are a little more familiar with the mindset of our Founders, you will easily see how the federal branch of the government of today has grown way out of proportion and has been steadily corrupted to no end.
A great place to start searching our county’s history about how and why our Republic was formed is to read some important prints like “THE FEDERALIST PAPERS” and the “THE ANTI FEDERALIST PAPERS” to bring yourself up to speed. They were both written by both sides of those who were for and against the creation of our Republic’s Constitution.
It is obvious now that the creation of the “Federal Reserve Act” and the permanent “Federal Income Tax” in 1913 under Wilson’s rein built a new historical road that was paved with new secret agendas and bad intentions.
The idea for the Federal Income Tax was to only levy a one-percent tax on net personal incomes above $3,000 (or something like that). That was a lot of money back in the day. Wow, has shit changed since! If you only really knew the skinny about the IRS, your attitude about paying Federal Income Tax would totally change.
Living overseas for over 2 1/2 decades forced me to investigate the IRS laws.
My conclusion is that the IRS (a private corporation) is perpetrating the greatest income tax fraud on society that this country has ever seen. The Federal Reserve gets those revenues not our government as everyone believes. You should open your eyes to this and you should read more about this scam and get the real facts. You can find a good read here:

Then in the 60’s and 70’s, the federal government changed the money system that was once backed by gold and reserves. As the funny money emerged so did the type of credit in America. Gradually, America came to operate without savings and without real capital. The new credit could be consumed, wasted and in some cases never paid back.
The one thing that made it possible for credit to continue growing even as the fundamentals weakened was the U.S. took gold out of the money system in two steps: the first in 1968, when President Johnson removed gold backing from the dollar; the second in 1971, when President Nixon (Tricky Dick) unilaterally canceled the direct convertibility of the dollar to gold.
The new dollar became a different kind of money. It’s not like the old money because it doesn’t have anything backing it: neither gold nor goods or services. In reality it is worth nothing because it came from nothing. Before those changes, the money supply was limited by the availability of gold. The supply of savings was limited by the supply of money. The supply of credit was limited by the availability of savings. And the amount of debt was limited by the supply of credit. After those changes, the limits were removed.
Unlimited credit has changed everything in America. Banks conjure up credit out of thin air now. People still think banks are lending out deposits or reserves but the corrupt banking system is backed by practically nothing these days. Since the 1970’s, the U.S. economy has created over $30 trillion worth of cars, houses, toys and you name it, all bought with credit.
When someone borrows today, the bank gives credit and that credit comes from nowhere. Then it enters the economy, where it is indistinguishable from real money. It cost nearly nothing to produce and no one earned it or saved it. It’s like money that you don’t have to work for or save. Like winning the lottery but there’s no such thing as free money.
This is a new world with a new global economy. New money with many elements that never existed before. So the entire global economy has now transformed in a deep and corrupted way which we are just now beginning to understand.
Nobody knows how something like this will unwind. What we do know for sure is that the more fake money is created from nothing, the less it is worth everyday.
In 2008, we had the largest economic collapse in world history due to the debt ridden economy. Now there are more Americans on welfare than have permanent, full-time jobs and more American businesses are failing than being created. This is the result of an economy that is ultimately based upon debt.

Once you get a grip on what the root causes of the demise of America are, the best you can and should do is to stay informed so that you can protect yourself from all the fall out in the best way possible. Avoiding debt and toxic medicines will certainly keep you more protected too.
Some disturbing history about our corrupted political, medical and banking system will never be taught in government-run schools. All of our societal problems go much deeper than the cursory assessment they are usually given by mainstream media, history classes and tainted politician’s rhetoric.

Please remember, no matter how intelligent or imaginative one might be, no one can make any real sense out of the outright obfuscations, misinformation, disinformation and omissions of the truth being used to divide and conquer America without one resorting to alternative sources of information.
It feels like a planned cultural genocide is now in high gear and for me it is simply sickening.
Because the war and fear-mongering government of today is so much more deceiving, corrupt and out of control than ever before, I want to offer food for thought to other Americans still living in America and even abroad since I feel my country is in a fatal trance going forward.
Tyranny is now out in the open. The destruction of American’s basic liberties, the overthrow of our Republic and basic protections, and checks and balances is in overdrive right now. It seems the government won’t let up until the Constitution of the United States is relegated to nothing more than a historical text in some museum and the aggression in the Middle East and the new hostilities with Russia and China causes World War III which I believe the American and English government and their handlers are encouraging.
Who knows what the next manufactured crisis orchestrated out of DC will be but it’s guaranteed there will be one soon. Maybe there’s a secret agenda for a world war that in the end eliminates America’s debt somehow while the Elite entourage reaps all the rewards. I can just imagine a master plan and deal like that going down. One never knows what the power elites are up to next?
So for those who heard the name “Illuminati and don’t understand the term, here is a brief summary. The Illuminati (not to confused with the Bavarian Illuminati) was created in 1770 by the Rothschild family and is a term which means, keepers of the light. The Illuminati’s main agenda is to make the masses believe that a one-world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.
They are behind the world’s central banking, wars and their agents are placed in government, the media and behind the political, religious and corporate scenes everywhere. Their strategy is divide and conquer, to use wars and revolutions to achieve their political and economic ends, to pin different religions against each other and the control and/or destruction of the governments by their people who were elected or appointed to serve.

Who really knows these days who all these criminal’s names are outside of the publicized networks of the Rothschild family and the Royal Families of Europe and their bloodlines. But I’m sure their unknown names are everywhere, especially in all Western governments and especially in America where they control the government and ruined the economical and financial independence of my country. The magical Seal of Solomon became the logo for the Rothschilds and after the Rothschilds created Israel it later became the state logo of Israel too as displayed in Israel’s flag.
The serious consequences of the power elites and corrupt war-mongering government not only dramatically affect Americans but also the rest of the world.
My series of posts will be shared when I read, hear or see something that I feel you should know and can learn from. I will also post my own rants when I feel like personally writing something regarding America or Americans and others so the postings will have random times.
In reality, freedom and the total state of big government are not compatible because the essence of freedom stems from the proper limitation of government.
That mindset was the main basis and foundation of my country being created. Everyone’s basic freedom of speech is now being tested, denied, suppressed and prosecuted by government if the speech is against those in control.
Unfortunately, many freedoms we had before have been totally turned inside out based on the Patriot Act legislation.
That legislation was one of the final blows and has now gave way for governments to label everyone as a suspected terrorist as the government in America expands their once secret NSA program of the last decade to monitor and store all forms of speech of everyone.
With the “Patriot Acts” in place, people who are freedom fighters one day, will be labeled terrorists the next. The people we funded to fight against our perceived enemies in the Middle East will eventually become our enemies. This phony TERRORISM threat that the American government has created will become real and become the new way of life not only in America but in Europe and elsewhere.
The wars imposed by America and their Western allies in the Middle East will continue to go on and it was deliberately planned this way by those driving the bus. America and the West still has a long way to go in satisfying their oil and needed resources appetite and their ongoing “Divide and Conquer Strategy.” The only outcome will be more terrorism by all sides and radical Islam will rise up and strengthen. Hatred, violence, rapes and death will spread like a wildfire. Unfortunately, I believe this is just the beginning of a religious war that will spread like wildfire throughout the “Western World.” And anyone who is religious will be caught up in it as they take sides to defend their religious beliefs and culture.
The war machine will cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions if not trillions while creating enormous wealth for the big corporate contractors, corrupt bankers and the military industrial complex. The consequences will be more bombings, deaths and wars spreading through the Middle East and elsewhere. No matter how much bullshit you’re told about the government reducing the defense budget, it will only increase instead. Say goodbye to all your hard earned tax dollars. That money is destined to big business, the defense contractors and welfare programs from now on.
By eliminating Saddam Husein who kept Al Qaeda out of Iraq, we will see civil war in Iraq and other Mid-Eastern countries between the Sunnis and Shiites and more radical terrorists groups like Al Qaeda organize and come out of the woodwork hating America and attacking Westerners who are bombing and killing their people.
All America and the West did with their war campaigns is wake up Islam and radicalize them further. America and England didn’t just open up a can of worms, the created the can of worms! Nothing good will come out of our bombings and invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq. NOTHING except more hatred and terror and a huge personal and financial cost to the American people. New radicals in America and Europe will eventually rise up and join the Islamic cause too.
It will get really ugly and a great excuse for government to take away more freedom from the American people in the name of national security. Syria and Iran are on America’s hit list too so expect all hell to break out.

Inside America, law enforcement is already prepared for Marshall Law with the passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which I interpret as declaring the U.S. to be a “battlefield.” People should think about this as they pay tribute to a flag and patriotic songs at their next sporting event. Those who don’t will fall victim to coming events.
The motivation for this blog which I can’t stress enough, is to draw attention to the rude awakening of reality in America and the Western world and is strictly based on the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, the American mindset, health, world peace, and the bankruptcy of America by the U.S. government, their puppet allies and their high-placed corporate and international banking friends.
As it is very obvious that too many folks are just asleep at the wheel today, I can only hope the American people will wake up, rewire themselves and be able to make some drastic changes in government, politics and more importantly in themselves, especially for the sake of their own happiness before my country and its people totally lose their way, rights and core beliefs (what’s left of them).
It is time to get the elephant out of the room as much as possible and restore some of the values and liberties that our Founding Fathers fought so hard for in order to give us the original freedoms and a better way of life as a Republic. If government doesn’t help and change (that would be a miracle) then it is up to you to change things and yourself instead.
So I only hope this message of outrage in this Blog will encourage people to live outside the realm of war mongers and big government who are no longer accountable to the people and give a real voice to those who might not otherwise have one. You must liberate yourself before you can help liberate others.
Killing the corrupt government/corporate beast that’s taken up residency in D.C. and elsewhere is going to be very tough if not impossible but something must be done if America’s Constitution is to ever be revived and survive.
Otherwise there will be no hope of a free society again as an apocalypse is definitely in the cards. In the meantime, get more informed about what the reality and dangers are around you really are and figure out the best way for you to deal with them.
I’m sure that most of the government’s sinister black budget covert and clandestine programs of today and of the last 100 years will never be made public information as some of our military and intelligence community’s operations have even been kept secret even from our Congress.
I don’t get involved in conspiracies just facts but I do believe there have been and still are plenty. Anyone who is really awake and has questions about what dark secrets our corrupt government, the banking cartel and big corporations are hiding should now question everything about their policies and what comes out of their mouths.
The more you know the more you’ll realize you don’t know. And the more you learn, the more you will distance yourself from the corrupted system and the less you’ll vote for anyone in the present political parties if at all. Although I direct these insights to those who are still young enough with very few attachments, be aware that anyone at any age will probably find themselves just banging their head against the wall protesting and trying to make a difference.
When investigating conspiracies, one can easily get sucked down the rabbit hole because everything is so neatly covered up and hidden. We even begin to wonder about our own sanity. We seem to be living in a world in which the conspiracy exists for us, but not for most other people. Yet it is not all in our heads because real things are actually happening to us. If the NWO conspiracists are correct, then everything we have been told is wrong.
For some like myself, this is profoundly liberating but for others it is deeply disturbing. The former are predisposed to believe; the latter to reject; this predisposition then clothes itself in facts and evidence. But it is the facts and evidence that rarely change anyone’s mind because they are symptoms and not causes of our beliefs.
Beliefs that are founded on faith are all too often misleading or wrong too. I was being constantly challenged during everyday life with beliefs and hope. When it comes to changing corruption in government and politics, I don’t believe and hope anymore, I simply do without both. I also found that it is always better to be alone than to be in bad company too. Being fully present in the current moment is what really counts for me. I know I’ll never be able to change anyone else’s world until I change my world first. I’ve been working on that ever since I left America and opted out of that system.
So understand this well and burn it in your forehead! The whole culture of corrupt politics in America and the West is to suppress any dissent at all and by any means available. That includes some harsh retaliation from ruining someone‘s reputation and career to out right jail time or suicide. Anytime any serious cover-up is being exposed, there will always be many sudden fatal accidents and suicides involved for those who are investigating corruption and exposing cover-ups.
That simply means the message from the powers-that-be is watch what you say and do or else! That is especially true for many honest journalists and government employees. Hey, that’s just life in the big city (DC) today. So understand the risks of being an unprotected loud mouth target and expose the madness in a safe and sane way.
Changing the mindset of the government is really the only way that can make a difference so everyone is really screwed. If the war mongering mentality doesn’t cease soon, we can expect some serious tragic repercussions.
The methods of domination and enforcement by governments using weapons like muskets, swords, cannons and TNT are long gone and have morphed into far more sinister weapons like hi-tech bio and nuclear weapons.
Some of these weapons are forms of genocide on a massive scale waiting to be used and they literally will affect everything both genetically and environmentally.
But there are also other everyday weapons being used that the ignorant public is not so much aware of like weapons of mass distraction through the mass mainstream media propaganda machine, poisoned foods and drugs that divide and conquer with the ultimate purpose for socially engineering an ignorant populace.
This allows the engineers to continue their agenda without resistance from those who are being targeted and adversely affected by it. America was always famous for its game-changing innovations. In the end, life is just one innovation after another, adapting and finding new ways to survive and prosper. Use these new innovations to your advantage.
While both sides of the aisle talk about growth and jobs and new economic booms, the political gamesmanship in Washington has been compromising America’s true drivers of entrepreneurship and innovation by no longer supporting it.
The weapon of choice to fight back this tyranny is not guns and other weapons but the absence of corrupt political participation by the people, consuming healthy food, respecting Mother Nature, the use of the Internet, alternate media and the ever-growing information outlets.
The current expansion of wars for greater control over people and resources is manifesting the beginning stages of global genocide by turning people and Nature in on itself. The powers-that-be today are strategically applying propaganda, racism, genetically modified foods, perception management and psychological techniques to manipulate the public gradually into willfully and aggressively participating in their own demise (ill-health, high taxes, poverty and slavery) under the false pretense of saving themselves and their planet.
Phony elections and submissive laws are the main way the government increases the obedience of the populace. They preach they need your tax money to make the world a better place! For who, them or you? You won’t find any politicians that are broke either because they usually come from wealth, get plenty of special perks, inside information, unspoken benefits and a very nice salary with a special retirement package second to none.
Their power and promises manipulates your allegiance for support and giving away your money. They all live by the belief that “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” That is so true about the politicians who constantly dupe you and renege on their overstated promises. Politicians dream about how they can get you to vote for them so they can achieve their dreams but voting for them will never help you to achieve your dreams.
Don’t be a part of this scam when you have a choice. Most of this has been going on since I can remember but the new “War on Terror” agenda encompasses all this to an extreme.

“Elitism security” has now been re-branded as “national security.” Stop being a party to any of this shit. It is time to wake up and pay attention to who is really driving the bus given that the stakes are so high. It is also time to dissect all the false realities imposed upon you.
I can understand that what I’m saying may be harsh and a lot to comprehend but that is what waking up is all about. Start reading the writing on the wall. It is up to you to keep yourself awake, pay attention from now on and keep out of harm’s way. Do some soul-searching and research on your own. There will be plenty of reliable real information sources posted within this Blog coming to help you keep informed so check them out when you find the time.
The only people who are free in America are the ones who are either rich, part of the manipulation machine and those ruling us.
America is not the “Land of the Free” anymore so be very careful in voicing your humble thoughts and opinions publicly as most don’t really know or understand the possible tragic consequences of being targeted as an outspoken individual by the ever snooping government.
So while trying to expose the sad realities on places like Facebook or other social networks, understand those networks are all recorded by the NSA and other government agencies. Equally important, it is just a matter of time before Facebook and other social media will be TOTALLY infiltrated by the disinformation media industry too. It will become part of the corrupt MAINSTREAM MEDIA!
Consider staying out of the line of fire while joining like-minded groups or creating a Blog using a nickname instead without personal photos. It is much safer that way without using your photo and personal info if you insist on voicing your opinion against the government, corporate America, Wall Street and corruption as I do.
This is especially true for those of you who are stuck in America with very little money to defend themselves and no way out.
To be very honest, if it wasn’t for some of my children still growing up who I insist on educating the right way who will be reading this Blog, and a handful of good people I really care about in the States asking for help and info, I normally wouldn’t even bother to take the time making this Blog as most people can’t handle advice and reality anyway.
On the other hand, no one should be without a voice and no one should be persecuted for having one either. But please remember, you can be extremely vulnerable when you are by yourself, no funds for a lawyer and being transparent in America for having a voice and a strong opinion.
By using Facebook and other social networks, you are consenting to have your personal data and photos transferred to and processed in the United States. I have no interest in letting social networks gather as much information as possible about me, in a centralized location, for easy perusal by the United States government and their allies. So basically, you have no privacy on social networks and they can do as they please with your personal images and information.
However, if you are an activist or unhappy with the government or Status Quo, voicing your opinion will automatically be red flagged and put you in a data base of undesirables or a potential threat and you can even be watched if not targeted. I’ve been waking folks to this for years and their response is usually “I know my rights!” What they really don’t understand is they have no rights anymore.
No one is ever safe anymore when speaking out loud against corrupt government and evil corruption and you do not want your voice and efforts to be easily and unjustifiably targeted either as you might become labeled a bad boy (or girl).
WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU? That may sound far fetched but if America runs out of professional whistle blowers, don’t be surprised if they come after little you.
You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. “Ayn Rand”
One needs to get a serious grip on the reality that those who resent the system of the Status Quo in America, will only become targets for the government and the police. That is the way the system has been set up by the elites since the 19th century and it all started to protect the slave owners and control slavery. You may be getting away in voicing your opposition and protesting against their brutality and the system but you are definitely a target by doing so.
Although the average Joe Schmoe thinks the police were originally created to serve and protect, the only part of that that is true is that the police are really serving and protecting the ruling class first and foremost, not the working class and the poor. That is what America has been reduced to and that is what the government corporate mentality is all about.
Also be aware that by getting involved in politics and activism, it can and will consume many. That is not a productive way of living either. Your time is worth a lot more than that! Enjoy the beach and Nature instead. Just remember that the government regulates what you can do there too!
The Status Quo is not only out of control, it’s also out of your control. Be better equipped to face the world without being one of the puppets. Most folks are constantly beating themselves up trying to change things they can’t. You may not be able to change things you don’t like about the corrupted side of society but you can definitely accept that reality and stop being a large part of those things too. Stop giving your power away!
History is usually written by the conquerors and those in control and most history is filled with violence and nothing but twisted realities, lies and fabrications concerning the Status Quo. Everything, from politics to religion, has been whitewashed and fragmented. Why? So the power grabbers can keep the populace under control, keep their hands in your pockets and continue their agendas.

But it’s not hard to find out what’s really going on in this modern age if you really look and care to know. One thing is for sure, after you have been better educated and enlightened with real history, hard facts and truths, only then will you be able to reflect on the reality that the collective ambitions of freedom and peace can only survive in the absence of corrupt politics, indoctrination, fake elections, false beliefs, corrupt medicine and big government agendas.
Although this blog’s main purpose is to present “Food for Thought,” it is not intended to respond to any comments, biased or otherwise. This is strictly a one-way Blog. I just don’t have the time for responses and complicated explanations and want to enjoy my limited time on the net and this planet.
But I’m always personally available to my family and friends to further discuss any important issues
. I also refuse to have any assholes and/or trolls (government or otherwise) getting any satisfaction by disturbing and annoying any of my children and this Blog’s followers.
If my government would only start by eliminating the “Empire Building” mentality from their agenda, that alone would be a great start to getting back on track. America is still such a beautiful and resourceful place with millions of wonderful people, brave soldiers and ideas and IF most of our Constitutional liberties can eventually be restored again, America could change and the people might be able to take back their country from those who have corrupted it for so many years and in so many ways.
If it was just a matter of getting a large portion of the people to wake up to the current realities and slowly change the system back according to our Founder’s original ideas and Constitution, then that change would have happened already.
The fact is that the government is just too big and complicated now so it is not as simple as that as too many people are still very indoctrinated, sick, drugged, ignorant, lazy and too comfortable thinking that America is still the most honest and the freest country in the world.
Although most Americans have never left their country or even have a passport, many millions still feel their country’s standards are higher than any other country so they simply ignore the problems and reality. What is true is that America does have high standards in many ways especially if you are only talking about double standards! There are plenty of other dilemmas too. So it will a lot tougher than most think to get a good portion of the people to rise up and give a damn in order for a real meaningful change to occur.
What I’m trying to make clear is that REAL liberty and freedom are on the verge of being non-existent in America, not primarily because of our corrupt politicians, but because “most of the people” are completely out of touch with our Founder’s mindset and simply incapable of embracing it and changing anything. Even if they were,
there is one more crucial reason I totally doubt that the idea of America will ever survive.
If by chance any president was ever to get elected that insisted on changing America, using our Constitution, eliminating the private banksters and transforming the tax system etc., then that person too would be assassinated like JFK was. That I am truly convinced of! Essentially, every incoming new US president is provided with a laundry list of things that they must do as per the orders from their masters.
So whatever the true masters require of a sitting president shall be done and beyond. If not, they will be eliminated. After all, they don’t completely fund and finance winning campaigns for nothing. These are cold, calculating bankers and businessmen. And they only represent the first tier of the World Shadow Government among several tiers that are WAY above the U.S. President’s pay grade.
So the one great thing that you can always change is just your own mindset, way of life, awareness and where you live and that is more important than anything else now. Once you get the facts that can help you cut through the propaganda of mainstream media and the Status Quo, you’ll get the monkey off your back that has kept you from seeing clearly the truth that is convoluted and corrupts free thinkers and so called free societies.
I believe in justice, don’t you? Children and people are being taught to give up their sovereignty and freedoms for the government’s corrupted social justice agenda. But social justice is just another name for socialism, collectivism or communism. It is all a ploy for citizens to become “Wards of the State.” Where’s the justice in that?
Socialism looks so wonderful and moral on paper and in theory. Especially for those who believe there are so many freebies. But as with most things, real life is a very different story because nothing is for free concerning government programs.
Additional sources of taxes from the marketplace are needed for socialism to work. Paying these socialist high taxes creates a dictatorship. And from a free-market point of view, any kind of government interference in the marketplace is anti-freedom and immoral.
Free society is self-destructive with this mentality. Government is not the solution to the people’s main problems but the root of most of the main problems itself.

In China and other communist countries, you can easily see how government has taken control of business and the people but it is not apparent in America for some reason.
Anyway, I don’t see much difference in either place anymore. In one place, government owns most of the big business but in the other place, big business owns most of the government.
In both places, it seems that government and most big business are the same thing.
Although unfortunate, America and other parts of Earth have become a diabolical world of profit-driven political intrigue, government/corporate corruption and coercion. However, for every bad there is a good if you know where to look (with-in). This is especially true when looking to relocate your life and avoid most misgivings.
This is very important. Follow mainstream news but search out reliable non-mainstream media sources for better info and news too. Be really informed and question everything (even non-mainstream media). Knowing that the major media outlets are politically motivated and most are the mouthpieces of the government, one should question the motivations of the news and opinions derived from them.
Especially when the consensus is to bomb another country, oust other country’s elected leaders, go to war and/or help other countries to do so.
Agreeing with anyone just because they are on TV or its popular is just plain dumb and dangerous. A good rapper’s line is “You ain’t gotta like it cause the hood don’t love it!”

Technologies like jet travel, high-tech phones and computers amplify human potential: they not only give people the power to create but create faster and also spread their ideas quickly, creating communities, markets and even uniting movements around the globe.
Get involved in sharing productive thoughts and solutions. Learn how to read people and project positive thoughts. Be relaxed when voicing controversial opinions so people will listen. There is a time and place for everything.
It is extremely difficult to deal with those who have large egos and heavy indoctrinations so when giving your well-intended advice be sure those receiving it don’t feel threatened by your approach. If you do not challenge a lost soul’s ego, you will have the best shot at being heard. Think and talk with an open mind and you will be heard!
For all we’ve managed to accomplish in the past few decades, it is but a mere preview of what’s to come as technology brings us forward. Hopefully, the new technologies of the future won’t be used to dominate and rule others as we already have witnessed the damage footage of what the bombs of nuclear devastation in Japan can do.

Who knows what advanced destructive technologies the governments already have today and what’s to come that might destroy us first as they try out their newest hi-tech bombs and warfare tools. On a better note, there has never been any better, quicker, more efficient and less expensive way to research, find and share information than through the Internet with like minded folks.
Although I believe I have an accurate perspective on the state of America and Europe today, this is only due to living through so many changes in both places and then de-bamboozling myself from the government’s propaganda and also seeing the reality of America from the outside looking in.
Living abroad after living in America has definitely given me a more international outlook and perspective on the world and the U.S.. Unfortunately, I don’t expect many to see things from my perspective especially those living inside America being bombarded with all the constant fake news as that is the hardest way to really see that reality. So seek non-mainstream news instead.

Use it wisely by dissecting everything and do your research well in order to back up and share your findings.
In the final analysis, America will either get back on track with some of the legitimate rule of law in America and the basis for a stable and viable Constitutional Republic again or if the corruption and wars continue, we will have the rule of a Tyrannical Dictatorship with a force that only breeds fraud and terror.
The latter is a form of government that our Founders made very clear that you not only have the right but the absolute duty to rebel against so pay attention and stay safe! In real life, a repressive regime isn’t restrained by politics; it’s only restrained by disobedience.
Today, most Americans and Westerners seem to thrive on being successful instead of enjoying true happiness. They are way too hung up on consuming and having their life evolve around money. They prefer to buy their false happiness instead of enjoying the real happiness money can’t buy. In doing so, they now waste most of their precious life away.
Although I am not very good at putting my thoughts into words without rambling, I try hard because I think that making oneself happy is far more important than success, whatever that term even means. In my view, success is to get what you want and happiness is to want what you get.
What’s the point of being successful if you become a miserable and unhealthy person in the process? Misery loves company so stay distant to artificial goals. There is nothing more sacred than the integrity of your own mind so always stay true to yourself.
For those who insist on ignoring the truth, they will do so at their own peril.
The Western governments of today have morphed into an entity of control and deceit, waging wars and creating mistrust everywhere. Don’t be a fool and put your trust in government as it is, put your trust in yourself as you are instead. That is what really counts!
You would think that America who has developed and refined the best war machine on the planet and has been at war every year since the Second World War ended would be the number one country at winning its battles.
But you can certainly see they are either not or they are but just want to run these wars forever as their wars are very lucrative to those in control.
The war on terror was invented and is intended to be never-ending. It is the new American way. Do some research of your own and see what wars we have won since WWII. NONE! Did those wars since WWII make the U.S. safer or better? NO! Did those wars make the countries we were at war with safer or better? NO! So what is our war machine good for? Only supporting the military industrial complex, big corporations and the banking cartel is the final answer.
I find it more than puzzling that on one hand, the U.S. government who spends trillions, has laser guided missiles and the most advanced technologies and satellites spying on everyone everywhere, acts as if it knows everything and claims it can exterminate any foe, superpowers included. Yet on the other hand, when some dessert rats in Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq start driving Toyota trucks mounted with rocket launchers across the middle of nowhere in attack mode, we’re told it’s an imminent threat to folks back in the U.S. because we can’t stop them.
It makes sense to me that the U.S. goes to war not because they have to but because they want to for only political reasons. But it will NEVER make sense to me that we do this and kill and destroy people’s lives including our own for stinking politics. War is just another day in the life of corrupt corporate government no matter what excuses they give. War turns normal people into monsters and terrorists.
No one is made better by killing people, only worse instead. Unfortunately, with all the hyped up puke that comes out of the manipulated media’s mouths today, the voter can’t tell a real enemy from a fabricated threat anymore. They are too distracted anyway. Is it really true that the most expensive and over-equipped military on the planet can’t win a war, never mind take out some in your face terrorists driving down a wide open road in the middle of a desert?
Maybe if Uncle Sam actually won a war, the congregation watching might stop believing they are in danger. Hmmm…
Rude awakenings can lead to positive pursuits. Although how you handle and deal with the truth of reality around you can become encompassing, those pursuits will define how you handle your life and develop yourself spiritually.

Not much will ever change until we see more rage against the concentration of corrupt power, poisoned foods, the destruction of Nature, the arrogance of control, wars and the fantasy of central planning.
Lies have no power unless believed. That’s the power of the awakening. We get what we focus on and affirm. The feverish power struggles and social engineering taking place on such a massive scale are all based on fear. The Status Quo’s mindset is an imposed reality aimed at radically diminishing our individual power. Those controlling us call it society and will go to extremes to make you feel out of place if you disagree. Disagree because you ARE out of place when you’re forced to be a part of anything corrupted.
Anybody has the power to improve their own lives. Forget about the world as you would like it to be, it is up to each individual to find ways to live as healthy and freely as possible in the world as it is instead. But first off, you need to know what it is that is really going on. I hope this Blog will help you change the many misconceptions and the general way of thinking and feelings that exists. Once you recognize and start seeing them for what they really are, one only needs to remove the limiting chains of naive belief systems.
That is when the free minded individual in you can manifest and come out. Only then when you are awakened can you make the necessary changes you never thought about or cared to think about before. Another aide to building a very good understanding of reality is simply using curiosity and a positive attitude towards researching the negative truth.
Now that you know where this Blog is coming from, I hope it helps you find the place you’re happy going to. It is time to get real instead of living only in a manufactured world of reality. Those illusions of artificial realities that are manufactured by the government, media, big corporations, seedy religious groups, and political organizations are not the important realities you should be focused on.
You’ll certainly have to deal with some of them but they shouldn’t be major obstacles in your life once you avoid most of society’s controllers imposing their fake manipulated and manufactured world on you. In order to get out from underneath them, you must first understand they are essentially keeping you from enjoying the real wonders and realities of Nature, your perception of God and your true inner connection to the Universe and free-will. That is where everyone’s real spirituality, happiness and reality are centered.
It doesn’t matter in what context you believe in God if you really believe that God is the creator of life. For me, the best way I know to honor the creator is to honor its creations by loving life and respecting the energy of all life forms. It makes no sense to me to try and out do that mindset with a religion that does otherwise and has been on the side of wars and genocide throughout history.

Instead of just tolerating the indoctrinated life imposed upon you, create a spiritual (not necessarily religious) life and environment that you can celebrate and share with positive energy and integrity. We’ll never get most of the American people to wake up to the corruption in their face. They are slaves to the rules they do not understand. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Picasso
As far as working is concerned, I’m convinced that anyone who finds a trade, profession, art or craft that they really like will do much better than those who work a job just for the money. Working for yourself ensures a certain dignity, security and financial freedom you can’t obtain from working for someone else.
That is especially true when working or doing work for someone or a company you don’t like. How many folks were fooled into a false sense of security who worked 20 or more years for the same company only to lose their jobs and financial security after all their dedication, time and loyalty?
These days PLENTY!
You probably won’t be successful starting your own business the first time out but with perseverance and determination anyone can eventually become successful at anything they have their heart into. That success also gives you the option of being mobile and flexible in your work routine as you are your own boss.
It may take some years to realize that success and freedom but compare that to working for someone else for that amount of time and you’ll realize that going from job to job usually doesn’t have a happy ending. Working for someone else also limits expanding your horizons as you just can’t pick-up and leave to somewhere else as someone who works for themselves can. So when considering what you want to do in life and where, seriously consider working for yourself first or at least pursue a job or trade that will feed your passions. It is much better to be rich in imagination and passion than to have lots of money and rules.
Here’s some other advice for young folks just getting started. Instead of getting in over head into big government debt by taking loans for a higher education or forcing the financial burden on your parents, go explore the world around you and get an education based on experience instead, not expensive academic theory. Unless your studies are to become part of a specific trade, most students find themselves taking jobs that have nothing or little to do with their studies.
If at all possible, move and seek opportunities in thriving areas of the U.S. or even frontier markets overseas if opportunities exists. Soak up the local intelligence and language and become the person on the ground who can make things happen. The real entrepreneurial American spirit doesn’t exist in most other countries and employers there will recognize that quality immediately.
Been there, done that.
Find people whose lifestyles and work you want to emulate and make yourself indispensable to them as an apprentice. This will probably be the only time in your life that you can afford to work for little or nothing in exchange for a valuable, first-hand education.

Most of all, stop playing by everyone else rules. Refuse to be enslaved by the idea that it’s your civic and moral responsibility to stay put and pay off the debts of your government’s failures. Cast off the yoke of their control and summon the courage to live a life by your own design.
You are not only a product of your environment, you are a consequence of your present reality which is that environment. When you have a clear head, open heart and an abundance of good energy around you, one can easily awaken and connect the good energy within you to the good energy around you. Unfortunately, a lot of that good energy within you will never be realized if your current environment is not comfortable and very corrupted. That corrupted environment certainly includes other people and their actions too.

Connecting your inner world and outer world is what makes the world go around so knowing what’s going on and understanding the mentality of the people in your outer world is crucial to knowing how both can affect your inner world. Only when you understand your outer world environment can you synchronize your inner world to either coexist with it or not. By changing your environment and the way you look at things, the things you look at change in that new environment.
When you’re always trying to change a reality you don’t like by fighting against it, you only make that reality worse. It’s the same with a dysfunctional relationship. There is no harmony in that! Voting is a very good example of that reality too. Since voting is a rigged game, you are only banging your head against the wall. Stop playing those games and you automatically change that environment. In doing so, you personally slip more into your personal inner world while eliminating the clutter and madness of the outer world.
When it comes to federal elections, the whole process is a fiction. It doesn’t matter who you vote for because that entire political system is fixed and corrupted. So I consider voting just another national sport with all the announcers, competitors, sponsors, cheerleaders and then some. The sport is government against the people. And no matter who the people are, the final score will always be in favor of government. Welcome to the corporate world that gives no peace dividends!

♪♪♪♪ Is that “God Bless America” I hear playing in the background? ♪♪♪♪
No one has the option of choosing the environment in which they were born and raised but everyone in the free world has the option of changing it.
One way, if not the best way to change an existing reality you don’t like is to start a new reality that suits you better. That could include many things like changing your job, changing your friends, changing your personal relationship, changing your habits, changing your health, changing your way of life and even changing where you live. We are not like a grown tree that can’t be moved, our roots can always be transplanted anywhere and we can still grow well. Our hearts grow well too when in the right environment.
Accepting change when needed is very healthy. We, societies and the Nature of the Universe are constantly changing and evolving. The essence of changing things for the better is what a change of heart is all about. Inner happiness is the end goal so don’t think too much about it, use your gut instinct instead and just do what your heart tells you. Moderate your life and forget about extremes. In fact, moderate the moderation too. Most of the major problems in the world are created and come from those who are extremists.

Humanity and Nature go hand in hand. People who are brainwashed otherwise are just forfeiting their own conscious evolution and energy. It is human nature that the mind once enlightened cannot again become darkened by social engineering and manipulation unless you get fooled with technology.
Technologies can be a wonderful thing but be aware that as with politics and religion, when digital technologies become your whole world, they can easily disconnect your reality with the natural world. Like with a drug, it is one thing to use it and another thing to abuse it.
Getting enlightened only enhances the considerations of moral, spiritual and ethical thoughts. Whether your enlightenment derives from ancient wisdom of our celebrated prophets and philosophers, from a form of Nature itself or from cold hard facts doesn’t matter. Any one or combination can awaken the mind and inner soul.
Although we think we are the most intelligent species regulating the planet, we are actually not. Humans may be good at regulating others and recycling history, but Nature has always been the expert that regulates and recycles everything, including us. People should realize that. So it’s not people or government but Nature itself that is driving the bus when it comes to being more intelligent and regulating the world. Nature regulates itself and so should we. You don’t need to be a tree huger to appreciate that either.
The next time you hear about or see a major flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, erupting volcano or other incredible natural phenomenons, just think of it as Nature’s divine intervention and a reminder that all of humanity does not live in a perfect world. This reminder will help you realize how important Nature really is in living a more realistic life.
On the other hand, due to the massive geoengineering using toxic chemtrails and powerful HAARP programs to modify our weather, we also have to consider if the powers-that-be had something to do with any man made devastation that is blamed on Mother Nature.
Whenever you hear presidents and/or their entourages speak about freedom, you should always know they are up to no good. No matter how much you are involved or not involved in the political system, just remember that “Freedom” isn’t a system and it has no place in phony politics. Stay away from the things and people who do not reflect who you are. Nothing changes for the better until you do. I know you will get pissed off when discovering the harsh truths but remember this: It is much better to get pissed off than to get pissed on.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that the American economy is healthy because the stock market is making new highs or believe the housing market has really recovered because prices have risen or that unemployment figures coming down show the job market is in good shape because it’s all BULLSHIT! It’s all smoke and mirrors and the real rate of unemployment is at least 2 or 3 times of what is reported.
America is still in a terrible economic downturn and will be for a long time. The stock and bond markets rise has been fueled with QE money from the Federal Reserve that they just pull out of their ass, the housing market has been fueled with this same fake money too and the unemployment rate is constantly manipulated by the government with their latest twisted employment reporting statistics.

Everything is not nearly as good as advertised anywhere. The dishonest banking system, Wall Street and Western government are all in bed with each other manipulating everything. Stop spending and save instead as the economy has yet to come back to life and maybe won’t ever be the same. Only the well connected and wealthy truly benefit from all the manipulation and the present economic downturn.
Even if you have a steady job, instead of listening and/or believing all the good news that is touted in the media, ask the people close to you and around you how they feel about job stability, consumer confidence, higher prices and the reality they live with. If you’re out of a job then I would think you already can easily see all the bullshit being advertised.

People want to believe things are getting better and have hope seeing heavily manipulated statistics and the propaganda coming from the talking heads but the terrible reality is in your face if you really bother to look and ask. The government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the consumer price index (CPI) has only risen less than 1 or 2% each year since the financial crisis started when the reality is closer to 4 or 5% each year. So the financial crises that started in 2008 is still looming no matter what the corrupted government and the media tells you. If you really want to know the truth, the real numbers and data are always available at:
It is so sad the people’s lives are full with all kinds of pressure, lies and insecurities everyday that come from so many fear based vibrations. I touched on lots of them already but the main ones usually come from dealing with religions, laws, wars, police, politics, work, bills, taxes, peer pressure, government, death, crime, elections, racism, bad relationships, terrorism, drugs, gangs, alcohol, poor health, poverty and the monster under their bed.
You can bet it will just be a matter of time until other Western countries follow America’s lead on spying on everyone using the justification of “National Security” and “Terrorism” as their excuse. If you don’t think the New World Order is not real then wait and see this reality eventually happen. Most of these upcoming crazy security laws are just imaginary paranoia but will cause a lot of grief to a lot of innocent folks. Nevertheless, the new laws will be part of the new generation of the corrupted Status Quo everywhere.
By being a casualty of the Status Quo, you are just letting corrupt people and situations control you and steal your personal power (energy). Once you realize what all the negatives and fear based vibrations around you are, you’ll be amazed how easy it will be for you to eliminate them and/or deal with them better and project your attention to so many more positives even in an adverse environment. “Energy flows where your attention goes.”
So move ahead, create a positive environment that is right for you and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It’s really easy to synchronize your good energies when your in an environment that lets your energies manifest positive vibrations. For me, enjoying Nature, healthy food and great weather while avoiding the corrupted politics of the Status Quo is the cure all for pretty much everything.
So concentrate on creating a great environment for yourself. This conclusion is not meant to encourage you to hide out in the woods somewhere and drop out of society, only to wake you up to what’s really causing so much stress and keeping you from enjoying life’s positive vibrations. That doesn’t mean I’m giving away all my possessions and going off the grid either, it means I prioritized my spirituality over the material world we are all apart of.
We can easily enjoy all the material and monetary comforts like anyone else but they definitely should not be your main priority. So by no means am I suggesting anyone give up their money, jobs, materialistic achievements and comforts, just emphasizing the priority of spirituality and unity. Most of the negatives in life can certainly be replaced with positives instead. But you need to know what the negatives are first.
Outside of maybe a few temporary fixes, nothing will really change the course and direction America and the Western world is heading. You will also NEVER EVER get the real scope either on any international interventions that the US military is waging against other countries or the real truth about American foreign policies from the mainstream media so find some reliable real news sources instead.
The corrupted media drives down your throat everything they want to know but silences everything they don’t. Mainstream media blackouts about important news have become common place today. A good example is how almost no one (including New Yorkers) knows about the ten story 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial President Putin of Russia gave to America because of the main-stream media blackout. It was erected in 2006 with all the names of the fallen and very close to the Statue of Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey. But hardly a word about it is ever mentioned because Putin is on the black list!
I have to wonder: Is this memorial really a symbol of a tear drop or of the molten metal drops left behind from the Thermite that was used to bring down the twin towers and building seven? I personally feel it was extremely thoughtful of Putin to erect such a heartfelt memorial monument of the 3000 lives lost in the 9/11 false flag attack. But where are the thanks every year on the 9/11 anniversaries from the American people and the news media? If the Iraqi War ever ends, maybe Putin will also erect a memorial monument in Baghdad for all the families of the innocent hundreds of thousands of Iraqis murdered because of that false flag too.
While he’s at it, he might as well pay for a memorial of the US dollar too. That can be erected in front of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Everyone likes monuments and museums, right? They make great tourist attractions too! I also hope to see all the Fed’s bank buildings across America become museums one day. That will be when America can go back to using the US Constitution and the police getting respected again!
When it comes to the “Police State Status Quo,” deal with it by not dealing with it. In other words, side step it, avoid it, ignore it and remove it from your life whenever you can. The most you can hope for is to understand the reality and the bigger picture and learn to deal with all the lies the best you can and on your terms.
In doing so you will find like-minded others and communities who can and will share their insights on how to enjoy life without having much involvement with corrupt government and the distorted Status Quo. If you are not happy living where you are now, there are other counties, States and even other countries out there that would be an immediate improvement. Do some research, choose the one that fits your personality and situation better. Visit first then plan your move and just go!
If you ever decide to live outside your country just remember this: Living outside your country is not at all UN-patriotic as the Founding Fathers were from some of the original expat families. And if you decide to live in another country, don’t expect the grass to be much greener on the other side either. But hope the government there is much greener instead.
So forget about the dog eat dog mentality, false talk and endless promises of government. Only you can make the world a better place by understanding the truth and discovering the personal power in others and within yourself. Learn to keep your mind free, your eyes open, your body healthy, your heart happy and your spirit flowing. Protect your environment, stand tall and let compassion lead the way.

Humor has saved many a person’s sanity and health too so laugh when you can until your stomach aches and remember: Yesterday is gone; tomorrow will be today so live in the moment the very best you can. Learn the difference between those complaining and those really speaking out. Awareness and truth is the fuel to move on, use and share both wisely.
Whether you can make a lot of sense of this very long intro to my Blog isn’t so important. What really matters is that you made it this far so you are definitely paying attention. “Paying Attention” is the prerequisite to knowledge, insight and understanding.
America and the world is in turmoil and changing in so many dramatic ways.
Since both religion and government are masters of control and power and both use reason (excuses) and emotion (fear) to motivate human behavior as they see fit, they both make up the majority of what is know today as the Status Quo. There is a great side to good politics and good religious beliefs but there is the awful side of them too so try living without the corrupted side of both. Most folks don’t have a clue about the history of their government or their religion but they will still kill to defend both. How f*cking sad!
What’s equally sad is most of the Western world is totally out of touch with the organic energy and spiritual laws used by Nature to manage everything in the Universe. They are misled to focus elsewhere and are conditioned mentally, legally and emotionally to be held hostage to the man made artificial laws of religion and government instead. These major pitfalls continually disempowers them and keeps good people from ascending to the higher levels of consciousness. This is the main goal of those behind the scenes running the show so they can continue to implement their hidden agendas while destroying folk’s sovereignty and their relationship between reality and the universal energies.
Living in this lower state of consciousness is like having a sheep’s mentality. Consumerism and greed have become the main selfish behaviors that fills this lower state of consciousness. So much so that folks are controlled with the obsession of materialism which destroys their natural connection to life and Nature. Folks are always referring to their current state as fate and destiny. Fate or destiny are for fools. Both are illusions for those who don’t know how to properly use their free-will to make better choices. We are all where we are because of the choices we make. Not understanding the laws of free-will can definitely lead to making bad choices.
We all need to think of effective strategies to protect ourselves from others who want to reduce the power of our free-will. To strengthen that protection, one needs to realize the importance of being recognized as a sovereign person. One of the best ways to defend your natural rights is to learn how the legal system really works. Judges and attorneys might even respect you more too.
Common Law is the law of the people. The principles of Common Law are recorded deeply in the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. All government agencies are corporations. The main source of power from corporate government comes from feeding on the energy of the people by taking away your natural rights with the trickery of implied consent.
Folks should know that it is the government that has no natural rights. It’s time to stop playing the government’s game on their terms. Because the government cannot deal directly with the real you, it needs to trick you into agreeing to be a conduit or a liaison, so that it can connect you to the fictional government. This conduit is the legal person (legal name), which is the name written in all caps. This legal person is not you, but is a fictitious entity used by the government to do business with you.
The moment you agree to be the legal person (Legal Name), you create a contract that connects you to the fictitious legal person. This allows the government to do business with you. It also allows the government and the courts to have jurisdiction over you too.
Remember, the court only has jurisdiction over legal persons and government agents. However, you can void the contract anytime you want. Once you know how corrupt the court system
is, you should know why it is wise to stay out of court as much as possible.
There is no
justice in a court system that operates under Admiralty Law and Maritime Law. Why? Because this type of court deals with commerce and treats people as “properties” and corporations. The government and the court actually see you as a dead entity, also known as a corporation.
If you look at the word “corporation” closely, you
can almost see the word “corpse” in it. This is not an accident. It is right in your face! Remember this too, we the people are the ones with the real power. Without our support and ignorance, secret societies and their government cannot thrive and succeed at controlling us. This is only a snippet of what you should know about the corrupt unconstitutional legal system so start using the best tool available to research these facts further, THE INTERNET!
If you really want to ensure that you and your loved ones will be safe, protected and see their lives and livelihoods flourish, you need to put the Status Quo in perspective and take self-reliance to heart. You shouldn’t be afraid of the turmoil but you should prepare for it by becoming more self-reliant and start defining your reality. This is not something to obsess over but to firmly have in the back of your mind.
There are still options of avoiding draconian laws and living and/or doing business in a low-tax jurisdiction in a discreet and tax-efficient way. One option would be packing your bags and relocating to a tax-friendly jurisdiction, and obtaining residence and even a second passport. People can be extraordinary broad-minded today due to quick air travel, the invention of the telephone, the mobile phone, the Internet, electronic mail etc.
Today, one must seriously consider the option of minimizing their tax liabilities and/or living in a place with more personal freedom. Always keep in mind the constantly moving fine line between permissible tax avoidance and prohibited tax evasion. So seek a specialized tax expert when you are ready.
On the one hand, you have the governments and their tax authorities which are becoming increasingly capable to learn anything and everything about each taxpayer. With a press of the button, they can have access to lots of information, both internal and external (the Internet and social networks to name but a few). On the other hand, the same taxpayer can use that same automation, technology and increased mobility as a counteroffensive. Just keep the wise words of William Arthur Ward in mind: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” Let’s touch more on the entrepreneurial spirit and running a business.
Many people are surrounded with average people who are comfortable with being average: they feel more secure and accepted being part of a group. And that’s exactly why successful entrepreneurial people are the envy of many people in society. The successful threaten the status quo and they threaten the comfort level of the majority of people.
Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to be very cautious and keep a low profile. Instead of being praised for your creativity, for being somebody who adds value to the prosperity of society, for creating jobs, you’re overwhelmed by a tsunami of rules, taxes and envy. Therefore, you have every reason to structure your business in a low key and smart tax-friendly way from the beginning.
The magic of transforming your personal income into business income is a good idea. The first benefit is that you avoid the unlimited liability you’re facing as an individual by setting up your own limited liability company. As an owner of a limited liability company, you’re only liable up to the amount you invested in the company and creditors of the company can never touch your personal assets, as opposed to the case where you’re doing business as an individual.
The second benefit is that you avoid taxes, because in most countries, business income is subject to lower tax rates than personal income is. This should be considered as a basic move for every entrepreneur who starts earning some serious money. We all live in the modern corporate world whether we like it or not. The whole legal system everywhere is now based on a corporate structure. Even our small towns to our federal government and countries are incorporated today.
So do what the big multi-national companies and even governments do and take advantage of lower taxes legally. Most big companies make use of the “tax deferral‟ system which is applicable in the U.S. too. This means that companies and the Deep State players only have to pay income tax on these offshore funds once they repatriate these funds back to the US or their home country which they rarely do unless their government lowers the tax rate or a new tax holiday‟ is granted. It’s time you start learning how to play their game on your terms and heal the wounds the government inflicts upon you.
Nature’s universal life force (where the meaning of the name Reiki comes from) is our ultimate healing energy in every respect. But the Status Quo dictates that using organized religion and Big Pharma medicines is the best conventional healing wisdom instead of using our universal energies and Mother Nature.
That’s very sad too because the universal life form energies bring people and a healthier life together while breaking down barriers but distorted religious beliefs and bad medicine can certainly divide people and create unhealthy power structures instead. We need to thrive with natural balance, not distorted barriers.
My grievances and doubts of a better future that I harbor about the demise of America and the European Community didn’t occur over night. All my revelations, grievances and conclusions have manifested from a combination of living in both places for over 60 years. Like with everything else, evolution will always happen but unfortunately, the evolution of both places is not going very well.
That conclusion is based on my own personal observations, research, insights, living abroad, failures and successes and all life experiences in both places. I’m not interested in persuading anyone to think and feel as I do, I’m only interested in waking you up and helping you become more aware of the positive and negative underlying realities of the Western Status Quos and help you think and feel for yourself in your own independent way. Life is really amazing and is all about digesting “Food for Thought” to really satisfy one’s hunger.
There are so many uncertainties in America today it can make your head spin. In fact, at the time of this writing, there are only 2 things that are really certain about most folk’s life in America. The first is that their tomorrows will be filled with wars and the other is the American Dream is still alive and well… it’s just no longer in the United States.
But it is a mindset you can take with you anywhere you go!
I realize I’m a lot more sensitive than most Americans are because I have already experienced not only the pitfalls of the corrupted Status Quo but also the emotions of being an expat as an added perspective. But Americans really have no excuse to be so out of touch with the world they live in. I would think just the fact that America has lost most of the prosperity it once created and is now BANKRUPT should have been enough to have woken everyone up to today’s realities long ago.
I understand that most aren’t going to get enlightened by the lying presstitutes of corporate media, but there are loads of journalists working for non-mainstream media reporting the realities everyday. So to give the benefit of the doubt to those who only watch corporate media news, my posts will be from reliable news sources for you to start following to get the truth and see the bigger picture.
For those seeking a religion for enlightenment, I sympathize with your search. What’s abnormal about wanting to find meaning and achieve spiritual fulfillment? Nothing! Soul searching takes us to many places and different peoples that preach spirituality. The ones who front religions give you the answers through blind faith and fear. Others offer spiritual enlightenment though other means.
Many offer a different twist and even different prophets. Some of the Gods they praise have totally different personalities too so which one should you listen to and believe? No matter what form your God takes, be sure your God is connected to Nature. And remember this: What you are is Nature’s gift to you. How you respect Nature and people is your gift to Nature.
It’s a tough world out there when it comes to picking out a religion on your own. Good thing most people don’t have to worry about that because their religion is chosen for them at birth. I suggest anyone who is not already indoctrinated at birth or since and wants to investigate different religions, to check out sources of ancient wisdom first that are not based in blind faith. That wisdom will help deepen your understanding of the Nature of the Universe before making a choice if any.

This will help you make better choices concerning everything if you have a connection to the Nature of the Universe. Wisdom of universal energy is sort of an instruction manual for understanding and enjoying life that goes far beyond the confines of government or any particular faith. The bottom line is folks need to identify which choices in spirituality can create positive consequences and protect themselves from making choices that don’t.
So as far as enjoying life is concerned, think twice about the Status Quo and conventional wisdom. Be amazing instead! As drawn out as this intro is, there’s a lot going on in America and the world today that you should be awakened too and it’s just too hard to capture everything in a Blog introduction so please read the future posts to understand much more.
So, when it comes to dealing with politics, religion and government, please proceed with caution. Caution is not fear; it’s prudence. It does take a lot of patience to deal with all this shit but “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” Indoctrination is submission but information and knowledge is power, the power to know what is right and the truth. Honesty is telling the truth to others. Integrity is telling the truth to yourself.
Unfortunately, truth is not for everyone as self responsibility is something many people don’t want and way too many Westerners are petrified to crawl out of their box. They simply let politics, government and religion rule them. This state of mind and lifestyle is like burning the candle at both ends. That’s my take and I realized that ruling part causes way too much destruction even when I was one of those good Christians long ago.
Christianity all boils down to the Old Testament being all about laws and indoctrination. The New Testament is all about metaphors of astrological stories and pagan gods. I can’t stress this enough! This is the reality of the occult world of Christianity and other religions. You need to understand that first to find the hidden messages that are really there for you to gain some wisdom.
You have 2 ears and one mouth so listen twice and speak once. Don’t get caught up in wasting your breath and time by entertaining others rhetoric concerning their pushy issues, politics and Status Quo mentalities. Those people deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all. Or if need be,
just be blunt and just tell them nicely, I believe you’re confusing me with someone who gives a shit and get away. But make sure you only say that when you are in an officially designated free speech zone! Ha..ha…ha…
Because the world we live in is being turned upside down so fast, question everything. Research everything about the Status Quo and for those who are religious, ask yourself, what did God or Jesus have to do with writing any of the holy books? Nothing is the answer!
Open your mind and realize that religions were made so those behind creating them could become more powerful. Religions are obsessed with indoctrination and fear. God has nothing to do with man made traditions, doctrines and superstitions. Religions can be all smoke and mirrors.
If a real factual God deity created this Universe and exists, I certainly want to know about it so I can learn a lot more about the mysteries of life and the secrets of my true self. So I’m very open minded about the possibilities of anything and keep my ear close to the ground.
But I find the beliefs in the God deities that folks believe in and worship today, don’t satisfy my instinctive true understanding that everything is connected because their Gods are always separate from that total connection. As much as I’ve tried, I just can’t wrap my head around their duality concept.
I think it goes without saying that our natural intuition makes us sense that there is something greater than the concrete world we see and live in. That’s why a great deal of folks (through religions) are persuaded that those feelings of something greater must only be that of a supreme God we can’t see but they are taught about anyway. They only relate their spirituality to that religious indoctrination which I believe limits them from soul searching further.
For others, it’s more personal and some people get in touch with their spiritual side through compassion, empathy, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection, health, Mother Nature or other means. Others even combine religion with other spiritual aspirations just mentioned and take things relating to their spirituality much further.
I put myself in that later category because I’m always open to soul searching the purity of life based on oneness and can always find something beneficial in so many avenues folks take leading to spirituality. And that’s probably why I also scrutinize spirituality if it has any attachments that have man made rules that are oppressive, based on fear and disconnect that oneness feeling. It is through oneness that the true energy of the Universe shows its pretty face.
So the correlation between the concept of believing in religious duality (a separation of God and us) and being happy is unimpressive to me seeing how miserable and retrained most religious folks usually are. But the concept of oneness on the other hand, that we are all fundamentally connected to one another including the plant and animal kingdom around us makes a lot more sense and feels extremely unrestrained, very respectful and more spiritual to me.
I am much happier feeling that way and honestly see how others who feel that way are too. You can easily add good religious wisdom to oneness too as long as those teachings are not separating you from the oneness of everything. But how you
extract a greater sense of well-being from your personal beliefs of spirituality really depends on how you respect and treat yourself and others with kindness.
Just remember you have plenty of options in soul searching your spirituality besides just a religion.
I’m not very uncomfortable with being disconnected from the whole and strive to be connected even further.
I grew up as a Christian, went to Catholic school, studied the Bible over and over, attended many different churches of different denominations too and nothing yet has overcome my natural growing instincts that God is not separate from all living matter and energy including space and time.
I admit that I did believe otherwise for over half my life but that was before I truly realized my connection to Nature and my natural instincts went into high gear. And I’ll take that overview much further into my life so now that I have spilled the beans, my children, family including friends can understand why.

You can still be a Christian, Jew or Muslim honoring God and the Prophets without all the indoctrination. This shit about people needing to stop living life their own way and turn to a religion instead for forgiveness is for the birds. Forgiveness for what? For living and being human?
Fanatical parts of religions distort and enslave people’s spiritual thoughts. From what I surmised from reading about Jesus, he definitely didn’t believe in slavery and religions. He certainly didn’t believe in terrorism either which is in your face with the fear of demons and Hell. Ah, did you notice that fear keeps showing its ugly face when those issues of force are mentioned? No one needs to be terrorized.
Terrorism is defined as “the threatened or actual use of illegal force and violence by a non-state actor to attain a political, economic, religious, or social goal through fear, coercion, or intimidation.” I think that definition describes the Statue Quo too! Instead of being a religious casualty, become a spiritual warrior instead.
Being a spiritual warrior isn’t about waiting for your life to end in order to go to Heaven, it’s about giving life Hell and how to manifest the Divine within. Religions already believe that Hell is somewhere within the Earth so why not believe that Heaven is close by too?
I think it is so cruel for religions to steal people’s inner strength and nature by promising them eternal life when life on Earth needs their inner strength and nature first. There is something supremely powerful and meaningful in our existence on Earth. It is to uncover our true inner nature so that we can learn to create or recreate one’s self and connect with everything else. Of course that’s just my opinion but one I live by that makes life much more rewarding.
Stop focusing on fear and terror like our own government and religions do. And if someone asks you why you stopped bowing down to government, religious indoctrinations or the Status Quo, tell them the Devil made you do it! With their Status Quo egos and mindset, they should be able to easily understand that.
It’s also easy to understand fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me! So why is it that people can be fooled over and over again?
The answer lies in the fact that people by nature, are magical, creative human machines. This allows the people exploiting religions and politics to elevate themselves in importance, and that has an instinctive draw, no matter how patently false their stories may be. Don’t let those controlling the Status Quo, push their false dreams on you. These false dreams are like dangerous drugs. I say “God damn the pusher man! It’s your choice to either let them shape your future for decades to come or become more independent.
The energy of our physical bodies in the physical world are of one dimension but are attached to the energy of the spiritual world of another dimension through our brain and our heart. The more we use our brain and heart in positive emotional ways, the more we can discover the other dimension of the spiritual world. I also believe emotions like love, compassion, harmony, peace and empathy are positive energies and hate, oppression, despair, wars and punishment are negative energies.
Balancing both energies is what makes the physical world go-round. When they are not balanced, we witness the insane world that emerges. Experiencing and then understanding those energies is another thing but it’s sane to believe both have everything to do with evolving. When one can logically balance those energies and side with the positive energies, one can feel and even enter into the realm of spirituality which is made up of positive energies.
So the negatives in our lives are actually a good thing once put in perspective with the positive things we also experience and we learn and only evolve spiritually from both.
My analogy for both energies is Hell represents the negative energy and Heaven represents the positive energy. Using our natural energy of intuition should help us balance both energies. In not using your intuition, one can easily succumb to the negative energies. It seems sure that those who try to control us understand this too and their evil energies that predominate them exploit our good energies and imagination for their personal physical gains. Those hung up on control, ego, money, arrogance and power are who I’m referring to.
Their traits represent the negative energies which include major exploitations which brings me to why I always find myself warning about those behind the manipulation of the “Status Quo.” In a democracy the majority rules. So if the majority in a democratic society were really able to use their free-will, then there would be no big government in the Status Quo. Now you know why I now shun a Status Quo mentality that includes spiritual and political systems that are based on denying individual power.
Most religious and political systems today work on replacing your inner power with an outside power of influence instead. Exploitation is that outside power and it is the end result of living with a distorted Status Quo mentality. What is the real difference between fiction and reality anyway? From what I observed studying history, I would say that fiction has to make sense but reality doesn’t. I also believe that Nature has always played second fiddle to man’s imagination and ego when it came to writing history.
That’s a guarantee in itself that history has and always will be distorted by those who record it for the masses. I prefer to live life believing that we evolve as Nature does. So if Nature is a structure of evolving processes, then those processes are our reality.
If we search that reality with an open mind that everything is connected, our consciousness expands on all things around us whether living or dead. That awareness is certainly a wake up call for us to seek further awareness. I believe the highest form of that consciousness is what spirituality really is. That is where our journey in life should take us.

Sounds like some sob story with a happy ending but there is no happy ending just happy moments along the way. That is why living in the moment is so very important. Why live a life that’s boring, controlled and confined while waiting for an afterlife when you can enjoy the present life you know exists? Spirituality exists in the present life too!
I believe that there must be a conscious intelligence or conscious energy that holds this Universe together. Whether you want to call that God or something else doesn’t matter. But throwing a religion in the mix is just another man-made delusion. Nikola Tesla once said that
if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. That is what I am conscious of most of the time and for good reason.
Consciousness is the base of our existence. That’s why living in the moment is so enjoyable. It is the epitome of consciousness in the now.
Life is much more rewarding when rooted in reality and liberated from the illusions of a corrupted mind and ego. Whether living within or outside of society, eliminating the conventional negative stigmas of religion, race and politics will go a long way to freeing the mind of manipulation and dogmas while making life so much more simple. So use the K.I.S.S. system!
Any real change to restore America to its core roots requires a grass roots movement that is organically grown to eliminate the prevailing corrupted leadership. Unfortunately, the religions of this world (especially the Catholic Church) and government, will always be the thorn in the side of any grass roots movement and free society. Isn’t that sad?
Any control system that is full of ignorance and preconceived ideas forces folks to give their power away. It is through instilled fear, distorted core beliefs and corrupted mass media that the ruling elite can control the masses. It is only when the awareness of that truth emerges in a collective way that the world will start to change for the better. You cannot change what you refuse to confront. We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.
The bottom line is that you’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be. And you’ll never change the way you think until you really think about changing. But most folks won’t change anything after being sucked into the oppression of the Status Quo prison. That’s the result of giving away your energy and free-will.
I can’t perceive all of the non-conceptual and non-physical aspects of reality but I can comfortably perceive this: Blind obedience is at the cost of truth itself. Any type of control or oppression is just another violation of our free-will. Please realize this and think more often about this blind obedience that most of us follow. Everyone needs to be more aware of their own breath rather than the breath of others spewing out oppressive regurgitated rhetoric everywhere.
Don’t concentrate on what you are told is real, concentrate on what you SEE and FEEL is real. Form opinions from truth, experience and intuition instead of from corrupted media lies, hearsay and Status Quo indoctrinates. Mainstream society today rejects artistic and creative people who think outside the box because the Status Quo doesn’t want to confront the truth and prefers instead to be controlled with the same media lies, hearsay and indoctrination that people who consistently think outside of the box  reject.
Have you ever noticed that most artistic and creative people don’t have much use for materialism and greed? They’d rather create something valuable out of little worth using their imagination than buy something expensive which is wasting valuable resources to them. They need and appreciate money too but their value system isn‘t understood by those who love money and exploit and waste valuable resources.
Which type of mindset would you consider to be an outcast? And which mindset would you prefer your child to have? I prefer the mentality of people like Pablo Picasso who said: “I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” That extra money not wasted can do wonders to help a few hungry but aspiring human beings including children.
Children teach us many important things. They teach us compassion, laughter, patience, acceptance, innocence and love. They expand our perspective on life and can provide us with an enriched experience. They certainly deserve the same from us. They remind us of how we all need love and the free-will we had as a child.
Keeping children away from stereotyped roles that condition them will help keep their minds open in order to appreciate life more and learn more from us too. Emphasizing how materialism and greed destroys humanity and spirituality are lessons most parents never teach because they themselves live with both dominating their lives.
Keeping their minds free of terrible thoughts and from being infiltrated with fear indoctrination will only enhance their life experiences. As Mark Twain said: “I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Teaching the belief of having free-will is the only necessary belief I enjoy teaching my children. Any other beliefs that need ego or fear to materialize are deliberately keep at bay.

Realizing where your hang-ups and problems come from due to indoctrinations can be very rewarding. That’s because those awful discoveries can lead to incredible recoveries. Once we see through this good vs. evil paradigm bullshit, you’re really starting to see the bigger picture.
In conclusion, ask yourself this question:

If you truly want to be living in a free responsible world, then what cause is more desirable than freedom, and what could be more responsible than defending liberty and peace? The reality is that the only thing over which you have the most control is your own thinking and feelings, true beliefs, personal health, aspirations and your personal actions no matter where you decide to live.
You should give that a good think. Whether one agrees with that conclusion or not, it certainly poses a rather sobering question every free thinking person should consider so they can plan to act accordingly.
We are not animals in the government’s zoo, so instead of being unresponsive to the corrupted world around you, open your eyes wide and do some research into things instead. If you do your homework concerning all the violence, terrorism and wars throughout history, you’ll find the common denominator is always fanatical politics and corrupted religion.
Life is a mysterious network of different interactions, ideas and roads to explore. There are so many different destinations too but it is the experiences and interactions during our journeys that helps us acquire our learning skills, knowledge, wisdom and insights about so many things.
The journey in life is made up from observing, studying, sharing, traveling, reflecting, eating, researching, learning, contemplating, cultivating, working, living, interacting and experiencing many different situations, passions, relationships, religions, languages, successes, hardships, peoples, places and so many good and bad times. These are the main attributes to most people’s lives everywhere.
No one can really tell you what is right for you but one can definitely steer you in the right direction from their own skills, knowledge, experiences and know how while offering advice, insight and wisdom to help you gain your own. But in the end it is the knowledge you personally gain, how you stop defining yourself and pursue your passions instead that will make all the difference in gaining your own wisdom. Defining your conscious presence is the only important defining you need to do.
So shed those controlling indoctrinations and make your life what – YOU – want it to be. Nothing is unrealistic if you really pursue your passions. So go ahead and pursue those unrealistic goals that are hiding within you! And for my boys reading this, remember what your seafaring grandfather taught me well; no balls, no glory! That’s a truth to be realized.
Life is certainly a learning process but the experience of learning things first hand trumps anything you’ll learn from books, blogs and videos. When you combine everything with first hand experience and plenty of reasoning, that is when you’ll gain real confidence which leads us to being able to put everything in perspective. Having confidence in your perspective makes it a lot easier to see things others don’t and to see things coming too.
The great thing about all the negatives around you and what negatives you’ve already experienced is the gain of insight into many things you’ll see and experience in the future. Knowledge, logic and experience leads to wisdom. Something to think about and look forward to. Having said that, another wonderful thought to have is some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.
I’d be remiss in my objective to help others open their eyes if I left anyone wondering how I can reasonably conclude my take on spirituality and the Universe without a religious bias so let me start with this question and answer for further review before I close this rant. So what does the Universe have to do with God? Everything!
The Universe is the food of God and God is the food of the Universe or you can say that the Universe is the life of God and God is the life of the Universe. God is also the form of all things and at the same time is the matter of all things too which is the Universe. This is the divine energy religions refer to as God but religions insist on separating it from everything else as a religious deity.
To grasp the essence of God without religion, one needs to grasp the essence of Nature or “The Cosmos.” That feeling of essence comes alive when we realize the purpose of our higher level of intuition and consciousness is that everything is connected by that essence which is all the properties of reality. In other words, the interrelationship of everything is a mirror to the entire Universe. Let that sink in.
Those 2 sides can be easily realized with the emotions of love and hate. The religious analogy would be Heaven and Hell or good and evil. When you read and analyze the Bible and other philosophical and religious books now, you’ll see this analogy everywhere.
When I speak about everything being connected, it’s important to note that these connections aren’t usually seen by the observable eye, but they are usually known and felt at the quantum level subconsciously and spiritually. That the best way for me to simply explain it.
So I conclude in layman’s terms that since the essence of God is in everything including humans too, that the body must be the negative side and the soul must be the positive side of Nature’s energy within us. That realization is the spark that brought me the responsibility of soul searching further which made me realize that religions unfortunately twist one’s searching with fear and use it to a large degree in their teachings in order to indoctrinate and control us. I see and understand that clearly now.
I really hope all this talk about religion throughout this Intro made you sick and tired of the subject by now. That is my intention of saying so much but I also really hope you can see better now why the world is so f*cked up from religion too and you question everyone’s motives using religion and the Bible to steer your path. To take it one step further, take the time to read the entire Bible during your younger life to put religion in perspective.
According to the Bible, the “Church” (or Temple) of God is not meant to be a physical place but a spiritual place. That spiritual place dwells within us. And Jesus is the only representative of that Temple, not the Pope who destroys that Temple by misrepresenting the true Church within us. If anything is to be understood about the false Church, it is that the Pope is the disguised representative of the Anti-Christ who defiles the real spiritual Temple and destroys the real spirit of God.
We are God’s Temple, not the Church. And God’s kingdom begins and ends inside us and is not found in any man-made Temple, Church or religious traditions. Don’t just have a Bible, READ IT! You just might find out that the Church has hijacked your real spirituality within you.
Now let me throw a little more of my religious and philosophical thoughts at you in closing regarding deeper non-religious spirituality in order to spur some final food for thought. Could it be that all matter and the most evolved systems in the Universe are just a derivative from a higher consciousness? I for one do think so but I also think that most of us are not evolved enough spiritually to understand this fully but we are somehow compelled to think about it.
Of course the scientific and astrological community is always thinking about it too but even the brightest in both communities are bewildered on how much they still don’t know and understand. But the righteous religious believe they all have it figured out. I find that righteous ego blinding. Life works in very mysteries ways, don’t you think? Even more so when one is observing with an open mind. Maybe observation in itself is the leading factor for thoughts to manifest which also leads us to the different choices we make and the different paths we take that make up our different realities.
I certainly don’t know the answers to life’s mysteries but I do experience powerful feelings when I think about these things. Feelings that I’m getting closer to a consciousness tailored to me in order to understand more. Those feelings and thoughts manifest throughout the world too as everything is somehow mysteriously connected.
We exist in a world that does not yet recognize the importance or the power of thoughts, feelings, and emotions when it comes to the type of human experience we create for ourselves and the inner state from which we act and reflect ourselves. But the most important power we need to share is simply the POWER OF LOVE.
That is where I am at in my soul searching at the moment which will probably never end.
I know I would have never thought like this if I wasn’t first exposed to the false meaning of God through my corrupted religious indoctrination. So I must thank my religious instruction for opening my mind and heart instead of closing both which is the case for most others more often than not that have a strong religious indoctrination. That has been the only good side of religion for me. God is something to be found inseparable from and at the very root of all that is.
It has become pretty obvious to me that increasing one’s knowledge and insight from open minded learning, soul searching and experiences, one is more enabled to start grasping the essence of God in so many individual things. But without using the true power and inner peace that stems from the heart and gut, I believe it is impossible to reach those higher levels of consciousness because the heart is not just an organ but a metaphor to our internal space and our soul that is really our seat of silent power. That is what the religious message is whenever you hear about the “Sacred Heart.”
Opening our hearts and minds gives some of us a deep sense of peace, purpose, happiness and belonging that ripple throughout everything we do. I now often wonder if spirituality and higher consciousness must be one of the same but with different levels. What level do you feel you are you on?
When both the heart and mind are in sync, life opens up in seemingly miraculous ways because our energy is focused on our deepest desires and our life’s purpose instead of being wasted in conflict. Yet I still firmly believe that knowledge no matter how rich and vast can never be as tall as the strength of the heart.
Powerful thoughts are no match for powerful feelings although both can manifest each other. Give that a good think next time you make love or you’re listening to your favorite music. Those are times when the heart and mind can really be in sync. All aspiring and accomplished artists of all sorts seem to understand this. Be an artist too and get in sync!
And for those contemplating a religious mindset, consider this: The fear of death comes from the fear of living. And the fear of living comes from the fear of a religious God. Don’t be a religious fool believing life is to be shunned for any religious artificial supernatural myth. Your human salvation is here now while you live not after you die. You can find it anytime you want once you avoid the dogmas of Status Quo restrictions.
By no means do I feel everything about religion is bullshit. But I definitely believe the judgmental and control doctrines are. The spiritual dynamic of God or Jesus for me should be focused on the power of what love encompasses in life. That’s what Jesus represents to me.
Spiritual dynamics in any faith should not be attached to any ego either. Shedding the diabolical ego which distorts our vision of reality will help you gain a more natural and realistic consciousness. This ego has caused so many Westerners today to practice self-righteous ignorance.
When you really think about it, folks are so foolish and even crazy to have such enormous egos about themselves, their religions and their country, knowing humanity is just a flash in the greater scheme of the Universe. That’s because so many today are disconnected from themselves and only connected to their tiny materialistic political world instead.
Jesus supposedly said: My kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). I can certainly relate to those particular words knowing that greed and politics are destroying humanity and Mother Nature. That’s not a kingdom I want my family living in. And I sincerely hope this Blog will encourage anyone reading its posts to start feeling the same. This Blog only advocates peace, open-mindedness and compassion, not war, racism and hatred! And those are the main reasons why this Blog will NEVER be “politically correct.” Screw politics!
Let’s look at the cosmic side of our existence and be “cosmically correct” instead. We are only a microscopic speck of matter in the empty space of the celestial Universe of space-time. Some physicists are now postulating that there may be far more universes than just our own. Even the best minds in science and quantum physics only understand that the infinite Universe stops at singularity. That’s because the Universe is infinite. If something is infinite then how would anyone ever get to totally understand it?
That’s why God must be the infinite energy of the infinite Universe from my point of view. If you care to see God dancing in the Universe then watch a documentary on “Black Holes.” If you want to watch God sleeping then stay attached to the black hole of the corrupted Status Quo. I look to the heavens and realize that the idea that we are alone in the Universe has to be totally absurd.
The Universe is infinite with infinite possibilities and infinite galaxies and infinite horizons and with infinite life. If that’s not spiritual then what is?
But you don’t need to be a spiritual person in order to find deep, abiding joy although it certainly helps. On the other hand, the constant act of pursuing an image of spirituality can also take away from the act of purely experiencing being in the moment. So spirituality can be a balancing act. All we need is the ability to cultivate our conscious presence, now.
It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hold on to our past but it does take a lot of strength to let go. Being connected with the energy of the Universe can become anyone’s personal spiritual attachment. So can living in the moment. The 2 combined is the ultimate joy of consciousness for me. This led me to be one of those optimistic, grateful and Eco-conscious people that have learned to savor life without a big ego. There is no real philosophy to this mindset, just a great respect for Mother Nature and my way of enjoying life more consciously no matter where I am and what I’m doing.
It is not the beliefs of people which are dangerous but the negative consequences of actions or in-actions derived from those beliefs that are. It also holds true that there are very positive consequences that come from certain beliefs like the perception that Jesus represented love and compassion or the respect for life derived from a conscious spiritual connection to the energy of the Universe or Mother Nature.
It all boils down to people and their perceptions being the problem not the religions or beliefs in general. I don’t believe anyone should equate any fanatical religious or political organizations with the religion itself although many fanatical extremists will misuse religion and cause many people to do so as documented in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
If enough folks concentrate their focus on love, that alone will create a vibration of awe the same way the religious focus of Jesus has done through religion. That’s how I identify the vision of spirituality whether religious or not.
If you haven’t figured out what the difference between most religious folks and spiritual folks are yet, then let me give you a big hint. Religion works best for people who are afraid of going to Hell, spirituality works best for those who have already been there. That Hell is called the school of hard knocks!
Putting religion aside, the respect and love for Nature is my main focus and the ultimate hard drive I want to log on to. I don’t expect anyone to really understand my spiritual connotations and the esoteric side of me and the only reason why I even try to explain this side is because I am writing this Intro to my loved ones in my family.

Living in the moment with passion, gratitude and compassion should be your spiritual rescue. Most folks are so indoctrinated with false religious bullshit that they just can’t understand that simple logic. Don’t let people make a fool of you. God is the living energy inside you. Stop living in a world of make believe and live in the moment instead.
Humans are suffering from separation sickness. I’m referring to their huge disconnect with Nature and the universal kingdom. Societies have replaced the magical Nature of the Universe with religions instead. Maybe the religious God that mankind has been killing for throughout history is just an extraterrestrial that’s fed up with mankind. Believe it or not, that supposedly happened according to the Sumerians which I’ll talk about at the end of this Intro.
The end game of the Status Quo is to divide and conquer and leave those who are not high in the power structure, ridden if not enslaved with a life of financial debt and emotional fear. Governments, money and religions have always been the main tools used to achieve this end game.
In modern times, false patriotism, consumerism, corrupt medicine and foods, fake wars, fiat currency, racism, endless laws, controlled education, and the mass media, have all been added to that powerful tool box.

Fortunately, free-will, knowledge, instinct, reason, love, real spirituality and the Internet are the important tools that most folks have in their tool box today but if not used passionately and plentifully, the powers-that-be will always reach their end game.
Reaching out for the truth is what tames humanity and encourages real spirituality.
It’s human nature to shun the evil around us once you know what that evil is. Waking up and refreshing your mindset is always a good thing. Those who are awakened will eventually unite. We are all in this together so it’s either united we stand, divided we fall or united we win, divided we fail. Maybe something great will help unite us like caring extraterrestrials intervening to wake our Planet up.
There is overwhelming evidence, well documented sightings and first hand accounts that UFO’s and foreign beings exist. You won’t hear about this much from government controlled mainstream media outlets but the documentation is there if you search the Internet. The offbeat scandalous smut newspapers and magazines have always made a mockery of these stories and sightings so most folks just believe the UFO phenomenon is just nonsense. I thought that way too until I moved to Europe where the people took it much more serious and openly talked about it.
Although a lot of the UFO shit on the Internet is just shit, some is very authentic and heavily documented sightings by thousands of people which many are very reputable people in various governments, the military and the scientific community. So once I started taking the UFO phenomenon seriously, I found that life has become a lot more exciting and intriguing than one can imagine or care to imagine.
On the other hand, there is a great chance that all the UFO documentation may be part of a plot to get everyone on board with the New World Order. If you are made to believe that aliens are real but hostile, then it would make it so much easier for everyone on Planet Earth to agree on a global government to one day fight these hostile aliens. So maybe, just maybe, these sightings are really highly advanced government aircraft they are still keeping secret. But ancient history tells another story of extraterrestrials they won’t teach in school.
If people are ignorant enough to believe what they read and are told about their religions, then why aren’t they open to believing in the records from ancient civilizations that all these so called gods in their religions are just extraterrestrials from somewhere else? Records of “flying phenomena” are recorded in ancient cultures around the globe, from the American natives to civilizations living in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Central and South America and even in ancient India.
Everywhere you look concerning ancient texts you’ll find pieces of a “forgotten history,” from records showing superior races that have been tagged as mythological, and avoided by mainstream archaeologists, religions and researchers. And if you look really hard with an open mind, surely you will realize that our history has not only been hidden but purposely rearranged so those in control can continue to control us
without given up all our history’s secrets.
It’s very obvious to me that the Egyptian pyramids and other great feats of building engineering could not have been done without advanced technology, mathematics and astronomy in those days. So there is a big piece to the puzzle of our history that is being hidden, missing or lost. I believe the hidden scenario makes more sense since going back to our earliest civilizations that could write, there was so much that was recorded
but ignored by traditional politically correct science and religion.
According to Sumerologists, the term ANUNNAKI literally is interpreted as those who from “heaven to Earth came.” The key point to note early on is the affiliation of the term “heaven” with the claimed planet of Anunnaki origin, namely Nibiru as detailed in “The 12th Planet” by Sitchin. Additionally, from the list of characters detailed as “deities” in Mesopotamian literature we know that the head of the Anunnaki council of 12 was chaired by Anu, the father of the two key players and half-brothers Enlil and Enki.
U.S. public school history ignores the Sumerians, although they are credited with all aspects of modern civilization, influencing both Egypt and Greece alike. Television series produced by the History Channel, like the “Ancient Aliens” Series is assisting the masses in waking up to the fact that the Anunnaki were not a myth, having left physical documents and artifacts backing up their claims to have created mankind.
Zecharia Sitchin has 30 years of intensive research into the history and prehistory of Earth and humankind as recorded by the ancient civilizations of the Near East. Within these volumes, Sitchin, one of the few scholars able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets–presents indisputable millennia-old proof of humanity’s extraterrestrial forefathers, the Anunnaki. So there is certainly a lot more to think about outside of some alien science fiction movie.
Here’s the bottom line: Whether the missing link is that we were genetically engineered by an advanced race from somewhere else or we just quickly evolved from being Neanderthals to our present state doesn’t matter. What matters is that we do our best to stay free from tyrants and don’t go back to the Stone Age. So question all your beliefs if any of them keep you from evolving and moving forward.
If you start to believe as I do that there is a lot more than meets the eye, you can understand why the religious stories, UFO’s and cosmic beliefs are full of truths to be rediscovered and will help you connect the dots better. Here’s a reputable link from a couple years ago to start you off:

So keep an open mind that we might not be the only higher living intelligence in this world but also consider that the universal world as we know it might be just a speck of its true unknown existence. Having an open mind puts you in a much better position to hold different perspectives to see things others won’t even consider like putting your free-will and personal sovereignty at risk.
There’s better things to risk besides your freedom of free-will. Try risking something like distorted religion, corrupted politics and corporate government that you don’t need instead. Always weigh the risk versus reward to keep the balance rational. But when it comes to very rewarding risks, I like to believe life’s biggest risk is not taking any of them at all.
We are all always in the process of learning something but part of that learning process that has great personal value is unlearning some of the negatives from the indoctrinates of social engineering that we drag along with us. Leaning how those indoctrinates suppress your free will can shed a lot of light on what you are missing as a sovereign person. Having a non-attachment mentality to indoctrination and feeling what true sovereignty is instead of constant oppression can improve our overall experience of the present.
The journey of discovery is about finding new eyes to see new things with and not letting fear and others force their reality on you that you’re not really interested in. Gaining free spirit thinking to figure out what you want to do with your life is a blessing and living with a more awakened sense of reality creates an enlightened experience and helps us model our life to be more in control of who we truly are. The key point is humanity is not controlled by being enlightened, humanity is controlled by us unconsciously being kept in the dark.
Once you get a good grip on why most indoctrinated folks are so frustrated and irrational, one should be able to find solutions and common ground with people in most situations. However, there are many toxic people who are not rational at all so walk away from them instead of engaging in useless rhetoric that is bound to turn sour. Avoiding unnecessary stress can be an art but a necessary one to master.
If I had a ten dollar bill for every time I heard someone say “next time” or “I can’t” since I can remember, I would have had enough money to never go hungry. And the reason I heard the words next time or I can’t so many times is because most folks reject unconventional ideas or trying something different outside of the ordinary or their own programmed comfort zone. Or for some, it could be that they lost their excitement of life, change, evolving and exploring new horizons.
Or maybe it’s they’re just too lazy or indoctrinated. Or maybe it’s because they don’t have any BALLS! Not me! I always say, no balls no glory. Sorry ladies but I’m sure you get my point. While I’ve always kept busy searching for new horizons, discoveries, opportunities and wholesome relations that are often in the making. I’ve often invited so many others to share them with me too.
But unfortunately for those who didn’t share in those aspirations, they missed out on so many opportunities, good times, positive awakenings, personal rewards and great memories. Knowing how that works only reinforces my will even more to see that my kids don’t also miss the boat on all that life can offer.
We don’t often get the chance to have the same opportunities come before us again and again if just only once, so instead of waiting for the next time that same opportunity may appear again, just go for it the first time because a second chance doesn’t happen all that often. Don’t let that rude awakening be yours to bear and take away from your real awakening. Life is short so go for it!
And the final message for all my children, family and friends who might think I’m a bit odd and offbeat is this: I am offbeat but all my words, thoughts and feelings in this Intro are not meant to persuade any of you to think or be like me but to enlighten you more and help you to think for yourself and understand the distorted side of life much better instead. And the ODD part of me stands for “Oppositional Defiance Disorder.”

And that message is not about attaining perfection in life either but it is about giving you insight, facts, encouragement, inspiration and showing you the different sides of truth so one can be very aware and find ways to have a freer mindset to improving life on your terms.
Being an American well aware of my country’s original ideals, I can’t blame anyone for revolting against inequality, corruption and the demise of everyone’s original and financial freedoms. But I do believe there is a method to eliminating the madness and it starts with you.
WWIII has already started. And it is a global war against the middle and lower class. It’s called “GLOBALIZATION.” You’re totally screwed when others control your money and your food. The money part happened a century ago and all that’s left is the food chain to be controlled. Don’t look now but that is well on its way to being finalized. It’s called Codex Alimentarius. It’s totally sinister! Focus on this NOW and Wake Up.
This rape and destruction of our earth, people, air and water is all due to needing global resources that doesn’t benefit mankind. I don’t need anyone destroying the Earth and killing people just to support my lifestyle, do you? I don’t want to be forced to live under increasing controlling legislation either which is so corrupted already. I want to get rid of that corrupt legislation instead. So how can we stop these psychopaths?
There is only one really good solution to any of this madness. It’s all about collective consciousness. That type of consciousness is very powerful and can change the world so people better start getting more motivated to help that consciousness along. Start by sharing the truth whenever possible and do everything you can NOT to feed the corrupted side of the system. If enough people do the same then collectively, we can starve the corrupted system and create a legitimate system, one with grass roots.
But first we need to build a unified community that plays by their own rules. You don’t play by the same oppressive set of rules when your goal is to change that oppressive set of rules. You play by your own rules instead. Getting involved even in a small way with information outlets and projects dedicated to sharing resources and breaking the corrupt system and global agenda, are great places to find and organize solutions.
There are many growing communities out there sharing love, awareness, real facts and offering possible remedies. Start leading your own personal revolution by creating your own growth path and by following your passions with body, mind, spirit and good nutrition. Jim Morrison from my era said it well: There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It has got to happen inside first.
Although this Intro is impossible to digest and process rapidly because of its very large amount of content, reading it again from time to time will certainly help the finer points to sink in. Those finer points are politics, religions, racism, drugs, wars, mainstream media and money which have all become the sick inspirations that are the addictions of society today. These parasitic paradigms injected into society have distorted everything including reality.
They have become bad habits which are the inspirations for all sorts of evils to manifest.
As for my children, I ask that you take this Intro very serious on an individual level. It’s a solid foundation for understanding me better too and the way I presently perceive the world, especially America, Europe, and the Western world.
There is no longer a need to conform in order to survive and thrive in the modern matrix. We are not supposed to be all the same, think the same, feel the same, and believe the same so the key to understanding that the continued expansion of our Universe, lies in diversity, not in conformity and coercion. Conventionality is the slow death of natural creation.
All the programmed lies we live with today should be widely investigated. If you’re not comfortable with something then question it. Truth doesn’t fear any investigation, truth is its own defense and doesn‘t need any legislation to be enforced either. It’s so much easier to be yourself than being just another member of the flock. Take a few minutes to give those thoughts a real good think.
If all children were ever taught real history and the truth about the horrors, atrocities, genocide and institutionalized racism enacted against the slaves and indigenous people living in America and elsewhere, they would grow up with a sense of empathy, fairness and more free-will to question the hidden agendas of the Status Quo. The original Americans and Europeans never bought any land with them when they arrived, they instead stole the land of other people by manipulating and killing them.
What would be quite clear if all children knew their history is that the label of “savages” given to the Indians and slaves were really the title, too many of their American and European ancestors should have. That label is a title they should be making sure they don’t get from anyone in this world today. Unfortunately, history again has been repeating itself around the world.

As a true patriot, I will always love the original mindset and ideals of my country but I am very ashamed of my government, the racism and the war-mongering mentality in my country and others and so should you be too.
If I was to visit Washington, D.C. today, I would be hard pressed not to view the Washington Monument as a symbol of anything less than a big hard dick that everyone is getting shoved up their asses by the psychopathic U.S. government.
The soul of America is rotting away fast. The Constitution needs to be restored as well as an American publicly owned banking system. These first 2 steps are absolutely necessary if the soul of America is to ever survive. For this to ever happen, more folks need to become aware of the causes of how the demise of America and the West has occurred and is still unwinding for the worse.
The more awareness about the truth that is spread the better. We don’t need no new world order to survive well, we just need our Constitution and public banking system restored. Remember, whoever controls the money controls the country. If just those 2 things can happen then prosperity, necessary law reforms and peace will naturally follow.
The Founders ideals are still alive and well in my mind but the people are not and won’t be until they start to wake-up to their distorted reality. That won’t ever happen either unless they stop watching corrupted and scripted TV news programs and start seeking accurate news and real facts instead. Do whatever you can to stop feeding the beast!
People need a shift in their perspective and to find ways to use the system against the system. Like making waves at town meetings, harassing and holding accountable elected officials who support and sign on to unconstitutional corrupted legislation and charging officials with their own laws. Why not vote with your money, words and your feet instead of being a patsy at the ballot box?
Societies are structured on various disciplines. So any societal indoctrination is like an illusion or an invisible barrier deliberately put in your brain that keeps you from seeing the reality or impression of your true self.
Understanding how society is shaping your perception has huge possibilities and ramifications on expanding your reality. In other words, you need to be aware that your reality is constantly being hacked and manipulated by those scamming you. Avoid that manipulation at all costs, that’s all I’m saying.
I really went out of my way to stress the importance and consequences of understanding the concepts of both duality and non-duality too in this Intro. That’s why the corruption of religion and politics were stressed to the hilt. Non-duality is about the absence of something which helps keep us be naturally grounded. On the other hand, the concept of duality is about separating us from natural realities and cuts us off from the full life force within us.
So please try to understand that the good side of any religious beliefs should be based on personal values and who you are as a person. So interpreting your religion is like interpreting yourself. And since everyone is different, there will be so many religious interpretations.
I for one who always had a rebellious attitude towards oppression, corruption and greed, could actually be considered a very big Jesus fan. Putting the son of God part aside, I think Jesus was a true revolutionary and the compassionate voice of the oppressed. He died because he defended them while rebelling against corruption. So you don’t have to believe in duality or be religious to love what Jesus stood for.
Nobody teaching in schools today wants to touch the concept of non-duality anymore. Why? Because if they did they would be stepping directly on the toes of the Status Quo. In fact, the only concept that is pushed today with a fury is that of duality instead. And the people who do it best are those in politics and those involved with religion since both rely on duality as their foundation and meal ticket.
Neither one wants anyone to connect with non-duality as that is connecting with the source within. They preach that you should have outside sources like them to rely upon instead. That is where all the unnecessary laws and the policing of people goes haywire. I feel that is where we really get lost and should be putting our foot down even harder against this and for good reason.
Having said that, I also feel we shouldn’t be thinking about putting our foot down at all if we choose non-duality as our foundation. The world just doesn’t unfold itself naturally when the concept of duality is applied. That is good reason enough for one to understand why they are so restricted in society today with the duality concept leading their way.
I recommend that anyone reading this should do some seriously research on both concepts and see what concept better suits your soul.
Once you get those thoughts out of the way then you can stop worrying and thinking about these concepts altogether. Especially the oppression of one’s natural thoughts that are forbidden by most religions and governments. That’s when the K.I.S.S. mentality really kicks in.
Of course there is what is considered the so called evil one called Satin, Lucifer or the Devil. That evil is everywhere there is corruption, control, manipulation and greed. These evil ones can only be found in the hearts of evil people if you care to open your eyes instead of believing the evil only comes from some supernatural deity in Hell.
And that goes for Jesus too. That so called deity can be found in the hearts of man too, not in some supernatural place called Heaven. Having said that too, let me point out again the biggest evil in your face today.

Big governments like the European Union and the American government have become more of an evil enemy to the people than its good friend. They are fighting to oppress you, control everything and take away as much money and freedom as they can. Their evil oppressive battles are not only in their own countries now but in the rest of the world too.
So the message here is; If you don’t study your enemies and expose their evil tactics, there is no way you can win against any of their evil battles.
Don’t let your mind get fogged up by submissive and closed minded twisted societies plagued by warped realities of corrupt political agendas, fanatical religion and the infiltration of mainstream media fed propaganda that manipulates your opinion. That oppressive mindset keeps folks very disconnected and/or distracted from their true nature which normally is to be creative and free.
That warped vision of reality includes being totally caught up in ongoing events, places and agendas that include terrorism, the police state, globalization, economic austerity, financial fraud, immigration madness, corrupt governments, poverty and social inequality, police violence, media disinformation, racism, war propaganda, weapons of mass destruction, trade sanctions and treaties.
And let’s not forget about the CIA, the FBI, climate change, nuclear war, Fukushima nuclear radiation, crimes against humanity, corrupted medicine, Europe, China, Russia, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Ukraine, Israel, NATO, false flags, 9/11 Truth, constant surveillance, the criminalization of everything etc., etc., and etc. Are you distracted yet?
The most important part of this home schooling program is to encourage consciousness and show you how the world has evolved with corruption and works today so you can resist it. It is to help you see clearly the sophisticated manipulation machine which has become institutionalized and very powerful but seems normal to those who have been intentionally indoctrinated with a self-sacrificing mentality to serve the State and the ruler’s agendas.
Don’t let anybody kid you, there is no real value in having a self-sacrifice mentality. In fact, it’s even crazy when you think about it. It’s like religious folks worshiping what they can’t see and destroying what they can. Or like those who worship ego or politics and sacrifice themselves to control, debt and the material world. Voting in a fixed corrupted system is self-sacrifice too. Self-sacrifice is usually destructive and will keep you from creating, learning and finding your true self.
Life isn’t a purely upward trajectory and debt is not a value. Both personally and financially, there will always be peaks and valleys along the way. So if you want to get ahead the fast way, instead of pissing your money away on stuff and living from pay check to pay check, save as much as 25% of your income, live simple and avoid debt at all costs. Debt is the ultimate trap the banksters set to enslave you and steal your wealth.
The only exception to debt would only be buying property that is very much undervalued and easy to sell with low taxes as long as you have a big down payment to start with or can pay cash. An income property would even be better. Having good credit is one thing but having big debt will crush you. The message is: Learning how to save well is just as important as learning how to make a lot of money.
These so-called values of the Status Quo are definitely upside-down if not insane! You’ll miss the boat if you don’t start realizing that wisdom is happiness, truth is freedom and knowledge is power. However, you’ll need a good comprehension of the last two before you’ll realize the first and the first is the ultimate goal so learn as much truth as you can to avoid the many traps and discover the conscious energy of the Universe instead which leads to happiness.

So consciousness is the creative force of our thinking that leads us to the true wisdom within. Religions and governments don’t make the world manifest, consciousness does. Maybe the many pitfalls and beliefs within the existing aggressive system that don’t represent you, won’t change anytime soon, but you can always ignore many of them out of existence in your life so they don’t matter so much or at all.
A good start is to stop forming opinions from the mainstream media. They are all bought big time by the D.C. Crime Syndicate and will never expose the intentional destruction of your country.

So thinking outside the mainstream box and start concentrating on what you believe works for you is more important than concentrating on what doesn’t.
If enough folks adopted that simple mindset of personal freedom, we wouldn’t have so many convoluted ideologies and illusions to begin with. The reason they don’t have that mindset is due to unwittingly getting sucked into the trance of the standardized material world of the Status Quo instead of getting unstandardized and awakened.

If others are foolish enough to get sucked into the controlled self-sacrifice mindset then that’s their problem to deal with. No one is naturally wired to become standardized and homogenized under totalitarian government rules which dictates what you can or cannot do in every aspect of your life. That comes from indoctrination. According to the American and other Western bureaucracies, everyone is expected to rise to the government’s level of incompetence.
Being awakened is building a new model that makes the standard model obsolete. What its not is giving up your natural rights to be controlled even more. The current democratic system can’t change because too many are already heavily dependent on the State in one way or another. Such a group will never elect someone who expects the population to switch to an independent mindset. They’ll never give up their dependency upon largesse from the State and that’s why they vote for more of it.
If folks only voted for someone who is willing to give them their country and freedom back, then voting would really make a difference. “Freedom for all” means an end to the State being empowered to steal from one person in order to give to another. A much smaller government that supports peace, real health care and “We the People” objectives is all any good country needs. But the way it is today, Americans and other Westerners no longer possess the ideal ethos to succeed as productive societies without voting for socialism and accepting constant wars.
The odd ones that don’t accept the Status Quo are held hostage to a hostile system to ever truly live without aggressive government interference. This hostile system today is destructive in so many bad ways. But so too is enlightenment a destructive process but in a good way. It destroys so much of what we believed to be true about ourselves and the world which is false. However, life is full of different realities so don’t ever think that your reality is the only true reality.
Try different ones and play in them but don’t take them too seriously, none of them. Synchronize your consciousness with other realities, all kinds. Human consciousness is the direct experience of replacing the beliefs of someone else that don’t suit you with what does. So trying different realities adds different perspectives and procures a state of mind too.
Everything you learn should help you find more happiness and like-minded people.

Most folks are simply too distracted to really see the big picture and appreciate the wonders and miracles of the energy of the Universe which you are too. I find life to not only be amazing but even mind boggling and I want you to see the big picture too. This will become in your face truth when you realize that love finds love and fear finds fear.
So let love be your guiding force and leave fear for the haters and control freaks who practice perception management.

Your future doesn’t depend on being stuck somewhere waiting and hoping for a reversal in bad ideas and policies by political leaders. Been there, done that and hope doesn’t work. Hope is a desire, not a plan and a plan to get unstuck is what’s needed.
A bright and healthy future lies in choosing one’s domicile carefully too. Choosing a place where basic freedoms still exist and you are left in peace should be the priority. But since that is usually outside of any big city, finding work or getting to work is another problem to deal with.

Part of experiencing true happiness is when, what you think and what you do, are in harmony. And keep this in mind also, there is no one formula for life. But the only formula I find that suites folks the most is to find your freedom along with your comfort zone and dwell there. If and when your comfort zone and/or freedom gets invaded or too compromised, find it elsewhere to keep your soul alive. Don’t let attachments get in your way.
On the other hand, don’t get too comfortable anywhere, especially within a regimented mainstream lifestyle. You need to be notorious sometimes and enjoy the “breaking all the rules” state of mind to remind yourself of what’s needed to keep your freedom and free-will in tact in the first place.
In doing so, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being overwhelmed at times with feelings of joy and gratitude having a rebellious mindset. Rebellious against hate, fear, control and those who take away your natural state of being.

So to prevent the voting fraud from eating you up, don’t bother with taking sides with any political party, be independent. And more often than not, when you listen to politicians speak, those are the times when you need to realize one should not only learn to read between the lines but also read between the lies.
In the end, my goal is for you is to be free-willed and inspiring, and to understand as much as you can about the toxic world and the workings of the corrupted side of the Status Quo mentality. After a short battle with persistence, uncomfortable truth and patience and once you get a good handle on what’s really going on and why, you’ll be naturally attracted to more important, constructive and purposeful things.
We all need to put in perspective our thoughts about who and why we are. I wonder a lot about what part and what good my soul plays in my life but I also think a lot about the damage that our delusional egos cause. So a healthy perspective is to see the soul and ego as earthly vehicles. One is positive energy and the other is negative energy. One is material and the other is spiritual. The ego is temporary but the soul is enduring. Ego is the container and the soul is the content.
The container has a shelf life but the content doesn’t. That content is distilled into eternal spirit, which is why the true focus of human evolution should be the soul and not the ego. So the message is: Ego serves no useful purpose and is to be eliminated that the content of our lives which is our spirit can be conserved to evolve. That may not make much sense to you now but it will after you start to evolve better.
Understanding the pleasures and pitfalls of both sides of reality (the natural reality and the fabricated reality) is a wonderful thing because you’ll be logically drawing sound conclusions and be more a part of the natural reality and the beautiful, inspiring, authentic spiritual side of life! The message is: Don’t become one of those who have a fear based life full of self-inflicted negativity and an abundance of go-to distractions.
There has to be some dedication to goals beyond the limits of a material lifetime. It is learning to think for oneself that is essential to human evolution to expand our limits. We are in fact dealing with a life that is part of an infinite Universe that is larger than ourselves, while government, science and religion can only deal with what it can control. We can naturally control and be part of healing so much more if we let our free spirits loose to evolve without all the fake distractions.
So to sum it up, I don’t feel religion or politics should guide anyone. The Universe is not there to guide anyone either. It’s there as a constant creative energy source that is always evolving, recycling and reproducing. We do the same because we are part of that Universe. So it is there for you to discover, connect to, and to utilize its energy. It is there as a canvas for you to design, create and paint what you feel.
It is not what you paint or create either that only matters but the imagination you utilize in doing so that is part of the final reward. Everything starts out with an idea. Thoughts manifest like a painting does especially when you use your full imagination and you have a soul mate that encourages you.
Creativity is the key to riches and imagination can take you everywhere. So if you want true guidance then look within the energy of your imagination. It’s waiting for you to discover yourself and the world if you use your instincts, imagination and your energy. The best way to find yourself is to create yourself first. And the best way to create yourself is to understand the world you live in the very best you can.
No matter how really rational, logical and hard anyone can categorize their life, there will always be a category marked “unknown.” That mysterious category is where different rules apply that are outside the rules of the Status Quo. That’s a higher place where conventional rules don’t disturb your open-minded journey!
Challenging and looking beyond the Status Quo is no easy task. Life can be full of uncertainty and one hell of a challenge too. But on a personal level, I found it is more rewarding if you keep challenging yourself rather than someone else. And you certainly have a better chance of improving your own self than improving someone else too. Especially through your own imagination and creativity. The message is: Competition is good especially when you’re competing against yourself because the winner will always be YOU.
Get out of the way of the establishment’s cosmic dump trucks filled with myth piles of religious junk and Darwinian theories. We need to get passed the primate mentality and evolutionary bullshit including the Garden of Eden hoax being spewed in schools, churches and societies. We are NOT related to the chimpanzee or apes and Adam and Eve didn’t start civilization through incest either.
Humans were engineered from the beginning to be totally unique from all other species so history, theories and Origins are a man made thing and shouldn’t be something the Status Quo constantly dumps on you.
All life shares some of the same DNA because everything is connected. But we don’t share the exact same Genes with primates and other life forms so we are definitely unique as Humans or a species.
Our uniqueness in life becomes much more amazing when you start to think outside the box but you have to really figure out what might be true or not from studying recent history, religious texts, fossil records, 4000 year old Sumerian writings of the first great culture and other ancient history to find what works for you. That is one hell of a cake walk because there’s a lot to decide from the great tree of knowledge. Just remember that propaganda persuades folks to make decisions without having to do their own research.

So be very aware as you do your research that you must question everything you see, hear and read, especially if it’s mainstream’s version because everything to do with conventional wisdom including science and religions must fit into the box designed by the dark side of the Status Quo including the history of the origins of life.
I’ll never be that foolish to ever say that everything we’re basically taught is wrong. But I will unequivocally say that everything we’re taught is definitely not right. Anyway, the more knowledge you obtain can only increase your understanding of the way the world works.
There are many visible representations to be seen of invisible forces that are not understood by most. These may be symbolic representations of unseen forces at work like physical energy and conscious energy. Some represent the flows of both energies and can appear as matter in some form but are just illusions of perception because EVERYTHING in existence is energy whether seen or not.
Sound and silence and light and darkness are typical examples. The message is: There is a lot more than just what meets the eye. Vibrations manifest like thoughts do.
America’s Founding Fathers feared, a government based on the votes of the governed will inevitably become a tyranny. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for their fears to come true. It seems all we do is elect psychopaths and sociopaths today. Though most sick people do not feel for others, they can mimic behaviors that make them appear normal. They are pathological liars who divide and conquer and are completely loyal to their handlers and are self-serving.

Listening to authority and using it as the only or major determinant of behavior, as we are wired to do these days, is contrary to the idea of learning and making decisions by examining the existing pool of information.
In other words, when society was wired to survive with limited authority, we made smart decisions over time but now that important things to know are often complex, not obvious, and change relatively quickly, we have become a product of big government and corrupt media and wired to be stupid.
So most people are hard-wired to adhere to a dogmatic reality with a narrow view of the world and history. But that wiring is changing fast due to the Internet. And I want to add more into this Intro something I discovered years ago that is hard to talk about because it gives so much food for thought about how much we don’t know about ourselves, our hidden history and those pulling the strings of societies today.
So let’s look back on ancient times for a few minutes so I can add more about the Anunnaki that I briefly mentioned before. Although the Egyptians have gotten so much exposure as such a famous ancient culture because of the Bible stories and the Pyramids, and being a constant source of fascination for those interested in our world’s past, you hardly ever hear anything about an earlier civilization called the Sumerians.
Most think that the Sumerians not being talked about much because they must not have had any significance compared to the Egyptians but you would be dead wrong.
So now I’ll bring the Sumerians into the light again for a very good reason. And when I’m done touching more on why the Sumerians are so important to understanding our true history and roots, maybe you’ll get a better idea of why the Status Quo don’t teach much about the Sumerians in your history class. Hint: that era has everything to do with the original manipulation still occurring and who we are today.
That era also talks about space travelers from another Planet that no one wants to talk about either, especially religions and the powers-that-be. So although I’ve touched a lot on my observations concerning Sumeria and the Bible already, let’s bring the Bible into this for some other perspective.
The Bible being a religious take on human creation, God, civilization and history, takes into account evil, enlightenment and some of the life and death of Jesus along with the fragments of history scattered throughout Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, and Egyptian, Canaanite, and Hebrew societies.
Many names of people, deities and so-called gods of the past have been changed, eliminated, replaced and substituted as different civilizations who spoke different languages and having different cultures had different interpretations and translations too.
It’s obvious that putting the whole Bible into text, many stories, accounts and records were changed, lost and destroyed in order to accommodate the status quo and their agendas throughout those times. However, many of the details of the historical tablets and records of the oldest civilization known as the Sumerians have been preserved and only found just a century ago in their original form and language.
Many revelations of that time that are recorded in tablets have been translated and published. But what has been translated shows that our oldest civilization before the biblical days was well advanced in technology and had detailed knowledge of our solar system even much more so then today.
The kicker discovered was the missing link on how we as humans quickly went from being primitive to being the modern Homo-Sapiens we are today. That was done through genetic engineering from outside beings. The Sumerians records say that human genetic engineering was done to us by those from another planet and they were called the Anunnaki.
So the history of the Anunnaki’s impact on human civilization should be read first before you read the Bible. And the main reason to read some of those historical accounts first is because those accounts were thousands of years before the Old Testament was ever even written.
That’s the perspective you need, in order to see the bigger human creation picture and to fill in the blanks of what the Bible is missing and based on instead. It seems after understanding the history and messages released so far from the Sumerian records that those who wrote the Bible truly knew our roots and deliberately changed the narrative to fit their own agendas and power struggles.
There is so much that we don’t know and will never know because the Catholic Church and the powers-that-be were and will always be hiding our true history to keep their religions and power agendas in tact.
The biblical tales of creation have now been realized by scholars and researchers that they were taken and twisted from the earlier written texts found in the ancient records of the older Iraq or Mesopotamia. And most of those texts have not even been translated yet. But from what has been translated already, the correlation between the God of the Old Testament and the Sumerian god are very apparent; the Sumerian storm God, Enki, can be considered the God of wrath and vengeance in the Old Testament.
When one realizes that the God from the Old Testament Yahweh, was none other than the local deity named Enki, the truth is revealed. The Sumerian records also reveal that “Adam” and “Eve” were not created by the “God” in the Bible but rather they were genetically engineered by an advanced race of extraterrestrials, called the Anunnaki from another Planet is a mind blower.
The tablets also state that an extraterrestrial named Enki became the supreme Anunnaki leader of planet Earth. The records show that Enki and his relatives were revered as gods in various temples of the old Iraq. Similarly, Enki and his brother Enlil plus their children were also worshiped as gods in those days and also had temples in prominent cultural and trade portals within the region.
More importantly, the brothers were not acting alone, but rather in consort with others referred to as the Anunnaki.
Note that the scribes of those days kept accurate records of everyday and natural events on the earth and in the sky in order to predict the future. Good thing many thousands of their records still exist and the texts are still readable today.
Here’s more relating to the Bible. Enlil and his brother, Enki, are mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Now it is realized that all depictions of the Virgin Mary are probably representing Nin-Khursag talked about in these texts. She was praised in Sumerian hymns as the “true and great lady of the heavens.
According to the Sumerian tablets, Nin-Khursag and one of the brothers were the ones to genetically engineer the very first human workers (Adam and Eve) with their DNA.
Imagine the implications for the Catholic Church if that got out to their followers. Ouch! It is also noted in the Sumerian records that Enki’s son is the biblical Noah.
Sumeria (Mesopotamia) was what is modern Iraq today and it is to be seriously noted that when the Americans and their allies invaded Iraq, the first thing they immediately did was take the gold, currencies and historical wealth and artifacts out of Iraq hiding even more history that was intended to be released by Saddam Hussein to all the scholars and the public to see through a new library.
But now that library is probably never going to happen and I am inclined to believed that one of the hidden agendas to invade and destroy Iraq was to also destroy and/or hide that knowledge of our past by the powers-that-be.
This is more reason to think the Roman Catholic Church has become the greatest stage for creating religious show biz over the centuries and the world has been swallowing the script like a blockbuster Hollywood movie.
Everyone watching knows of the main characters like Adam and Eve, Noah, the Virgin Mary, Jesus and the 12 disciples.
But you won’t find anywhere in the Bible that says Mary is the Mother of God and show me where the canon of scripture is in the Bible too. There isn’t much because the Church mostly used their religious traditions outside of any scripture as its criterion for the canon.
So it is the traditions of religions that folks abide by instead of actual scripture that needs a good looking over. Here are some common symbols of the Anunnaki that you can still find in Catholic Churches, the Vatican and also used by secret societies. These are just a handful of symbols. The eight-pointed star of Melchizedek (high priest Masonic rank) or Inanna symbolizes the Sumerian Anunnaki goddess. An upside-down cross or dove symbolizes evil.
The beehive represents the exterior of the royal temples; the honeycomb is always depicted inside the beehive, hence representing the interior; the ancient symbol of the bees symbolize the “royal” families. Another symbol found very often in correlation to the “royal” ones, is the lion. Just as with the Egyptian sphinx, the lion also represents the sun. The pine cone represents the pineal gland which is the symbol of supreme knowledge.
There are so many other symbols too that have hidden meanings and messages that are hidden in plain sight. These are all symbols the Anunnaki used and you can see them as plain as day in the Sumerian carvings. So if the Catholic Church and the Popes were always using the Anunnaki’s symbols in their great Cathedrals and Alters, then they know dame well who the Anunnaki were and they also know well that their Christian God is a fake.
They are really worshiping the God Enki instead and that is hidden in plain sight when you understand the Anunnaki symbols they still use. You can bet as time moves on though that other hidden truths of our past will also come to light thanks to the Internet.
My source for interesting books and other info on the Anunnaki are mainly from Zecharia Sitchin. Just Google his name to find out more.
This information he presents about the Anunnaki from the Sumerian translations will blow your mind. It like reading a great sci-fi book but it’s supposedly real and etched in stone! Many folks think I’m crazy when I share this stuff but as my family already knows, I am! And that info is just another one of those crazy heads–ups. So I’ve saved the best for last when it comes to “Food for Thought.”

It is unfortunate that today, the vast majority of people tend to automatically defer to Status Quo authority  and ignore real history and world manipulation today even with plenty of evidence that those in charge all have hidden agendas. There is an entire major segment of our culture dedicated to living by multiple authorities every day.
You have the 2 main authorities which are political authority (government) and the religious authority (organized religions) that dominate these cultures. You also have the educational institutions, the news media and very powerful corporations dictating to the Status Quo. You also have the banking/debt cartel inflicted upon society too.

But the most heavily insulated culture in our society is the culture of government in all its forms. This is because the heads of all government entities are elected officials, and the only skill that they need to get in office is the ability to get elected. The things they will do to gain power gives too many of them psychopathic personalities.
Government is unique among social institutions in that it is sanctioned to use any and all force to compel compliance with its wishes. This includes jailing and even killing you if you do not do what it wants.
They no longer have an interest in natural rights. Don’t become one of Nature’s throwaways. Concentrate your free-will and power on the energy of the Universe instead of that which is artificial and corrupts societies. We all should be following natural rules of honesty and fairness not man made rules of oppression and tyranny.
It is getting impossible to affect change on a mass scale when those who have political, military, and legal control over everything have their own agendas. So the big question of concern is how a society deals with the management of psychopaths, force and violence to change anything when the government has changed their duties and obligations of government into duties and obligations of the people? And the message here is: We live in an upside down world!

I don’t want to see my children become victims of the low frequency upside down world of the Status Quo and become one of those who have neither facts nor logic nor the brainpower to use either. The power of the ruling class is based upon looting, indoctrination and force. It’s time to take matters into our own hands with proactive steps and educate ourselves on all the distorted corruption in our lives.
It’s also time to rediscover our personal empowerment and the harmony and the diversity of Mother Nature’s real natural medicines too for real prevention and real treatments.

That kind of personal revolution will tilt the odds in your favor by developing pro-survival attitudes. And always keep in mind that although there will always be robbers around, the state will always be the master thief.
As long as folks concentrate on government and religion that keep us separate, they will never create a world ruled by the heart. These illusory divisions need a healthy dose of disrespect and must be eradicated for us to treat each other with Kindness and Compassion without any Shame or Guilt.
The Status Quo is programmed with a “negative feedback loop” that sends subtle signals into the egos and subconscious mind to keep people focused on low-frequency beliefs and thought patterns. This dark control grid is soaking up all of the low-frequency energies that we give off in our daily lives to feed the dark agendas of their dark control grid.
This is why innocent people unknowingly let go of their inner divine self and constantly lie, cheat, steal, rape, enslave and murder. Our goal should be to stop this interference so anyone who is trying to raise their consciousness and broaden their frequency range can get empowered again and do so with their own free-will.
We need to set our souls free and connect to the galactic energy of the Universe and flush out the low frequencies that surround us and replace it with a deeper level of inner balance and harmony in our hearts and daily lives. That’s what a real “Personal Revolution” is all about for me.
We need to change our upside down world. It can only be done through consciousness. We continually destroy the Earth too which is here to teach us, support us and heal us. We destroy each other which only makes us weaker. We need to have a brand new way of being which is simply the old way of remembering how to use our hearts.
And our technological lives should not be a hindrance or a distraction but a help instead to better feel our hearts energy. But that’s only going to happen if technology can be put into perspective and help us live with Nature and Peace being our top priority.
What good in the end is technology if it winds up being used to harm health, life and being another destructive tool to us and our planet? We need to focus more on Nature to get our hearts rewired in order to move forward and restore our world of conscious living. So the message is: Be someone who is able to be conscious enough to dodge the dark traps of the engineered ego and conformity grid and start molding your own world for the better.
Once we realign ourselves and begin our journey of returning to Source (our hearts), we are simply acting as “Divine Conduits” to assist this process to unfold more rapidly. If you really want to let the energy flow, then start piercing a nice big hole in the dark control grid. Start by peeling away the deeper layers of subconscious issues that are being used to trap your heart in the first place. It’s a wonderful feeling to realize just how powerful you and your heart truly are.
So although you should investigate and be knowledgeable of the shit going on and understand why, you should also be making sure that your mind is not consumed with being constantly preoccupied all the time with all these crazy realities and distractions. Hang out with Nature or listen to or play some music instead!
Create something, read a book, do some research, exercise, be productive, go to the beach or mountains, visit someone, go shopping, make love, play with an animal, grow something, take a vacation, plan a meal or party or outing but always do what it takes to live in the moment and keep open minded and conscious by keeping one foot out of the mainstream mess that acts like quick sand in your life.
Although everything and everyone is unique to itself, everything is all from the same source of energy that makes up the whole of the Universe and reality. You can’t escape that fact so deal with it realistically. So the message here is: Keep one foot in reality but use your two feet to keep yourself well balanced as you deal with the circus.
Our world has become so dysfunctional, corrupted, disconnected and unhealthy that our common vision should be on a better humanity, Mother Earth and our children’s future. That future vision starts NOW! Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare. Get connected, spread the word, take action, share visions and solutions and try to make a difference.
In a nutshell, there are 2 important life learning experiences we need to focus on. One is continually learning how our established political world (Status Quo) is evolving and the other is continually learning how to enjoy the natural moment, feeling its energy and realizing all its natural beauty.
Focusing on both will force you to make a crucial decision of what side of the fence is a better way to live with your own ideas.
As many parts of the world are dying, other parts of the world are being born or reborn. Nothing is permanent except evolution so it’s always better to evolve in a place that is stable, friendly and up and coming.
Understanding how the groundwork is being laid for continuing wars of aggression, launching new ones, and eliminating what remains of constitutional rights is paramount to understanding why it is so important to live a life outside the box of hate, oppression, manipulation, racism and constant propaganda.
In an effort to advance a better understanding of political, economic and social issues, my posts will focus on real life, health and issues the mainstream media either avoids or spins.
Why you may ask? Because it matters where we live and how we think about the world and the people’s well-being in it, including ourselves.
I hope this Intro and Rant reaches you with the sovereign American spirit it was intended. It all about evolving and reinventing yourself, your better self.
Waking up to reality and that which surrounds you is always life altering. And remember, we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time so let the good times roll. Crank it up!! Enjoy living in the moment more and resonate wherever you are and whenever possible, live like there’s no tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with feeling like you’re 2000 light years from home.
Life is very short so enjoy it wherever your feet take you without much corporate government interference and without any prejudice. When you run into someone who is spewing out religious, racial or political rhetoric that sickens you, remember the cliche: “I believe you’re confusing me with someone who gives a shit.”
And also remember, indoctrination and everyday media distractions are just toxic dogmas that steals your ability to immerse in the here and now.
So although this Blog is a non-conventional way of teaching as a home schooling program, it can certainly offer great rewards as the grading on what you learn from my posts will be up to you. The other good news is that everyone always passes.
Although I’ll do my best to screen, pick and choose which posts I feel are most accurate, and very helpful for informal enlightenment, better health and educational purposes, I do not vouch entirely for their factual integrity, only their value to me as resources in my home schooling program.
So question and research everything including history and beliefs. After a bit of research into history about words and places representing people, traditions, religions, symbols and gods, it is revealed that many re-interpretations of history from different civilizations, cultures and societies’ early history was done in keeping with their belief systems, the political landscape and keeping their current power struggles and gods in tact.
This included the destruction of some great historical kingdoms, cities, artifacts and records that was so complete that, within two generations of the fall of certain empires the decline of their civilizations like the Assyrians, no one knew where these destroyed cities had even been before. All that was left were the telling remants of personal records of the peoples and merchants of those days that survived and who their god(s) were.
This scenario throughout many millennia happened often so it’s no wonder why a lot of our real ancient history didn’t survive mostly intact. So the message is: History was always destroyed, hidden, manipulated, misinterpreted and rewritten by those in control. This was especially true regarding the worship of gods. These facts should always remind you that when it comes to religions, power structures, governments, ancient history and the future, NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE!
Remember, everything I post boils down to “Food for Thought.” If anything, everything posted should be a springboard for further research, discussion and especially critical thinking. That includes this very long Intro too which is finally ending!
I’m sure a professional writer or teacher would be able to say what I did with a fraction of the words but I’m not a professional anything anymore, just a father who cares about the welfare of his children and the world we live in.
And although the length and amount of content I included in this Intro may seem like a years worth of schooling for you, it’s actually been the result of a lifetime of schooling and learning for me. So go back to this Intro often and absorb as much as you can.
I truly hope all my future posts will help you see how corrupt the world really is, where its heading and how to avoid the corruption in all matters. But more importantly, how valuable reliable info, good health and wise insights can be that make you realize how much agency you really have over your own life and that nearly everything you do is a personal choice.
And last but not least, because you are sovereign over your own life, one of the best feats you can accomplish is quitting complaining about what you can not change. Because the only thing complaining does is advertise your own feebleness. With that mindset, you become a breath of fresh air not only to yourself but to many others too.
It’s not hard to imagine a world living a life of peace. So the only revolution we need to get there is a revolution of awareness or you can call it a consciousness revolution. That is my personal heartfelt message I hope my children will also take to heart.
And for my single children and friends out there who are still looking for love, when it comes to a love relationship, do the right thing: Fall in love with someone who enjoys your madness as your friend, not some idiot who forces you to become one who is normal lacking a free-will mindset to flourish.
So I hope you’re not considered normal by no stretch of the word. “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself” – Jim Morrison. And also remember, too much of a good thing can be wonderful.
So be yourself and know that we will always have different sides to us that people will like, dislike and question at times. And some of those sides will be misunderstood because everyone’s thinking and lifestyle they create is not exactly the same for others. My wife for instance has starting questioning why I stopped working long ago and for so long when I could have made a lot more money. That’s a normal question but I’m not a normal guy by no means.
But just because you are good at making money, doesn’t mean you don’t have enough already. I just prefer to live in the moment my way and as it has been wisely said before, sometimes less is more! The message is: Some of us at times just need a lot more extra time off with less greed and distractions in order to really enjoy ourselves and live in the moment.
If I were to give my best reason for posting this Blog, it would have to be that your liberties, freedoms, personal power, life and the world will only be destroyed by those who are ignorant enough to watch the evil and madness being done and don’t speak up and doing anything.
Look up and you’ll see the massive Geo-engineering going on and look around and you’ll see all the distractions and manipulation to keep you ignorant. Look down and you’ll see your feet which can take you to a better place. Help stop the madness by being informed and talking about the method to the madness.
If more folks would look inside themselves and strive to live in the moment as much as they strive to make money, then we would have a harmony and happiness in society that would be second to none.
So although you should wisely proceed with caution when approaching those who can harm you, you should still approach anyway if you are armed with knowledge to help defuse that harm.
The empowerment to create change is rooted in deep understanding. The more knowledge you get understanding your real self and your reality, will only lead to more empowerment you’ll personally gain to peacefully love life your way and change things.
So question and challenge anything that you feel causes harm including the establishment. It’s so upside down that the establishment considers those who insist on spreading doubt in authority or in authorized dogma as crazy and a danger to society.
I beg to differ and toast those folks spreading doubt because they understand that it is usually the corrupted establishment that is a danger to society, not those who want to change the world for the better. So if anything is in order, it’s a grand toast to all those who love life and have awakened and rebel for all the right reasons.
Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs, US computer engineer & industrialist (1955 – 2011)
So to be happy and successful, first find what you love to do and start doing it. Then expect the world to change its standards so you can expect to change the way you approach the world and question those standards. And finally, always be your higher self when being creative because creativity is still the highest form of intelligence no matter what your I.Q. is.
I keep thinking that maybe some of the unpleasant people/situations in our lives have been deliberately placed there by our higher self as a challenge to help us grow and reach our goals without these same unpleasantries continually reoccurring.
But to ever prove me right, you must first recognize your “Higher Self” without all the dogmas of the Status Quo before you believe in your higher self. So be yourself, YOUR HIGHER SELF! That is the overall take-away message.
And my final message are the words of this song sung by a six year old that are meant to be sung by all children in every school EVERYWHERE. Click on the song as you read my final words.

Now I’ll leave you with an old Indian story to contemplate. A Cherokee Indian told his grandson: There is a battle of 2 wolves inside us all. One is evil and consists of anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is good and consists of joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth. The boy thought about it and asked, Grandfather, which wolf wins? The old man quietly replied, the one that you feed.
Class dismissed!
Thanks for reading, I appreciate all your time and patience.

I bid you peace, truth, happiness, health, prosperity, good vibrations, sweet harmony and many magical moments.
The show must go on so be safe, love life, be optimistic, stay free and keep dreaming!

– Sincerely –

P.S. – It has been quite consuming having to think and feel so much while heaps of adrenaline were flowing writing this Blog’s introduction, but it was worth it because a good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. And to add a disclaimer, I must leave off with this: Being full of patriotic emotions with a dubious disposition and sovereign mindset, I cannot be held legally liable for any sarcasm, personal convictions or factual indiscretions that come from my heart and soul. (SMILE!)

P.P.S. – Everyone has this Blog’s permission to post, share and pass on any of the posts within Patriots and Expats. Just be sure to credit those who have contributing articles as required by them.